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John Frieda Salon Shape 1.5 Inch Hot Air Brush

John Frieda JFHA5 Hot Air Brush Yet another extraordinary hair-styling tool from John Frieda Transform your hair with the NEW Hot Air Brush (JFHA5) from the experts at John Frieda. This premium Hot Air brush features advanced ionic power and gives volume and shine to your hair while it simultaneously dries each strand. Instant heat up makes drying fast and safe all while delivering high heat. It’s convenient and easy to use. A premium hot air hair brush that creates luscious styles of volume and shine This premium 500-watt hot air brush creates luscious volume with a 1-1/2-inch titanium ceramic-coated barrel. The tangle-free anti-static bristles work through your hair eliminating the moisture out of each individual strand. Advance Ionic Technology for healthy, smooth results Designed with advanced ionic technology, generates up to 50% more ions, the JFHA5 allows you to achieve smooth, frizz-free hair that is shiny and more manageable. A lightweight and comfortable design The JFHA5’s lightweight, ergonomic design makes it easy to use from any angle. Whether you have long hair or a short cut, the JFHA5 is well-balanced for easy movement, and the contoured handle makes it comfortable to grip even for long periods of time.

Key features

  • Advanced ionic technology provides up to 50% more ions
  • 2 heat settings plus cool setting
  • Titanium ceramic coated barrel
  • Enhanced air control
  • Swivel cord

Honest reviews


My hair can look good everyday now:)

This just arrived. It is wonderful. I styled my hair without wetting it, and it looks really good (it was looking like I should not be seen in public).I’ve used this type of dryer/styler for 15+/- years, but the company that made them downgraded the wattage to 250 which will not dry or style my hair in an amount of time that is workable (It takes hours with the low wattage other brands have now). I have searched and searched and tried many stylers. I was very excited when I saw this one. It is great!This is like my old one: amazing.Details:The heat is goodThe brush holds my hair for drying and styling but doesn’t pull it out :):):)The weight is fineThe larger handle is no problem for me and I have tiny handsOff to the post office butI will be lighting a candle for peace at 6pm

Josefa Stillmore, GA

Pretty darn good for simplifying hair drying routine

See my review on the other top hot air brush contender here,Infinitipro Spin Air Rotating Styler, Black:;=B004INUWX0&linkCode;=&nodeID;=&tag;=I’m no beginner when it comes to hair tools but I’ve never been able to master the art of a blow dryer and a round brush. Randomly I ran across this product as well as the Conair Infinitipro styler. Initially I thought this rotated like the Conair version but it does not. Turns out what I thought I wanted doesn’t work like I expected and the John Frieda version is much, much better.If you don’t want to read the whole review the bottom line is this: For a true salon quality looking blow out, go with the John Frieda device and NOT the Conair rotating hair brush.—- After several comments, I’d like to add that your mileage will probably vary according to your hair type. I have long (mid-back), semi-thick wavy hair. This may have something to do with why the different stylers had such different results. The Conair just couldn’t get through my hair—-I did a (literal) side by side comparison of theInfinitipro Spin Air Rotating Styler, Blackand theJohn Frieda JFHA5 Hot Air Brush, 1.5 inch. Let’s just say after 30 minutes or so on one side with the Infinitipro brush, I gave up. That was even on the side that I typically find easier to style. The side that’s more difficult I tackled with the John Frieda brush and then went back to fix what the Infinitipro just couldn’t do. I did all that in the time it took me to get less than mediocre results with the one side of the Infinitipro brush. Anywho, the overall summary of the John Frieda device:Pros:- The hair dryer actually does a decent job of drying while it styles- The bristles are sturdy and add shine but also allows for more precision in defining layers and getting the curl right where you want it- No tangles!- Controls frizz and makes it easy to avoid the weird waves and curls that occur near the roots with traditional hair drying. Even easy to get the back of your head!- Can easily maneuver different sections of hair without having to put the brush down. Although this sounds really basic and a bit silly, I didn’t appreciate it until I tried the Conair rotating brush where I had to put it down then very carefully section out hair so random hairs wouldn’t get caught in the spinning frenzy.- I have long, naturally wavy hair that is fine but there’s lots of it. Unlike most tools, brushes, etc. the JF brush had no problem managing the layers and truly making it look like the beautiful end curling that you get in a true blow out. I went back and fixed the frizzy mess the Conair did to my hair with the JF brush.- Light and easy to maneuver.Cons:- The tip on the top gets very hot. Although I don’t need it often, it would be nice if this was some sort of heat resistant or silicon coated topper so when I need to hold it for certain angles, I can.- I wish the actual brush area was a little bit longer- just a smidge. It does the job thoughWhy the John Frieda brush is better than the Conair Infinitipro rotating brush:- Easy to handle, easy to maneuver, and fits in your hand. The Infinitipro is clunky, large, and more often than not, I found myself hitting the wrong darn button and creating a crazy unexpected rat’s nest- It’s pretty darn fast whereas the Conair took FOREVER and didn’t even do a good job. Like I said above, I used the JF to fix the frizz & limp looking curls caused by the Conair- Brush bristles are stiffer but still do not tangle. The more rigid bristles allow for better defined curls & layers as well as more control over the angles and getting the smooth, straight look of a blow out- Although the hair dryer probably won’t replace the power of your typical hair dryer, the John Frieda is leaps and bounds better than the Conair. Parts of my hair, especially near the roots, was still slightly damp after using the Infinitipro for nearly 30 minutes on only one side. The JF brush took care of that in a few minutes.All in all, don’t waste your time wondering about the Infinitipro, just go with the John Frieda brush. It is leaps and bounds better.

