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John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray, 3.5 Ounce

Versatile, patent-pending formula with citrus and chamomile works with styling heat to gradually lighten and brighten for a natural-looking, blonder blonde. Contains thermo-protectant. Patent-pending technology combines fixative and conditioning polymers that retain hydrogen peroxide, allowing for control of lightening. Visibly lightens in 3-5 uses.

Key features

  • Formulated with citrus and chamomile, works with styling heat to gradually lighten hair with each use
  • Patent-pending technology combines fixative and conditioning polymers that retain hydrogen peroxide, allowing control of lightening results
  • Includes violet dyes to maintain true-to-tone color
  • Visible results in 3-5 uses; Results most visible on hair that has never been colored
  • For blondes only safe for color-treated and chemically treated hair

Honest reviews



All I can say is wow! I have light brown hair with natural lighter brown highlights. First I did the highlights and then the whole head, after ONE use, all of my friends noticed the next day at school (My hair looked almost dirty blonde). They would ask: Did you dye your hair? I said nope! 🙂 It looks SO natural! If you have darker hair and you DONT want to bleach it, the effects wont show after just one use and be careful with this but either way Brunettes should go for it! All I can say is that I wont be using it for another week because it lightened my hair alot!

Alyson Cottonwood, AZ

Great for lightening darker blondes – don’t use everyday

I have used this product for a year or so and like it. As other reviews say, it can be damaging to your hair if you use it everyday. My natural hair color is dirty blonde which lightens in the summer and it’s medium length (3-4 inches past my shoulders). This spray helps me keep it light year round and it looks natural without having to spend money on coloring my hair at the salon. I rarely blow-dry my hair (probably twice per month) but when I do, I use the spray. Use it only a few times per month to ensure you keep your hair healthy and also so my hair wouldn’t become bleach blonde. Just like any coloring product (even this lightening spray) you will damage your hair it you use it everyday.

Rose Greenfield, IL

Totally satisfied

I’ve used Loreal Golden Blonde for years, but lately my hair had a reddish, dull tint. After just three uses of spraying it lightly on my roots and “streaking” it close to my face, I have shiny blonde hair. I highly recommend this product.

Eve Shorter, AL

Save Your Money & Buy a Bottle of Hydrogen Peroxide!

When I first heard about this product, I decided to check it out. When I read the label, I realized that it’s basically the same thing as Sun-In, which has been around forever (and costs a whole lot less!). The main ingredient here is Hydrogen Peroxide, which will severely damage your damage your hair (why do you think the makers of permanent hair color brag about their ammonia-free, peroxide-free products?) I honestly can’t believe that John Frieda has stooped this low and produced a product like this. I’ve used their color enhancing shampoos and conditioners for a while, with excellent results, and I thought this was something that would supplement those two products, but I’d never use this because I remember what Sun-In did to my hair! This isn’t magic or some miracle product — it’s peroxide mixed with some fragrance. If that’s the result you desire, save your money & buy a bottle of peroxide and mix it with some water — you’ll get the same results! Just know that eventually, your hair will feel like straw or sandpaper, and will probably end up badly damaged (and if your hair is darker to begin with, don’t be surprised if your hair is more orange than blonde!)

Adele Pawnee, OK

Good Product-Sometimes It Feel’s LIke Work To Apply-But You Can Trust This Spray In An Emergency and that is what counts.

This product works. That is the most important part. Here is the second: La Bella Lightening Gel (same effect’s, better control, better smell, better color, better consitincy, better direction’s, no heat, no damage)This product does lighten your hair and to lengths you might not have assumed a spray could take your hair too. With that being said: The blow dry, the spray in your face accidents, the sweat, and the extra conditioning treatments/what do I do with this later hassle MIGHT not be worth it.IF you have roots and no hair appointment that afternoon-it’s worth it of course! This is not as good as the product I mentioned above BUT IT WORKS FASTER!When your head is up s**** creek (literally) this spray will save your a** and give you a pretty result-BUT you will pay for it in one way or another later.

