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John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color, Glosser Cool Blonde, 6 Fluid Ounce

An in-shower, non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments for true to tone, salon-fresh color in-between colorings. Instantly restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine. Neutralizes brassiness to brighten blonde. An in-shower non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments. Delivers true to tone salon-fresh color in-between colorings.

Key features

  • Instantly restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine
  • Neutralizes brassiness to brighten blonde
  • An in-shower non-damaging weekly color extending treatment that adds back lost color pigments
  • Delivers true to tone salon-fresh color in-between colorings

Honest reviews


Cool blond glosser

I followed the directions exactly. My hair looked the same afterwards. It didn’t really do much for the tone or removing brassiness. I got better results from using a blue malva type of shampoo. It is easy to use and makes hair shiny so it gets 2 stars.

Dora Prairie Du Chien, WI

does it’s job

I really like this product. Most John Frieda products perform well and this is no exception. It’s easy to use (in the shower as directed) and doesn’t take long. My hair is dyed blonde and so doesn’t have the shine I want. This product put back the shine! The box has 6 uses and I don’t even use it every shampoo so it should last a while. All in all a good gloss product. Much better than the shine drops I was using as they just made my hair look oily even if I used a little. If you have colored, fine hair this product is for you!!

Germaine Stanley, WI

Smells Great, Adds High-Shine

Besides the pleasant scent, and the noticeable shine, this product does a good job of subtly toning down yellow/brassy/orange tones.I recently switched from a more golden blonde color to champagne blonde. Even with the cooler tones of champagne, after a few shampoos, I noticed the gradual creeping in of the dreaded brassy areas. I used this a little differently than called for on the directions (more on that in a minute), and the results were: cooler and somewhat darker tones that disguised the brass.Here’s how I used it: after shampoo and conditioner were rinsed out (per directions), I applied (approx.) a half-palm-sized amount, and worked in in well from roots to ends (my hair is short). Finished up my shower, and rinsed well.Four stars instead of five simply because some ladies may not like using an extra step like this after shampooing, and they also may not care for the fact that you are supposed to use it 3-5 TIMES AT ONCE. That’s a long time in the shower! Results (as written above) were good enough for me, but I was fine with a subtle improvement. Also, because this is applied and rinsed AFTER conditioner, you may not retain the moisture you like in your hair.

Shari Herman, MN

Awesome refresher

What a great and easy product to use! I definitely noticed a difference in my hair color after using this. It has been about a month since I colored my hair and this color glosser helped my hair color look fresh and bright. I will say that for me I only got about 4 applications out of this bottle but I do have very long and thick hair so that is probably why.

Elvira Traskwood, AR

Smells nice…does tone down brassiness…easy to use

This product works fairly well. I have highlighted hair, and with the humidity and salt air, sometimes my hair starts to get a bit brassy. This product toned down the brassiness not a lot, but enough so that my hair color looked refreshed. I have a lot of red in my hair to begin with, so anything that neutralizes the color fairly well is worth purchasing. The Cool Blonde is a bluish-lavender gel. It is easy to use and the treatment can be done in the shower. After you shampoo and condition your hair, you squeeze out as much water as you can. I used a small towel and blotted my hair, since that was more effective. You use about a quarter-sized amount and spread in through your hair, starting from the roots to the ends. It states to use 3-5 quarter-sized applications to ensure your hair is saturated. I used 5 since my hair is on the dry side and absorbs quickly. You keep it on your hair for 3 minutes. I left it on for 5 to ensure more color saturation and then I rinsed. Your hair feels soft and this product leaves a nice fragrance. It doesn’t really "foam" as the product name says; it comes out like a soft gel. I would have liked this product to tone my hair down a bit more, but it does the job for a temporary color and is easy to use.

Etta Payne, OH

a must have

So glad I found this. If you highlight your hair, you know that sooner rather than later it’ll start to look brassy. I use this as often as I need to keep the brassies away. Typically, 2x week is good for me but sometimes I only need 1x per week. Great stuff and it feels good in my hair.

Susanne Washta, IA

Perfect solution for brassiness

After a frantic out-of-the box coloring mess, I found this product to help with the brassiness left behind. I was desperate so I gave it a try and am I ever glad that I did! This worked great for my hair. I have a natural redness/golden blonde that can ruin a good dye job so this helps rein it in. It wears off after about 10 days for me so that’s another reason I love the fact you get about 6 uses out of the bottle. It really makes my hair look healthy and shiny without being greasy. It’s a high quality product!

