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John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color, Glosser Cool Red, 6 Fluid Ounce

An in-shower, non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments for true to tone, salon-fresh color in-between colorings. Instantly restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine. Adds vivid red tones to counteract fading. An in-shower non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments. Delivers true to tone salon-fresh color in-between colorings.

Key features

  • Instantly restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine
  • Adds vivid red tones to counteract fading
  • An in-shower non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments
  • Delivers true to tone salon-fresh color in-between colorings

Honest reviews


This is a great product according to a red headed friend of ours.

We did not realize that this was for red heads only when we ordered. However, we have a close friend who is and she told us that when she used this it did all that it claimed to do by revitalizing her hair color between trips to the salon. Great idea to extend that color infusion with this Glosser which renews the Cool Red.

Martha Russiaville, IN

Disappointing (C- Grade)

This hair foam only really works if you use it everyday. If you don’t you won’t see much of a difference. I was disappointed overall in the product, although my hair did feel softer after. The foam looks more like paint and is on the watery side.I would spend my money on something else.Katiebabs

Eliza Charlottesville, VA

Nice conditioner

I’ve been using this product for two weeks now. When I started, my hair was starting to fade because it had been about 4 weeks since I’d dyed it a medium red.I didn’t notice any color change right away, although the condition of my hair was great even though I hadn’t used regular conditioner. The instructions say ‘weekly’ but I have to wash my hair every day, and I figured that they probably thought a person would be more likely to wash their hair twice a week, so I used the product more frequently. After three uses (using it every day), I did see some color change in the older, more damaged sections of my hair, but not in the areas closer to my scalp. At this point it started to weigh my hair down (my hair is super fine), so I switched to using it every three days. Now my hair is shiny and silky, but not much redder than it was. I don’t know how it would have performed if I’d just dyed my hair when I started using it, but I doubt it would be much different, unless maybe it has a sunscreen in it or something. It’s kind of nice, but expensive for a conditioner.

Lorrie Paterson, WA


I didn’t like this product, not at all. The smell was very unattractive ( like when they squirt perfume on you in a department store) and overwhelmed any other fragrances in my shower. The texture was hard to work with. My hair is very very short, less than 3 inches in length, and I still had trouble working the product along the strands for even coverage. I also was very careful to apply this exactly as instructed and to wait the full amount of time to rinse it out. My light brown hair didn’t pick up any additional red tones at all under indoor lighting of several types. I also get some gray showing between coloring says that hair doesn’t hold the color quite as well. I expected to be able to see some indication of this glosser’s shade on that grey. Nope, none. I’ve used other between coloring glosser’s so I know what to expect. This one was a great idea and simple to use in the shower but the results fell far short. To be fair, I only used this once. Is possible that weekly applications would build up some color over time but I prefer natural aromatherapy smells and cheap perfume smell in this was just too off putting to continue. Thumbs down on this one.

Inez Rushmore, MN

Works great

I am really happy with this product. It works well in-between dyes. I would recommend it to others. It helps if you blow dry the hair to keep the color fast.

Fanny Emmalena, KY

I love this stuff

This is a high quality product that allows us to go longer between having to refresh our hair color. That’s a good thing too in my mind because of the expense of the hair color and how hard that hair color product is on your hair.I give thus five stars with good reason. Try it, you’ll like it.

Lindsay Minneapolis, MN

great product

This is a really sexy red.It’s good for in-between maintenance of the color, but only the slightest touch-up. I first tried it at the end of the dye cycle when there were a ton of grays, and it didn’t really cover the gray. Instead, it turned the gray color really light, which was indistinguishable. When I tried it as an in-between treatment only two weeks after the full head dye, it worked quite well.Beware that depending on your hair length, you might not get six uses out of the bottle (the instructions indicate that one ounce should be used per application).