Mildred Accident, MD

Better than other lightening products, some issues

I used Sun-In after Clairol stopped making the liquid gold formula Touch Of Sun. Sun-In was one of the worst things you can use on your hair and didn’t come out until I grew my hair and cut it all off-which was a painful two year process. I used this product along side the shampoo and conditioner and saw results possibly because of all three and heavy sun exposure. My hair was noticeably lighter and not brassy-it was not straw like-the way my hair used to get when using Sun-In.There are some issues with it. Peroxide is the main ingredient in this formula, along with some more “natural” lightening ingredients. The product also says it should be used with heated tools like a blow dryer, curling iron or flat iron for the greatest lightening effects. I do not use heated tools very often, and being in the sun helped me so this may not be overly necessary.My hair is also more dry when using this product, but that could be associated with using the shampoo and conditioner along with this spray-I do not consider the shampoo or conditioner to be very high quality or hydrating. I had a cellophane and lanse-sa treatment to try to mitigate these effects and began using more hair masks.My advice is to try it but talk to a hair stylist/colorist before doing so. Additionally-this usually retails for only about $10 at most stores I have been to, so shop around before you buy here.If anyone would like a better comparison between this and Sun-In-just leave a comment and I will try to help!

Lucinda West Fork, AR

Lost my hair after using this product.

I agree, this product should only be used once or twice.John Frieda should be ashamed of this product.After 6 uses, I started to loose hair at the roots. Not just a small amount.Months after I have stopped using it, my hair is still damaged and I am left with a sticky film where I had sprayed it. (my roots) Nothing is removing the sticky film. Horrible product and I have told everyone that i know NOT to use it. A one star rating is too generous.

Chelsey Santa Fe, TN

Tickled BLONDE!!!!!! 🙂

(Please see my 4 before and after photos at the top!) Let me start off by saying, my NATURAL hair color is medium brown.I have a random spot on my head that grows out dark blonde, so to mix that in, I highlight. I’ve been doing this basically since I graduated higschool 20 years ago! So tired of the upkeep and cost. My last highlight was 6 weeks ago and I measured 2 inches of what looked like black roots compared to the highlights showing thru. Looked TERRIBLE! I was so not ready to spend 2 1/2 hours and $150 at the salon again, so I picked this up after reading the positive reviews. It says right on the box FOR BLONDES ONLY, not suitable for medium – dark brown hair. I was so nervous, I didn’t want orange hair! But I thought if worse comes to worse, I will go buy a box of brown incase I needed to quickly correct the situation.I just sprayed it to my roots and bangs, blew dry and then I use a hot iron on my bangs. I couldn’t believe the subtle difference already! I didn’t notice any smell to the product, but it did make my hair feel slightly thicker and stickier where it would not hold curl in the ends even though I didn’t spray on the ends.I conditioned with a deep conditioner the next day and did it again. Turned a little brassy, but only in certain lights. I def. wouldn’t call it orange. I took a day off and then tried one final time to get that brassy a little lighter. I’m shocked, I basically have golden hair. Again, in certain lights I feel like its a little on the reddish/brassy side, but in natural light it looks good and blonde. My hair feels great. I cont. to use a deep conditioner and I never sprayed it on my ends.If you are going to try this, I would NEVER recommend it for brunettes that have no blonde at all in their hair. I think you will be very disappointed, or if you try it, try on the underneath layers or something so when it does go thru the brassy stage, you wont hate it as much. I would also not recommend if your hair is not used to blowdrying daily, don’t use this daily. My hair usually naturally air dries and the 2 days I blew it dry, my ends took a toll and I didn’t even use anything on the ends, it is simply from the blow dryer. Don’t over do it, you WILL see a difference. Take some days off, use deep conditioner to help.Today 2 days after my 3rd treament, my hair looks and feels great! When I went back and looked at my before picture, I was floored! I can’t believe I walked around like that for weeks. Yuck~! My hairdresser I’m sure will show her displeasure over it, of course she will…she will prob tell me its terrible for your hair or whatever, she wants her 4-5 x a year $150 from me! I will be curious to see what this looks like when it grows out a little….I will certainly have to highlight my hair professionally again, but hopefully not as often.Thanks John Frieda!!! You Rock!!!!!!!!!UPDATE: Ok, so a few days have gone by since I did my 3rd treatment…several trips to the pool..not thinking to wear a hat only a visor..MISTAKE! Know how the sun turns your hair golden..guess what it does for this stuff when you don’t realy want it to? ORANGE-RED-BRASS! yucko. I’m devastated…doesn’t change my review for the product, just note to others…protect your hair in the sun if you are out. I’ve tried purple shampoo..nothing, maybe made it worse, now I have a L’Oreal Brass Bansiher on and I think it worked, took out most of the blonde I worked so hard to get, but something had to be done so I didn’t look like a rodeo clown! This is why I pay good money for a salon…so things like this don’t happen, oh well, you live and learn right!

