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John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, Medium Natural Blonde 8N

Precision Foam Colour is the first ever premium permanent home hair colour that uses foam technology to deliver salon-quality results at home.With 20 flattering shades to choose from, achieving flawless, natural-looking results at home has never been quicker or easier.

Key features

  • A true breakthrough in home hair colour This revolutionary, non-drip foam spreads easily into roots and hard-to-reach areas for precise, all-over 100% grey coverage
  • Precision foam color allows you to achieve real salon-quality colour results very easily at home, every time you colour
  • This unique foam spreads quickly and easily, fluidawlessly covering the hard-to-reach hair on the back of your head, roots and hairline
  • Included in the package is our nourishing, after-color conditioner which seals in color for long-lasting tonal richness, while keeping hair soft and silky

Honest reviews


This is for the Color: Deep Brown Black 3N

I was in an accident not too long ago and had some issues some of them neurological. The medication I have been on has caused some hair loss and color dullness among many things. As I am regrowing some of the lost hair with treatment the color is not the same. I have always had a luxurious dark color, till now. It’s rather dull and not as dark. So I’ve given some at home hair coloring a try. It’s not bad, but what I get is some patches because I also seem to have arm weakness. So on the John Frieda box, and I was already a fan of other John Frieda products, the box shows a picture that this foaming product will not have those patchy spots. I wanted to give it a try.The steps are not new and shocking. There is a developer and coloring creme, conditioner, black gloves, a foamer top and an instruction sheet. When you mix the developer and color you don’t turn the bottle upside down you tilt the bottle five times. After that you take the screw top off and put the foaming top on, you squeeze the bottle to create a softball size amount of colored foam in your palm. You always put the foam in your hand to put on your hair. The instruction booklet shows you the best way to foam your hair. You want your hair to be completely covered in foam to look foamy. I have shoulder length hair and I used 3/4 of a bottle. The color was perfect. PERFECT. It sat on my hair for 30 minutes. I rinsed it out, and then I lathered it up with the conditioner that came in the box that smelled divine. Which by the way the dye even smells a little bit yummy.The color is great, it’s even, it’s shiny, it’s glossy, highlighted, very natural looking. I love it. It really is very touchably beautiful. I just ordered three more boxes in high hopes that my hair regrowth treatments are going to work out successfully. I am very pleased.***UPDATE*** I dyed my hair over 3 weeks ago with this product and I am still astounded at the color. It is just as pretty as the first day that I did it. No fade yet. I have had some hair growth so I’ve got some pesky roots, but the color has stayed just as lush as it was when I first dyed it.

Nona Steele, KY

Hell to the NO!! Never again!

