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Joico K-Pak Shampoo and Conditioner Liter Duo Set, 33.8 oz

K-PAK shampoo is a perfect choice for fine hair (thanks to its low-molecular weight), as well as coarse, thick strands (thanks to a cream-based formula that’s rich and substantial). “cleanses your hair,” is like saying a Chanel coat “keeps you warm.” Sure, it gets the grime out but it also turns your cleansing into the first step of a reconstruction process specifically designed for hair that’s been put through the ringer. Whether the culprit is overzealous thermal styling or harsh chemical services, our star shampoo actually restores hair’s original condition, measurably increasing strength, and giving it a cloak of protection to fend off future damage. K-PAK conditioner zeroes in on that ravaged cuticle, filling in the battle zones with moisture, silkiness, and strength so nothing tangles with your tresses again.

Key features

  • restores hairs original condition
  • measurably increasing strength
  • giving it a cloak of protection to fend off future damage
  • Instantly increases shine by nearly 50%

Honest reviews


Wouldn’t use anything else.

This Shampoo and Conditioner is perfect! My hair feels and looks greats and smells so good! I’ve used Paul Mitchell for years and this knocks it out of the park!

Gayla Cavour, SD

Great combo

In our house, we use this shampoo & conditioner on Caucasian and African-American hair. It works great, leaves hair smelling nice, feeling soft, looking shiny. I was a little skeptical about the 1-minute conditioner, but works great. It’s also a much better value to buy the set than the individual products.

Beverly Clatskanie, OR

Saved my bleached hair

I have bleached white hair that is in decent condition. It’s not fried but its not in the healthiest condition either. I baby my hair because I’m trying to grow it out while still bleaching my roots every month. I’d been using bed head recovery which is a moisture shampoo/condition. It worked good for a while and then I noticed my hair getting dry feeling and basically just my hair was getting use to it so it was time to switch. I already use joico color endure violet and LOVE it so I decided to go with this duo. The very first use I noticed a difference in my hair! After a few uses Its like I have new hair. It’s silky, full of body, less breakage, and less hair falling out. My hair feels like healthy virgin hair!I highly recommend trying this set if you have bleached hair.

Imelda Hunnewell, MO

Great product, and a great value on Amazon.

I’ve used this shampoo and conditioner before, but it is expensive beyond belief if you find it in stores. This set was totally affordable, so I definitely jumped on a good bargain when I saw it. That being said, the K-Pak shampoo is great for you if your hair is already healthy, but it works wonders for you if your hair is kind of dried out. Whether it’s dried out from chemical treatment, heat damage, sun damage, or maybe you live in a place that has water so hard it’s pretty much acid if it hits your eyes (like me!)…this stuff is a lifesaver. We’ve changed out our shower head in the past to soften the water, but my hair still felt kind of…icky. This shampoo and conditioner does the trick, and it’s well worth it. I have to wear my hair every day. I’ve been using the same bottle for over a month now, and I have medium long hair (mid way between shoulders and elbows), so it definitely lasts. A great purchase. I will definitely keep ordering it from amazon.

Sheila Glade Park, CO

Just Ok

I have to raving statements on this product. I purchased because a friend mentioned it was good for dry hair.

Isabella Cobb, WI


love how this makes my hair feel healthier and soft without the extra weight…..I feel it improves the hair shaft

Melody Lathrop, MO

Joico K Pak Shampoo

This is the reconstructing shampoo and conditioner.I was using the Color Therapy duo, but accidentally purchased this type instead. It does say its safe for colored hair so I was fine to change it up.It doesnt smell as nice and I found that it reconstructs ZIP! I color my hair, and need a good shampoo and conditioner, this one is no better than store bought. The Color therapy one is special, this one isnt.It cleans and conditions…thats about it.

Iris Sheboygan Falls, WI

Love it!

Smells amazing and makes my hair soft. I don’t know why Iever try any other shampoo. Amazon carries it for cheaper than the beauty supply store!

Katheryn Osceola, IN

OK Product

I ordered this before I discovered Salerm. Is OK, but for VERY dry hair, it is not as good as Salerm Balsam stuff

Abigail Chilo, OH

Great at-home treatment for unruly hair

I use this 1-2/week and love how good my hair feels afterward. I have thick, curly hair and this helps manage it.

Aline Slade, KY