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John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color, Glosser Warm Blonde, 6 Fluid Ounce

An in-shower, non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments for true to tone, salon-fresh color in-between colorings. Instantly restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine. Adds golden tones to freshen blonde. An in-shower non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments. Delivers true to tone salon-fresh color in-between colorings.

Key features

  • Instantly restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine
  • Adds golden tones to freshen blonde
  • An in-shower non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments
  • Delivers true to tone salon-fresh color in-between colorings

Honest reviews


I can tell a difference!

I have colored my hair for years. Right now I am using a warm blond by Preference by L’Oreal. When I read the instructions on this Foam Hair Color, I saw that you could use it with any salon or at-home colouring. I personally color my own hair. I have never had a salon color it for me. And since I have colored my own hair for years, I was eager to see what this Colour Refreshing Gloss would do for my hair. Usually, I notice that my hair needs to be colored when the roots begin to grow out. Once my hair color has reached this point, I simply re-color my entire head. I have never tried "root touch ups". I figure if I’m going to go through the trouble of mixing something to put on my hair I might as well go ahead and color the entire head of hair. Then I tried this refreshing gloss and it has made me re-think the entire coloring my hair as soon as I see dark roots. This gloss was so easy to use. You simply wash and condition your hair as you normally do, then apply "a quarter size" of the gloss to your hair and work it in from root to the ends of your hair and repeat the process 3-5 times. I repeated the process three times. You leave it on for three minutes then rinse. I simply showered and shaved my legs to give the gloss plenty of time to work. After blow drying my hair, I noticed an immediate difference in the color. It definitely refreshed the color. Even my roots were somewhat lighter. I was hoping for more color refreshing in that area, but it is better and perhaps the next time I use the gloss, as you use it weekly, I will repeat 5 times to see if maybe the roots will appear even lighter. I can definitely see myself using this product on a regular basis. It did not have an odor, which I found amazing. I expected it to smell like the hair color I use, but there wasn’t a harsh chemical smell. The bottle contains six in-shower treatments. Therefore, I will be coloring my hair less often and that has to be a good thing. I will definitely use this product on a regular basis.

Eileen French Village, MO

Adds highlights to dull hair

My hair was looking dull and lifeless and had lost the sparkle it gets when it’s first colored. I was not ready to color it again so I decided to give this a try.The directions say to use 3 quarter size dabs and run it through your hair after shampooing and conditioning. My hair is really thick and long, so I thought I’d have to use twice as much. Surprisingly, I did not. Three was enough. After working it through my hair, I left it on for three minutes and rinsed it out.There is not a drastic difference, but it gave my hair back its shine. It doesn’t color roots or cover grey, but with the extra shine, they are not so noticeable.There are six weekly applications in the bottle.

Misty Mc Kean, PA

couldn’t tell any difference

I have been coloring my hair blond for many years. When I first tried this product I was nearing the time when I needed to color my hair again- my roots were starting to show. While this product didn’t do anything negative to my hair, it really didn’t do anything, period. It felt smooth and silky in my hair, but once rinsed out, I couldn’t tell any difference in either the color or the texture– it just seemed like I had used my normal shampoo/conditioner combo. (It is advertised to only affect the color, but I had read several other reviews where the reviewers noticed a difference in texture, as well.)I followed the package directions exactly. This is not a product I would use again, simply because I did not see any results.Disclaimer: I was given this product for free via The Amazon Vine program to review. I always post my honest opinion regardless of the source of the product.

Sue Bronwood, GA

OK but not a miracle

This product is intended to keep your hair color fresh between salon visits. It is a simple application, just Shampoo and Rinse and work a small amount of the Foam Hair Color into your scalp and roots and work it down your hair.While it does some good, it wont make it look like you just stepped out of the salon, High lights and low lights in your hair will k ind of equalize and the roots wont get quite as good of treatment as you might have hoped for.On the other hand, it is fast and easy and can make it work for a few days but not weeks until you can get back into the salon.

Annmarie Glen Ferris, WV

Very subtle, very pretty

I no longer color my hair, so you may wonder why I would even want to use a "between coloring" glosser. Well, it’s just perfect for adding back a bit of a glow to fading hair without a huge expense or commitment.My naturally blonde hair is now a more faded, and lightly streaked with white — which suits me just fine most of the time. But let’s be honest, this has been one of the longest winters on record, and a touch of "sunshine" seemed like just the thing!! I followed the directions (and they are no more complicated than the directions for a hair conditioner), and rinsed the glosser out after 5 minutes. My hair is very subtly warmer and brighter. At the same time, I know that no harsh peroxide, ammonia, or color strippers were used in the process.Subtle, pretty, gentle, easy.

Marjorie Laporte, CO

I Love This Stuff!

