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Josie Maran Argan Lip Treatment Argan Lip Treatment

A naturally age-defying, Argan-infused lip-treatment balm that conditions, repairs, and protects dry, fragile lips. 6.8g/0.25oz

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Dried My Lips

Eh, no thanks. I love the pale pink hue of this lip treatment but saw no moisturizing benefits. In fact, after applications over two nights my lips began to feel and appear dry. Another reviewer stated they felt the need to reapply constantly. I felt the same way.The Morocco inspired vessel used for this product isn’t well thought out. First, it’s made of plastic which is counterproductive when working with good quality oils. Second, the lid is uncomfortably tiny. Taking it on and off is annoying. Finally, the bowl the treatment is in is not finger friendly. I recommend using a lip brush for getting the product out and applied.I find Smith’s Rosebud Salve a more superior and less expensive product for lips than this one.

Cassandra Aberdeen, WA

wonderful stuff! but be careful if you travel with it…..

it works really well. and we also love the pot. it’s unique, so we can find it easily among our stuff. this is our lip treatment of choice. if you travel with it tho, protect it. the pot can crack. not a big deal,, we are using one now that we were rough with on our last trip. it’s still fine.

Amparo Whitewood, VA

Pretty good

I do like this product and how smooth my lips feel after application but I have three complaints. First of all, the product smells like candy apples with I find juvenile. Second, the product shipped upside down so I lost a fair amount of it in the screw threads and the over all packaging is mediocre. Third, it wears off quickly.

Hilary Guaynabo, PR

I love this Argan Lip Treatment

This item is wonderful for your lips. I work outside all day and winter/summer my lips take a beating. This treatment has worked wonders for my lips. Carmax works, but causes blemishes around my mouth sometimes. Argan does not do anything, but make them WONDERFUL!The seller is great since mine came with cracks and they told me the products have small cracks, but the product was fine and intact. These cracks are just serface cracks and the product is intact.DO TRUST THE PRODUCT IS IN TACT AND WORTH BUYING. I will order again from this seller since they were honest and up front about the product.

Phyllis Southgate, MI

no parabens sulfates and other bad things

I love the fact that this is a safe moisturizing balm. I am only starting to use it and already see a difference in the soothing effect from it. It will be great in winter during the bitter cold months. Love the fact that there is argan oil in it. I do wish that the argan was closer to the 2nd ingredients, but none the less it is a great feeling to have soft lips…..bought this at amazon and the shipping was very fast and it came packaged very well. ………….Mary D

Irene Cherry Fork, OH

Darn packaging!

I love the lip balm, it’s softy shiny, feels great and really moisturizes. However, all the stars in the world don’t make up for the poor packaging. Mine arrived cracked, in several places, and actually had been deep enough that some of the products ‘oil’ leaked thru them leaving the outside of the container greasy feeling and the inside of the box with oily spots.I love how it looks, love how it feels, but for the high, premium price I expect the packaging to reflect the contents as well. It was damaged and so back it went. Seeing as I’m not the only one with this particular problem I won’t be repurchasing.

Aimee Yorklyn, DE