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Joico K Pak Revitaluxe Treatment, 16.2 Fluid Ounce

Indulge in the ultimate luxury treatment for dry, damaged hair from the leader in hair repair. Actively repairs, restores, protects, and hydrates hair, correcting years’ worth of damage while preventing future damage. With each application, hair instantly becomes stronger, softer, more moisturized, with improved elasticity. Blend of bio mimetic peptides, keratin amino acids, jojoba oil, and aloe extract.

Key features

  • Keratin amino acids 19 essential amino acids
  • Bio mimetic peptides
  • Indulge in ultimate luxury for dry and damaged hair

Honest reviews



everyone w hair on their head should get this,it will do wonders esp if its damaged like minei have bright purple wavy tresses n they are no longer dry n frizzy

Helga Portageville, MO

K-pak revitaluxe

I love Joico, they generally have great products and this is another!I marked one star off as I don’t enjoy the scent.It doesn’t smell bad, just not my cup of tea.

Bobbie Fiddletown, CA

Good Product! Makes my hair Soft, Smooth & Tangled Free!

I got the K-PAK Gift Set which included the mini sample of the Revitaluxe Reconstructive cream in a tube. My hair got damaged from a highlighting gone wrong! This product made my hair soft, smooth and tangle free. I just received the Big Jar (16.2 oz) & will try it tomorrow. I will update this when I do. Also, The smell is Good.**UPDATE** 11/6/12 – I used the product for the first time from the jar and compared to the tube I received as a bonus in the gift set. This is Watery & so I mixed it up to even it out and it had chunks after stirring it, like cottage cheese. The smell is the same as the tube. My hair is soft and smooth as expected. So I’m happy. Normally the Jar is $42 (I seen at Ulta Beauty Store) So makes me wonder if it’s a replica for $16 or just very old product, I don’t know. But it seems to work. Next time I go to the Salons, I will take a look on their jar’s consistency. Comment if you had similar experiences & have some information. Thanks.

Alice Alcolu, SC

Great Conditioner

I have always used excellent conditioners and Joico K Pak is one of the best. After washing my hair, I have left this on my hair for about 10 -15 min. then rinsed it out. It has left my high lighted bleached hair soft and manageable. This product is great for the winter months with the cold outdoors and the warm dry indoors. If you have chemically treated hair I would recommend this conditioner.

Priscilla Farnam, NE

silky smooth

This is an excellent hair product. My hair suffered severe damage from being bleached (tried to go white from dark brown) and this has really made a difference in the way my hair feels. It’s now silky, soft, and not that chaotic haystack on my head!

Lorna Manchester, CA

Great product.

makes your hair strong and beautiful. In dry weather it was a blessing in disguise and it penetrates very quickly.

Ofelia Hayes Center, NE

The Best Hair Conditioner for Aging, Dry Hair

I’ve been using this product for a while. and am happy to find Amazon offering the large size at such a good price. My hair sucks this stuff up instantly. Sometimes I follow directions and rinse it out, but when it’s really dry I just leave the conditioner in, and my hair still looks great.

Karina Talpa, TX

Will use again definitely

Amazing product. The whole family uses it, so we go through it quite a bit. It’s a good size, last along time, and the price is perfect!

Casandra Wheeling, IL