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John Frieda Radiant Red Colour Protecting Conditioner 8.45 Oz

Nourishment for Red Hair Maintain the intactness of red color in your hair with John Frieda Radiant Red Color Magnifying Conditioner. This is a gentle formula that adds a supple texture with a burst of shimmer to your hair. It transforms your red strands that eventually attract light to portray distinct and unique tones. In addition, this formula helps to magnify the color and shine of your red hair. Revives soft textures of hair Provides nourishment and enhances color Helps to maintain vibrancy of red color Adds luster and shine to hair With this conditioner get ready to dazzle up the red shades of your hair. It’ll not only boost up the shine of your hair but will also nourish damaged areas. Just For You: Those with color-treated or highlighted red hair A Closer Look: John Frieda Radiant Red Color Magnifying Conditioner contains intensifying extracts of plum and pomegranate. This formula helps to highlight the red color of your hair without leaving behind any color depositions. Get Started: Use conditioner after washing hair. Massage the conditioner from root to the tip of the hair and rinse off well.

Key features

  • The gentle formula helps preserve rich, vibrant red colour for up to 12 weeks
  • Non-colour depositing
  • For all shades of red hair
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Honest reviews


can’t say

My hair looks extra shiny, extra soft and extra awsome after 1 time wearing it. I love it by now but when it arrived the collor had already fell so i can’t say if it preserves color or not

Latisha Mc Crory, AR

Mousturizes and keeps color

Red hair is so hard to keep up. I can’t get this product in any of the stores I have tried. They only have John Frieda for brunette and blond.Reds are the ones who really need it. This product also really conditions well. My hair is so soft. I love running my fingers through my own hair.

Maryanne Girard, OH

Works but at a cost

I am not very happy with how this conditioner (and shampoo for that matter) leaves my hair. Instead of glossy, soft, flowing hair like normal, it becomes stiff and straw-like. I’ve found that using it every three washes (about every week) helps keep my red a bit more vibrant than it normally is but doesn’t have me constantly have unmanageable hair. I wish it didn’t have this horrible side effect because it really does do what it claims in terms of the color and would use this for the rest of my life if it was like every other shampoo/conditioner.

Monique Quemado, TX

Sending it back

Ordered this and the shampoo. Tried it for a few days, and found it makes my fine strawberry blonde hair look slimy and flat. Switched back to my old shampoo (Loreal Reconstruct) and my hair looks great. Sending it back!

Jan Watertown, WI

Fade No More…

I have red color-treated hair that gets color deposited every time I was with this! It makes my hair so fade resistant. Red usually washes out quick, but not with this Gem! Amazon offers the Conditioner at a steal as well! The combination makes my red endure and feel silky not like the usual "hay" I was use to!

Gwen Menoken, ND

Not what it says.

I bought this thinking it was different than the color protecting conditioner but its not. So when I saw that it was same, I shipped it back.

Willie Mingo, IA