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John Master Organics Shampoo for Dry Hair, Evening Primrose, 8 Fluid Ounce

John masters organics is committed to using the finest, most therapeutic organic ingredients on earth. Evening primrose shampoo for dry hair utilizes the natural moisturizing effects of evening primrose and other plant and essential oils to replenish even the driest, most damaged hair. Good for color-treated hair.

Key features

  • Safe for color-treated hair
  • For dry or damaged hair, safe for color-treated hair
  • 17 herbs, plant extracts and essential oils to hydrate dry hair, ph balanced, no sodium lauryl sulfate

Honest reviews


Not Quite

This has a light scent. It does not suds up much. Less suds supposedly equals more moisture but I end up using double the amount to feel like I have covered all my hair. I stopped using it after a half of a bottle because it just seemed to cause build up on my scalp and my hair felt yucky. Now I’m using it up as a hand soap. I may go back to the John Masters Honey Hibiscus shampoo which has more suds, a little goes a long way and does not cause build up even though it costs more. I just wish they weren’t so pricey.

Regina Cochecton, NY

I don’t know effective

Since I have used it, I haven’t know this one’s effective.This product’s perfume is a very good and I like perfume.Maybe, I repeat this item.

Mia Tobias, NE

Love the smell, don’t love the small bottle!

I am a big reviewer, because I read a million reviews before I buy. I think this is one of the best organic shampoos I’ve used, but I don’t like how small the bottle is, or how my hair gets greasy looking after 2 days. Usually my hair lasts at least 3. I will definitely keep using this until I find something better. Another con: the bottle is extremely small! I don’t even use a lot, and this bottle lasts me less than a month 🙁 Bummer, for the price.

Beverly Chillicothe, IL

Need to use a lot to clean hair

I have shoulder length, bleached straight hair. I had to use a lot of this to clean my scalp, while I’ve tried other organic shampoos that need only a pea size amount to lather well. The scent is pleasant and herby, but not as good as the other JMO shampoos. The JMO Honey Hibiscus shampoo needs only a small pinch while I had to use like 1/5th the whole bottle of this for the same effect.

Maritza Metter, GA

Great Product overall

I have no comlaints about this shampoo. It’s natural and smells great and I may even try it again. I have dry hair, and it’s only working so-so in that department. Im looking for somehting super hydrating, so I may have to keep looking.

Kerri Augusta, OH