June Huntingtown, MD

Results Negligable

I have strawberry blond colored dyed hair. I have a problem with fading of it into a nondescript dull shade after only two weeks. I tried this hoping for some shine, and a spark of color vibrancy, and it didn’t do much, if anything. I had the faintest reddish cast to my hair after using this one time and had to look at my hair in the sunlight to see it. There was no shine. I have tried the blond shades and seen more shine, oddly enough.Also this product dries out my hair. I have frizzy parched hair to begin with that is exposed to sunlight most days. I need intense moisture and protein packs weekly and this counteracts the protein masks by making my hair feel brittle. Not good! I will skip this product.

Arline Strawberry Valley, CA

Love my red!

I love my red hair and this John Frieda product helps to keep my red hair vibrant and soft! It doesn’t dry out my hair and it keeps it looking its best, even when I had it colored weeks before.

Dominique Niotaze, KS

Does what it says – but not for me

I’ve used this weekly for the past four weeks, and while it does brighten my hair and make it shine, it also discolors everything it touches before it is rinsed out. That includes skin around my hairline, my hands and the bottom of the shower floor if not continually running the water while waiting the two or three minutes recommended on the bottle.With that said, this product does do what it promises. Adds brightening color and shine. But, because I have to scrub my skin several times to remove the staining from my hands – I probably will not be buying this product.

Kate Odell, IL

Another good product from John Frieda

I use the John Frieda shampoo and conditioner for red heads so I got this to complement that set. I found that it did give my color a boost but it wasn’t instantaneous. It took about a week to see a noticeable difference in my red hair but there was an extra sheen to it pretty quickly. To give you a reference I dye the ends of my hair a "fire engine red" color so I spend a good bit of time finding products to counteract the fading. It has done an excellent job in addition to the shampoo and conditioner. I do want to disclose that I have not tried this as a standalone. I will caution though that there will be red run off in your shower and that I would wind up with a random red spot on my hairline or scalp. Personally the trade off for the results outweighed this but it was an inconvenience.

Winnie Mendenhall, MS

Fun, but watch your hands

This is fun because it can add a little pop of extra red to your hair, but you have to be careful about the dye. Red dye really seems to grab on like no other, and it’s pretty easy to dye your hands or scalp pink if you get too carried away. It’s best not to try too hard to get down to the roots with red, and to make sure you rinse your exposed skin while your hair is soaking up the dye.This is fun and doesn’t do anything so crazy that you’re going to desperately regret it in the morning. It also seems to leave things a little softer as a bonus.

Keri Cape Canaveral, FL

Very good

A relative who has a bold, red colored hair tried this. She love it. Simple to use and not messy. It saved time and is cheaper than the salon.She recommends it.

Lacy Weir, MS


I dye my hair with Ion Creme Color dark intense red blonde, and in between colors I want to keep my hair vibrant and KABAM! I saw this product, decided to try it even though my brand of color is NOT listed on the box.It did nothing, added nothing, It was a gloppy gel of a mess to put on and I thought as I rinsed it that it was all coming out anyway. I was right.Its better to buy a good color protecting shampoo than to get this.

Opal Graysville, IN

Very difficult to use

I haven’t had an easy time using the foam colors because of the routine in working through hair without getting it on the scalp. I found that the red color showed pretty much on my scalp. Those with thicker hair shouldn’t worry though.

Gilda Storrs Mansfield, CT

Love. Love. Love.

I tried the warm tones colour refreshing gloss, and I liked the results, but this one suits my color better. I’m less of a flaming red and more chillax reddish brown. I like it. I get my hair professionally dyed with Redken color. I have had some problems with the strength of my hair over the last couple of years due to some medications, so I don’t like to over tax my hair, and I am not always the best at making appointments. Before I got my hair dyed I used to use John Frieda foam dye…which I also really like.Anyway, I would suggest using this to brighten your red between getting your hair done and if occasionally you let your roots grow out a bit before getting your hair done.Wash your hair as usual with your shampoo and conditioner. Squeeze out any extra moisture. Add a quarter size amount to your hair and spread the length of your hair. Repeat adding the product 3 to 5 times to make sure you cover all your strands. Wash the product off your hands….it will stain. Leave the gloss on for at least 3 minutes then rinse.It will keep your color fresh. This one is good for those brownish reds.The box says these colors are closest or best with the following box colors:John Frieda precision foam, 6r, 5r, 5rv, 4r, and 3vrClairol nice and easy gel and foam, reddish brown colorsLoreal reddish brown colorsLoreal superior preference, mahogany brown colorsGarnier nutrisse mahogany brownRevlon Colorsilk, reddish/mahogany brownI do use a color safe shampoo an conditioner, and every few days I use watercolors color depositing shampoo to protect my color.

