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John Paul Pet Waterless Foam Shampoo

For dogs that have an aversion to water, this thick, luxurious foam was created to penetrate, deep clean and deodorize coats while gently soothing skin.

Key features

  • A Thick, Rich Foam with an Exclusive Blend of Botanicals
  • Clean and Freshen Your Pets Coat
  • Waterless Formula Requires No Rinsing
  • Great For Cold Weather or Dogs and Cats Who Don’t Like Bath Time
  • 8.5-Once Bottle

Honest reviews



Bought this to use on my lil chihuahua pups who play play and play some more. They get stinky quickly and they hate baths bigtime. When I got it it was leaking out in the box and I cleaned it up and checked for a hole but nothing. LIke a bigggg dummy I layed it on my ottoman and it leaked out all over it. I realized that the top screws off and in shipping it had come unscrewed. Not normal for a mousse bottle to open like that. I cleaned it all up but it lightened it in that area but it may just be the dry clean/spot clean only material. ugh. So not off to a good start already. I used it on my female puppy’s back and it felt disgusting to the touch like I was just wetting her smelly fur with a thicker than water substance that smelled good until it mixed with her hair. It grossed me out so bad that I took her right to the laundry sink and bathed her. They will get used to baths!!!!

Daphne Strasburg, CO

In a Pinch

We think this product worked pretty well. I don’t think it compares to a regular shampoo, but it does clean the hair and we will use it when we don’t have the time or energy to do the full deal bath.

Milagros Lexa, AR

Great in-between

I have a long-haired doggie that gets stuff stuck in her hair in between baths, and this is the best shampoo ever!

Gwen Baraboo, WI

love it!

smells great and it works great. My kitty loved it and did not claw me like he does when I try to put him in the tub.

Bernadine Chester Gap, VA

It works well.

I bought this because my pit bull hates baths. It does the trick because my dog sits still when I apply this to her.

Kaitlin Mendham, NJ

This stuff works

When my corgi became incontinent she was so embarrassed to be messy. While Earthbath wipes were good for spot-cleaning and daily rinses were essential, I found this product good for the occasional thorough brush-out and cleaning. It really lifted her spirits to feel clean and smell nice again. I heartily recommend this to others whose dogs have become hard to bathe through illness or age.

Trina Parker, ID