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John Frieda Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Tone-Correcting Conditioner, 8.45 Ounces

John frieda sheer blonde color renew tone-restoring conditioner 8.45 fluid ounce renews color for noticeably brighter blonde in 3 washes.

Key features

  • This conditioner, with lavender extra count and optical brightening technology, softens hair and renews color by instantly reversing the look of damage
  • Ammonia and peroxide-free
  • UV filters

Honest reviews


Makes A Difference

Wow, I have only used this combination of products once and I have already seen a difference. Not a huge difference, but just the same I have less red and a little more of a wheat toned look to my over processed hair.This review is for the conditioner but I used the shampoo as well, since I feel that it will work better for my hair if I use what was meant to be used together.This had a lovely fragrance (not too strong) rinsed out really well, and had the traditional blue/purple color of a true color corrector. This conditioner did not weigh my long hair down or make it feel greasy; all it did was reinforce the anti-brassiness. It left my hair in lovely condition, even though it is over-processed.When used with the companion shampoo, I found my hair to be left in a wonderful, soft condition. And since the directions say they should be used at least 3 times a week, I can only assume that the results may be temporary. But to me that is still better than going to a salon and spending a bunch of money on something that will most likely do my hair more damage than I’ve done already.After all we have to shampoo and condition a number of times every week anyway -so why not just use this and keep your hair looking the way you initially thought it would look?

Sofia Conyngham, PA

Great product and an excellent price

I’ve been doing my color at home with ION hair color and the 9N picks up more red than I would like. This product helps tone it down and adds lots of moisture.

Berta West Monroe, LA

Good For Maintenance–Not Correction!

The good news is that it did NOT make my hair purple. This "purple" conditioner is very sheer and only violet. I bought it to compliment a purple shampoo I bought at Walmart. The purple shampoo stripped my hair of moisture and I doubt I’ll use it again. So, I put this conditioner in my hair and left it in for 24 hours as a leave-in treatment. I didn’t see any major changes. (I use Aveda highlighter to change my hair from light brown to honey blond. I have many lighter, natural high lights, but nothing truly platinum.) The instructions read to use it a few times before you expect results. The conditioner itself isn’t very conditioning, but I’ll keep using it as a "purple" leave-in conditioner once a week or so to keep the brassiness at bay. I wouldn’t expect to see any brass correction using ONLY this conditioner. And I wouldn’t leave it in my hair if I was platinum blond.

Juliana Gunnison, UT

worth it!

I like this. It works well with my color treated blonde hair. The only con is that it isn’t hydrating enough for my color treated hair hair. Try it – It’s worth the price.

Priscilla Crescent City, IL

Great product to reduce brassiness is light blonde hair.

All 3 daughters have blonde hair that goes platinum in the summer sun. My oldest used a "wash out" color for a school function that left her hair orange/ red…. After a couple uses this corrected the problem 🙂

Dessie Port Henry, NY


works great and has a wonderful fresh smell! Love the color glaze too- this keeps the red out of my hair.

Goldie Sherman Station, ME

great product!

totally toned and correct my brassy blonde hair wish there was a worldwide shipping of shampoos,but its really worth the price

Lisa Kadoka, SD

Tone Corrects but no moisture

I use both the shampoo and conditioner for this product. I use them as a weekly or so maintenance product to keep my blonde from turning brassy, which I hate. It does keep me happier between salon visits as my new growth becomes less noticeable (or so it seems) and my blonde stays brighter. However it leaves my thick chemical processed hair very dry and frizzy, even using only weekly. To combat the dryness I also use a deep conditioner which helps. I will buy this again when I need it as it is nice to shampoo and condition the brassyness away!

Lynda Pawtucket, RI

Great Conditioner For Blondes

The John Frieda line of products are perfect for blondes with color treated hair. This conditioner is gentle and maintains color.

Carmela Fillmore, NY