Cheri Cross, SC

Leave Hair Color to the Professionals …

After a disastrous first attempt to use this product (my hair was literally a black color by the end of the "cool brunette" bottle), my stylist cautioned me against ever trying this again. She explained that it does leave deposits on the hair and can be damaging to the overall color (since there are only two shades of each color, that should give you a hint as to how muddled your hair will become). As I explained in another review: while the description reads "non-damaging," the print-advertisement from last month’s Allure has an asterisk next to this phrase. In small print, at the bottom of the page, it reads, "compared to oxidative hair colouring" (52).And, it needs to be noted that I went to one stylist before this one … she had NO IDEA how to fix the damage that was done. (I left that salon and went to another).I cannot caution you enough to be careful with this very drying, flat color product. I wanted this one to highlight my natural red undertones, but there was NO WAY I was trying this after the last bottle. If you have your hair colored professionally, continue to do that (and skip this product!) It cost me $124.00 with tip to have my color fixed.

Leann Debord, KY

It depends on what you want

I’ve used both the Warm Red and Cool Red Gloss, and both have their pros and cons. The Warm Red looks more natural, but it’s a lot less vibrant. For some reason, the Cool Red seemed a lot more pigmented, to the point where my hands were stained with bright pink and it took some effort to wash it off. I’ve actually never seen a gloss or color refresher as pigmented as this. Needless to say, my hair was much redder (more mahogany than copper) after using this product. Unfortunately, there is a down side. A large chunk of my hair turned pink. I personally enjoyed this color result, but I don’t think everyone would appreciate having a bit of pink hair.

Jacklyn Lahaina, HI

red dye that odors everything, but my hair.

great idea for a color enhancer in red,but it just did not work on my hair. The red did dye my scalp and all around my finger nails. I washed my hands, but it stuck around my nails on the cuticles. Didn’t like it.

Georgina Bath, IL

Does What It Claims

This is great stuff if you’re trying to keep your reds from fading out. The only thing you have to be careful about is washing it off your skin before your skin absorbs the color.

Rosella Spring Creek, TN

Not a strongly noticeable effect

I use Garnier Nutrisse dye that’s designed for dark hair, and was hoping this would give me a boost between the regular colorings. While I don’t have a huge issue with the dye fading out too badly, I still was hoping for that little extra something. At least with the Cool Red, I didn’t really notice too big of a change. Subtle, if anything, but that could be simply due to the type of hair color I use. I also tried the Warm Red version of this, and had a bit more noticeable effect from that one. I didn’t notice too much of a difference in the glossiness of my hair, but it didn’t have an adverse effect for me either. I wore gloves with this one, and the gloves were definitely tinted red when I was done, but being otherwise careful in the shower kept me from making a mess of this (years of practice rinsing red dye, I guess!).

Kerry Scuddy, KY


Works all right. I have blondish red hair and I used it and it did make the color stand out more. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take long. Just a few minutes in the shower. It’s not harsh smelling either. I’m not sure how long it actually lasts though. One downside is, it will make you scalp a shade of pink/red which looks kind of weird. Of course it washes out the next time you shampoo, but still something to consider.

Twila Blanco, OK

Works well

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color, Glosser Cool Red, 6 Fluid Ounce. Works well to extend the life of your color and saves money on return visits to the stylist.

