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John Master Organics Shampoo for Normal Hair, Lavender Rosemary, 8 Fluid Ounce

Lavender and rosemary extracts are combined with 13 other certified-organic ingredients plus soy protein and wheat amino acids to leave hair healthy, shiny and manageable. Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate. Safe for color-treated hair. 8 fl oz.

Key features

  • Normalizes scalp conditions
  • Stimulates hair growth, adds volume and shine
  • Makes hair look thicker and fuller

Honest reviews


Not really worth it

This shampoo was on the expensive side, but it’s not really worth it. Aubrey Organics has more natural ingredients and makes my hair cleaner and silkier. John Masters Organics was just so-so. If you can find it for $5 – go for it. Don’t spend $20 on it like I did (or even $15).

Nita Emerado, ND

Safe and Effective.

I love this shampoo! I have tried every natural shampoo my local natural foods store has to offer and this is the best by leaps and bounds. It cleans without the dreaded clumpy, matted feeling of other natural shampoos. I would recommend any of the John Masters Conditioners as well. It is unrealistic to expect to get a truly natural, nontoxic product for the same price as cheap drugstore products. Traditional drugstore products are cheap because the ingredients are cheap. You do have to put out a little more money for better ingredients. There are many brands that cost about the same but do not have the same excellent ingredients list or effects of the Jon Masters Organics. This shampoo as an EWG toxicity rating of 2.

Sofia Cohagen, MT

Love this shampoo

I am in the process of No-Pooing and I bought this to supplement on days I really need a good clean.First of all, it smells great! It lathers much better than I expected and it totally gets the job done. One of the main reasons a shampoo lathers well, are chemicals. If you go organic, you should always expect less lather. This is a given. The way I work around this is to only put a small amount in my palm and work each section individually. That way I don’t waist the product by having too much in one area and not enough in another.If you are interested in “no-poo” (not using shampoo anymore) take a look at my blog. My hair has NEVER felt better and I have eliminated countless chemicals and 4 products I used to use every day!Only issue I have with this product is the price. It’s pretty high.[…]

Tamra Ipava, IL

Lavender perfume

I like that this item has washing texture and lavender aroma.I have started this item twice, I have used this item since now.

Leann Leopold, IN

Drying to my hair

I wish I liked it, I WANTED to like it. It was somewhat drying to my hair and it just didn’t outperform the organic 3-in-1 product I was already using and is WAY less expensive than this product.

Mabel Wallingford, KY

Light Scent, Great Organic Shampoo

This shampoo delivers a wonderful clean and lather while being sulfate free which is better for your hair. The scent is present but light enough that it doesn’t overwhelm you. John Masters Organics is the only hair care product that I purchase.

Sharlene Woodville, OH

Great shampoo!

I wear a good deal of product in my hair, so I do have to wash twice with this to get a lather, but thats not unusual. So, if you find you don’t get a nice lather, just rinse and repeat. It develops a wonderful lather that smells great!!! Also, great score on EWG website! safe!

Lydia Warrenton, MO