I have been coloring my hair for around 30 years and fluctuate between light golden brown and dark blonde hues. As my shoulder length hair grows out, I’m seeing some greys, especially around my temples, as well as the dark roots in the part, so I thought I’d see what this product would do for me. I couldn’t be more pleased!After shampooing and conditioning, the directions are to squeeze about a quarter-sized drop of the glosser into your palm and work through your hair, repeating two or three times to cover your hair well. You then wait about three minutes before rinsing for the last time. Then dry and style normally. For me, I saw a lightening of the dark roots and refreshing of color throughout my hair. I was careful not to rinse extremely long so as not to rinse out the glosser, which may be why I saw greater results than some other reviewers. I don’t know, but I am very happy with this product and will continue to use it.Though it’s only a six ounce bottle, it’s lasted through a number of shampoos for me so far, and if it extends the time between colorings while keeping me looking good, it will quickly pay for itself. I recommend you try it to see if you like it as well as I do. I think it’s a great product!Edit- 5-14-14 After using this for the past two months, at least once a week as directed, I’m still very pleased with the results. Noticing the mixed results by other reviewers, I believe that the warm tones may make a larger difference. I see a reddish tone to my hair that is more prevalent and noticeable, even at the darkening roots and temples, and I’ve seen the same in the pictures on the box. The pictured results with the “cool blonde” seem less obvious than the “warm blonde” that I use. So, if you like the warm, reddish tones normally, I think you’ll like the results with this as I do.

Monica Morley, MO

Leaves hair glossy

When I ordered it I thought it was hair color, so I was a little disappointed when it arrived, but after using it, wow! Nice and glossy. I have really dry hair and this gave me the ability to look salon fresh everyday!

Magdalena Forest Falls, CA

nice for touch-ups, does not replace getting your hair dyed

This is a really soft blonde color.It’s good for in-between maintenance of the color, but only the slightest touch-up. I first tried it at the end of the dye cycle when there were a ton of grays, and it didn’t really cover the gray. Instead, it turned the gray color really light, which was indistinguishable. When I tried it as an in-between treatment only two weeks after the full head dye, it worked quite well.Beware that depending on your hair length, you might not get six uses out of the bottle (the instructions indicate that one ounce should be used per application).

Cristina Sumter, SC

Glosser and Color Toning for your Hair

I was eager to try this since I have liked some of the other John Frieda products I’ve tried. I applied this in the shower as directed, waited the advised three minutes, and rinsed it out. It did stain my hands and next time I use it I will use disposable rubber gloves.My hair had a slightly brighter tones look and the color did look enhanced but the effect was small. It also had extra shine. While my color does look dull since I don’t color more than once very other month, and am in the sun a lot, I am mostly concerned with the condition of my hair and this has a slightly drying effect which makes me not want to use it again. My hair is already dry and I am forever looking for moisturizing products for it to fight frizz.If you have no problem with dryness I recommend this, since it does improve the color and will build up over repeated use. For me, with my brittle dry hair, I will stay away.

Billie Kurtz, IN

nice glossy look

Ok, I tried John Freda Foam color and I must say that my hairturned out fine!! I have blonde highlights and my hair colortends to get brassy dry look. The product is lite not too heavyI also like the fragrance not too strong.The turnout my hair was soft and glossywould highly recommend!!!!!

Abby Florence, TX

Refreshes Color Well

I used the Warm Red treatment on color treated hair (colored about a month ago) and was very happy to find that not only did the hair feel better conditioned and smooth, but the color was much more vibrant. It was visibly brighter and looked like it did right after the initial coloring. After trying it out, it seems like this is a great way to keep color bright in between coloring. I recommend a weekly refresh.

Myrna Cassville, MO

Nice upgrade

I have used other variations of this John Frieda product in the past (color boosters) and each time I use them to add a bit of sheen to my natural hair color which is an ashy blonde that can tend to look dull from time-to-time. This product adds a bit of sheen and boost without making me commit to a dye job that is a shade or two brighter than my nature color.It works great for this purpose, is easy to use and convenient.

Tracie Somers, WI

Warm Blonde

I was apprehensive about using this product. My hair is colored with highlights by my hairdresser. I was afraid this product would color my hair, in a bad way. The product doesn’t smell very good and it’s a liquid brown color. The instructions say to apply it AFTER shampoo/conditioner. The gloss makes your hair feel kind of dry. I don’t know why you shouldn’t use it before conditioner. The results are shiny hair, but I was afraid to put it on blond part of my hair…so put it on underneath part that’s darker.

Gretchen Taylorsville, IN

Adds subtle gloss

This is a very easy and odor-free product that takes just minutes to apply. After a shampoo, apply a quarter-size amount to the roots of the hair and massage it in evenly. Let it soak in for three minutes, then rinse. Once dry, the hair will glisten in the sun with a light golden hue. It will feel softer and “healthier” and won’t have a drastic effect on people around you. I also like how this product won’t go bad once it’s opened. There are at least three months of servings in this bottle when used once a week.

