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John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color, Glosser Cool Brunette, 6 Fluid Ounce

An in-shower, non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments for true to tone, salon-fresh color in-between colorings. Instantly restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine. Adds deep espresso color to eliminate red-orange tones. An in-shower non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments. Delivers true to tone salon-fresh color in-between colorings.

Key features

  • Instantly restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine
  • Adds deep espresso color to eliminate red-orange tones
  • An in-shower non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments
  • Delivers true to tone salon-fresh color in-between colorings

Honest reviews


Rats! Once again…. only my white sink top knows for sure!

I can’t believe I did it again…. accidently left a light spill on my nice white sink top. I have done this with the other John Frieda coloring, and now with this one. I soak with Ajax, and still nothing this time.I wish companies would stop getting too fancy. This foam hair color is a "glosser", made to add instant color to your hair, before it gets the usual orangey, colored-out look. But, someone along the line, it does nothing.I tried this in the shower and leaving it on for 5 minutes, did nothing, plus, that lengthens the "time in the shower". Then, another time, I wet my hair, put this on, left it for more than 5 minutes and nothing.If you try to use this to have an even hair color, you need to use much more that the little dab that the bottle instructions indicate. Otherwise, how can you possibly color all your hair.So, not working for me, worked on my nice white sink, that’s all! Rizzo

Harriet Burchard, NE

Non damaging? I’m not certain …

Having now completed this bottle, I can provide a full report.The first truly concerning point is the fact that while the description reads “non-damaging,” the print-advertisement from last month’s Allure has an asterisk next to this phrase. In small print, at the bottom of the page, it reads, “compared to oxidative hair colouring” (52). This is deeply troubling. I had used this entire bottle without imaging that there was an asterisk involved … an asterisk that might actual mean that this is doing real damage to hair? I have to admit, I feel a little deceived.The next concerning aspect is the REALLY strong, sort of “rancid chemical” smell. It is UNBELIEVABLY potent and nauseating. It is extremely hard to cope with. (This is not an odor I have ever experienced before … I cannot even imagine how to begin describing it).For me, I did see a difference in the color of my hair. And, I also saw greyish/purple stains on my hands (that required serious, repeated scrubbing to remove it). By the end of the bottle, I noticed that the nuances and highlights of my hair had become muddled. muted, and flat.Under no circumstances can I feel comfortable in recommending this particular color … and maybe this product. Absolutely, I will never, ever use this again. (I have a hair appointment this week … I am hoping they can bring back some of the subtleties of my hair color. *fingers crossed*.)

Ana Secondcreek, WV

Maybe a subtle difference

East to use, no unpleasant smell. I can’t say it made a world of difference, but maybe a subtle one.

Essie Ligonier, IN

Doesn’t do what it is supposed to do

I used the John Frieda color foam to color my hair. I was expecting that these product would do something for the hair for in-between coloring sessions; it does nothing. I expected to add some temporary color to my hair but id did not do it. It is supposed to give a gloss to my hair but I already use other products that give me a gloss at a much less cost.I tried the product twice just to see if it was something that came with use but nothing happened. The product as it comes out from the bottle is a very dark brown but after using it my hands were not at all stained. It also washed out of my hair very clear, without any color in the water.I do not recommend this product, as it doesn’t work. If you want gloss buy something cheaper.

Elnora Saint Albans Bay, VT

Didn’t notice much of a difference

I used this product once a week for three weeks. I didn’t notice much of a difference in the texture of my hair. I love how my hair feels after I come out of the salon, silky and smooth. I anticipated that same feeling when I used this product. I was a little disappointed. I followed the instructions and applied it three to five times. My hair is medium in length, thick, and wavy. Not sure if my hair type was the issue.

