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John Varvatos by John Varvatos for Men – 7 ml EDT Splash

John Varvatos by John Varvatos for Men – 7 ml EDT Splash

Key features

  • EDT Splash
  • 7 ml – Mini
  • Introduced in the year 2004, by the design house of John Varvatos. John Varvatos is a and sophisticated fragrance with a blend of medjool date fruit, tamarind tree leaves, coriander seed templar, sage flower, auramber and black leather. It is recomme
  • Ships same day.
  • International Shipping Available

Honest reviews


Not for everybody but I love it

This is the original John Varvatos cologne. The smell is masculine and it does not overpower the senses. I picked some of this up from Macy’s. It is much cheaper here on Amazon. I’ve noticed that quite a few of the reviews claim that the product on Amazon is a fake. I can only vouch for the product I bought at Macy’s and it lasts on me for at least 6 or 7 hours and I’m very happy with it. It’s an adult fragrance that works well for me as a middle aged man. I get complimented on it regularly.

Maureen Flora, IL

Nice, JV Vintage Trumps It However

Thought I was getting the same cologne I had before from John Varvatos. I’m definitely not disappointed, but when I smelled it I knew it wasn’t the same one. The good news is that it smells great and I do not regret it. I fixed it, however, for Christmas I asked my mother-in-law to get me JT Vintage cologne. Now, Vintage is what I was after to begin with and it is one of the best smelling masculine colognes out there period. Still, this is nice and warrants 4-stars. See other reviews for detailed smell description as I think they’ve covered that base nicely.

Tia Guildhall, VT

My new fragrance for those special times…

With many positive feedbacks, I wanted to try this since I have been looking for that one fragrance I want to create a fragrance-identity with. Tried BVLGARI, Adidas, Pi, Nautica, Hugo Boss – they were all great, one more than other, but not special. Finally, this thing arrived after 5 days wait (ground delivery). The packaging was great. Took the bottle out, it looked very sophisticated. Light brown bottle with an engraved leather belt on the bottle. Looks very professional and royal. Applied to my skin, my girlfriend could not stop smelling my neck. This thing is awesome. I could not describe the fragrance in words, it’s like very pleasant, quality fragrance of wood, a little sweet (not overpowering) that changes the normal wood fragrance. Lasts for about 6 to 8 hours depending on how much you apply. I am sorry, I could not describe properly but if you have a fragrance store near you, test-drive this, you will love it – assured. Now, this is my top of the line, special occasion fragrance. Glad I bought this, found my fragrance at last.

Valarie Mauston, WI

Love love love it!!

Last a long time on my skin 6 plus hours. It’s very intising and unique I don’t want to try and describe it. It’s my personal fave now out of 13 that I own. I keep finding my self smelling my arm because its that good. The price my seem expensive but take into account it’s over 4 oz’s while most are only 3 and its very reasonable. Hell even if I had to pay full retail for this I would. Luckily I don’t have to! Just buy it already!

Mari Boss, MO

live up to the hype

I was skeptical when I found and bought his cologne but I have to say the overall reviews that people say live up to the hype. for something that cost so little it smells so wonderful. it’s a sweet smelling cologne that’s just me personally that enjoy that smell and it’s a must have been added to my collection first time buyer on this I am hook. will recommend this seller please do yourself a favor and buy this you won’t regret it.

Ma Holabird, SD

Great cologne

I bought this for my boyfriend for Christmas and he loves it (and so do I)! It is a very manly scent. I ordered the cologne through a seller affiliated with Amazon because I felt more comfortable with that and I received the real deal cologne. My boyfriend wore this cologne to work and guys and girls were stopping him to ask what it was! This isn’t one of those colognes that you put on and you can smell it from a mile away (thank goodness!). The smell is strong but not over powering. I love this cologne and it is by far my favorite one my boyfriend wears.

Denice Shedd, OR

Le Male on Sale

This smells like JPG Le Male for less than half the price. Why pay twice as much for a torso bottle? This is the smart choice.

Jaime Stonewall, LA

Makes me wants to do certain naughty things to my boyfriend

I purchased this for my boyfriend from here because this vendor has a great competitive price than elsewhere.This review is coming from a FEMALE, so it will be more objective.What does it smell like to me? It smells like a handsome man wearing a tuxedo, holding the door open for me with one hand, lifting a 50 pound weight with the other while he compliments my appearance and tells me I have a great personality. It smells like a dream, like the inside of a new car or new shoes, like the scent of a pillow after a hard day of work. like hot chocolate on a cold winter day, like the relief you feel from drinking water after being dehydrated. I associate this John Varvatos cologne with my boyfriend. It’s his signature scent and it suits him so well. This instantly comforts me if I catch a whiff of it at a department store or on someone else. It’s a perfectly balanced smell…not too overbearing but not too subtle. Rather it emanates just enough to give him an attractive, alluring and sensuous smell that I LOVE. I’m not sure why others say it doesn’t last long. I’m able to detect it the whole day when my guy wears it. Of course the smell fades out a bit at the end of the day, and you need to get close enough to still smell it, but that’s the POINT. Varvatos knows what he’s doing, by the end of the day you should be getting close with your woman if you know what I mean ;)I wouldnt recommend this because I don’t want everyone smelling as good as my boyfriend, but it’s the best cologne out there.

Fern Bennet, NE