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John Master Organics Detangler, Citrus/Neroli, 8 Fluid Ounce

A weightless detangler enriched with effective certified-organic ingredients contains natural soy proteins and borage oil to replenish lipid level blended with wheat amino acids and soy proteins to restore vitality and shine loaded with essential oils of grapefruit, lemon and neroli to deliver a refreshing aroma effectively diminishes tangles without overloading hair unveils fuller, thicker, more lustrous and manageable hair safe for color-treated hair to use: apply to wet, clean hair. Leave in for 1-3 minutes, either rinse off or leave in.

Key features

  • Good for all hair types, excellent for fine hair
  • Panthenol (vitamin b5) strengthens hair follicles, making the hair look and feel thicker and fuller
  • Lemon, neroli, and pink grapefruit balance scalp oil production and infuse hair

Honest reviews


present for favorite artist’s birthday

I usually use this brand other items, I loved this brand natural perfume.I recommend this item. I present for my favorite artist’s present.But this brand items is very expensive in Japanese shop.I bought from, I was satisfied with getting items in reasonable.

Kathie Unity, ME

Best detangler period!

I didn’t buy this on Amazon but it works so well I had to write about it. This is the only product I have found that can detangle my hair. I used to have to cut the knots out but with using this I haven’t had to do that for a long time. Awesome product!!

Angie Cherokee, KS


I switched from the John Masters peppermint and rosemary detangler and I am glad that I did. This stuff is not too much or too little. I have been very happy using this as a leave in conditioner–I don’t have to use as much. A pea-sized amount for my thick, shoulder length is sufficient. It is unrealistic to expect to get a truly natural, nontoxic product for the same price as cheap drugstore products. Traditional drugstore products are cheap because the ingredients are cheap. You do have to put out a little more money for better ingredients. There are many brands that cost about the same but do not have the same excellent ingredients list or effects of the Jon Masters Organics.

Dina Morrison, IA



Maude Catawba, VA

Its Ok

I wash my hair 3x a week and I need something that will keep my hair detangled in between washings. You have to reapply the detangler every day (which is something I don’t want to do considering the price). It detangles my hair, but it isn’t amazing.

Caroline Flowood, MS

My only complaint is that the bottle isn’t bigger!

This was one of my first experiences with a John Masters Organics product. I have super fine (not thin) hair. And it is long. So being fine and long it is prone to overdrying and split ends but it is also a challange to get the conditioning treatment and hydration without loosing volume from being weighed down by heavier products. This product is not too heavy but seems to really condition the ends well and assists in combing your hair out easily without having to leave a ton in and weighing it down. I actually only leave a little in if I shower before bed. If styling right after I do rinse most of it out after leaving it to sit on the hair for a few minutes in the shower. (I also do not apply conditioner to the top of the scalp and the roots of the hair.)I tend to rotate conditioners out to continue trying some of the newer ones, as there are more and more becoming available that are more natural with fewer harsher chemicals in them. However, this is one that I keep going back to for quality of product and because it has one of the most delectable aromas I have ever smelled in a conditioner! Truely a spa worthy product.

Robert University Of Richmond, VA

love it!

I think the title says it all. I love this product. It smells lovely, tames frizzy hair and you only need a very small amount. I have armpit length wavy/curly hair, and it only takes a pea sized amount run throgh my hair and combing is a breeze!

Brandi North New Portland, ME

I would give this ten stars if I could!

I have fine, 2C waves that reach to the top of my waist when stretched, and as I’ve been growing it out from a pixie cut over the last three years, I’ve found that it tangles like crazy, especially in dry weather. I’ve bought a few detangling sprays and creams (such asKinky-Curly Knot Today Leave In Conditioner/Detangler – 8 oz) and also a Tangle Teezer and Wet Brush, but nothing has worked so effectively as this John Masters Detangler!You just need a little bit of this product. I generally put it through my hair, clip it all up while I wash my body, and then take my hair down and comb it out with a wide-tooth comb. By the time I take the comb to it, any tangles that were there just slide right out. I then either rinse it out completely or just lightly rinse it out, leaving it mostly in as a leave-in. It doesn’t weigh down my fine hair at all.I also love that it doesn’t have silicones or sulfates (since I follow the Curly Girl Method), and it’s light enough that I can even use it as a leave-in.Also, some sellers here on Amazon are charging more than it’s suggested cost. (The JMO website also offers free shipping on any size order, with no minimum purchase.) I also noticed on the JMO website that they’ve just come out with a larger size of this, which is great.I’ve also been using the JMO Scalp line (the shampoo, volumizer, and serum), and the combo has been great for my hair, and seems to be helping with hair growth in a thinning area on my scalp.I love this detangler, and hope they never stop making it!

Bianca Centreville, MD

It’s Okay Not Great

Has very little scent. Left my hair shiny. I thought it could use a touch more moisturizing ability. Makes my naturally wavy hair very wavy and my thick hair even bigger which I don’t care for. When I used it with the John Masters shampoo for dry hair I developed build up. When I used it with another brand it was too drying. When I used it after I colored my hair it was just right. So I Only Use it for conditioning after coloring my hair.

Lois Fletcher, NC

Works Great

I switched to John Masters shampoos over a year ago. The detangler is part of the routine for extremely manageable and soft hair. I prefer the citrus and neroli over the peppermint version. It has a nice soft scent; does not overpower anything else.

Hallie Millington, NJ

Broke me out

The texture was too watery to really detangle or soften my hair. It wasn’t conditioning at all, since my hair was still rough and tangled after applying this. Plus, once I began using this, I broke out really bad so I had to stop using it. I don’t know what in it would break me out, but well, it did.

Alexis Storrie, CA

The best Ive ever tried for thick curly frizzy hair

I have tried just about ever all natural conditioner there is. As far as shampoos and conditioners Free and Clear was terrible, Earth science did its job, and this one made my hair just LOVELY. I use the earth science shampoo and this conditioner and Oh my. Its leave in so even though its a little bottle a small amount goes a long way. Smells like sweet oranges.

Tiffany Kunia, HI


This wouldn’t be good used as a rinse out conditioner but it is sufficient for a leave-in and also for light grooming. I love citrus and Neroli scents but this left me completely underwhelmed. I can open the cap and stick my schnoz into the product and still will barely notice the scent. This is the second JM product I’ve purchased/used and wanted more. I will try a different JM product. Three strikes and I’m done!

Ila Highland, MI

Great detangler for fine hair!

If you just want HELP detangling your hair a bit and not creating a slick that is going to weigh it down or make if feel like you’ve coated your hair in silicone, this is the product for you. It’s not going to make the comb slip through effortlessly, but it will help a great deal without leaving your hair weighed down and coated in product.The smell is also wonderful. All their products seem to have great essential oil scents.

Nelda Bomont, WV

GREAT natural product!

If you are interested in natural beauty care products, this one is a winner! I am not going to compare it against all hair products because that is not a fair comparison. This review is for people who care about what they put in/on their body but still want to look good. This product delivers on both fronts! It smells great and is truly weightless which is great for my long/fine hair. I only had a sample of it, but I cherished every ounce and will certainly be buying the large size! It’s a keeper for all you natural beauties out there! 🙂

Leila Brinkley, AR