Esperanza Greensburg, PA

for the occasional cover up

This is a really light blonde.It’s good for in-between maintenance of the color, but only the slightest touch-up. I first tried it at the end of the dye cycle when there were a ton of grays, and it didn’t really cover the gray. Instead, it turned the gray color really light, which was indistinguishable. When I tried it as an in-between treatment only two weeks after the full head dye, it worked quite well.Beware that depending on your hair length, you might not get six uses out of the bottle (the instructions indicate that one ounce should be used per application).

Lea Bedford, IN

Great way to freshen your color!

This is an easy way to freshen hair color between treatments. It brightens the color and adds shine. For me, it made the gray that was beginning to show less noticeable – great when you don’t have time to to a full color treatment but want to keep the gray from showing through. I like that it is very easy to use. You can put it on, finish showering, rinse and you are done.I will use this all the time from now on!

Tommie Baker, WV

Purple to Tone Down Brassines

This, in the shade called "Cool Blond", is a purple liquid that toned down all gold in my hair. I had actually used L’Oreal Excellence Golden Blond about a month ago and for a couple of weeks had a really gorgeous gold/blond shade, which then faded out into a nondescript general blond color. It never did become a brassy color, just faded.I wanted to see what this cool blond shade would do for my hair. I put this on in the shower, after conditioning as the directions indicated. I left it on about four minutes, one minute longer than directed. I noticed a heavy perfume in this, even before I squirted it out of the bottle. This rinsed easily and I saw zero tint on my hands from it.This did take all trace of gold and yellow out of my hair, leaving me with a really unattractive wheat color. I could still smell the unpleasant fragrance in my hair for up to an hour after drying it. My hair felt dry and was very frizzy and there was absolutely no shine.What I can recommend this for is someone with hair in reasonably good condition who wants to take the yellow or brass color out of dyed blond hair. Don’t expect any shine from this. You don’t need to use this more than once to see results, but the results are not wonderful, just slightly ok. This says to use a quarter sized amount on the top third of your hair, another quarter sized amount in the middle area, and another quarter sized amount on the ends. I think some people are confusing the instructions to mean to use it three times before you see any results, which is not correct. Anyway, this is not something I would use again unless I wanted a toner to tone down brassiness in blond hair.

Kathi Gresham, OR

The best glosser for keeping brassiness at bay

I have long, color treated hair and have experimented with other glosser products in the past. They all were underwhelming and not worth adding the extra step to my weekly routine. So I was a bit skeptical when trying the John Frieda Foam Glosser in Cool Blonde. The product itself is a thick, purple gel – similar in consistency and texture to an opaque liquid soap or shampoo. The scent is mild but pleasant with no lingering fragrance. Instructions say to apply to hair after shampoo and conditioner, leave on for at least 3 minutes then rinse. It didn’t make sense to me to use after a conditioner so I skipped this step to see how the glosser left my hair without any interference from another product. Despite its name, this was not a foaming product, at least not for me, but that didn’t really make a difference in application. After just a single use, my hair was noticeably softer. After several uses, I did notice the difference in my hair color, which extended the time between colorings. My hair tends to get brassy easily but this kept that at bay for far longer than any other product I have tried. I don’t like adding unnecessary extra steps to my morning routine but this is one product worth using on a regular basis. I will be buying more.

Selma Arlington, SD

How does it do what it does!

I was certainly skeptical when I elected to try the Frieda Cool Blonde and Warm Blonde Precision Foam Hair Color.First off, when pumped from the plastic bottle, it does not look like foam, nor does it appear so when applied to the hair.Having tried both colors since my hair is a very highlighted blonde shade, I thought it would give me a color boost of both worlds…cool and warm.Generally, I get to a point when my highlights look drab and dark roots seem prominent and highlights loose their pizzazz. So this is when I tried the products.Washed, conditioned and towel absorbed the excess moisture, I did three recommended dollops, one at a time, and combed thru my hair with a wide toothcomb. Then I let it rest the recommended 3 to 5 minutes (I did four minutes).Rinsed out. Don’t know how it accomplishes its ‘mission’ but it works. I saw it really in action after the second application. Not waiting a week, I did the second a few days later.Now I generally aim for once each week or a little less.Somehow, and I can’t figure out how…my hair looks refreshed, the lights looking ‘new’.Cool looked cool and warm looked a bit warmer. I am actually alternating between the shades.

