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John Frieda Root Awakening Hydrate + Nourish Conditioner, 8.45 Ounces

Improves hair health with natural eucalyptus. Instantly fortifies silkens from roots to ends for smooth breakage-resistant hair. Awaken your hair’s healthiest potential. A small change can make a big difference to the healthy look of your hair.

Key features

  • Breakage Prone Root Awakening Conditioner Strength Restoring by John Frieda for Unisex – 8.45 oz Conditioner
  • Breakage Prone Root Awakening Conditioner Strength Restoring by John Frieda for Unisex
  • Soothes and calms scalp while hydrating parched strands with nourishing moisture & Eucalyptus
  • Energizes with Peppermint Extract and leaves hair renewed, nourished and more stylable

Honest reviews



i already wrote long story about this john frieda line (green bottles – shampoo, conditioner, leave in cond.), look in leave-in cond.comments..this is perfect line, i use all together – shampoo, then conditioner, after shower i spray leave in conditioner. smell is just adorable !!! menthol and eucalyptus.. so good..! i didn’t know this smell is so relaxing for me!and my hair are growing to fast now! 0.55 inches in 4 weeks!!! i’m so happy…. thank you frieda!!!

Cara Onalaska, TX

Incredible products from John Frieda

I have been using some very expensive brands based on salon advice and they were good for awhile but my hair hasn’t been feeling very good for a while. I switched to this Root Awakening Restoring line for shampoo, conditioner, and two other finishing strength products by John Frieda and it is an amazing overnight difference. Way better then salon expensive products at a fraction of the cost! Incredible. truly.

Jill Brentwood, MD

Amazing conditioner!!!

This conditioner makes my frizzy hair so silky and gorgeous! Do not use in the roots, I am convinced it makes me break out in pimples when I get it on the back of my neck/back. I use a face wash after to wash off the residue that it leaves.

Jami Cataract, WI

Not bad

It makes my hair soft but I didn’t notice any less breakage when using it. Smells great, I like it, probably won’t buy it again though.

Jewell Providence, NC

If you have thin hair that breaks, this is for you!

This conditioner is wonderful! I highly recommend it, especially for women and men who have thin hair that breaks easily. I love the was it feels on my hair, and I love the way it smells. I love it!

Queen Glasco, NY