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John Masters Organics Facial Nourishing Oil, Pomegranate, 2 Ounce

Beyond a moisturizer, this blend of 12 organic plant and essential oils instantly penetrates and nourishes dry skin. Use alone or add to any moisturizer for extra hydration. PeRFect for facial massages and also great for hands, feet and body. 2 fluid ounce.

Key features

  • 2 ounce oil
  • Pomegranate facial nourishing oil was launched by the design house of John Masters Organics
  • It is recommended for casual wear

Honest reviews


An amazing product

I switched toners and my skin went into disaster mode. Dry flaky patches everywhere. It was so thirsty and desperate for TLC! My regular moisturizers were not cutting it, so I decided to pick up a bottle of John Masters Pomegranate facial oil at the Vitamin Shoppe (I hate that spelling of “shop,” btw). This product is amazing! Within a day, my skin was back to normal, and now (a couple weeks later), it’s looking better than ever! The softness this facial oil instills cannot be described. I won’t say baby’s butt, bcs that’s just not appealing, but let’s just say I have to fight not to be constantly touching my own face!I use it once a day, before bed (although I was using it twice when I was very dry), and just a few drops go a long way! Usually I overdo it with about 6 drops, but i just rub the excess into my throat or even on my shoulders a little.The smell is amazing, but some people might not like it. It’s very herbal, like rosemary, thyme, etc. I thought it might smell a little fruity from the pomegranate, but not so. However, I personally love the smell and I swear it’s been helping me fall asleep at night!For the price, this is an amazing product. Whether you’re thinking about getting a facial oil for the first time, or if you’ve been using them all along, I highly recommend John Masters!

Kristi Lake Hill, NY

Great Oil

Great oil, very moisturizing and full of antioxidents. It does have an herbal smell, but other than that works great!

Karla Boynton, PA

Great results for middle-aged me

Crossing over into middle age means a lot of changes and that includes my skin. It used to be combination and is now mostly on the drier side with especially dry patches on both cheeks. For the past year and a half I had been using Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery complex and liked it OK. But when that bottle was empty, I decided to change it up and order John Masters Pomegranate Facial Oil. I am glad I did.This oil smells great and is relatively light-weight. The dropper’s opening is a bit large though and one has to be quite careful to not accidentally release product when taking the dropper out of the bottle. The oil itself goes on easily and absorbs well – a few drops is all that’s needed (I’d say 5 is plenty). I also find that it gives my skin a slight, pleasant tingling sensation, as if blood flow is increased. Apparently this is due to the geranium oil. I enjoy this “energizing” feeling but it might not be the right product for people with broken capillaries – just thought I’d mention this.What I like best about this oil is a) the wonderful scent and b) that for the first time ever these dry spots on my cheeks have disappeared. Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Complex never achieved this nor any other serum that I had bought in the past. My entire face feels smooth and perfectly hydrated. I am quite impressed and will definitely buy this again.

Ora Saint Ansgar, IA

Makes your skin so soft and glowy!

The dry winter weather has been killing my skin and hair, so I recently ordered a bunch of John Masters products since I want to move to using more organic products. I have used one or two items in their product line in the past and was impressed, so ordered this oil, along with a few other items. I love this!I’ve only used it a couple of days, but I’ve been applying it either when I get home from work and wash off my makeup or before bed. You just need a few drops to cover your face and neck, and you will wake up with soft skin that glows.I also ordered theJohn Masters Organics – Linden Blossom Face Creme Cleanser, 4 fl oz creamcleanser, and the combo has been perfect for my skin.I also have sensitive skin that is easily irritated and have been dealing with an ongoing bout of perioral dermatitis, but this didn’t cause any inflammation; in fact, it is very soothing and moisturizing.Also be sure to check around about the price; some sellers here are really jacking up the price, so check the John Masters website to make sure that you’re not paying too much. (The JM website also offers free shipping.)UPDATE ON 2-23-14: I’ve been using this for a few months now, and continue to love it! In San Diego, we have really dry winters since we’re basically in a desert, and this has made a world of difference to my skin. It is soft and supple, with no dry patches. I love the smell!Also, a few older reviews mentioned that the dropper is messy, but they must have re-designed it since it is very easy to use, and doesn’t drip or make a mess when you first pull the dropper out of the bottle.This is really a fantastic product!

Gertrude Elba, NY


I’m male, in my early 30s, with combination, olive-toned skin that isn’t sensitive or acne prone. This was set to be my last try with JM products as the first two were extremely over-rated! This oil is great whether you’re dry/sensitive or combination.Pro: 0 reactions, sinks into skin, safe around my extremely sensitive eyes, mixes fine with other product, ingredientsModerate: I’m pulling mainly lavendar from scent, priceCon: dropper is a bit sloppy/drips, no instruction on how much product to use, glass bottle makes it bad to travel with (though it would be nice on an overnight or international flight)I would definitely recommend this oil to anyone for use anywhere on the body but don’t expect to see noticable results. It’s a great product for long-term use. I use about 12 drops for my face and neck BUT I tend to use too much product so 5 drop will likely be sufficient resulting in the 2 oz bottle lasting quite awhile.

Denise Milligan, FL

Didn’t think it would be this good!

Needed a good moisturizer for my face because I wasn’t seeing results from JMO’s vitamin C anti-aging serum, so I tried this product. I actually mixed two drops with that other product I had (VC serum) and WoW! Immediately I saw results! It felt heavenly as I applied it to my face and neck and my complexion just drank it up and looked more supple right afterwards. It even made the serum, which smells like artichokes, smell sweet. Now on day two I have noticed a clearer complexion and an added bonus – the darkness under my eyes is fading away! Even my freckly sunspots are almost gone and I look at least 5 years younger! The fine lines are almost gone as well as the deep lines on my neck and chest. I don’t know if it is the combination of the two or if it is just the Pom Face Nourisher but I look forward to see even more benefits as I continue using this miraculous oil from an incredible company ~ John Masters Organics!

Rosie Ridgeland, WI

I love this product. It works. Expensive though.

Works as described. Love the nice clean scent and pom yumminess…It arrived as promised. Would order again. ++++ Thank you!

Janine Essex, CA

Fine but not worth the money

Nice aromatherapy scented oil but not worth the money. Gimmicky dropper for the oil. I’ll stick with good ol’ coconut oil for the future.

Olive Orient, WA