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John Frieda Luxurious Volume Fine to Full Blow Out Spray, 4 Fluid Ounce

After gently patting your hair dry with a towel, create lift by targeting the roots with luxurious volume root booster blow dry lotion. Spray directly into the roots of towel-dried hair to achieve all-around dimension with a soft feel.

Key features

  • Formulated with a proprietary blend of polymers that spread easily throughout the hair, then rinses clean
  • During blow dry, our specialized technology is activated by the heat of the blow dryer to create a flexible, lightweight network
  • Creates volume styles that are naturally full, touchable, and long lasting with the look and feel of more hair
  • Creates all-over fullness for the look of a salon-quality blowout

Honest reviews


The best product for volume for fine & limp hair!

Wow! Thank the lord I gave this product a chance. I had used the John Frieda Volume shampoo. I didnt see results. But then I saw this spray. I thought, let me give this a try…I can return it if it doesnt work.This product is AMAZING. I have fine, limp hair. You spray this stuff on towel dried hair and blow dry. It blow dries clean and there is volume!!!! My hair feels silky! My hair looks like it just came from the hair salon!Let me just say that I was expecting this product to make my hair feel sticky. Absolutely not. I will buy this product again. and I will give the other products in this line a chance as well! I am sooo happy!

Karen Orleans, VT

Loads of volume

It does give your hair loads of volume but it’s not practical to use every day because of the size and price.

Jordan Elephant Butte, NM


the older version of the mousse was like fine hair nirvana this is ok at best gives some guts to baby fine hair without the gunky feeling but i was hoping for more

Francisca Cordova, IL

What does it do??

I have medium-length, fine, blonde, naturally-wavy, thinning hair. I’m always looking for products to smooth, de-frizz, add body and volume, make hair soft, and never weighed-down. I bought this based on the reviews.It’s not a bad product at all (meaning, it doesn’t leave your hair feeling worse with it on), I just don’t see what it does. It works very well as a detangler, right after coming out of the shower, so that skips one other product, but as far as styling goes, I just don’t get it. Whether I air dry or blow dry and style with various brushes, I just don’t see it doing anything other than maybe smoothing flyaways. It gives me no additional body or volume. And I’m even using it with their volume shampoo (which I find totally ineffective for volume too). I like that this stuff sprays on in a fine mist and doesn’t dry crunchy or sticky. And it has a great scent. But I wouldn’t bother buying it again. I need a styling product that has some oomph.

Vivian Trivoli, IL

No discernible benefit, and even worse…

I found no discernible benefit from using this product. It made my hair stiff and when I used the blow-dryer and a half round brush my hair broke off alarmingly. Even after that, my hair fell flat even though the humidity was not that bad. I tried it three times, thinking I was at fault. The rest of the product ended in the trash and I went back to Redken Body Full Amplifying Spray, a sadder but wiser consumer.

Megan Plainville, CT

Nice volume to fine hair

I really like this product. It provides volume that lasts for hours. In humidity, some fullness is lost, but my hair doesn’t flatten down like it would without using Frieda Volume. I especially like that it leaves the hair soft, not stiff and sticky. This is now my go to, flat hair, problem solver. It is easy to use and a plus is that you can do touch ups on dry hair. Just spray and dry with the hot dryer to renew fullness.

Jasmin Coalport, PA