If I could give this NEGATIVE stars and insert a flaming middle finger icon, I would!I’ve colored my own hair for decades, off and on. (Right now I’m coloring in between salon visits) And…let me say, I’ve never been more pissed off at a hair color in my life. I dropped $11 for this at the grocery store because I had noticed my color had grown out about 1/2″ and my white…er, gray, was showing at the top. Can’t have that.Supposed to put the stuff into a foaming bottle, and gently roll around, don’t shake it! You’ll cause it to not foam up, they say. (holding my sides, rolling on the floor in laughter at this….) If it doesn’t foam, don’t blame yourself!!!I don’t even know where to begin with this garbage! Well let me just go by what the box says, item by item.
• “Salon precise foam coverage”: There was nothing precise, or foam-y, about this product. I didn’t shake it, I rolled the bottle around gently like it tells you to do. I still had liquidy mess coming out of the pump, NOT thick foam per the photos plastered all over the box. PRECISE? If by precise you mean this ___ runs like Secretariat at the Derby, sure!
• “Salon quality results”: I am sure that MOST of us at one time or another had their hair colored at some kind of Snip n Clip place inside a Wal-mart. Come on, haven’t you ever been that desperate at least once in your life? Well I’m here to tell you that NO ONE could make your hair look this bad, not even you. Not some fresh beauty school graduate at a Wal-Mart salon. Not even a beauty student in training could EVER mess up your hair as bad as this stuff will. If you went to a salon whose colorist only managed to get about 20% of your hair colored, left most of the grays untouched, and the rest was a tonal mess, wouldn’t you be insane with anger? Welcome to John Frieda Precision Foam Color At Home Salon. You suck.
• “Easy to apply, non drip formula”: Ok so yeah, it didn’t drip: IT RAN. It ran like an ape with it’s butt on fire. Couldn’t color my grays, but d
• mn you should see how it colors your forehead! If you do get this stuff despite my horrible review, at least put some Vaseline around your hairline.
• “Vibrant Shine!”: Well yeah, that shine comes from the sun reflecting off the MILLIONS OF GRAYS this stuff refused to cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
• “100% gray coverage”: Sure, I have resistant gray. But even the cheapest, nastiest hair color (::cough:: Clairol :: cough!!) covers more of my gray than THIS. For all the time it took and the sheer mess this crap created, most of my gray areas looked as if I hadn’t even touched them with dye. Or worse, that I have jaundice in my hair. LIAR LIAR PANTS ON FIRE, this crap does not cover much gray!!
• The color looked like someone took a pee on the top of my head. Virgin new growth hair, so it’s not reacting to previous color. Yellow-reflecting roots and maybe 20% of them were actually colored (yellow, but hey yellow is a color). This box has been sitting on my counter for a month now as I tried to calm down enough to write a review that wasn’t filled with expletives, but every time I see the box I get mad all over again. I want four refunds just to take the edge off my anger, for the money and time I wasted using this product. And then I had to spend a few days looking like a PISS HEAD until I could color it again, with something else.And the funny thing is: I bought the ION Permanent in Medium Copper; and it was on sale. I think I paid under $4 for the tube, and used only about 1/4 of it. Guess what, perfect match on my hair, covered ALL the grays, and it’s lasting and lasting. It even colored over the URINE SAMPLE YELLOW that the John Frieda imparted to my hair and you cannot tell that my hair is color treated. So go Ion, skip John Frieda!

Anne Union Lake, MI

Didn’t do a thing but burn my scalp

I tried this after recently bleaching my hair. Talk about PAINFUL!! I know my scalp was sensitive because of the recent bleaching, but I frequently dye my hair after bleaching and I’ve NEVER had such a bad reaction to hair color. Not only that, but the color did not take – AT ALL. Once I rinsed it was the same bleach blonde as it had been before, I was completely disappointed and couldn’t do anything to my hair after that because I had some raw spots on my scalp :(Never again.

Nadia Tonawanda, NY

Easy to use, good coverage, end color result was tricky – For Medium Natural Blonde

I’m a medium-brown-to-medium-blonde dyer, and I must agree with the substance of many of the reviews here – my hair came out darker than anticipated. The color spent the most time on my roots, and just a bit on the rest (the old “pull through”). My whole head appeared a darker blonde than the box had indicated and was darker than I wanted. Still, this was only initially upsetting to me, because within 5 days, the darker color rinsed out and the color that remained was perfect. My roots were as light as the rest of my hair and it looked great. It is only for those 5 days of dark-colored dissatisfaction that I’m deducting a star.I found the product very easy to use, and it did a good job getting into every nook and cranny, leaving no missed patches. It’s a bit different than conventional dye products, but nothing a quick reading of the directions won’t solve. Just use a bit at a time, keep massaging it in, and you’ll get good coverage. You may note, as I did, that the fumes were very minimal during use.I liked that when I was done my hair didn’t have that “sick” feeling it often does after coloring. It wasn’t gummy or squeaky or dry feeling. I did use the after-color conditioner and it was fine. I do believe these conditioners are formulated to put back something lost in coloring, and maybe seal the hair cuticle, but after the after-color use I rarely use them again, as they tend to take the curl out of my hair, so there’s not much to comment on conditioner-wise.The only thing I would do differently next time is get a lighter color. I trusted what was on the box in terms of the “before” and “after” pictures for color result. I did ultimately get the right result, but those 5 days of too-dark hair until the right color showed up were unsettling. I want the right result right away, so instead of using Medium Natural Blonde, I’ll go for the Light Natural Blonde. Other than that, I will be glad to use this product again. It’s about $5 more than my usual colorant, and to me the simplicity, coverage, lack of fumes and better hair condition is worth it.The only bummer to me is not the product’s fault – stores near me carry a very limited number of colors, which is why I’m glad to find a better selection here on Amazon.

