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Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm for Thick/Coarse Hair, 8.5 Ounce

Joico moist recovery treatment balm is made for thick/coarse hair. While adding moisture it will result in smooth hair with increased elasticity. Your hair will shine with health and superior hydration. This intensive treatment contains hydramine sea complex along with murumuru, olive and shea butters to aid in the hairs recovery while smoothing the cuticle resulting in increased softness and shine.

Key features

  • Keeps hydramine sea complex
  • Increases softness and shine
  • Made for thick/coarse hair

Honest reviews


Heavy! Very Heavy duty …

I must admit, part of the problem I have with using this conditioner may have to do with the fact that I’m using a product NOT designed for my hair type. The tube specifically says, “for thick/coarse hair”, which I do not have.I suppose if you have “thick/coarse hair”, this would be an excellent conditioner.My hair is fine and wavy, and this treatment balm was just too heavy. Even after rinsing and drying, my hair felt over-treated and heavily coated. And my ends felt sort of “dry”.I don’t like “coatings” on my hair, which is why I don’t use “leave-in” products. I’ll give this product 3 stars because IMHO, (just as the tube states) this conditioner is not for all hair types.Edit: Update – July 13, 2013I DON’T like this product as a “conditioner”.I’m just not impressed.However, it does remove tangles.

Nikki Delcambre, LA

LOVE it!

I used Joico’s KPak products for a long time, but I wasn’t in love with them because they didn’t provide much moisture, and I kind of hated the tutti frutti scent of the line. Then I tried the Moisture Recovery products and fell in love. This stuff is great on my “blow fried” curly hair, it feels smooth, I can get a comb through it without pulling too hard and it’s soft and shiny without being weighed down. And it smells so nice (a sweet floral, maybe hyacinth?)! I alternate the Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm with the Moisture Recovery Conditioner. My only wishes would be that they make the shampoo sulfate-free and make a hairspray with the same fabulous fragrance!

Valeria Zumbrota, MN

A MUST-HAVE for relaxed hair

First of all, I am African-American and I swear by this stuff… along with the Joico Silk Result shampoo and conditioner, this allows me to stretch out time until my next relaxer on my 4a/4b textured hair. My hair is kinky, thick-wiry, and I have very dry scalp. This helps smooth down my hair weightlessly and infuse into it cationic hydration and botanical/marine moisturizers- not mineral oil as a cheap filler.What I usually do is wash with the Silk result shampoo, deep condition with the Moisture Recovery Balm using a warm shower cap, rinse and seal it with the Silk Result conditioner. Then I usually add Image IntraKera Deep Penetrating Leave-In Conditioning Complex and pure jojoba oil, then air dry if I’m not expected anywhere. I kid you not, my hair feels exactly like silk upon finishing! My mother can’t even believe how shiny and soft it is after air-drying before I even flatiron it, and she is not the observant type.The only other time my hair has ever felt that lovely is when I deep conditioned with raw Amazonian Tucuma butter. Unlike the Joico it is messier and has a natural, somewhat nauseating smell. Joico products are light enough to use on relaxed hair when you want to actually style it and keep the moisture AND body. Anyway, if your hair type is similar to mine, this Moisture Recovery Balm will most likely work for you. Every individual is different, but Joico has some of the best and most versatile hair products on the market (and no I don’t work for them). I love the Moisture Recovery and Silk Result lines so much that I have begged them to start making relaxers after these lines for crazed junkies like me! Hopefully they’ll listen… 🙂

Sara Ionia, NY

Worth every penny!

I was recently in a wedding and the stylist put so much product in and heat to my hair I was really worried about the damage. I’ll admit, I am vain about the condition of my hair and do whatever it takes to ensure it stays healthy and brilliant. After the wedding the first thing I did was wash out all the product using Moisture Recovery then put in this balm for a good 15 minutes. I rinsed with very cold water, squeeze and then air dried my hair. My hair felt amazing and I didn’t see any signs of the damage from the up-do. I love this stuff!

Marcie Wolfe City, TX

Moisturizer and softened my hair!

I am not one to advocate silicon-based products, but this one definitely moisturized my thickhair. It also left if soft and tangle free.

Janis Saltsburg, PA

amazing smell

i love this conditioner but it’s a bit pricey.i wish they made this into a perfume because it smells so good and its moisturuizing and leaves my hair soft and if when i sit under the dryer it makes my hair fluffy.great conditioner will probably repurchase when it goes on sale or something

Karen Centralia, KS

Awesome for Natural sistas!

I have very thick, 4b/c hair and I recently went natural again and this conditioner has been so awesome! It worked very well when I had a relaxer as well. It smells great and doesn’t leave a waxy or oily film on your hair when you rinse it out. It leaves my hair very soft. I have used it both as a regular conditioner and post protein conditioner- awesome for both. I will keep this as my go to conditioner especially when I want to blow dry and flat iron my hair. Highly recommended. Just wish it didn’t cost so much.

Martina Fayette, OH