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Joico K-PAK Clarifying Shampoo 10.1 oz

Use 1 to 2 times a week, alternating with K-Pak shampoo. Apply K-Pak clarify chelating shampoo to wet hair, lather and rinse. For use as a deep-chelating shampoo, leave on for 2 minutes and rinse.

Key features

  • Removes chlorine and buildup
  • Deep-chelating shampoo
  • Leaves hair feeling moisturized and conditioned

Honest reviews



I research everything I put in my hair! I researched this because I live in NY, Hard water is as hard as it can get. But, its given me 25 yrs of good health. Realistically being natural I need the good stuff. I am african american and I have thick hair that tends to knot when I wear it in an afro and thats fine but I need it to be cleansed not breaking off before I even put my conditioner in my hair. So anyway, I reasearched this for 3 weeks, i needed the ins and the outs of this product before I committed. I purchased from ebay, I purchased 5 four ounce bottles of this stuff for twenty, just in case I hated it and wanted to give it away, I’d have bottles to give for travel use! So I tried it today and followed with a moisturizing conditioner, mane n tail deep moisturizing conditioner. When I put the shampoo in the first time it was decent, I pre-poo’d the night before so I was on the money to start a shampoo, however the second shampoo got me! I scrubed my scalp really good with my finger tips then I combed my hair with the shampoo in it and left on for 3 minute. Whew, what a nice feeling!!!! When I rinsed I wasn’t sure it was all out, I kept rinsing and rinsing thinking omg my hair cant be this soft after only shampooing and got dang, it was! So once I stopped the madness with rinsing and did my deep conditioning for about 2 hrs w/just a shower cap on, no heating pad. Voila! Hair done and soft as butter, even after putting my hask placenta leave in, curls unleashed leave in and kinky curly knot today leave in then sealed with argan oil, my hair is still soft!Yes I am jumping the gun being that today is the first day, IDC, I will come back and update,maybe with a pic to show my results following using this shampoo, but I must say, showing you guys soft hair is like showing you guys what pain looks like in a knee, I CANT but I can show you the health and shine!!!TTYS, with an update!!!

Toni Sutter, CA

Smells amazing and works well too!

Smells amazing, cleans well, didn’t leave hair feeling awful or stripped. Feels soft and amazing and smells SO GOOD! I’m trying to get away from sulfites and silicones but have seriously hard water so this is a good middle ground for me to use once a week or so.

Janet Rose Hill, IA

Good clarifying shampoo

This is a good clarifying shampoo. It does the job. Cleans the scalp. I only use this once a month or after a chemical process.

Francine Winona, OH

good stuff

This is chelating shampoo at its best. It really cleans and detoxifiies my hair. I use it 1-3 times per month.

Jacquelyn Seven Mile Ford, VA

Cleanses thoroughly

Good product if you’ve got a lot of stuff to get out of your hair. I would definitely buy it again. Packaging was quite poor, however. The bottle leaked all over by the time it reached me. I lost probably an ounce or two.

Ashley Dixmont, ME