Alejandra Coopers Plains, NY

too pricey for my hair to look exactly the same

I am honestly not all that picky about haircolor. As long as my hair stays in the range of light brown to very dark brown, and the small patch of greying at my right temple isn’t noticeable, I am happy. No reddish or brassy tones and I’m ecstatic. I tried this on a whim, thinking foam color might be better and John Frieda is a reputable brand. I’m honestly not impressed, especially when the price was nearly double of the usual brands I choose.My hair looks exactly the same. It’s like I didn’t even color it. The grey at my temple is very slightly darker and more brown, but I can already see that it has faded after TWO washings. I don’t have this issue with other products and I followed the instructions precisely. I chose Dark Natural Brown 5N and there are red tones in my hair that were NOT present before coloring. That is unacceptable to me.I did notice the post-coloring conditioner worked extremely well and my hair looks quite a bit shinier, but I did not have that 2-3 days of feeling like there was excess coloring product weighing down my hair. That’s how this product got 2 stars from me instead of one.The foaming feature worked very well for me, exactly as pictured in the accompanying diagrams. I was impressed with the novelty of it, but can’t say it worked incredibly well after the experience I described above. I will probably return to traditional/creme color in the future. I have a hair coloring smock and while this did not seem to drip, from the one time I allowed my hand to brush against the smock with coloring product on it, there’s a huge brown mark from the dye. The gloves with this product are black and almost rubbery. They were awkward to remove once covered in dye.I wouldn’t use this again.

Marissa Andrews, TX

4R Radiant Red Dark

I have dark brown hair little longer than shoulder length hair, and I decided to go with the color 4R Radiant Red. I followed the directions to a T. I tilted the bottle five times upside down just like the directions said. It slightly mixed the liquid, had a marble look to it. Then I squeeze a baseball size amount in my palm. At first the foam started out whitish but it would not foam in my hair, it would just damp my hair. As I continued the foam got more and more darker. The very last amount in the bottle did start to look like foam on my head. 3/4 way through it is really hard to get the liquid to foam out of the bottle.As I put the formula on my hair the smell was very strong, it was burning my nostrils. My dog, who was watching me sneezed a couple times and left because I don’t think he could take the smell. My hair never did foam like the picture on the box, but I was able to saturate all my hair. The box says: precise coverage, but it is all user error, you can still get that marble/spotty hair look with this hair dye if you don’t put it on evenly.It is very easy to apply by myself. But I did get some dye on my shoulders and forehead. This foam did dye my skin, but it was very easy to wipe off of skin. I dyed my hair 24 hours after the last time I showered like instructed, and that may be why I didn’t have any dye on my scalp either after I rinsed out the dye. It was also very easy to rinse out the dye and I didn’t feel any dye in my hair when I was doneWhen I was done, I had a nice subtle red tint to my hair.Pros: Easy to wipe dye off of skin, easy to rinse out of hair, wasn’t messyCons: Very strong smell, hard to get out of bottle 3/4 way in, didn’t foam like picture but it did saturate the hair nicely