Cecelia Nicholson, PA

Super Subtle

Since my mother had her stroke, taking her to the hair salon has become a real production. This product promised to keep her salon color looking fresh and glossy so it seemed ideal. Additionally I have blonde highlights that fade fast. But our results were less than impressive.My mother’s hair is that ginger shade they give to older ladies. It tends to get pinkish as time goes on. The glosser is applied after shampooing and conditioning. You use a quarter sized dollop of the product and apply throughout hair three to five times before rinsing out. I wound up using significantly more to fully saturate the hair from root to tip. After waiting three minutes, the product is rinsed out. The product contains no ammonia or peroxide but does stain skin, shower curtains and sinks so be sure to wash immediately. The product should not be applied to dry hair but is safe to use on natural (untreated) hair as well as that which has been processed.My mother’s results were somewhat more noticeable than mine. After the first use, there seemed to be a slight thickening of her fine hair and a bit more shine. It took four applications before any color changes were noticeable. There was the slightest reduction in pinkness and an increase in shine. For my highlights, I applied all over my hair. My hair is brunette and the cool blonde had no impact at all on the darker hair. There was some shine but not more than I would get from using a decent conditioner. Again, there was no significant increase in color depth or texture.On the plus side, the product is gentle. The improvements were quite subtle and you are ore likely to see some shine and perhaps some texture. The color builds up over time although the effect is super subtle. Overall, I was underwhelmed and unlikely to use again.

Adelaide Bureau, IL

Shiny Hair

I was apprehensive about using this product. My hair is colored with highlights by my hairdresser. I was afraid this product would color my hair, in a bad way. The product doesn’t smell very good and it’s a liquid purple color. The instructions say to apply it AFTER shampoo/conditioner. The gloss makes your hair feel kind of dry. I don’t know why you shouldn’t use it before conditioner. The results are shiny hair with a slight noticeable difference for making the color less brassy.

Alexandra Little Hocking, OH

Almost no difference

I’m 52, and I’ve been highlighting and/or coloring m hair since I was 18. I’ve done it at high end shops, at haircuttery, and at home. I’m fairly experienced with color, is what I’m saying. My natural color is a dark blonde with about 50% gray. I color my hair every 5 weeks to cover the gray, and highlight every 3-4 months. I really struggle with brassiness, so I was excited to try this Cool Blonde Glosser.Covering Gray: I tried this at 4 weeks post most recent color. The grays are just starting to show. There was no difference at all after using this.Refreshing highlights: Again, I noticed no difference at all in the "blonde-ness" of my highlights.Toning down brassiness: No difference.General vibrancy and shine: I actually did feel that my hair was bright and shiny and extra-vibrant, though just for 2 days.Ease of use: It’s a liquid, not a foam. About as hard to manage as any at-home hair color. Which is to say, moderately hard if you’re new to it.Bottom Line: Disappointing. Little to no difference at all in my admittedly over-processed hair.

Jayne Willard, NY

Just A Little Color

I like playing around with this kind of product for fun sometimes. When I get bored with my hair, these sorts of mild dyes are a nice way of adding a little extra highlight without doing anything so extreme that I have to be seriously concerned about regretting it in the morning.It seems to do pretty well at bringing out a little bit of extra gold in my highlights, and I believe my hair was slightly softer and smoother for a couple of days afterward as well. I could definitely see it having value for someone who wants to get the most out of an expensive bit of dye work, in addition to the way I use it.

Shannon Lamesa, TX

Adds Some Shine

This product seems to work better for blonds than the other darker colors. My niece has blond curly hair and she is very pleased with the shine this offers between colors. The only reason it doesn’t get five stars for this cool blond is because none of us really like the fragrance.

Alissa Boyd, MN

Will Likely Purchase

I have used this product several times, starting about four weeks into a highlight. It seems to have improved the color and kept it fresh. Enough so that I will continue to use it and probably purchase another when I run out. It doesn’t take much, and after using it twice per package instructions, the bottle is still almost full.An update: two months later, I haven’t had to highlight my hair, because this product is doing a great job keeping my hair highlighted.

Laurie Arkdale, WI

A beautiful shine

This product is easy to use. There are no harsh chemicals in this product, nor any lingering dyes that will discolor your skin. Just squeeze out a quarter-size diameter in the palm of your hand and then massage it into the roots of the hair and from there outward. Three-four minutes later you can rise it out, towel dry, and instantly see a glossy shine. I did not use conditioner on my first try.I do not color my hair; my white hair is not yet that prominent. This foam did add shine to even my colorless hair,a nd that shine really sticks out in sunlight. My hair also feels softer.