Esther Maple City, MI

Natural Highlights

I am writing this review because of some of the negative reviews I have read about this product, and I just have to say that i really like this stuff. I have natural lighter blonde hair and have been using this product for over a year. I switched to this because I could no longer find the John Frieda beach blonde gel. I have had no problem with my hair falling out or any other issues with it. However I do not get my hair colored and I probably only use this stuff every couple of months, one time. It creates such natural highlights that blend in with my hair color, its hard to tell if its natural or highlighted. I could see how if you kept using it over and over it would probably damage your hair because your hair does feel a little dry after you use it and blow dry/flat iron it, but I think that if you use it in moderation you will have no problems and love the natural color it adds to blonde hair.

Hallie Aristes, PA

Great Spray

I have naturally bright, blonde hair, but sometimes in the winter, it darkens up a bit. I like this product, because with a little spray and a blow-dryer, my hair seems to brighten up quite a bit.

Shelly Central, UT

Works amazing

I am a little baffled at all the negative reviews on this product. Many people are stating this product ruined their hair, dried it out and made it very prone to breakage. Im guessing people are not reading the directions on the packaging before using. First off, your only suppose to use this once per wash. If you are applying this everyday without washing it will build up and become stronger and harsher on your hair. Also the packaging states to only use 10 times! Any more times after that makes your hair more your hair will be damaged.I have naturally dirty blonde hair, with natural light blonde highlights. I havent been able to spend time in the sun this summer so i figured to get my summer light hair i would try this. I am so incredibly glad i did. My hair has become significantly lighter. Many people have noticed and complimented on it. It does tend to turn a bit orange but if you use a purple shampoo once a week with this it takes the orangeness out and reveals beautiful bright blonde hair. I havent noticed any damage with this product but i do deep condition twice a week so that might also help.The only concern i have with this product is ive noticed i break out along the sides of my head, near my temple. This has only started when i began using this. This does bother me a little bit, but i still continue to use this lightening spray.

Jane Storrie, CA

Great product

Easy to use and lightens my hair subtley. Probably wouldn’t recommend if you are not a natural blonde as it lightens quite well.

Beverly Frametown, WV

Great Results!

I saw a commercial for this on tv and knew that I had to try it for myself. I wasn’t too convinced that it would work since I used sun in when I was in junior high school and was scarred for life having to go at least a year with orange hair until it grew out. I have naturally medium-dark ashy brown hair and I had been getting blonde highlights for the past year. Last week I finally got root to tip color and naturally it wasn’t as light of a blonde as I had hoped for (obviously didn’t want my hair to fry off). I have a darker strawberry blonde color now and I can’t wait to get it to to my goal of platinum blonde. I tried this for the first time and immediately saw a lightening of the darker blonde in my hair. I used it for the second time last night and my hair is even lighter yet. The different blonde shades are starting to even out as well. I love this stuff. My hair also takes well to color so everyone’s results may not be the same.

Tasha Kasson, MN

I Knew Better, Yet I Caved…

…I still tried this product. I knew it was too good to be true, but I wanted to save the time, expense and aggravation of getting my roots touched up.Between using this and the conditioner along with the shampoo (thinkSun-In Spray-In Hair Lightener, Original – 4.7 fl oz) for my roots, I now not only have brought all the brassiness back. But my hair looks and feels like straw and is breaking off at about 2 inches long. I followed the directions completely too.I have colored my hair for a long time now. It is not in the best of shape, but it wasn’t too horrible either. That is, until I tried this product.I have used theJohn Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color Light Natural Blonde (Quantity of 4)with good results. A little brassy, but quickly taken care of by usingJohn Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Shampoo, 8.45 Ounces (Pack of 2)andJohn Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Conditioner, 8.45 Ounces (Pack of 2)with good results and healthy looking hir.All the good that I have done was quickly turned back by trying these lightening products. However, I think this spray is the worst of the lot. You spray it on and then dry with the hairdryer and then follow up by using either a curling iron or flat iron. This product needs a lot of heat to work. I think I would have had better luck by simply using the Sun-In on my roots or one of those root retouchers or even just straight peroxide for pities sake, instead of trying something that supposedly lightens gradually and naturally..