Natalia Capistrano Beach, CA

Dark Brown Shade Review

I picked this up deciding to try the new foam craze in hair dye that just recently started. I’ve been dying my hair most of my life so any innovations is always great. The foam is definitely super easy and even though i have long past the shoulder length hair – i still had plenty of product left over. It doesn’t drip like most hair dyes do but more importantly! It covers all your hair completely. Usually with the regular hair dye, even with two boxes – the dye would not get to every hair and i would have some spotting underneath. This doesn’t happen with the foam, it soaks in and covers all the hair easily. The smell isn’t too strong like typical dyes but not very pleasant either. Washing it out is very easy, didn’t take much rinsing and also didn’t seem to leave hair as dry as typical dyes do.Now to the negative part of this product, the conditioner! The conditioner is easy to use and leaves hair silky, however I found myself to be allergic to the ingredients in it. They always say test for allergic reaction to the dye, but never the conditioner. I normally use natural ingredient conditioners, no harmful toxins. So whatever was in this conditioner didn’t sit with me well. Even after rinsing again twice the next day, i could not get the “smell” of the conditioner out, and unfortunately had to deal with allergic reaction of drippy nose and watery eyes for maybe 36 hours after. Needless to say I did not use the 2nd round of the conditioner and probably will be trying other foam dyes the next time I dye my hair. Other than that, it works very well.Other cons are the price is a bit higher than other foam dyes, I assume you are paying for the “John Freida” name. Also the current color choices are limited but perhaps those will increase as people become more familiar with the foam. Overall it is a good hair dye that is not fading easily and is not over drying to the hair.

Carlene Carlstadt, NJ

3N Brilliant Brunette Deep Brown-Black

The first time I tried this product, I used the 5R Radiant Red Medium Red Brown and my hair was already a reddish-brown from a previous dye job with another product. I used a little over half of the bottle and my hair seemed well saturated and foamy, and I even covered it with plastic and blow dried to help open the hair cuticle. After 20 min, I washed and dried and was really disappointed with the color because it didn’t seem like any color had been deposited and my normal dark brown roots were not noticeably lightened, but were instead still dark brown with a hint of red.The little color that was deposited seemed to wash out within two weeks leaving my hair about the same as it was, but now it was drier! So, when I was looking to go back to my dark brown, I was skeptical about trying John Frieda again, but they had a sale on the color, and I DID like the ease of the foam application, so I gave 3N a shot.This time, I put some of the foam over the few grays I have, let that sit about 10 minutes, then I put the ENTIRE bottle of foam in my hair. Having all that foam in your hair can get drippy, especially if you have fine hair like I do, but I massaged and foamed and massaged some more. I decided not to cover it or apply heat. I waited another 20 minutes before washing the color out, so 30 min total color time.As with the first application, rinse out was quick compared to regular cream color. The conditioner is just OK…but after I rinsed and conditioned, I put some Redken Anti-Snap in my hair to help strengthen it.After blow drying, I noticed my hair was super shiny, very soft, smelled good, and the color is a super rich, dark brownish black just like the box says. The picture on the box shows a lighter brown than what I got, but previous hair color may also effect results.I am very pleased with the results so far, but we shall see how the color holds up to daily washing. Also, my grays are nicely covered!So, I think John Frieda needs to re-think his red colors because it seems a lot of other people who’ve tried the reds have poor results, but the 3N dark brown worked great for me! I will probably use this color again. But if you want red, I would suggest another brand.

Jody Mill Creek, IN

John Frieda foam hair color

I have been coloring my hair for many years and this has to be my favorite hair dye. The best part is the ease of application. You simply pour the bottle of liquid coloring into the plastic bottle of peroxide and gently turn the mix 5x back and forth. DON’T shake the bottle-read the instructions-totally different than liquid hair color. I use the Medium Natural Blonde 8N-It does appear a little dark for a few days, then it turns a beautiful natural shade of blonde. I use the Light Natural Blonde 9N sometimes in the summer, it is a lot lighter. I do have grey roots coming in and it does cover them well. I’m very happy with this hair color.

Lorie Clinton, NC

I love the color

But the dye itself made my hair so so dry. I used the conditioner it came with, and also used my Wen Sixthirteen and left it on 5 minutes and also put in a dime size as a leave in and thats the only thing that saved my hair. My hair is dark anyway but Im going grey. My advice to any brunettes using this is to pour ut half the developer and add water, as the developer lightens the hair shaft, and since you arent trying to lighten your hair to take a darker color to dark hair, diluting it is fine. Otherwise, I liked the foam product and loved the color.

Shana Sturdivant, MO

Light Golden Brown — NOT! It is RED!

