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Joico K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor

Joico – K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor contains the highest amount of Quadramine Complex than any other product in the Joico family. Hair is left shiny, strong and in a healthy, manageable state. K-PAK Reconstructor results in an immediately noticeable difference in strength, texture and appearance.

Key features

  • Highest Quality Conditioners available

Honest reviews


Fabulous treatment for dry/damaged/color-treated hair that likes protein

My review is for AUTHENTIC K-Pak reconstructor (and if you don’t get it from a salon/authorized dealer, you can’t know if it’s the real thing, honestly). It’s tops in terms of protein treatments I’ve tried for my very dry, porous, color-treated hair. The real product is best used in a way that allows for at least 25 or more minutes of it with a processing cap and under a hood for heat or with a heat therapy cap. It MUST be followed by a deep conditioner for best results. This is not a conditioner. It’s a reconstructor. The conditioner should FOLLOW.If your hair is not happy with protein (coarse hair tends to react BADLY to a lot of protein), steer clear. But if you have fine hair or damaged/color-treated hair of medium texture or know your hair loves protein, try this. It’s great. Gives softness and shine that lingers.But get it from an authorized seller best to avoid getting bad product or old product (check the Joico site online for authorized sellers). Or, if you want to save money, there’s a knock-off/dupe version done by Sally Beauty that has identical ingredients (it seems) and many gals I know rave about. Me, I stick to the original just to be safe. 🙂 This thing does what it says it will do. It’s great.Happy hair days to you!

Milagros Wilsall, MT


This stuff smells awful, like rotting apples. Otherwise it’s a good product but if you are fragrance sensitive I would choose a different deep conditioner.

Felicia Fortville, IN

best restorer

I got a very bad perm and the next day you could pull my hair like taffy. I tried everything before I tried Joico K-Pak. One or Two deep uses and my hair recovered!

Jerri Corsica, PA

Not for me

I have thick coarse 3C hair and it did nothing for my hair. It didn’t stop the breakage and made my hair feel like straw. I guess it’s meant for fine hair or relaxed hair.

Amanda Kenton, OH

Gave me a new head of hair!

My hair was a dried up matted tangled rat’s nest that I couldn’t get a brushthrough. It’s long and fine and colored. As soon as this hit my head in theshower my hair became soft limp smooth and I could straighten out the tangleseasily in the shower. When it was dry it was soft smooth and shiney withoutany tangles.Yes it was runny and watery, not thick, so I can’t say it was a fresh bottle ifit’s supposed to be thick but it did work magic. I have no complaints.I will be buying a huge bottle of this. As long as it works like this small bottle didI don’t care if it’s thick or watery.Buy it here on Amazon and if it seems like it’s a gross texture send it back for a refund.I had such amazing results as far as what it did for my hair I would buy it on Amazonagain without hesitation. This is like someone else’s hair. It looks like the runwaymodels’ hair now, silky smooth and healthy.

Monique Hot Springs National Park, AR

Before it was dry, now it’s less dry

It works ok if you have an extra 5 minutes in the shower, 3 times a week. I would recommend it if you are feelin’ a little dry on top and you have 1 or 2 weeks until your next hair appt, otherwise, just get Moroccan oil.

Marian Daisy, GA

Great Stuff

I first used it at the Beauty Shopthen I told myself I was never going to use anything elsefor my fine hair. It gives body like none other.

Lilia El Dorado, CA

will buy again

I love this reconstructorI use it once every 3 weeks, and is being awesome to my hair. I strongly recommend it

Jacklyn Alto, NM

A true miracle product

My hairstylist recommended this to me after bleaching all of my hair, and using this every day restored my hair from its straw-like texture to the healthy, smooth texture it was before I bleached it. Now I have the color I want and still have healthy hair. I’d recommend this to anyone and everyone with damaged hair. Oh, and the smell is wonderful, too.

Jean Beaver Island, MI

Love this

I have been using this for over 10 years. I use it once a week and it keeps my hair strong and healthy. More than a few times I over process my hair to the point it was breaking off, I used this twice weekly and my hair was healthy again.

Estela Horse Shoe, NC


I bought this around the same time I bought another reconstructor. I liked the other one better than this one. It worked faster and made my hair look healthier. This one did too, but not as well as the other one did.

Charlotte Benedict, MD

saved my hair!

I carefully read all the reviews for the K pak after I fried my hair and I will agree-it worked wonders on my hair. I used along with Nexxus Humectress and my hair is on the way to health!I left the K pak on for about 20 minutes~ my hair was especially fried and straw like so I needed more than 5-10 minutes. I cant wait to go back to my hairdresser so she can see the difference.

Elba Louisville, MS

An ok product

* I’m still going to stick with the Matrix Sleek products, they work so much better for my hair* Normal to dry, med-thick, med length hair* So an ok buy to me

Alta Noblesville, IN

expired maybe?

I received this in a runny clotted condition. I am using it up anyway due to its small size but I am annoyed it’s not right.

Carlene Davey, NE

Great product awesome price

I knew the product was great but the price was even better. Just research the Joico Product line and this will appear.

Selena Elgin, TN

Does what it says 🙂

I love this Product. I’m in the motion of attending hair school at the moment. My hair was in Pretty bad shape. I went from blone to brown to black and managed my way back to blonde. So you can only picture the condition of my hair. However With Joico it gave back my hair back to its natural Ph. It left my hair Amazingly soft and it didn’t even look like I colored my hair. This product has the perfect amount of protein and Moisture. You can NEVER have enought Moisture. But If you apply to much protein to your hair it will damange it worse. So this has equal amounts of both. It turly is amazing. My hair has never felt this Great.

Evangelina Forked River, NJ

Love this product!!

I use this product a couple times a week. It is a Deep Penetrating Reconstructor. It is made for dry damaged hair. I love Joico products!! I mix this with my Joico Body Luxe conditioner and it makes my hair super soft and silky. It does not make my hair heavy and weighed down like other deep conditioners do. It does not make my hair greasy either. It is super lightweight. It does contain protein so it is not recommended for daily use as too much protein can cause your hair to break off. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to repair their hair without weighing it down!! Thanks Joico!

Nettie Satsuma, FL

Not Impressed

I bought this treatment hoping it would work wonders for my dry, damaged hair. After first use, I did not see any improvement in my hair. I thought that maybe it takes more than one time to see better results. I’ve been using it for over a month and my hair still looks and feels the same. The product smells nice, like bananas, but I do not like the watery consistency and texture. Maybe it’s not working on my hair which was damaged from bleach and heat damage. The only thing that has helped my hair so far was hot oil treatments and frequent trims.

Lucile Essig, MN


This reconstructor is much more than I expected! I recommend to all who are with her hair damaged by chemical processes.

Luisa Smyer, TX