Lesa Earl Park, IN

does not work…

I have dark blonde hair I got two of these since the product comes in small bottle thinking id need more then one..bud choice. Ive been useing this product for 4 weeks now almost emptied 1st bottle and i’ve noticed slight to no change in my hair color… I really hoped that this would work for me but all its done is made my hair more corse and dry. Bad buy wont buy again.

Reba Xenia, OH

This stuff is great

I don’t like using too much ammonia/bleach on my hair, but sometimes I feel like highlighting parts of it. My scalp is pretty sensitive, so I don’t want to mess around with all of that bleach.In comes Go Blonder Lightening Spray.Now, a couple of things you should know:• Remember good ol’ Sun-In? (I know, it’s still around) It’s like that. Don’t expect too much of a difference• The product directions specify to use it with as much heat as possible. Let me explain that, if that looks suspicious or annoying, or you simply don’t understand: This is actual bleach, just in a different application method and a bit weaker than pure extreme bleach that would whiten your hair in no time. It’s "gradual", kind of. The thing is that bleach works with heat, and that’s why in hair salons they use aluminum foils on your hair with lightening, because it traps the moisture in and creates warmth (kind of like a sauna for your strands). Now, with this, you don’t need to use foil or anything, just use direct heat (that’s also why Sun-In probably didn’t work for you sometimes — it’s a bit of a gamble when you’re just "going out in the sun", how would you know how scorching it’s going to be?)So remember, using heat is just like they do at the salon, just.. Simpler, I guess.• The reason it says "controlled lightening" is because it’s not as strong as a salon. Don’t expect immediate results, or going from black to blonde with this. That amount of lightening should really be done professionally, just so you don’t end up with fried orange hair (lightening black or dark brown hair would cause redness, unless done professionally and, preferably, gradually)• Some people have been complaining that this ruins their hair, fries it, etc. Once again, guys, THIS IS BLEACH. Don’t use it so sparingly as to ruin your own hair. Would you throw bleach on your hair every day and expect it to be fine? Think about that. Also, using hot tools isn’t best for your hair, so don’t do it all too much.As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re in for a big change and can’t wait to use it all up to get that blonde look, I’d recommend seeing a professional at least once, for that first major change. Don’t count on a little spray bottle all that much, you know?Using too much bleach obviously would ruin your hair, but you guys know that, you just probably never thought about this as bleach. It’s like putting too much bleach on your white clothes. A little bleach would brighten them and bring back the shine and cleanliness, and a ton would probably cause damage to the fabric, because it’s such a harsh substance.Overall, I would definitely recommend this product, with all considerations included in my recommendations. Hope I helped, guys

Dolly Compton, CA

Really Works Well for Blondes

This product is great for after washing your hair and then applying. You can use a hairdryer, curling iron or the sun and the results help keep your blonde hair radiant.

Merle Tennga, GA


this is a great product. i have very thin, fragile hair and as long as you read the instructions properly, it’ll be a great product. I get a lot of compliments on my hair now.

Carol Winston, NM

Lightens hair, but you may be sensitive to ingredients

I used this to lighten my chemically colored hair while trying to grow it out. (I was red and trying to let my grays grow in) this worked great.The best way I found to use it was shown on the John Frieda website. Section your hair with clips. Spray generously the areas to be lightened, or if doing your entire hair, one section at a time, then either using a hair dryer, or flat iron (I had wonderful results with a flat iron) heat up the section and move to the next.I then left it on for a bit, maybe an hour, I left it on overnight one time and started itching and getting a rash around on my head, neck and face close to my hair. After this I just left it on about an hour and then washed my hair, with no irritation.This gave me great color lift, natural looking. I did this every 4-7 days. You can touch up your roots and it looks very natural. I love this. I bought up several bottles to stash away.A excellent way to lighten your hair and have it look natural. Or color lift like I did.It also makes my grays very white with no yellow to them!