I have been coloring my hair for years and use color 6G – light golden brown. A friend at work recommended the John Frieda foam saying it was easy to apply. I made the mistake of trying it — my hair is now dark brown with a LOT of red, no gold. It is an awful looking, very fake color and nowhere near light golden brown. Seriously – the red looks like red magic marker, especially on the gray hair. I processed for 30 minutes on the gray as recommended in the directions. To top it off, the grey is not adequately covered so it is red and gray. Too bad it isn’t football season — I would fit right in at an Ohio State game.I did not find this product any easier to use, it took longer, didn’t cover the gray and the color is not even close to what is described. It is so RED.Unless you want red hair, I suggest staying away from this product.

Sharlene Roundhill, KY

Salon quality at home, best product ever

I found a coupon for John Frieda Precision Foam Colour about a year ago and decided to try it and let me say I have not used another hair color since. I always used a traditional cream hair color until this product so I do recommend when you go to mix the color with the solution do not shake it tumble it as though you are mixing wine in your wine glass and let it sit for a minute or so before you use it and make sure to squeeze the bottle in the middle to get the foam correctly out.I used to have to color my hair once a month and wierdly enough since I started using this product I only have to use it every other month because it blends so well to my hair. I have honestly never had a color mishap with this product i.e streaking or parts of my hair being colored more than other parts. This honestly is the best hair dye I have ever used. Once you use this product and get used to the application process you will never switch to another product. Definitely salon quality at home.

Lesley Bonnie, IL


I watched the video on and did everything they suggested. I applied 8N to my hair – a natural medium blonde with lighter highlights. I wanted the product to unify my color to my natural shade, after using the shade selector, I chose 8N. The application is easy, the non drip foam is quite nice. The odor not too bad at all, but the end result was disappointing. My roots are now a ginger blonde and the highlighted part of my hair is exactly as it was. So, not only I damaged my hair by applying this product, I will need to re-dye it soon as I really dislike the carrot top!

Jillian Humphrey, AR

8N Medium Natural Blonde looks gorgeous

I was having the hardest time finding a shade of blonde that worked for me after I bleached my dark blonde color to almost white. I tried a L’Oreal medium blonde but came out more like light golden blonde and was very unflattering. This one seems to be rather true to the color on the box, though perhaps just a bit lighter, but my hair is pretty damaged so that could have made it harder for the color to take, though I did use a protein filler with this.The color is beautiful, shiny, seems multi-dimensional, and it does look like salon quality, at least to me. It’s very natural looking and in some lighting it looks like I’ve got highlights and lowlights in it as well. It wasn’t very damaging to my hair at all, and the color actually smelled kind of flowery though there is a slight chemical smell. The conditioner it comes with smells amazing and was moisturizing, but most box hair color conditioners are!Application was very easy and not messy at all and it rinsed out just as easily. I have thick hair, and though it’s only just barely at my shoulder blades when I use other hair color(Garnier, L’Oreal, Clairol) it usually takes two boxes to cover it all which is bothersome and expensive. With this, I still actually had some left over after all my hair was soaked in the foam. Unlike liquid and cream dyes it was also really easy to massage this stuff into my hair, really it reminded me of putting in shampoo.I love this stuff, and I think I’m going to keep using it for a long time, unless they discontinue it like most hair color lines end up doing with my favorite shades.

Martha Chloe, WV


I’m the, “try everything once girl,” and have recently decided to go with my red instead of fighting it. My color seems to get dull and brassy, especially under the summer sun, so I have been trying to find a natural color that enhances my own with plenty of shine. I found it!! I used medium reddish brown 1 1/2 months ago and color is still so fresh looking! What is amazing is the shine even my hubby has commented more than once.Nothing too new with the application except it is foam, must be applied to hand and then hair. Can’t tilt bottle , if you do ….no big, just wait a few seconds and you are ready to go again. The other plus was plenty of product. My hair is passed my shoulders and I had plenty of product left. My hair is fine so if yours is thick, you will use more than I did, but the amount given was amazing. I love it. Bought my first box at the drug store and am buying my second now just to keep on top of those bad, taunting grays. Be picky when choosing your color…but for big dramatic, ” I’m re- creating myself color changes” ….salon is best bet.