Gay Norfolk, VA

Does a good job of extending salon color, but isn’t as effective as professional glosses/toners

I have my hair colored every 2-3 months with highlights, low lights, and a toner that take my dirty blonde hair to a brighter blonde. In between visits to the salon my hair color can become a bit dull and lackluster without any maintenance so I try to take steps to maintain its color as best as possible. Typically that has meant using pigmented shampoos once or twice a week (I’ve tried a few and have foundKevin Murphy Blonde Angel Wash 8ozto be the best and most effective) as well as making sure my shampoos and conditioners are free of sulfates. I thought this would be an interesting product to try to supplement my current routine.I will admit that while I am clear on what this treatment is intending to do (preserve the look of color treated hair) I’m not 100% clear on what the product actually is or how it compares to other things on the market. My stylist has told me that in the salon world, gloss & toner are interchangeable, but from using this product, the results don’t seem to be as dramatic as when I have a toner applied in a salon. Granted, this is probably for the best because salon toners/glosses do seem to require a bit of no how to apply and I’m not sure I would feel competent enough to do one. However, I do think this is worth mentioning so you can set your expectations accordingly.That said, I was happy with the results. I do think this does a good job of extending the look of salon color, even though I don’t think it is a substitute for a treatment done in a salon. In my case I applied it regularly after having my hair colored, even though it didn’t show fading/dullness since I’ve always seen the best results when I’ve been more proactive with pigmented shampoos vs. waiting until my hair already looks bad. Using the product this way, I was happy with the results. However, I can’t say how it compares if you apply it to hair that is already dull or faded, though my personal experience is that by that point you often need a professional treatment. I know this is how the marketing seems to suggest using it, but to expect a noticeable bump at that point seems like an over promise.Overall with the way I used it I was satisfied and would use it again in the future.

Frieda Big Wells, TX

Would work better in the hands of a skilled colorist

I found out that use of these foam hair colors requires skill. It’s not easy to work repeatedly and evenly through wet hair while avoiding the scalp, and also there is probably some type of preparation work that should be done first. However, the brassy blond appearance of dull blond hair shows improvement with the use of this foam. At least that’s what my trusted friends have told me.

Cherie Black Eagle, MT

Works But Too Much Work

I color my hair every three to four weeks either John Frieda colourant. Instead of coloring my hair, I opted to use this product which needs to be repeated weekly and features multiple applications at one time to guarantee that this glosser is absorbed to keep hair looking fresh. To get exactly the same results all I need to do is a root application and apply and distribute remaining color during the last five minutes.This may be dandy to extend the life of a dye job for some people, but for me it just doesn’t make sense since my hair looks healthy and good on my current schedule.One other note. I am not certain if this product is compatible with all the colorants out there in specific tone ranges. It does provide a list of hair colors/brands that are compatible which is helpful.

Hilary Chamisal, NM

Works Well

Does exactly what it says, boosts color in your hair. This doesn’t necessarily dye your hair like a full-fledged coloring. Instead it makes the color that is already there brighter and more vivid. Cool blonde is a medium blonde, nowhere near platinum. It also conditions and softens hair.Don’t use this in the morning – three minutes is a long time to wait after application. It is a good idea to have a timer to make sure you hit the three minute mark. You use this after shampooing and conditioning – that’s kind of contrary to most regular hair color products. Instructions were followed and the results were perfect.The product doesn’t really foam up at all. Start with about a quarter sized dab, working from roots to ends. That seemed like very little to use, but oddly it was enough. This is a squeeze bottle that is easy to control. Much better than a pump.The results were very nice – exactly the right amount of boost to extend salon visits.John Frieda website suggests that Cool Blonde should be used with shades named: Natural, Ash, Almond, Pearl, and Champagne.

Alyssa Ward, SC

Subtle Results

The John Frieda Refreshing Colour Gloss is easy to use and adds color and shine to hair between colorings.The product is an in-shower wash-in/wash-out product. You wash and condition your hair as normal apply the John Frieda Refreshing Colour Gloss. Saturate your hair, let sit for at least 3 minutes then wash out. You should do it weekly and the bottle contains enough for 6 applications.The results are subtle but if you’re needing a boost of color and shine, it does that.