Sandra Trujillo Alto, PR

Dryer? Styler? Volumizer? Static Remover? Didn’t work as any of those on my hair.

I had my doubts when reading the descriptions of this product online at amazon and elsewhere. It just seemed that it really wasn’t clear what this “hot air” brush would do (increase volume, shine. Hmm. OK.). Should have heeded my instincts.Read the reviews before ordering so I was aware that given its low wattage this is not meant to be used as a “real” dryer if you have long and/or thick hair. So I wasn’t expecting this to function as a dryer on my long (collar), medium-thick wet hair.But I did expect that I could straighten and style damp hair given its description as a “hot air” brush. However, this hot air brush didn’t do much of anything for my hair–definitely no volume and no shine. Took several minutes (a lot longer than using regular hair dryer and brush!) to get small sections of hair straight and dry and though my hair is easily styled/set with curling irons, this brush did not add any body or shape. VERY disappointing.About the only thing it is good for? Spot drying and straightening damp sections of hair at nape, neckline, etc. after a shower or bath before then going on to actually style hair with electric rollers and/or curling iron. At this price, that’s an expensive product option since one could easily do the same with any cheap hair dryer and a brush.My hair is wavy rather than tight curly but I found that this brush was not very effective in straightening hair or adding “body” though I tried it on hair that was different degrees of damp. (And yes, I followed the instructions, which suggest that you use when your hair is “80% dry” and I did turn my hair upside down and blow/brush out from the roots.)As for making my hair less static? Could not discern any noticeable difference.Only seeming plus: It did not seem to dry hair out as much as when using a traditional hair dryer and brush.Having used it quite a bit in initial two weeks I did not feel comfortable returning it, but I wish I had. Total waste of money.Given some of the other newer comments, it seems that no matter what length your hair is, others have experienced similar problems and disappointment.To the folks at John Frieda hair care products, I hope you read these comments and do something to improve the product. I love your actual hair care products and use them daily so my expectation level for the performance of this product was high based on prior positive experience.

Sherry Hope, NM

The most useless thing you could buy.

The thing that irritates me the most about this product is that my ability to return it just expired. It does not work at all, it is easily the most useless hair styling product I have ever bought in my life. I would be less angry if I got my money back, but now I just have an ugly paper weight on my hands. DO NOT BUY.

Alma Lock Springs, MO

Waste of Good Money

I was excited to get this item. Plugged it in and was disappointed. There is no heat. How is this thing supposed to dry hair? My hair got tangled in it and amid the cussing, I was able to get free. Sorry I did not keep the packaging or I would return it for a refund.

Helga Sugar Run, PA

Like I just left the salon

I am new to the world of hot air brushes and I am very happy so far. Styling with this brush takes longer than my powerful blow dryer, but I like the end result. My hair comes out smoother and the layers show more definition and movement – just like they do when my stylist blows it dry. I am not sure I will be able to spend the time to use this brush every day, but it is great to have another “look” to achieve on the days I want/need to put in the time! It even worked on the back of my head, which is an area I have not devoted much concern to in the past! I do wish it had more power. Also, the way the sliding control button is designed makes it hard for me to use. If you slide it all the way to the end it goes to a “cool” setting rather than the highest, hottest setting. That setting is one notch back and it is difficult to get it to slide back just that little notch to get the high hot setting.