Isabelle Fairbanks, AK

Terribly Disappointing

I have been colouring my own hair for over twenty years because I started going gray in my early twenties. Having dark hair, I am pretty flexible with the different colors I’ve tried. Of all of the colouring products I have ever used, up to and including henna, the results that I have gotten with this product are just not up to any sort of standards.My hair usually takes colour very well and I get very good gray coverage, John Feria’s products simply do not take. The foam is convenient and leaves less of a mess, but it really is just not as effective as using other boxed hair colouring products. In my profession, I cannot be looking like someone with striped hair. Needless to say, I won’t be purchasing the product again.

Sondra Bayville, NY

My hair looks very shiny now

I had very dull, dry hair. I used to go to the salon to get it colored every 8 weeks or so, and it was very expensive. I now use WEN (to "wash" it) and this to color it. Looks very shiny and healthy now. For the price, this is a great product.

Celina Vestaburg, MI

I bought this for a friend.

I bought this for a friend and she loves it. She was going to salon that used it and then decided she wanted to try applying it for herself (at least for root touch ups). She loved it. She said it left her hair silky and full of body.

Josie Dorsey, IL

Color A LOT DARKER than the box

Lordy, I went from being a light brown to a really dark brown with reddish highlights using Medium Golden Brown John Frieda Precision Foam colour. Whoa. In fact, my hair is so dark that my 6 year old granddaughter when she came for a sleepover last week, came up to me and hugged me before bedtime and said “Nana, Tori and I were worried we were forgetting you since we didn’t see you for a month. We thought you had light brown hair, but we forgot you have dark almost black hair.” That is how dark my hair now is. Then of course I had to get into the finer points of hair care with the two of them (age 4 and 6). The 6 year old then went “whew, Nana, I was so afraid I was forgetting you.”The pros for this product are the ease in which it goes on. I thought the coverage was excellent. Went on easy, stayed on for the most part with few drips and washed out easily. I got this on sale with a coupon at a local drugstore so the price was good too. My hair has remained soft and not straw like which sometimes happens when you color it.The cons, and these are big ones for me at least…the color on the gray roots is not holding well. AND of course my hair is not a nice rich medium brown, but a dark — make that really really dark — brown with auburn streaks in it. And of course the color is washing out on the roots, but the rest of my hair remains dark dark dark! I talked to the beauty consultant at the drugstore and she said I could try a harsh shampoo and keep washing it to try and lighten the color, then try redying with the brown that matches what is left on my roots. Or she said I should probably just bite the bullet and go see my stylist and have her take care of it. Of course that is going to cost big bucks to have the color stripped out and then have the salon dye my hair back to a much lighter brown.I should have read the reviews before I tried this!

Rhonda Anza, CA

Way Too Dark and didn’t cover grey!

I had high hopes for this product. With my long curly hair, I’ve had trouble using liquid hair colors.After reading reviews, I chose a shade much lighter than I thought I needed. I started with dark brownish-auburn hair, a few mostly grown-out highlights, and 5-10% greys. I used Light Golden Brown.Using the product was easy which earned it 1 star, but the results were horrible. Somehow, even though I used Light Golden Brown, my hair came out DARKER than it was before! I expected slight lightening and that my highlights would still show, but they did not.After shampooing just once, several days later, though I left the color on for the full time, the color washed out of my grey hairs! So now I have very dark brown hair with cherry tones and the same 5-10% grey that I was trying to get rid of. I’m extremely disappointed. After several shampoos, I can see my highlights again but my hair is still very dark. How soon can I re-color, with another brand for sure? Would not recommend to a friend or an enemy.

Jami Cameron, OK

Best hair coloring product ever! Don’t hesitate!