Tommie Lakeville, MI

Hair is glossier, but not sure the color is enhanced

I’m not quite sure how to review this product. I have three of the glossers–this one (cool blonde), warm blonde and one of the browns. I’ve used all three and while they leave my hair shiny and feeling a bit thicker–I don’t notice any difference in the color whether I leave the glosser on for three minutes or five. I even did a very non-scientific test and used all three on my hair when it was a dark blonde and I really couldn’t tell any difference whatsoever. So I’m giving the product three stars. Three because it does make my hair feel thicker and it appears more glossy.

Sydney Mount Nebo, WV

Bust for a Blonde…

I chose the John Frieda Precision Foam Hair Color, Glosser Cool Blonde in hopes to extend the amount of time I had between visits to the salon. I have been using the product for three weeks now and I honestly cannot see any difference in my hair color.I am uncertain as to why they say that this product is a "foam" as the gloss is more like a runny gel. It takes about 4-6 applications of the product before I can even feel it in my hair. You are directed to apply the product to your hair after you finish with your conditioning. Then you’re supposed to leave the product on for approximately 3-5 minutes before rinsing it out.I do like that the gel is purple as my hair stylist has encouraged me to buy a similar product at the salon saying that using a purple shampoo or product helps to brighten the hair as it is a contrasting color — and the John Frieda is much cheaper than the salon product. I do not know that this is something that I would choose to purchase, however, I will certainly continue to use it until it runs out in hopes that it does eventually help brighten my hair color.

Charity Brownstown, IN

John Frieda Foam

The results of using this product are subtle – so subtle that I can’t tell if anything has changed with my hair. I can tell that right after using this product, while still wet my hair felt smoother and ‘glossier (if glossier could be a tactile sensation). However, as I said when my hair dried I noticed no visible difference to the color of my hair.This product claims to tone down brassiness and that is what I had been hoping for, but if anything the ends of my jhair look a tad bit MORE brassy than when I started.There is a bit of a chemical smell, but nothing too bad.It is also supposed to work with the colors of many different product not just the John Frieda colors – for example it works with Nice ‘N Easy Light/Medium Ash Blonde colorsLoreal Excellence – the same as above plus Champagne BlondeLoreal Superior Preference Same as aboveGarnier – Light/Medium Ash BlondeRevlon Colorsilk Light/Medium/Dark Ash Blonde

Sallie Richland Center, WI

Not Worth the Time or Effort …

These "glossers" were totally destroyed by my stylist. When she saw it, she scoffed and said,"Bottle-color, ugh!" (This was when I showed up with blackish hair after using the "cool brunette" … $124.00 later my hair was normal again. That’s no joke.). I was going to help my mom apply this glosser (she is a blond) BUT once she saw my hair (before the $124.00 repair), she refused to use it. (And, the insane odor emanating from the bottle did not help). I guess my own hair "spoke volumes."It is important for one to consider that while the description reads "non-damaging," the print-advertisement from last month’s Allure has an asterisk next to this phrase. In small print, at the bottom of the page, it reads, "compared to oxidative hair colouring" (52). So, proceed with caution. I wish I had been a little more careful and a little less trusting. Bummer. Maybe on blonds, it’s a little less obviously damaging. Just keep an eye on the stripping aspect of this product. Many are reporting dry, stripped down hair.Bottom-line: Leave this on the shelf!!!

Trina North Aurora, IL

Ammonia and Peroxide-free.

First, I love John Frieda products. However I didn’t like the way my hair felt (dry, brittle). Second, it didn’t seem to result in the product claims:>Didn’t restore vibrant salon-fresh color and shine>Didn’t neutralize brassiness to brighten blondeFYI – it’s not a foam, it’s a liquid.Every 6 weeks I have the salon highlight it to an extent that people call it blonde. I used up the bottle in the last 4 weeks even though the first application didn’t please me. I followed the directions carefully. I have plain brown hair – now at age 50 it has some grey. It’s texture is thick and curly. I was looking for a product that would maintain my color in between appointments.

Angel Chappells, SC

Seems to work

I am a blonde who has her hair professionally highlighted every 5 weeks. I used this product for 3 weeks (one application a week), and I really think it is keeping my hair glossy. There is definitely a light-reflecting sheen to it the day I use the glosser, and it may be preserving my color (I don’t know about that, just guessing since my blonde looks great for the whole 6 weeks. I use John Frieda Blonde hair shampoo and conditioner to also extend my color, so that may be a factor. But it’s the gloss giving me the sheen.It is a purple, gelatinous product that doesn’t feel icky, but it is a little weird. I guess it should be weird so we will realize it’s for once a week and not to think it’s a daily thing. I think this does what it says…

Jane Waterford, WI