Lessie Turners Station, KY

works well, but kind of quirky and difficult to use

I’m writing this review after having used the entire product for five weeks, not just once. The product says it can be used six times (once a week for six weeks) but there wasn’t enough for that for me, as I have thick long hair, down below my shoulders.This product is meant to be used once a week to supplement your color. Though it says it’s for anyone with this brunette shade of hair, I personally color my hair with John Frieda 6A, Light Ash Brown, which is one of the shades listed on the box. I can’t speak to how it works with other brands of hair color or natural brown hair. My natural hair, i.e. my roots, is more of a medium brown than light brown, with approx 35% grey.As for refreshing the color, I thought this gloss it worked well. Like the John Frieda hair dye, the results are kind of dark the first day, so you don’t want to refresh just before you go out. Use this gloss about 2 shampoos before an event or date where you want to look good.And it’s not really a gloss, per se. There is no glossing effect from the refresher that I can tell. It’s basically a gel that looks a lot like hair dye after it’s been mixed.Because you’re applying it in the shower, you WILL get some on your face and skin unless you have an in-shower mirror that doesn’t fog up. It is hard to get off, leaving behind that purple hair dye splotchiness on skin. It might just be better to shower, then get out of the shower and use the gloss on your hair in front of a mirror, then hop back into the shower. The applicator on the bottle is shaped somewhat like a hair dye bottle, so you can probably squeeze it directly on your hair, especially at the roots. I squeezed it into my hands and they were a little dark even after washing them.This product covers roots fairly well. It’s not a full coverage but enough that the roots don’t look nearly as obvious, and I was pleased with that. I used this every Thursday for five weeks. On the first use, I was on week three of my hair dye (the box says to start on your first week, but I didn’t get this bottle in time) and this gloss lasted about four days after refreshing. On the second use, it lasted nearly the whole week; some fading after a few days but the roots looked better. The third, fourth and fifth uses were the same. I’m exactly one week out from my last use of this gloss and my hair does look more even overall, with less obvious roots.As for the overall color refreshing, I didn’t notice much change in the actual body of my hair; the most change was at the roots. That could be because I already use a John Frieda hair color and this gloss matches it so well it didn’t really make a change anywhere except where my hair wasn’t colored.A few problems: The application and staining, as I mentioned above. It takes practice and can cause some uneven patches if you don’t make sure to get the gloss all over the hair. It dries the hair out, so I use a conditioner before, as instructions say, then after as well.Because it’s spring I will be moving on to another, lighter color, and probably another brand for a few months. When I go back to the John Frieda 6A, I might buy this gloss again, because it has given me an extra couple of weeks on my hair dye that I wouldn’t normally have.

Dawn Minden, NV

Adds shine in between coloring

I color my hair regularly with a chocolate brown color that tends to fade into a brassy color that isn’t very flattering. This color refreshing gloss is very easy to use in the shower after I wash my hair, I apply this and leave it in my hair while I shave and exfoliate, then I rinse it out. It does have a scent that I don’t particularly care for but the color gloss leaves my hair shiny and the espresso tones neutralize the orange tint in my hair. For me this product is a must for in between colorings to keep my hair looking shiny and fresh.

Tabitha Vernon, TX

good as an in-between measure

This is a really light brunette.It’s good for in-between maintenance of the color, but only the slightest touch-up. I first tried it at the end of the dye cycle when there were a ton of grays, and it didn’t really cover the gray. Instead, it turned the gray color really light, which was indistinguishable. When I tried it as an in-between treatment only two weeks after the full head dye, it worked quite well.Beware that depending on your hair length, you might not get six uses out of the bottle (the instructions indicate that one ounce should be used per application).

Faith Americus, KS

I tried. Really needed this to work!

I was super excited to try this…my brown hair that I color every two months really needed some perk. I applied this as instructed (wondering at the time if this was safe to have running down my skin since I was in the shower) and found it to be an intense, globby sort of liquid. I put it on after washing and conditioning my hair, and then towel drying. I waited the three minutes it suggests.The result. Nothing. Notta. I could see NO results, not even a slight toning down of the brassy ends of my hair ( a cure promised by the product). I really don’t see how it could work, given there is no permanent color or even semi-permanent color in it. If anything, I thought my roots looked more noticeable after this. Bummer.I tried again putting it on longer, still no go.

Katie Westminster, VT

Kinda Messy!

I guess it is back to the salon for me. Using this product in the shower was just too messy. To get good results it needs to be left on for a few minutes and even then it didn’t color my gray hair, which is very prominent in the front.

Brandi Many, LA

Not Much Power From Use in the Shower

This in-shower product promises to revitalize fading color, add gloss and shine and neutralize off tones. Big promises for a six ounce bottle. The product is to be applied three to five times in the shower after shampooing and conditioning. It is then left at least three minutes before rinsing. When used weekly, the color will build and the improvements become more noticeable. It is appropriate for use on untreated hair as well as colored.I have fine, medium length hair. After a misguided odyssey into blondness, my hair is back to its original brunette with some blonde highlights. I color it to adjust the tone for the seasons, cooler for fall and winter and warmer for spring and summer. I am currently about midway through and thought this would be an ideal time to test this product. although it is for use in the shower, I find it easier to apply, wait and rinse off outside it. It stains skin and shower curtains and is difficult to remove if not done promptly. I found I used more than what was suggested and people with longer and thicker hair will probably need to adjust the amount also. I also left it on for longer than the minimal three minutes. After finishing the bottle, I was underwhelmed. There was slightly more shine and some barely noticeable depth of color. My hair felt very soft but softness is a double edged sword for those with fine hair. It feels nice but leads to flatness. My blonde highlights had faded significantly and at the end of the bottle they were slightly darker and a tad dull. This product does not cover gray. Although it contains cosmetic dyes, it is not a traditional touch up. It does soften the lines of demarcation but again, the effect is subtle. If you don’t like the look or feel, a good clarifying shampoo will remove it.This is a product that provides subtle results over time. It is not for the impatient. Perhaps it has more impact on shades like reds which fade fast and noticeably. But the improvement I saw was too minimal to justify continued use.