I don’t use any other at-home hair dyes. I use John Frieda Precision Foam Color 1-2x a year and the color really lasts and my hair gets an amazing shine after every application! I get compliments about my hair color all the time, even after several months! I love foam dyes because of the even-ness of the color and ease of application.Even though I’m only 22, I do have some grey roots and these cover great!Don’t hesitate to buy this over the $2-3 cheap drugstore hair dyes. Your hair will thank you! The conditioner included is great and seals the color in. I apply it once a week for the first month and works wonders.Been using this product in various colors for the past 5 years and my hair is great!

Kaitlin North Brookfield, NY

color not accurate but it’s okay!

For your info- I am Asian. I have very thick coarse hair that hit my armpit area. I always buy 2 box of any DIY hair dye in the market. So I bought 2 box of this as well. My hair was completely covered with one bottle but I took no chance. I used 2 boxes and I am so glad I did!First, my hair was color stripped and dyed platinum blonde about a month ago. I was trying to convert my black dyed hair back to lighter tone of brown. I knew using the platinum blonde hair dye wouldn’t make my hair anywhere near blonde. As a result I had ugly orange tone highlights everywhere. My hair had about 10 different shade of orange-brown-light brown color. It was pretty hideous but I knew dying my hair again will prbly make my hair melt. I waited for about a month while about 1/4 inch of my roots grew out. For obvious reason my hair was getting more dried every day. I was pretty terrified to dye it again but I had to! I hated my hair.This product is far the best thing I’ve ever used.- Application time for me is usually 10-15 minutes with other product due to trying to brush down my hair. This one took my literally only 3 minutes. No joke! It’s like shampooing. ( No brushing down needed what so ever. Just brush before applying and you’re good to go)- After I washed it I was amazed. My hair felt like I had leave in conditioner. Even before I conditioned my hair, it was silky soft!- No mess. I mean NO MESS. Only mess I made was a drop of foam I splashed on the mirror in accident.- It does not smell bad like the other ones. Even after you wash, the smell usually lingers for few washes but not this one. I barely smell it after initial wash!The unknown- I don’t know how long the color will stay.- I don’t know if it covers gray hair.The negative- Only reason why I took one star off was the color. I went with N7 which was natural blonde or something. The color on the box was actually about the same tone as my current color but it made my hair darker. It looks bit like burgundy reddish…. brown. NO where near the light brown color I was hoping for. Since I had not once had a color in mind the difference didn’t really bother me. But if you are really going for a specific color.. be aware. My hair turned reddish brown. My friend said my hair looks strawberry blondish brown out in the sun. I am even considering using shampoo for red dyed hair because I want to keep the color and not fade back to my hideous 10 color hair.Next time if I want to go lighter I am going to make sure I use color that’s about 3 shade lighter than the actual color I want.

Teresa Knoxville, TN

Best home dye I’ve tried

And I’ve tried a lot of hair dyes! I’ve been dying my hair at home going on 15 years now. I’ve colored my hair for fun until recently when it became necessary to cover up grays. The foam color does a great job of covering gray, and doesn’t wash out. My hair is super long and very thick and I’m able to touch up my roots and blend the color throughout my hair with just one box – most other brands would require two and sometimes three boxes in order to cover all of my hair.

Alyson Kendrick, ID


The more I use this the more I like it. Took a bit of getting used to because it is different than other home coloring products. The foam is nice. The color is true and no mess.

Neva Alto, MI

10 years dying hair at home and this is the best!

I have been dying my own hair, exclusively at home, for over a decade. I have been every color (my natural is almost black) from blonde to pink to auburn to purple/blue black and in between. By far, this has been the best product I have ever used. My stylist noticed a huge improvement in my hair quality (less breakage and falling out, better texture, etc.) after I started using this (I noticed it also but it was nice to have it confirmed). I find this product to have the easiest application with even coverage. The only reason I give this 4 stars instead of 5 is due to the lack of shade variety as I haven’t found the perfect shade for me yet. I have found the perfect shade in other brands but due to the benefits and quality of this product, I come back to it instead and just deal with an ‘almost there’ shade. The colors I have used have been 3 of the 4 ‘red/red browns’ on top of naturally dark brown/black hair with up to 25% grey, fine, straight hair with many different previously dyed colors but this blended them all well enough.

