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Johnson’s Baby Shampoo, Travel Size, 1.5 Ounce

Johnson’s knows bath time is a special time to share with your baby, and when the two of you are bonding, there’s no room for tears. Our classic NO MORE TEARS formula rinses quickly and easily, leaves hair smelling fresh, and looking beautifully healthy and shiny it is soap free, hypoallergenic, and dermatologist tested.

Key features

  • No More Tears

Honest reviews


Smells like a baby

I’m an adult and is using this shampoo.. this is one of the least chemically saturated shampoo that keeps my hair soft and smelling fresh

Lacy Rexford, KS

Great for blepharitis, but…

My eye doctor told me to start washing my eyes with baby shampoo to take care of the blepharitis, and I got this big box of little bottles to do it. They are nice because they don’t take up a giant amount of counter space like a big shampoo bottle would, and they smell nice (same as when I was a kid) and it appears to be helping my eyes.However, I have broken out like crazy. Understand, I’m 45, and even when I was a teenager I never had bad skin. I think the last time I broke out was in 2000, shortly after the birth of my son, when my hormones were going nuts. I haven’t changed anything in my skin care routine except using this as a face wash every other day, yet I’ve broken out. I think I will give these to my son for his shampoo and live with the blepharitis.

Helen Belspring, VA

all right by me !!!

I’m amazed that through the years (well, OK, it’s more like decades now) Johnson’s Baby Shampoo is something that just never stung my eyes when I wash my hair in the shower. I find this baby shampoo to be especially helpful at the change of seasons or whenever my allergies act up–that’s the time I don’t want any regular type of shampoo causing my eyes additional itch, stress or general discomfort.I’ve used this ever since I was a kid (although at that time I used it much more regularly) and I’ve never been regretful about it. It is every bit as gentle as they say it is–no burning sensation in my eyes when I use this to wash my hair. This bottle is a bit larger than other sized bottles of the shampoo which, of course, means it will last you a bit longer and that’s great. You really don’t need to use to use large amounts of it in the shower to get your hair really clean.I highly recommend this product.

Claudia Chattaroy, WV

Basic No Eye Sting Decades Popular

Been using this shampoo for fifty years? Use it on my Golden Retriever with sensative skin.Lather up head, face, back of neck then one finger wipe each eye and shower the rest of you before rinsing your head. Five minutes showering the rest of you allows shampoo to thoroughly soak and no worry from stinging eye. Pure plain simple shampoo. If it is good enough for a babies bottom it is good enough for any of us and ours.p.s. Costco, in all their wisdom, dropped Johnson’s for flower scent, foreign mystique, all natural, happy life, pretty colors a n d higher profit other. Accountant, “bean counter”, strategy? Order this 2 x 15oz or 2 x 28oz. Same per/oz price. I put mine in squeeze bottle with small always open spout bought in drug store .59c ?

Cassie Newington, GA

Smells Good

I used this shampoo because I was looking for something gentle for My curly hair. It served its purpose but then I discovered pantene for curly hair worked better. Other than that, overall good product.

Melinda Johnson, AR

Been using it for years for eye wash.

I had an optometrist tell me to wash my eyes every day with baby shampoo to minimize eye infections and irritations. The baby shampoo will clean dirt and dust and possibly even bacteria from the eyes without stinging. I’ve tried a few other shampoos but found that Johnson’s works best and never stings. When showering I use it to thoroughly wash my face and my eyes and has worked great for me. Whether it will do the same for someone else I cannot say but if considering it, discuss it first with your eye doctor for a medical opinion.

Rose Franklinton, NC


I don’t know if I got a bad batch or what, but this does not smell like lavender to me. Lavender is my favorite smell, too. This is more flowery in general. It kind of reminds me of air freshener. Yuck. It cleans well, though. Most J&J products have not proven to be tear free, as advertised, so I cannot attest to that as there is no way I am letting this near my daughter’s eyes.

Jeanette West Burlington, NY


I’ve used this ever since I was a little kid– i even shower with it– i even (at the doctor’s suggestion) carefully washed my eyes with it (when I had conjunctivitis)

Fay Nassawadox, VA


I guess I needed a change. Everyone does now and then. I usually use prell and a deep conditioner but my hair was feeling dry but with buildup. So I tried this, needing sonething for clean, soft skin and a different approach to my hair. I got this and the Head To Toe wash. Both smell great, leave my skin impossibly silky, and I don’t even need conditioner after. The fragrance lingers slightly but it’s so light that I only pick up hints. My hair is clean-not prell clean-but also conditioned. This is actually a 3-in-one. Better than pert, if you want to avoid cones and heavy, creamy shampoo. I also want to try the lavendar scent, for the nice purple color and the light, floral scent. If you’re used to really harsh shampoo, this might seem a little slick but if you’re used to thosr heavy ones, it might feel clarifying. I will keep prell on hand but this gives my hair a break from both harsh cleansers AND conditioner. I might also try the leave-in detangler. 🙂

Candace Minooka, IL

Works On My Baby Fine Hair and Gives It Lots Of Shine!

For years I have used Johnson’s Baby Shampoo and plan on using it for well a long long time. You see I have very baby fine and fly away hair that is hard to manage. The only shampoo that I have used that is not harsh on my hair is Johnson’s Baby Shampoo! This very gentle shampoo cleans my hair well and does not dry out my hair. My favorite thing about it is that it leaves my hair shiny and soft! Oh, also if it gets into my eyes, it does not burn!This grown-up kid loves the Johnson’s Baby shampoo.

Robyn Summerland, CA

first time user

i tried this product for the first time. It works best with thick curly hair rather than with thin hair.

Latanya Nicholson, GA

Not just for babies!