Glenna Glenview, KY

Refreshes and Brightens

I used the treatment on color treated hair (colored about a month ago) and was very happy to find that not only did the hair feel better conditioned and smooth, but the color was much more vibrant. It was visibly brighter and looked like it did right after the initial coloring. After trying it out, it seems like this is a great way to keep color bright in between coloring. I recommend a weekly refresh.

Francesca Flowery Branch, GA

Gets The Red Out

I’m a natural brunette. I have tried since I’ve gotten older to recapture the lighter shade of brown that I was born with. It’s been difficult to find the right shade because I have natural red highlights as well. Most hair colour products will bring out the red highlights, instead of covering them, and the more time I spend outside in the summer sun the lighter and more red my hair becomes.I didn’t really expect this product to work and was pleasantly surprised to find no glaring red highlights after applying this the first time. I applied it again the following week with the same results-reddish tones gone. My hair appears to be a shade lighter, a warm light brown, much like my natural hair colour before all the gray appeared.I took the bottle with me to my last hair appointment before I began using it. I was having my hair coloured and wanted my stylists opinion on using this to be sure the colours would blend. My hair stylist had nothing but high praise for John Frieda products and now I know why.There was no unpleasant odours. The palm of my hands had a purple tint after applying but it was gone after showering and rinsing my hair; using disposable gloves when applying would eliminate any stains. I am very happy with the results and will keep using weekly, in-between colourings, to eliminate the red tones.

Katy Georgetown, DE

Good Solution For Perking Up Hair In Between Colorings

Probably the first question people have is “Is this the right shade for my color?” Frieda suggests that Cool Brunette product is for hair where you use a product with names like:NaturalAshEspressoHazelnutMochaThey make a Warm Brunette product for brown colors described as Golden, Amber, Chestnut, and Chocolate.I tried this product to supplement a Dark Brown #4 from the L’Oreal Superior Preference line. It is used to cover/touch up gray over natural dark brown hair. Overall, the Frieda product seems to be good for that purpose (supplementing), when you maybe need some touch up but aren’t ready to recolor again.It is meant to be used weekly in the shower. This, to me, is counter-productive, as it is a gel but foams and can still get on your face, neck, etc. If you must use it in the shower, I suggest making sure your face is wet and washed, preferably lathered, as you apply this, to minimize staining. I think a better application is if you wear gloves and wet/wash your hair in a sink, apply this, like you might a home color, so that you can better control the application and rinse.It does take several applications over the course of a few weeks to establish a difference. The product instructions say as much. It does work well though, as it’s a gradual change, so I assume it will blend well with most brunette shades. It blended in fine with the L’Oreal Dark Brown. Once established, the color does perk up color in between home colorings, and since it can be used when washing your hair it is simple to use. After the first 2 or 3 uses, you should see the product add any lost vibrance back to your hair color.The product doesn’t smell any more offensive than any other color, and actually the odor is a little milder. It doesn’t add any unnatural-looking highlights to the hair, and the hair still takes well to shampoo in between use (no color fade).Overall, I feel it is a good product, however I think it is better suited to a standard application as opposed to in a shower due to the potential for staining.

Helga Rebecca, GA

Extends the life of your hair color

I’m glad I discovered this John Frieda color refreshing gloss. My hair color tends to fade quickly, and this has helped me go a few extra weeks before having to recolor it.This product is super convenient to use once a week in the shower. As per the instructions, I work a quarter-sized dollop through my hair after shampooing and conditioning, and rI epeat that process for a total of four applications. I then let it sit on my hair for a few minutes before rinsing out. The smell is pleasant enough, and because you use it in the shower, there is no mess to clean up. Just be sure to wash your hands after applying, because it will leave a slight staining residue behind if you don’t.This is not a miracle product that revives my hair color once it has already faded, but I do find that it helps slow down fadage in the first place. I’m quite pleased with it, and I think it is definitely worth the purchase price.

