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Jonathan Product Root Touch-Up-Brunette

Jonathan Product Root Touch-Up-Brunette A natural pigmented loose mineral powder that temporarily disguises roots, covers gray hair and enhances highlights with a professional, natural looking finish. Product blends naturally with your hair color with our exclusive applicator that delivers the perfect amount of product exactly where you want it! Hides hair loss, thinning hair, bald spots & roots Loose minerals blend color naturally Give the illusion of thick full hair Eliminates shiny spots from exposed scalp Formulated to stay on the scalp Weight: 0.34 oz.

Key features

  • Provides the appearance of fuller and evenly colored hair
  • Covers gray hair until next wash
  • Easy and quick application with retractable brush
  • Product does not ‘run’ or ‘bleed”
  • For all hair types

Honest reviews



It is too light for my hair. I wish it came in more colors. My hair is dark brown and the brunette tone is too light for me.

Florine Barlow, KY

Outstanding! InStyle was right

They named it as "the best" product, and they were right. Great product, great seller, the product came just in time, and it was absoluely just as expected.Amazing, it did work just like it should, made my dark / gray roots simply invisible, and it didn’t make my hair sticky, or go where I didn’t want it to go, Perfect

Kelley Woodstock, MD

Works really well to cover thin spots and grey hair

I’ve only used this a few times, but I really like it so far. I have some thinning in the front of my hairline and along my part, and this not only deposits color onto the scalp, but it also covers up grey roots.I’ve found it helps if you:* Tap the color onto your hair* Then, brush in an upwards or downwards motion to coat the hairI had also been worried about the color, but the Brown blends into my reddish-brown hair. Since you’re really only using a little bit of this, any slight color differences are not that noticeable.Because it’s a powder, it also works on me more like a dry shampoo in that it dries up any oily spots.This is a great product!

Marcy Lebanon, IL

Powder falls towards face

At first I really liked it, because the brush applicator lets me easily apply the product to the roots. Also, I don’t mind the powdery effect because I prefer it to the stiff look of color sprays and wands. However, as the day progressed, I noticed that the powder started to settle down across my hairline. Would only use this when I have bangs which would cover the hairline.

Elena Gosport, IN

Good gray coverage

Sticks well and covers gray in a pinch. I am thinking or ordering the light color and mixing these as well. Have highlights, so this color alone is too dark for some areas of my hair.

Jeri Mohrsville, PA

Uh, lets be real — you get the ILLUSION of a touch-up by coloring the SCALP, not the hair. Messy, migrating powder formula

Dry powder, by nature, does not stick well to dry hair. Instead, it sticks to the moist/oily scalp underneath, so that large surface area appears dark. Therefore any white/grey roots against the dark base, will reflect less light and look darker by mere refraction theory. Look closely and the roots are still there, just sheerly veiled by the matching scalp color.In so, this powder color is not superior to a cream-based emulsion (i.e. hair mascara). A hair mascara would cover up the actual roots and set to a transfer-resistant finish. Loose powder, on the other hand, is not bound by anything to hold it together. The bristles splay loose powder everywhere and it got on my face, dresser, and clothes. Why buy a product that you have to do prep over the sink? Because the color is so pigmented, it is difficult to remove from the aforementioned surfaces. Later on in the day, i pushed my sunglasses over my head, only to discover it picked up the powder — when i put back on the sunglasses, i had “dark circles”, literally around each eye! And if you’re wearing a white tee—forget it.A hair mascara that is cream-based is a better option to this messy, migrating loose powder. Save your money and dry-cleaning bill.

Celia Jefferson City, MT