Yvonne Bruceville, TX

It doesn’t get better than this

I have been through so many different colors, brands, types of hair dyes and this one is now my favorite. I will never use another brand of hair dye. This foam dye is so easy to apply, I can now dye my hair without any assistance. The shade on the box is what you get and it’s not patchy at all. The color is very vibrant and makes your hair look even healthier than before the dye. The conditioner that comes with it is a generous amount in a resealable container and made my hair so soft and smell great. I really couldn’t believe how simple the whole process was, this really revolutionizes hair dye. And I have to add that this is the first at home hair dye kit I’ve used that came with gloves that actually fit me! I can’t think of a single bad thing to say about this product. I highly recommend it and I have already purchased and used again since my first time. Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Winnie Sharps Chapel, TN

Best Hair colour out there! Love the Radient Reds.

I love this product for its ease of use and for the longest lasting hair colour I’ve experienced. I use both light red brown and medium red brown. I am a natural auburn/redhead and these are closest to my hair colour. I use light red brown in the summer and medium red brown in the winter. I receive many complements on the highlights produced using John Frieda hair colour. This colour is getting hard to find. Please keep Radient Red Light and Medium Red Brown colours Amazon and John Frieda. LOVE IT!!!

Lidia Gravity, IA

Not as expected

First let me say that when I first used this product I complained to the company and they responded immediately to my complaint. They sent me a coupon for another. To be fair, I bought another and tried it (and I washed my hair the night before to be sure I had no product in it), but sadly, I still do not like it. I didn’t have the same problem as before (maybe because of the prewash) but it has been only 2 weeks since my coloring and I feel like it is fading, especially from the root and an inch or so out.This is what I wrote them: I just used your product Precision Foam Colour. What a mess!!! I have been coloring my hair myself for 30+ years and have never experienced this kind of mess with any products I have tried. My sister recommended that I try this because she is very happy with it. I followed the directions carefully. I poured the color into the developer. I turned over 5 times. I did not shake it. The foam came out into my hand and I began to apply it on my head. It did not look like the picture. The foam dissipated immediately in my hair. As I proceeded it seemed to be just wetting my hair with color. There was never foam on my head. I finished coloring and began to time. I could barely wait the 30 min. It was dripping down my face. What a mess!!!

Georgette Nanjemoy, MD

Love this color

And the foam application is so much easier than theOld way of parting your entires head in eighth of an inch parts. You can do it yourself and there’s no drips and it’s less messy. The first time can feel odd but then I reread the instructions and the more you massage it in the better coverage you get. I get lots of compliments on the color

Marcella Inez, KY


I used the Dark Chocolate Brown 4GB shade and love it. It was extremely easy to do alone and it is my very first time coloring my own hair ever. I capped it with the included conditioner and John Frieda Root Awakening shampoo/condition then the Glaze for Brunettes. My hair feels incredibly strong, shiny, healthy, smells great (all the products smell great.. except the precision foam, doesn’t smell great but not terrible, just a slight discomfort to smell.. but nothing too bad for half hour.. easy easy). I would recommend following the directions to the tee and putting vaseline all over the skin that is near the hairline. It can stain the skin but washed off easily after with no remaining stain. The product did a better job than the very expensive salon coloring treatments I have been going for for a few years at covering all my grey. There are always greys left from the salon because it’s a demi and this is a permanent and seems to just really cover every single one. This color is lighter than my regular color which is a very dark brown and I may try going to the next shade darker next time, to Dark Natural Brown, this has a beautiful chocolate warm sheen but is a step up from true dark dark brown. But I like it a lot and don’t want to change it anytime soon. I am blown away by the John Frieda collection. I just started using their shampoo/conditioner/leave-in spray and nourishing lotion (plus the glaze for brunettes and their precision hair color). My hair looks and feels better than it has in a long while and I just saved myself hundreds of dollars and like the result better! The products do just what they say. I give them all 5 stars… Glaze is perfect alone or compliment to the precision hair color, easy to do alone and 100% gray coverage and gorgeous color.

Leann Linneus, MO