Ida Boulevard, CA

Messy but not much gloss

I found the John Frieda foam hair color to be a giant mess with very little reward. I dye my hair and there is that in between time about 4 weeks out where the hair is getting flat and dull, the gray is peeping through, but it’s not time to do a full job again. I have tried root touch up systems but thought adding gloss and shine and revive my color with tint would be better, it wasn’t. If I am going to have stained fingers and have to clean the bathroom after I use this, I want results! Maybe my hair was a touch glossier and slightly more vibrant, but nothing I can’t get from a spray on glossing finish with a lot less mess.I tried three colors, the brunette, red, and blonde. Of all, the red seemed to brighten the most, but not enough to justify the cost or the mess. I’ll stick with the root touch up and glossing shampoo and mousse.

Bettie Frederick, SD

Works Somewhat

This does help to fight brassy tones. I think it may buy me and extra week or two between color. I don’t see that it adds a lot of shine and it offers zero gray coverage. However it doesn’t claim to cover gray at all, but that would have been cool if it toned them down at all. The smell is ok, but I am not a fan. It isn’t pungent or disgusting but it isn’t a scent I would normally choose.

Marcia Briar, MO

This is a great product between coloring to add shine

My biggest hair concern is probably wanting more shine. My hair stylist told me that a side benefit of coloring hair is you get a temporary shine. This is a great product to use between coloring. I usually go about 8 weeks between color.I definitely like that you use it in the shower over a period of time. I have only seen glossing products in the store that are in a one-time box color format, and I dont want to have to worry I am doing it at the wrong time because it is gradual and low impact. This is less of a production to use, cleaner and more user friendly. Its quite simple, smells good and I see it working. The reason I like this treatment most is that I feel that it does not interfere with my hair when the time comes for another professional coloring treatment.

Louise Boyceville, WI

Not easy to use but also not dramatic

This cool blonde foam provides a way to maintain color between professional colorings and yet do nothing dramatic. It will probably take a few uses to brighten up a dull blonde color evenly. I think the warm blonde J Frieda foam results in a better color.

Eliza Pinetop, AZ

Does Exactly What It Promises

I decided to go darker to use this product. Figure I needed some drama since I am a natural blonde.One of the reasons I usually avoid an ashy brunette color is that while it actually looks pretty natural with my skin tone the color fades very quickly and makes my hair look washed out.This product actually renders a good result which needs to be used weekly. The process of application is cumbersome because if you you follow the instructions there is a process of multiple reapplication that is more time consuming than I like. Normally coloring hair just involves application of the product, allowing 25-30 minutes development time before rinsing.However, if your intention is to just extend the life of a hair colorant, this is a nice product that appears to be compatible with a lot of hair color brands and gives a more intense color .

Lynda Burt, IA

Will be sticking with my usual hair coloring product…

I have always liked to color my hair different shades from dark brown to blonde and about everything in between. Now, I’m getting to the age where I have some gray that needs to be covered so I’m always looking at ways to extend the time between product use as the dyes, etc. tend to dry out and damage my hair despite my extensive conditioning and use of special shampoos. I recently started using in-home hair coloring products to avoid the high prices at the salon and I’ve been pretty happy with the L’Oreal brand in several different colors. My most recent choice was brunette. I saw this foam hair color (it’s not foamy, by the way — it’s actually a sort of runny brown liquid) and decided to try it to see if I could avoid having to do a full dye job every 6 weeks.Followed the directions and used it about 6 times so far. I have to report that I can’t tell a difference AT ALL. My hair didn’t seem shinier. My gray hair is still there as visible as ever so apparently my hair doesn’t "take" this glosser color so I can’t really recommend it. I’ll keep on using it until it’s gone, but I don’t think I would buy it. It doesn’t really smell very nice either. It costs about the same as a box of hair color in my favorite brand so I guess I’ll be sticking with that.Perhaps it’s my overly processed hair or some other issue that is preventing me from getting the expected results.

Addie Goshen, AR

Not so great

I have used this product for several weeks now, per the directions and from the get go, my scalp itched. I thought maybe it was me, so I kept using it to see if it got better, then my hair started to fall out. Soooo, I stopped using this product. My hair is fine, with a medium length cut and is colored a medium/light brown. I did not see that it made much difference to my hair color and it also smelled not very good. Nor did it make it any more silky or shinny. So I’ve gone back to my Aveda Clove products and my hair is starting to look and feel much better again.

Lauri Latham, OH

Our hair looked and felt healthier, plus it extended our color a couple weeks!