Nora Orland, CA

Does a good job of extending salon color, but isn’t as effective as professional glosses/toners

I have my hair colored every 2-3 months with highlights, low lights, and a toner that take my dirty blonde hair to a brighter blonde. In between visits to the salon my hair color can become a bit dull and lackluster without any maintenance so I try to take steps to maintain its color as best as possible. Typically that has meant using pigmented shampoos once or twice a week as well as making sure my shampoos and conditioners are free of sulfates. I thought this would be an interesting product to try to supplement my current routine.I will admit that while I am clear on what this treatment is intending to do (preserve the look of color treated hair) I’m not 100% clear on what the product actually is or how it compares to other things on the market. My stylist has told me that in the salon world, gloss & toner are interchangeable, but from using this product, the results don’t seem to be as dramatic as when I have a toner applied in a salon. Granted, this is probably for the best because salon toners/glosses do seem to require a bit of no how to apply and I’m not sure I would feel competent enough to do one. However, I do think this is worth mentioning so you can set your expectations accordingly.That said, I was happy with the results. I do think this does a good job of extending the look of salon color, even though I don’t think it is a substitute for a treatment done in a salon. In my case I applied it regularly after having my hair colored, even though it didn’t show fading/dullness since I’ve always seen the best results when I’ve been more proactive with pigmented shampoos vs. waiting until my hair already looks bad. Using the product this way, I was happy with the results. However, I can’t say how it compares if you apply it to hair that is already dull or faded, though my personal experience is that by that point you often need a professional treatment. I know this is how the marketing seems to suggest using it, but to expect a noticeable bump at that point seems like an over promise.Overall with the way I used it I was satisfied and would use it again in the future.

Annmarie Mora, LA

Good in-between coloring product to maintain color

My cousin’s wife used this in between colorings and it does make the hair less brassy. It’s not that easy to apply just right but with practice one can use this to lengthen the time between colorings.

Angelica Noble, LA

Good Booster

This product is designed to boost already colored hair. It does next to nothing for hair that hasn’t been colored.It is easy to use, wash and condition like normal. Use a towel to press out the excess water and apply about a quarter sized blob of the product. Spread it from roots to tips, trying to get the product everywhere and evenly distributed. Leave it for at least three minutes and then rinse. That’s it; red colored hair will be boosted nicely. If you have thin hair, the product will also stain your scalp. The red stain goes away after the next wash.The color boost lasts about a week.It is kind of complicated to figure out which of these colors to choose. The box has a list of color codes for different home applied colors. From the John Frieda website, this particular Glosser Warm Blonde should be used with shade names like: Golden, Honey, Caramel, and Beige.

Shelley Plainview, NY

Adds Colour And Shine but Subtle

I normally wear a warmer color on my hair but I have been trying to get the red out of my blonde hair so my hairdresser put more of an ash color on my hair at my last appointment. I haven’t been happy with the color so applied the John Frieda Refreshing Colour Gloss in warm blonde hoping that it would make my hair look less ashy. It actually worked. The results are very subtle but it really did add a warmer sheen to my hair.The product is an in-shower wash-in/wash-out product. You wash and condition your hair as normal apply the John Frieda Refreshing Colour Gloss. Saturate your hair, let sit for at least 3 minutes then wash out. You should do it weekly and the bottle contains enough for 6 applications.The results are subtle but if you’re needing a boost of color and shine, it does that.

Marjorie Glasco, KS

Makes hair soft but does not do much for color

I use the boxes of hair color to keep my hair blonde (usually the light or dirty blonde). I got this hoping it would help keep the hair that blonde color (looking fresh vs dulling) for longer, but I do not notice much difference in the color. I will say that this stuff does make my hair feel softer and look really nice (more sheen to it), but I do not see much in terms of the color improvement or color being more vibrant/present. It is not bad, it just did not work as I expected (expected it to make hair color last longer and keep a ‘just colored’ look to it for longer).In the end this stuff does make the hair feel and look softer and sheenier but does not seem to do much for the color. One benefit of it is that it works better than conditioner and you can use just a super small amount (I have short hair) and it goes a long way!

Heidi Avon, IN

Not sure it does what it says

I’m not quite sure how to review this product. I have three of the glossers–this one (warm blonde), cool blonde and one of the browns. I’ve used all three and while they leave my hair shiny and feeling a bit thicker–I don’t notice any difference in the color whether I leave the glosser on for three minutes or five. I even did a very non-scientific test and used all three on my hair when it was a dark blonde and I really couldn’t tell any difference whatsoever. So I’m giving the product three stars. Three because it does make my hair feel thicker and it appears more glossy.