Ida South West City, MO

A fantastic hair tool

I have super fine hair, but tons of it. Pretty much stick straight, except for a couple of areas along the bottom that like to do this strange little wave, making my hair look more than a little crazy at times. I typically blow dry, then use a straightener to smooth out those waves, though it almost never lasts more than an hour.I love how my hair looks after going to the salon and getting it blown out, but I could never replicate that look at home. I’m one of the hopelessly uncoordinated, that can’t use a hair dryer and round brush at the same time and have (more than once) had a brush stuck in my hair. Pretty sad.After using this hot air brush once, I had the hang of it and had sleek, shiny, soft hair. It curled under at the ends, like I wanted it to, and a straightener wasn’t necessary at all, saving me time. It’s easy to hold, easy to work through my hair, and it does a great job at smoothing, curling, and drying all at the same time. I was definitely impressed.I haven’t used my straightener for those wavy areas in weeks. What a fantastic tool! The price point is great and I know I’ll be getting daily use out of this brush. A+

Gayle Erwin, NC

handle is to fat.

This is a tuff one for me to rate. I was excited to try this one as it was cheaper than the one I usually purchase but the handle is so thick I can barely hang on to it. I am 5’8" tall (not a tiny person) and have average hand size for my height but I can’t even wrap my hand all the way around this fat handle, making it difficult to hang on to. Let me also say that I have had arthritis since my teens so hanging on to things is difficult anyway but this just made it more difficult. The product ended up in the closet and I went back to my old stand by.

Kristie Pennellville, NY

I was skeptical

UPDATE.I originally gave the brush 5 stars, I knocked it down to three because I purchased the first one on March 21, 2013, and it stopped making heat about a week before thanksgiving, that was just barely 7 months. I don’t know why I thought I could put any faith into a conair product. I’ll probably be contacting the company, but I am officially done with conair.——————————–I was really skeptical about buying this brush, While it’s marketed via john Frieda it’s produced by conair…and a few years ago I ran into a big issue with conair’s quality (I went through four $50 dollar infiniti air brushes in a year) and pretty much wrote the company off as garbage.So far I’ve purchased two of these and not because the original one is broken! My mother loved using my hot air brush and eventually had me order her one, and now I’m here to order one for my sister as well.Naturally I have wavy curly hair right from root to tip, while I like it, it get’s messy way too easily. I’ve had this hot air brush for less than a year and it’s lifespan is seems to be really holding up nicely.The large round barrel straightens my hair, gives it body and adds the perfect amount of curl at the ends. The large barrel also lets me pick up slightly bigger chunks of hair, I have below shoulder length hair and A LOT of it, doing my hair in one inch sections is not an option. As far as the Ion technology, not super sold on it, I don’t notice it being any shinier from Ions compared to when I used to use my old round brush or the even infiniti brush.My only real complaint is waiting for my hair to be the perfect dampness, I find that I can’t go into using the air brush with super wet hair as it takes way too long because the brush just doesn’t have the air flow of a normal blow dryer And it can’t be too dry either or I notice I get little waves where it just didn’t take as well. it kind of has to be at that perfect spot, I believe the instruction booklet said 80-90% dry.The brush doesn’t leave the tell tale signs of using a straightener, like leaving that weird mark near your scalp, or scalding your ends to where they look dry, infact a new friend of mine only just recently saw me without my hair done, she had no idea I had naturally curly hair, She insisted she could ALWAYS spot someone who straightens their hair. I think it killed her that I snuck right under her radar =P

Nicole Bridgeport, AL

Low Watt Hair Dryer with Brush

This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I can’t really give it a bad review because I think it would suit some people’s needs but I was pretty disappointed in it so I’m giving it 3-stars.It’s basically a hair dryer with a brush attached, nothing more and nothing less. It’s a 500 watt hair dryer at that which is much less powerful than any hair dryer.I was actually expecting it to be more of a styling product; I thought that it would be more like a curling iron but with a brush on it. When I was younger, I had one of those, you know the ones that are a curling iron but has the different attachments that switch out, mine had two different sizes of curling irons plus a brush attachment.This John Freida has a handle and design just like a curling iron but has a brush on the end and it blows out air like a blow dryer through the bristles. The brush part itself doesn’t get hot, it gets hot from the hot air coming out so you are only getting a very low watt hair dryer with a brush attachment.I’m sure for some people and certain hair types and styles, this would be beneficial. I have long, coarse, thick, hair that is hard to style and this product did add body but I only felt like it added yet another step to my beauty regime.It takes a very long time to blow dry my hair with this so it works better to partially dry it first with my regular hair dryer then finish up with this. It seems to give my roots some lift, slightly curl my ends and add body. Sounds pretty good and for some people, it would be but I still have to turn around use my flat iron to make my hair smooth and sleek because this doesn’t help in those aspects and then my curling iron too. I normally blow dry, then straighten my hair then I use a curling iron to style it. I still have to do all those steps when I use this too. I partially blow dry, use the John Freida blow brush, straighten with my flat iron and then use my curling iron for styling so this has just added an additional step BUT my hair does look better when I use this. Because this does make my hair look better, I didn’t want to give it less than 3 stars but I have to be honest, I almost returned this but decided that from time to time, I might use this when I had the extra time to spend on my hair.As long as you are aware of what you are getting and how it performs, you can make a decision for your hair. If you read the reviews on here that give the lower star ratings to this, I totally agree with most of them. Many, many people returned this because they just didn’t feel like it did much for their hair.

