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John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Shampoo, 8.45 Ounces

John frieda color renew tone-restoring shampoo-8.45 fluid ounce-renews color for noticeably brighter blonde in 3 washes.

Key features

  • Sheer Blonde Color Renew Shampoo and Conditioner neutralize brassy and yellow tones and help make color treated hair appear bright and salon fresh
  • Results are noticeable after just 3 uses
  • Conditioner, along with shampoo, renews softness for fresh-looking blonde
  • For all shades of color-treated or highlighted blonde hair

Honest reviews


No change yet:(

I recently colored my hair, a shade lighter than normal. I went from a dark blonde to medium blonde and was left extremely brassy. I bought this at my local Walgreens store after reading the reviews. I love the fragrance and it lathers really well. I also did not have any problems with it drying my hair out like several of the other reviews mentioned. However, I have not noticed any change in the brassiness either. I am still hoping that after a few more uses that it could still help. I will post an update later.**UPDATE**I continued to use this shampoo with no change to the color of my hair at all. However, it did begin to dry my hair out after about the 4th use. I would not recommend this product.

Cynthia New Ringgold, PA

better than clairol shimmerlights

it does the same thing but actually moisturizes your hair. my first hair product that under-advertised its product. i cant rate it a perfect 5 because i don’t know if it tone corrects brassy hair. i know its good for keeping an ashy medium/light brown hair ashy. i’ve never trusted shampoos or hair care to fix my color, i just rather have the color that i want and work with it from their, so maintenance was key for me. and this does a good job maintaining my color.

Augusta Zachow, WI

Tone corrector, not lightener

Okay, it’s not like the super blonde, in fact it’s probably opposite. It takes all of the unnatural looking blonde tones out. My hair naturally in the winter looks dirty blonde the shampoo took all brassy highlights out and kind of made my blonde look darker instead of lighter.

Vonda Dorchester, WI

Does the job

I had significant amount of residue henna in my long naturally-blonde hair. This shampoo does the trick. Does not take the red out completely (duh) – but turns brassy into cooler strawberry-blonde shade.You have to keep using it continuously though, as there is no permanent effect.Hint: Brazilian keratin treatment took the rest of the red out of my hair completely at last. I did not expect that effect, but pretty cool.

Haley Oakhurst, CA

Soft and NOT brassy!

I have dark blonde to light brown hair that I get blonde highlights in about once every 6-8 weeks. I do have well water, but it’s softened and not very “hard” at all. Every so often, I notice that my blonde starts to look a little brassy (“orangey”), and it really takes away from the beautiful job my colorist does. She had recommended Paul Mitchel violet shampoo, but was always out of stock. I happened to be at the drug store and saw this on sale, so I picked up both the shampoo & conditioner.I just got my hair colored about 4 weeks ago, so it’s only very mildly brassy (only I would notice). Now, everyone is different, but I would have to say that after one use, that brassiness had definitely subsided, and after my 2nd use today, it’s completely gone and my blonde looks a radiant blonde again. Also, my hair seems to still have great body yet is soft. I would recommend this product.Other hair products I use:L’Oreal Everstyle Volume Root Lift Spray, 8.5 Fluid OunceLiving Proof Full Thickening Mousse 5 oz

Alberta Lares, PR

Saved My Butt

Wow, I had only used this combination of products once and I had already seen a difference. Not a huge difference, but just the same I had less red and a little more of a wheat toned look to my over processed hair.This review is for the shampoo, but I used the conditioner as well, since I feel that it will work better for my hair if I use what was meant to be used together.This has a lovely fragrance (not too strong) lathered really well, and had the traditional blue/purple color of a true color corrector.When used with the companion conditioner, I found my hair to be left in a wonderful, soft condition. And since the directions say they should be used at least 3 times a week, I can only assume that the results may be temporary. But to me that is still better than going to a salon and spending a bunch of money on something that will most likely do my hair more damage than I’ve done already.After all we have to shampoo and condition a number of times every week anyway – so why not just use this and keep your hair looking the way you initially thought it would look?Now after using it for months I can only say that this product REALLY has saved my butt!

Barbra Lane, SC

Great shampoo for my dyed blond hair

I’ve been doing my color at home with ION hair color and the 9N picks up more red than I would like. This product helps tone it down and doesn’t strip my hair of moisture like other products.

Gilda Pollock, MO


I am a blonde with some assistance from my hairdresser and some shampoos can make it brassy by the end of the bottle. I need to be careful when making a purchase and this shampoo keeps my hair vibrant blonde without any dullness or color change.I alternate this shampoo with another one (Tigi Bed Head Dumb Blonde Shampoo, 25.36 Ounce) for the best results since using just this shampoo can dry my hair out. If you are a natural blonde, this might not be a factor. I wash my hair every day and also throw a shine enhancer shampoo into the rotation.A nickel sized amount of shampoo does the job. It provides plenty of suds and does a good job of cleaning my hair of styling products without over stripping (although it can dry out if used by itself).This shampoo keeps my blondness fresh between salon visits and providing this at the price listed is a bargain!

Lila Severy, KS


This product really dries out hair & the scalp, so make sure that you use a good, deep conditioner with it. It works, but at a cost (the dry hair).

Lucinda Acworth, GA

Tone Corrects but…

I use both the shampoo and conditioner for this product. It’s great to use as a quick tough up as I do notice less brassy blonde after use. My complaint is that it leaves my hair super dry and frizzy, even with the recommended conditioner. I use this once a week or less as a maintenance product in between salon visits.

Molly Vale, SD