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Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo/Conditioner Duo 10.1 Oz. Bottles

Joico’s premier moisture line, Moisture Recovery, features Joico’s breakthrough Hydramine Sea Complex, an exclusive blend of sea kelp, marine-derived amino acids and water-living marine botanicals and minerals that provides the ultimate in hair hydration. Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo for dry hair is a thirst-quenching shampoo that provides gentle cleansing while restoring hair’s moisture levels. Joico Moisture Recovery Conditioner for dry hair is a technologically-advanced conditioner the provides the ultimate in moisture replenishment.

Key features

  • An intensely, quenching and hydrating shampoo for dry, damaged hair.
  • Carefully selected blend of surfactants cleanse away residue with a luxurious lather that won’t strip hair of its natural moisture, while bio-mimetic peptides, marine botanicals and seawater nutrients provide exceptional hydration and prevent dehydration.
  • This rich, luxe shampoo will revitalize your dry-to-extremely dry hair, providing hydration, smoothness and increased elasticity.

Honest reviews


Noticeable difference

I had tried other products and they didn’t do as they stated, but I was pleasantly surprised by this duo. I have been color treating my hair for 20 years and was absolutely pleased with the results immediately. Even after only 2 weeks of use, I went to get my hair colored and my hairdresser asked me what I had done differently since my last appointment and when I mentioned that I had switched to Joico, she told me that my hair seemed healthier and that it took the color better. It has been a month now of only using these products and my hair is thicker, shinier and less frizzy. I do have to use a lot of the shampoo because I have longer hair, but it is worth the results I am getting. I know everyone’s hair is different and it has taken me a lot of tries to find a combination that worked for me, but if you have been told that your hair is catlike and the texture is dry and hard to style, this very well could work for you too. Good luck!

Jocelyn Blanca, CO

Worth every penny

For some background, I have long, curly hair (mix of 3a and 3b) which frizzes like crazy around my fringe. Before purchasing this product I had been using Herbal Essences for years, but I have also used Joico KPak deep conditioner (which I still use and love). HE just wasn’t doing it for me anymore and in my search for some gentler shampoos/conditioners I came across really good reviews about Joico Moisture Recovery products.I am so glad I bought this! My hair feels so unbelievably soft that even my boyfriend noticed. After one use I noticed a difference in my hair texture and while it doesn’t tame all the baby hairs (nothing ever has) it leaves my hair super silky and shiny. I do feel the need to shampoo twice with this (I only needed to shampoo one time with HE) because I feel like it doesn’t get the buildup through all of my hair the first time around. I don’t mind shampooing twice since I don’t wash my hair everyday (maybe 3-4 days). I thought it was worth mentioning though.The most impressive part of these products are their ability to keep my crazy curly hair from tangling and knotting up right away. Tangles and knots are my worst problem with my hair, and whether I wear it up or down it likes to become like one big dreadlock in the back (not cute & definitely not easy to comb out!). I was skeptical when I read the reviews about how this stuff detangles, but I am a believer now. It is incredibly easy to comb through my hair now and it immediately helped my hair by keeping it relatively tangle free for considerably longer.This stuff is definitely worth trying. I will buy the biggest size I can when I run out of this.

Fern Cole Camp, MO

Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo & Conditioner are my Faaaaavorite!

These are the best moisture shampoo & conditioners I’ve ever used, by far. They work better together, definitely. After a bottle of each, you’ll feel a noticeable difference in your hair. For a point of reference, I have gotten my hair highlighted for many years, so it needs the extra moisture. Joico moisture shampoo & conditioner, plus a little argon oil before I blow dry, is all I need for soft, healthy hair & ends! Plus, they smell great! (They have a very light, clean smell.) I highly recommend these products to everyone!

Olive Woodbine, KY

Great lotion for cracked heels!

I really like this lotion it’s very good on cracked heels. I use it every night on my feet (heels) and I have seen a great difference. I would definitely recommend this product.

Laura Faith, NC

Great Product!

I love this product…for winter use and after clarifying. It makes my fine hair very silky and manageable.A must have for me!

Jeanette Harrisburg, MO

Love it, use it very regularly without disappointment

This is a great every day shampoo / conditioner set. I was using Aveda products forever and I still think their lines are great. However I don’t like getting into a rut so now I alternate Moisture Recovery with the K Pak and my hair looks even better. I rarely put heat to my hair, I don’t use product in it, I don’t color it but I insist on a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. This stuff is awesome!

Tamra Pinola, MS


These products have really made a difference in my hair. Since using them my hair is stronger, thicker and it’s growing.

Dorothea Aspermont, TX