Jodi Crandon, WI

VERY limited results, dries hair

This product barely made a difference for my faded hair. I followed the instructions, and first of all, after applying it, my hair felt very dry and brittle. I had to add special conditioning oils, and even so, my hair looked pretty damaged. (Yes, it was a little fried to start with, but it was worse after this treatment, even considering I used "Fekkai Prx Oil" (found here: color difference was so slight, I didn’t notice it at first. Too subtle. My hair still looks pretty faded, so I guess I’ll just have to dye it again. This product isn’t worth it, and I would not recommend that anyone buy it. One good thing is the scent–very nice and clean.

Silvia Monroe, TN


I was a fan of a previous version of this, but hadn’t been able to find it in stores for a long time so I was glad this came out.Red dyes are notorious for fading so I hoped this new product would work like the old and help counteract this. It does. The color boost is subtle and builds up over time, so if you expect to see a big color boost with one application- don’t. This does not work like a dye so to expect it to do what a dye does is unfair-it will not radically change your color or cover grays. It will help keep your bright red hair from taking on that dreaded pink faded color.What it will do right away is give your hair an excellent shine. The day I used it the first time I had 2 comments about how shiny my hair looked.My complaint is that every time I use it, no matter how hard I try to keep it off my scalp and how thoroughly I rinse, I get some magenta spots on my scalp. To solve this I make sure not to apply it near my part or hairline. Which defeats the purpose somewhat. I’d give this product 5 stars if not for that.

Beatriz Seaside, OR

Warms up the color

I started using this a two weeks after I did my home coloring and really notice it took my color back up a few notches. It continues to keep it from fading very little even though I use it every week and a half. The instructions say to use weekly but I have long hair and want to use enough for full coverage and still get several uses out of it. Do remember to wash your hands after applying, and lather and rinse them up two or three times. At first I wasn’t sure that I was going to like the fragrance of this product, but it actually smells pretty good after my hair dries. I am definitely keeping this in my regular hair product routine.

Cara Valley, AL

Use it for the shine not the color

I couldn’t tell any color difference. I guess maybe I was thinking this would be like a shampoo in dye. Not so much. I could tell my hair had a nice shine afterwards… so there was that. It was a nice perk but what was really wanting was noticeable red.

Rosalie Alexandria, IN

pretty good for keeping red hair RED a bit longer

I used this over my bright/unnaturally dyed blood red hair. It did keep seem to keep it from fading to that horrible pink a few days longer than if I hadn’t used it. It does seem to be shinier and that’s an added plus for damaged hair. However, the mess of using this Foam Hair Color is just as bad as when I dye my hair.Like another reviewer, I also don’t like the "pink scalp" or pink hands it leaves behind. It also stains the tub and grout, just like my Adore Ruby hair color does. It also stains your towels, and is hard to get out. I’m use to it using pink, red, blue and teal dyes on my hair but the average person should be aware.I think this would be great over natural red dyed hair as well. For me, I’ll just continue to mix Adore dye into my conditioner for daily color boost to my hair.

Kara Noel, MO

Has it’s drawbacks

Some tips: Make sure your hair dye is compatible with this product. Be aware this is not a hair color – it is meant to bring out highlights not color your hair red. Wear disposable gloves and avoid getting this on your clothes or anything else all items but your hair will be died red. To me this seems like a lot of work for a temporary advantage.

Lakesha Shiloh, TN

Want glossy, vibrant hair? Keep looking

I add a lot of deep reds to my brunette hair dye, and I love anything that brings that color out. Unfortunately, the John Frieda precision hair foam was not that product.Messy to apply, with little color payoff. My reds didn’t look any redder, with the ‘glossing’ part of this product apparently on an extended vacation. One thing did change, though – my hair resembled dried straw. I had to jump back in the shower and empty half a bottle of conditioner to bring it back to a state where it wouldn’t look like it’d catch on fire.I’ve liked Frieda products in the past. This one earned a place in the bathroom round file. I suggest you give it a WIDE berth.

Eula Riverdale, ND