Susanna Wyoming, MN


Wow this product is so subtle that I can’t even see if it has helped me or not! I had my hair colored about a month ago and used this product right from the get-go. I am not noticing anything – nothing good but then again nothing bad. At least I can’t see my hair becoming brassier than normal.

Loraine Escanaba, MI

Unreal Odor, Potentially Damaging …

As noted by other reviewers, there is such a strong stench produced by this product that it is nearly usable. It is not the smell that many who color their hair are accustom to, this is more of a rancid odor. It is so pervasive, that it lingers.Moreover, do be careful with this product. Though the brief description reads “non-damaging,” the print-advertisement from last month’s Allure has an asterisk next to this phrase. In small print, at the bottom of the page, it reads, “compared to oxidative hair colouring” (52). This is deeply troubling. This may also be why some reviewers are complaining about dryness and breakage.I ordered this to use on my mom’s hair … but I used the brunette version and instantly regretted it. My hair became dry and overall a “blackish” color. She took one smell of this bottle (and literally gagged … she literally could not get past the unreal ordor) and one look at my hair and refused to let me try it. We tossed it in the rubbish.The bottom-line here is that it is always best to see your stylist. Short-cuts can often lead to much larger problems.

Deborah Centenary, SC

Subtle but nice

I’ve been using this for a few weeks as instructed and I’ve noticed a very subtle difference in shine and hair color brightness. I have fairly light golden blonde hair (natural – never been dyed) and my hair has lost a little of it’s shine as I approach 50. I tried the hair glosser to improve my hair’s shine, texture and brighten the color a little bit. I don’t want to dye my hair….yet. The change is not obvious but I like what it has done so far so I’ll keep using it. I’m glad no one but me knows that I’m boosting my color. I didn’t want a shocking hair color change.

Marisa Idalou, TX

Also can be used as tint to uncolored hair

I read that a ladies’ magazine said this product could be used to tint uncolored hair, so I used it on my untreated hair for this purpose. I had some really high contrast large streaks of white in my hair. I used this product to try to tint those white areas. It does very subtly tint them. I would not say they look golden, but it does take away the obviously gray-white look of those areas while still leaving them as highlights. So I am satisfied and like the way this can be applied right in the shower.

Adriana Pocatello, ID

Ammonia and Peroxide-free

I am not sure what a "true to tone salon-fresh color" is but I didn’t like it. So this particular shade did not instantly restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine and actually took away the golden tones. It did "add back lost color pigments" just not the ones I wanted.I have plain brown hair – now at age 50 it has some grey. It’s texture is thick and curly. Every 6 weeks I have the salon highlight it to an extent that people call it blonde. I was looking for a product that would maintain my color in-between appointments. I used up the bottle in the last 4 weeks even though the first application didn’t please me. I follwed direction carefully. First, I didn’t like the way my hair felt (dry, brittle). Second I gather I used the wrong color because it dulled the blonde highlights and my hair color looked like I put a toner in.

Adrian Grayland, WA

Would buy again

I had been using John Frieda’s red color glosses, which added a huge boost of color to my light brown/dark blonde hair. I recently decided to go back to blonde as spring approached, and after achieving a light blonde color, I started using John Frieda’s Warm Blonde Gloss to give me a boost. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the color payoff that I did with the red glosses (nor did it stain my hands like the red glosses), but I was still impressed with this product overall. The Warm Blonde added some golden highlights and a lot of shine. Coupled with a John Frieda shampoo for blonde hair, you can keep your hair looking salon fresh. I would recommend this product and I’m sure I would purchase it again.

Phoebe Leon, NY

No noticeable effect

John Frieda indeed is a source for good quality haircare products. However, I did not notice any effect on my hair colour when I used this product.

Theresa Solon, IA

First time user, absolutely loved how much longer it kept my color.

My mom and I both tried these, I used the warm blonde and she tried a brown version. They really worked well, extending our color for a couple weeks longer than usual, and better than that, our hair looked and felt healthier than usual. Easy to use, nice gentle fragrance, and our hair looked terrific. Highly recommend. Glad we tried them and we plan on continuing to use them.

Jacqueline Mer Rouge, LA

not foamy a liquid for hair.

Tried this but really no difference other than the hair was a little bit shinier did not affect the color. Will not buy this product.

Leona North Westchester, CT

Not very noticable on me.

I don’t think this is going to work for me. I didn’t feel that the color was noticeable enough to make me want to buy this in the future. Application however was super easy and fast. In under 5 minutes you are done! I wish the hair coloring process could be so fast. But the results were barely noticeable on me. I saw one reviewer who had white/grey hair use this as a wash of color, and I think that would be intriguing… but I am not at that stage yet! But I’ll keep this product in mind when I get there.

Whitney Birmingham, OH