Tiffany Laurel, MS

Works good

I have very fine hair so it makes it look thinner than it is. I was a bit skeptical about using this but decided to take a chance. Am so glad I did too. I don’t use it every day but I do use it when I go out for a meal, etc. You use it once your hair is dry. It heats up almost instantly. I was pleasantly surprised at the volume. You can use hairspray in sections before using it and it will hold longer. I didn’t have any problems with being burned by this or by it being too hot.

Maura Clarksville, VA

What a let down

This product was a let down for me. It doesn’t really work for me. Maybe it’s because I have waist length hair. First I ruffed dried my hair with my blow dryer as indicated on the Youtube tutorial made by HotandFlashy. But I didn’t like the way it styled my hair. I guess it’s all in hair preference and I prefer my long hair straight. I only use it once and didn’t like the feel of my hair afterwards. So now this product is just resting in my bathroom closet unused. So to me this product was a waste of time and money.

Alba Lena, LA

Best Hair Purchase I’ve Ever Made….

I recently cut my hair from shoulder length to a bob just below my ears. I absolutely love the cut, but was having a hard time getting it to look good. After wearing my hair in a pony-tail for a million years, I just wasn’t doing a very good job of getting the back of my hair straight and curled under with a round brush and blow-dryer (my hair is very wavy when wet…if it’s not dried properly, it tends to look frizzy and matted. Hence the pony-tail for 12+ years).I tried a flat iron, but never really felt comfortable with it. I initially searched for the InStyler rotating brush, but never found it here on Amazon. This brush came up as a recommendation though, and after watching a YouTube video on how it works, decided to go for it. I am so, so happy with this purchase. I absolutely LOVE it.It’s easy to use, I have so much more control over how my hair gets dried since both hands aren’t being utilized by a separate brush and dryer, and I find that I’m spending less time drying and styling my hair since I can now work faster.I cannot recommend this enough. I can’t comment on all hair types, but if you have shorter fine hair, this is amazing. I’m actually going to buy a second one just to have as a back-up. I’m not worried about it crapping out on me anytime soon, but I’d hate for it to die one day, and I find that it’s no longer available. This has quickly become my most important styling tool.

Gussie Tok, AK

incorrect purchase

I incorrectly purchased this thinking it was something different. I did not realize the mistake until I took it out of the box and had tested it…thus making it impossible to return it. It wasn’t an ideal situation, I don’t use the hot air brush and can’t return it and haven’t thrown it away or given it away as it’s virtually new,

Belinda Nokomis, IL

Good product, better for short hair

This seemed like a great product and was excited to try something to provide easy styling on the days I don’t curl my long hair. However, like the other reviews mentioned, this works better for short hair. Though it did provide my hair with a little flip at the end it wasn’t enough to give it enough style.I gave it to my mom who has short hair and it seems to work for her.

Helga Ithaca, NY

Great dryer

It was another recommendation from a magazine. It works great but I had to give it to my mom. My hair is very long and thick. The bristles are light perfect for my mom’s short thin hair.

Faye Prentice, WI

Great for arthritic hands!

I am a 42 year old female who has fine brown hair, which I color blond and is cut in a bob to around shoulder length. My family has a history of arthritis, which is effecting me in my hands for the past 5 years but has recently gotten progressively worse. Thus, I am looking for things which I can do to put less stress on my hands.For my hairstyle and hair type, I shampoo and blow dry my hair every day. In order to get the style as needed, I use a round brush with a hairdryer. But, it’s painful for me to hold and turn the brush to dry my hair. And, as a result, I end up not drying it all of the way which makes it frizzy and makes me cold in the winter!I was looking around on Amazon for products which might be able to help ease the effort my hands while still allowing for me to maintain the hairstyle that I like. I saw this product and read the reviews and thought that I would give it a try. I love it!First, it is VERY LIGHTWEIGHT which is great for hands. It is the size of a large round brush and in the middle of the brush, there are small holes which is where the air blows out from just like a hairdryer. It has different speeds – Low Heat, High Heat and Cool (for setting the style). It is important to note that the heat on the High Heat setting is not as hot as a regular hair dry and this is intention – you are holding this brush right next to your scalp to try the hair and so it can’t be as hot as a regular hair dryer. I have no issues with this as my hair is fine and it dries it just fine. I have chosen to use my regular hair dryer with my fingers to take most of the wetness out of the my hair first, and then I use this to finish drying it and styling it at the same time.Although it sounds like more work, it actually takes me less time because I do not have to the flat iron after my hair is dry as this brush dryer allows for me to smooth the hair while drying it which is great.I am not sure how well that it would work for someone with very thick hair – you may want to do what I did and dry it first by air or with a hair dryer and then finish up the style with this product.But, for me, I absolutely love this product and highly recommend it.