Dena Pringle, SD

IT WORKS ! but be careful

I am writing this review after 2 uses, I can already see a huge difference! My hair is naturally dark brown with a tint of redish brown, and this stuff really brings out the amber color in my hair!! It really does work! It works even better if you blow dry your hair after you use it. I guess the heat activates this stuff?THE ONLY THING IS….BE CAREFUL !This stuff is mainly water & hydrogen peroxide, so it can dry your hair out if it is not used properly!!

Bessie Brookston, IN

burned after a while

i give it a three because it did get my roots and hair incredibly light. the problem was that after a while, it started to burn. so i cut it back to once every other weak while using the sun-in natural spray every other day. good combo but know that it will damage hair a bit so i would just not heat it at all.

Shanna Cordova, NE

Great Product!

This stuff works awesome I have dark blonde hair and wanted to lighten it a bit for summer time and being that I am pregnant I didn’t want to use anything strong or with harsh chemicals so I tried this out. It worked great I noticed results the with the first dose. I then did it again the next day and it got even more lighter. I was surprised at how well it works. Its good because you can do it in a series of applications to get the exact color you want. I was afraid it would lighten my hair to much at first but it didn’t. And it wont fry you hair I have thin fine hair and was worried about that but it stayed healthy and smooth after 3 applications. PLUS it smells really good.

Johanna East Orleans, MA

Lighten Up Your Base Color & Save Money

After spending many hours and money in some of the top Hair Salons in Beverly Hills spending over $300 per visit, I have finally found a product to lightly lighten my roots on my own. I still go to the salon to get my hair high-lightened but now I only go every 3 months. I don’t use the product as directed. I actually put it on my hair at night before I go to bed. By the next morning my hair is a just a few shades lighter. Great way to save money and time.

Janette Forsyth, GA

makes you blonder

I’m already blonde, but I use this stuff to maintain my summer hair. It works pretty well in a few usages. My main complaint is that it can irritate your skin a little bit. Not a ton, but if you get it on your hands, I would recommend washing it off immediately to avoid any discomfort. Doesn’t seem to bother my scalp, just my hands.

Holly White Rock, SC

Ruined my hair

This product should be banned. I recently dyed my hair blonde, and thought i’d try this product out between touch ups for my roots. This product DOES work, however, it RUINS your hair in the process. After using it for about 3 weeks I noticed my hair was feeling brittle and weak, so I stopped using it. It was also turning my roots an orangey brassy color, which I went into the salon to have corrected.While at the salon the hairstylist asked what I had been using on my roots and when I told him he said putting bleach on this product would essentially make my hair break off at the roots, so instead he tried lifting the color with a toner instead of bleach. It did make my roots less brassy but since I have noticed pieces of my hair that have broken off at the roots, and my long blonde hair is completely RUINED from this product. Ask ANY hair stylist and they will tell you mixing this product with bleach will BREAK off your hair.There should be some type of warning on the bottle about this for those of us who get our blonde color from a box or salon. I called the company to complain and the lady told me this product should only be used about 4-12 times because of the harsh chemicals used (it is basically straight peroxide) But it says this NOWHERE on the bottle. If you are using this product DO NOT use it often, or discontinue use right away. Seriously wish I never would have used this product. My healthy long blonde hair is now brassy and breaking off due to this product and the only thing that will help it is time.

Sandy Gage, OK

works well but

This item works well but it does dry out ur hair a lot so got to condition more and with a really rich conditioner.

Sarah Victoria, VA

I Do not have any complaints about this product

I have long naturally blonde thin hair. My hair would be considered blonde even if I never used this product. I first used this in October when my friend who has light brown hair told me she used it for highlights. It looked great on her. So I just wanted blonder and prettier hair. I would take a shower then I would apply it where I wanted it. I then would blow dry my hair and then straighten it. I would still use heat protection when straightening my hair because it seemed dumb not to.I used the bottle up in about 10 days.I bought my next bottle at thanksgiving. I did the same as before and I was very pleased with the results I got.Now, in January I bought it again. Reading some of these reviews scare me though. I have never had any problems with this product though. For me , it is just a better alternative for bleaching or dying your hair. I think that if you don’t have legit blonde hair, then you are more prone to have some issues. But I have never had any problems. The reason I give it four stars is because i think it would be even a better product if it didn’t need heat.

Mandy Blackwater, VA