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John Master Organics Sea Mist Salt Spray with Lavender, 9 Fluid Ounce

Contains natural sea salt to add extra body for a beach look and feel formulated with certified-organic lavender to shield hair from drying hair appears volumized and texturized safe for color-treated hair to use: after shampooing and conditioning spray onto hair and leave in. Product line: john masters organics-hair care. Product size: 266ml/9oz.

Key features

  • Produced with the highest grade materials
  • Formulated with certified-organic lavender to shield hair from drying
  • Hair appears volumized and texturized

Honest reviews


Try this product

I’m a John masters organics fan.I want to try this product. I’ll have a enjoyable to using this one from now.

Rosanne North Jay, ME

Can’t tell a difference. Overwhelming Lavender Smel!

This stuff is fun, and smells a little too powerful. I don’t notice any difference upon applying. I smell some salt, but the lavender smell is overwhelming. I have to run throughout the house as I spray to get away from the smell lol haha. It’s fun to spray on to think your hair will be softer but I really can’t tell. Great idea though.

Rebekah Sullivan, IL

Salt Water Spray

Had originally tried B&B but I had a difficult time with the added fragrance. On my search for a replacement I found John Masters. This is a great spray with a wonderful lavendar (my favorite) scent. It does well on wet hair to add some texture.

Ida Pitsburg, OH

My new go-to product

After using the Sedu sea salt spray for a few years (which I LOVED), I decided to try this spray. The only thing I don’t like much is the smell – it’s very strong, but it fades as your hair dries. A little bit of the spray goes a long way, and I recommend combing it through your hair after spraying it for even distribution. I let my curly hair air dry – the product leaves my curls frizz-free and well defined with a bit of volume.

Laurel Sugarloaf Shores, FL

Beachy Waves Accomplished

Gives my hair beach waves with all natural ingredients! I love the smell and it does a good job creating body. I combine it with Shea Curl & Style Milk for extra softness and shine. Very happy I bought this.

Elisa Woonsocket, RI

Perfect for my shoulder length fine hair

This product has met my expectations. I have shoulder length fine hair with little bit of waves that are enhanced by this product. My hair now looks naturally wavy without much effort. It creates the youthful hippy look that I wanted. Separation, texture and waves! I use this with the pomade for bangs, which I love too. I will buy this again and recommend it to others with my type of hair.

Flossie Sheep Springs, NM

Pretty good spray for volume, best for those with thick, wavy hair

My hair is thin and very straight. I knew this wasn’t going to give me beachy waves or anything, because for that you need to have a little waviness in your hair in the first place. But I did like the idea of hair that felt like I spent the day at the beach, and maybe getting a bit of volume in my hair.I do think it does have that effect, but with my kind of hair, it works best with "day-old hair" – it gives me much more volume and beach-iness the day after I showered, not the day of. I’ve gotten compliments from the volume it gives me on those days.It doesn’t really do much for my hair ON the day I shampoo my hair, and I’m not sure why – I guess my hair is really, really smooth and straight and thin, and doesn’t hold curls very well unless I use a really hot, really good curling iron. So it’s probably going to be an better product for people with thicker hair, maybe with a bit of waviness in it already. I still like it… just not sure if I’ll repurchase it, but it’s not the product’s fault, I just don’t have the best hair for it haha. I do like that it’s a really pure product with no chemicals.

Morgan Mindoro, WI