Paulette Vinegar Bend, AL


i received the product today, and before even opening the box, i could tell it had been previously opened. upon opening it, i found hair in the bristles, wrapped up in the cord tie, etc. will be returning it and NOT re-ordering. yuck!

Flora Toutle, WA

Not what I want.

This product is very time consuming. It took me almost 50 minutes to curl my hair. I want a faster one so I returned it an purchased a curling iron.

Debbie Sturgis, MS

not sure

I do like it but I have long hair and i cannot roll it around the brush to get a curl, I can only do a wave.

Dorothea Conasauga, TN

My New Fav

Almost hate to give a good review in case this product sells out. Definitely going to order a spare. Best hair tool ever for my particular hair.

Lilly Holly Ridge, MS

Good Quality Air Brush

I think this is a good value for the money. It does what it says it will do, but I’m not overly impressed. I only ordered this air brush because I thought mine wasn’t as hot as it could be. After trying this air brush one time, I went back to using my old one. This air brush should be redesigned! The buttons are in a terrible place and the handle is too big. I have no complaints about the air brush not being hot enough (it is not a curling iron). . . in my opinion, if it were any hotter it would be damaging to the hair.

Pansy Goochland, VA


This does not blow enough hot air. Could not use and had to send back. Dealer was very helpful but I just didn’t like the product.

Hollie Missouri Valley, IA

Love it

I was a bit doubtful but wanted to try this, and was really pleased to see it works great. I’d have liked the barrel to have been a bit smaller for my medium length hair, but it does dry and give hair a nice shine and slight curl. I don’t think it would work as well on thick hair unless smaller sections are used.

Audra Tarawa Terrace, NC

This hot air brush is amazing.

This product has saved me. I, for the life of me, cannot figure out how to blowdry my own hair with a round brush. This product has made my life so much easier!! Recommended.

Libby Mount Storm, WV

Love this thing!

I have fine curly hair that has never been very cooperative. When it’s long, it is nice and curly but dry so I usually keep it short but that doesn’t do much for it and it’s flat and boring. I purchased this after seeing one on T.V. and figured I was only out 30 bucks if I didn’t like it. I have to say, my hair has never looked better! I can quickly and easily style my hair with this and after a little practice, it works like a charm to give volume, shine, and style. I tell my husband that I have “newscaster hair” lol. My friend has course, thick, curly hair that is shoulder length and she has one but she hasn’t had as much success with hers. I have a flat iron and this styles so much better than that. The flat iron leaves my hair too flat and frizzy at the ends. This give my hair a nice flip to it and it’s so easy to get volume at the roots. If my mom was alive today, she would have LOVED one of these! She used curlers to get this look and that would take hours. I’m a fan!

Leanne Polo, MO


I love this for my short hair. Hair dries nice and fast, battling the frizzy hair. I don’t know how long the bristles will last but I hope this last a long time. I bought the bigger size for my mom as a Christmas present.

Patrice Buckskin, IN

John Frieda JFHA5 Hot Air Brush, 1.5 inch

I needed a good brush and am very happy with this one. It’s quite and has a cool setting, to set the curl.

Renee Dexter, NM


My hair is always flat, but after using this on my hair in stead of blow drying my hair is fuller and bouncier. It’s easy to use and I love the way it makes my hair look even after a day or two.

Meghan Young, AZ

Great for short to medium hair

My hair was showing signs of distress from the flat iron. When this tool popped up as a Lightning Deal, I decided to give it a try. I find it’s best used on damp hair. First I blow dry my hair with my regular blow dryer until it’s damp. If you don’t do this, you’ll be all day trying to dry with the air brush alone. When my hair is almost damp, I use the air brush on high. My hair has lots of volume & shine and this tool seems much less damaging to my hair. The switch is a bit strange. Pushing the slide the whole way gives only air & no heat. You need to be careful to back off a click for the maximum heat setting.

Lorene Lakeside, CT