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Jovan White Musk By Jovan For Women, Cologne Spray, 3.25-Ounce Bottle

Launched by the design house of Coty in 1992, JOVAN WHITE MUSK is a women’s fragrance that possesses a blend of spicy, woodsy, warm white florals. It is recommended for daytime wear.

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Honest reviews


Great Gift

This was a gift for my Mom…she loves White Musk. Some of the stores around my area carry this size but more expensive so I always buy from Amazon. Great size at a great price.

Flossie Staunton, VA

winter perfume

My husband bought this for me one year for Christmas as a gift. It came with the shower gel and body lotion in a gift pack. I have been buying it ever since. I mainly use it in the winter because it has a heavier scent that I like to have in the colder months. I recomend this to anyone who likes a musk verses a flowery scent.

Cherry Hensonville, NY

Really Nice Musk Scent

This Jovan White Musk is just like the muskI remember from my early years. I wouldrecommend it to anyone who likes the musk scentit is light and pleasant.

Terra Darrington, WA

Jovan White Musk for women

Love the light scent, great as an all over body spray after lotioning and before dressing. The price was much cheaper here than I’ve seen it in stores for the same size

Marci Chevy Chase, MD

A favorite!

This is one of my favorite perfumes, and for the price, you can’t beat it. It smells fantastic (it’s floral, but not headache inducing) and it lasts many hours on my skin.

Deidre Clinton, IA

Love this scent.

This is a old family favorite. My Mom, my Sister & I have been wearing this scent for YEARS. So I am reordering it every couple months. Great price since this big size is usually $25 in the stores.

Wanda Spiceland, IN

My signature perfume..

Jovan White Musk By Jovan For Women, Cologne Spray, 3.25-Ounce BottleMy signature perfume.. I constantly get compliments & have been wearing it for years.. young & fresh

Shirley Stowell, TX

Delicious creamy scent

A wonderful soft fresh white floral scent I love to wear year-round (and in winter & spring especially). This is a scent I wore long ago in my early 20’s & am now rediscovering it again in my late 30’s, loving it all the more.It’s feminine, delicate, creamy, beautifully subtle – this is the only scent I can virtually bathe in & it’s never overpowering or overwhelming. It lingers for a day or so when I spray it on my clothes. But unfortunately it really doesn’t last at all – I get no sillage with this fragrance & on my skin it disappears after a few minutes. I wish it would wear longer. Thankfully it’s low-priced enough for its short lifespan to not to be a problem. I have 3 large bottles of this (home & work) & I spray them all liberally.YUM!

Doretha Pollocksville, NC

I was checking out at Nordstroms a few years back, and the woman…

taking my money smelled soooo beautiful, I had to ask what she was wearing. Jovan white musk! It’s light w/ just a touch of musk and some very light flowers going on in there. It didn’t bother me when I ate, like some perfumes do, and my husband said he could sill smell it long after the afternoon. I can’t see anyone not loving this, — I’m very fussy about how I smell. 🙂 EVERYWHERE. 😉

Elisabeth Hardyville, KY

My favorite scent; Wonderfully warm, entirely feminine, long lasting…

Jovan White Musk for women was inspired by the White Mallow blossom (botanical name Malva moschata alba – moschata means ‘musk-scented’) and it has been my favorite scent since it was first launched in 1992. I have tried other fragrances over the years, some of which were very expensive, but they just weren’t as appealing as this scent and didn’t have the lasting power throughout the day that this has either.It is made by Coty in New York, New York, USA and is a wonderfully warm and entirely feminine fragrance that Coty describes as a blend of “alluring Jasmine, ylang-ylang, honeysuckle, sensual musk, soft woods, and amber.”I have had soooo many compliments on it over the years by both men and women. Other women always want to know what it is and where they can get it. And it doesn’t bother people with sensitivities or allergies to other fragrances. That to me says that Coty hit the bull’s-eye with this fragrance.INGREDIENTS: SD Alcohol-C, Fragrance, Water, Benzophenone, FD&C; Yellow No. 5, D&C; Red No.3.

Tina Etters, PA


I love this scent! musky, floral and light (but not TOO light) and it lingers. This was my signature scent when i was in junior high. its a very nice scent!!! much cheaper here than in the drugstore. 🙂

Suzette Huntington, NY