My mom and I both tried these, I used the warm blonde and she used this brunette version. They really worked well, extending our color for a couple weeks longer than usual, and better than that, our hair looked and felt healthier than usual. Easy to use, nice gentle fragrance, and our hair looked terrific. Highly recommend. Glad we tried them and we plan on continuing to use them.

Elba Cortez, FL

made my hair soft and shiny.

While this color enhancer made my hair soft and shiny, I did not see really any change in color and didn’t increase color or cut down on red tones is described.

Jolene Mingus, TX

Great conditioner

I have been using organic handmade bath products for quite a wehile, and actually forgot how good Frieda is.I have to say that while the product looked a good deal like dye, I have not noticed much of a change in color. I have, however, noticed how my hair looks and feels. Glosser is an apt description. My hair feels softer, looks shinier, less lifeless. It has even countered some of the damaging effects of the weather! (I live in Hawaii, and sun, salt air, humidity all take their toll). It has been a while since my hair looked or felt as good. It detangled and conditioned without making it feel heavy or greasy. I have long hair, roughly waist length, and was just thinking about cutting it because of the dryness, frizz, and just lifelessness. This really made it look and feel better enough that I may not cut it after all.

Juliana Loretto, KY

Added body but not much color

I had high hopes for this product as I color my hair monthly. I really wanted this to work as my hair grows fast and i thought this would help with my roots.I was not put off by the application and I did not find it too messy. If this worked I would be totally fine with applying it weekly!I have used this product three times and I think I can fairly say it does NOT deposit enough color to my roots. However I love , love the body this gives my hair. It perks up the texture and overall shine but does NOT add enough color. Honestly, I saw more color on my scalp than on my greys. What little color deposited left with my first shampoo. In fairness I use regular shampoo, not a color extending formula. The added body does last for the week and through a few shampoos.I cant say that I would invest in this product as a in between coloring refresher. I may purchase it again after my bottle runs out if I miss the extra body enough.Overall, I love the body but i’m disappointed in the color part.

Dolly Conley, GA

Great color, glossy, and un-smelly!

I never do a very good job at coloring my own hair because I have a hard time standing still and being patient. Plus, I absolutely hate the smell of hair dyes. Sometimes I feel like I am being gassed. I have a hairdresser dye my hair every year, at great expense, before my hair gets cut-off to be donated. That is usually the only coloring that I am concerned about because I want it to be just right. I spend a lot of time outside and on the water, so my hair color just fades away and it is aggravating.This John Frieda product is extremely easy to use; I worked 5 or 6 quarter size dollops into my hair, upside down, from near the roots to the ends of my hair. It was really impressive that I could do this in the shower and not gasp for fresh air. There was not a chemical smell. I put it on, shaved my legs, and then rinsed it out. No clock watching, no passing out from fumes!The color is amazing. It is not one solid brick of color. It has the variations of hair color that is normal in hair. It could just be that I applied it very badly, but I like the way it came out. It is also very silky and calm, like it is when it has been treated by someone who knows what she is doing, which is decidedly not me. 😀

Elsa Climax, GA

took out the brassiness

My hair always goes reddish a couple weeks after dying it. This does a good job of refreshing the brown, however, remember it doesn’t do much for the roots. This is to freshen the color.

Sheri Unity House, PA

Does the job

John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color, Glosser Cool for brunettes, 6 Fluid Ounce. Works well to extend the life of your color and saves money on return visits to the stylist.

Pat Lancaster, CA

It does help a bit if used as directed, but not really enough to bother with.

I color my hair monthly, I’m in my late 30’s and the grays are creeping up… plus my natural color is just a dull drab brown. I have red undertones and need to be careful with not turning brassy so I thought this would be a great option. I already use John Frieda’s shampoo/conditioners for colored hair and like them a lot, figured this would be a bit of icing on the cake.Here is my issue, it’s a PIA to apply…. it’s like a thick gel hair color, so it’s tricky to get on your head when your hair & hands are already wet, plus it stains your hands if you don’t wash it off quickly enough. So I need to be sure I have a clip in the shower with me (my hair is long, I don’t want this staining dye on my back/shoulders while it’s doing it’s thing), get it applied quickly/evenly, wash my hands/spray down the shower walls/floor and then wait. At this point I’ve already waited for my conditioner and frankly I love a long shower as much as the next person but I’m bored… and it smells (not awful, but it’s not a good smell either). So while I do feel like it makes my hair shinier (not sure on the brassiness as I use shampoo/conditioner already to combat that) I honestly don’t feel like it makes enough of a difference to use all the time, and often just forget. I wouldn’t buy it again.

Barbra Hebron, CT