I have short hair and sensitive skin so I figured to try out baby shampoo to wash my hair all the time. So far no complaints and it works great. And no tears haha lol. Just make sure to get the Improved Formula kind.

Jeannie Havelock, IA

Great as a body wash…

I was told that this is actually great for people looking for a soothing bath, and also in need of some R&R. It works wonders. There is something to be said about aromatherapy. Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Shampoo (Calming Lavender) really does the trick. It leaves you feeling moisturized and relaxed.

Edwina Jackson, WI

Longtime favorite

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo has always been a favorite since it’s literally easy on the eyes — perfect for those who wear contacts and can’t afford to lose time trying to flush out harsh shampoo in the morning when getting ready for work. The lavender version is nice and soothing — much like the bath products of the same fragrance.

Mallory Herald, IL

Johnsons baby shampoo for curly hair

I have curly dry hair that is color treated and I use Johnsons baby shampoo once or twice a week on it. It is very gentle and leaves my hair soft and full of body. I also use the Johnsons no more tangles spray too. I read all this stuff that it is supposed bad for your hair, not mine. Mine is fine and still on my head and looks pretty good.

Roseann Glen Haven, WI

Use to make Homemade eye makeup remover

I always keep a bottle of Johnson’s Baby Shampoo in the house (and a small bottle in my train case). My favorite use for this is making homemade eye makeup remover. Combine equal parts Baby oil, baby shampoo and water in a container and shake. This formula cuts through even tough eye makeup and is way less than buying expensive store brands!!!

Madelyn Pelican Rapids, MN

Baby Shampoo

I’ve always been a fan of Johnson and Johnson products. I actually buy the shampoo to use on my pets. I like that it’s very gentle and cleans and smells great. It’s nice not to have to worry about it getting in there eyes or irritate their skin.

Carole Brazil, IN

Great combo product

This formula is highly effective and has a soft smell. I use it to wash my dogs and have been able to speed up the bath process since one step gets the job done. Their hair is so soft afterward. I have also tried it on my own hair and liked the results.

Hilary Paisley, OR

love this shampoo, hate that it is rarely available through Amazon Prime

Our family loves this shampoo, for kids and adults, male and female. It cleans well, is very mild to the skin and hair, rinses off easily, and leaves our hair tangle-free. Our hair is smooth and soft after washing, not dry or greasy like with some shampoos. We buy a bunch whenever it appears on Amazon Prime, otherwise the price here is too expensive.

Polly Old Town, ME

For a person with irritated scalp

Great product for dry/flaky or irritated scalp. I was so tired of using shampoos with harsh chemicals that irritate my scalp and cause itching so I decided to use this and it’s great! Very calming and it smells wonderful.

Deann Castleton, IL

Good for adults, too …

I recently had to undergo surgery to remove a brain tumor which resulted in an incision from in front of my ear to the top of my head. Everything went well, neurosurgeon preserved almost all of my hair, and recovery is going nicely, but I was told to use only baby shampoo until everything was totally healed. I have hip-length thick curly hair that always tangles when I wash it, so I asked about using this extra conditioning 2-in-1 baby shampoo, and nurses said "OK" — so that’s what I used.I have to say, I’m REALLY impressed with this. It’s very gentle, of course, but it cleans nicely, and the extra conditioning component means fewer tangles. After a few weeks, I also purchased the "no more tears detangler," and the combination definitely works well.I’ve been using high-priced salon shampoos, conditioners, detanglers, etc. for years — and I’m switching to this permanently. It performs at least as well, in some cases even better, than most of the much higher-priced alternatives. Who knew?

Kellie Crossett, AR

Great for tangled hair

This product is great, my son has light curls and it tangles a lot… This product makes hair soft and brushing easy.

Chelsea Colby, WI

Great for preventing styes

I know most people would not think of Johnson’s baby shampoo for treating or preventing a stye, but that is what I have used the original formula for years for. I got an eye infection from a student (along with several of his fellow students) and although it cleared up, I was left with a small scar on my eyelid and a sudden susceptibility to developing styes. My eye doctor recommended washing my eyelashes every morning in the shower with a dab of Johnson’s baby shampoo. I tried it, and the stye I went to see him for cleared up in a couple of days. I suppose that could have happened anyway, but I haven’t been troubled by styes since I made this shampoo on my eyelashes a daily routine. I would definitely recommend checking with your eye doctor before trying it, but I’ve been very happy with the results.

Ernestine South Haven, MI

love it!

Ahh… the sweet smell of Johnson’s baby shampoo. you know what I mean, you bring that sweet baby home from the hospital where you’ve been smelling her head/hair for the last few days. And you want to know how to keep that going. This shampoo is how! Sweet sweet baby smell. We also use it as a body wash and I love it.

Minnie Lowman, NY

Johnson’s baby shampoo, lavender 20 oz (pack of 2)

It was an okay shampoo, but the lavender scent didn’t stay very long, which was kind of disappointing, since that was one of the reasons that it was ordered.

Lily Fisher, PA

We love Johnson’s

Like all the Johnson’s products, the shampoo is the best for all. My grandsons still uses this and they are 10 and 12.

Lindsay Long Green, MD

baby shampoo Johnson’s

Works on my slightly oily hair and doesn’t bother my sensitive skin. My friend with dryer hair thought this dried her hair and she needed a light conditioner after using this shampoo. Perfect for my hair and doesn’t bother my skin like other shampoo products. Slightly scented.

Rebecca North Hyde Park, VT

I prefer the lavender scented one

Not a bad shampoo, but the calming lavender scented shampoo was much more pleasant for me. P.S. This was purchased for me (an adult).Greetings from beautiful Armenia. 🙂

Irma Sterling, OK