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John Frieda Liquid Shine Clear Hair Glaze, 6.5 Fluid Ounce

John Frieda luminous glaze clear shine comes in 6.5 fluid ounce. It showers hair with high-gloss shine and silky smooth texture, using exclusive salon-inspired technology. Shine enhancers polish hair strands on the outside while pore menders fill in damaged areas inside the hair.

Key features

  • Showers hair with high-gloss shine and silky smooth texture, using exclusive salon-inspired technology
  • Shine enhancers polish hair strands on the outside while pore menders fill in damaged areas inside the hair
  • Over time, improved texture and pore mending deliver magnified shine that isn’t washed away the next day
  • Can be used every day or as a weekly 20-minute shine surge treatment
  • Number 1 selling at-home glaze

Honest reviews


No long-lasting results

I’m almost all the way through this bottle, and every time I use it I get no long-lasting results. The shine is of pretty good quality for the first 24 hours at most, but then I might as well not even have used it. It’s enough so that I’ll be finishing the bottle, but I won’t be purchasing another. I would not recommend.

Rhea Fort Huachuca, AZ

Great Shine!

I love this product! I’m a natural redhead whose locks were looking a little lackluster. This gives my hair a really rich shine and texture. It also smells delicious. I apply it to dry hair 2x per month for 20 or 30 mins., and my hair looks and feels like I had a salon treatment. I stock up on it when I see a good price – less than $10 per bottle.

Amalia Brookhaven, NY

No shine just frizz

I was not impressed with this product at all. I have thick, wavy, long hair, and it made my hair extremely FRIZZY and dry. I used it twice because I thought the first time I had done something wrong, yeah it was the product, my hair was unmanageable, I never have knots in my hair after taking a shower but I did after using this. My hair became extremely puffy (I looked like a chia pet), very frizzy and dry. I did not notice any difference with the shininess of my hair. I would not buy this product again nor would I recommend for anyone who has wavy, curly or thick hair in general.The product is not fragrance free, it is a pretty strong smell when it is first applied but after you wash it out it’s not as strong, and it has a slimy consistency.

Myra Fredericksburg, VA

I Hoped for a Miracle

And got a scalp full of open sores instead. I’m glad it works for others; I wish it had worked for me!

Guadalupe Douglassville, PA

For reflective shine, apply as follows…

I’ve been using this product over a year and it gives my medium-thick hair a noticible, lively shine. I’ve only used it in the shower, generally followed by a blowdry and flat iron. Here’s what experience has taught me: 1) Squeeze out as much water from your hair as possible before application 2) Use sparingly and stay at least 2″ away from the roots. My hair is past my shoulder blades and I use no more than the size of a dime. It’s easier to stay away from the roots if I part my hair with a wide-tooth comb first but that’s optional. 3) Leave it on AT LEAST 3″ per the directions, then rinse well.As long as you stay away from the roots and use the product sparingly, you’ll have great results. My hair is greasier the next day than it would be if I didn’t use the glaze, but not by much (My hair always looks greasy if I haven’t washed it). I do not recommend the brown glaze – it made my hair feel dirty and I didn’t like how it immediately stained my skin.

Hilda Bradfordsville, KY

Very nice

This was my first time trying glaze. I have strawberry blond curly hair and this really makes my hair glow! It’s not conditioner, you use it after you condition.

Jane Sledge, MS

Hair glaze

Product is okay, but not spectacular. I have long black hair. Convenient because you use it in the shower. This product has to be rinsed out.

Gwendolyn Lawrence, NE

An Excellent Product!

I LOVE this product, but have been unable to find it in retail stores. I have used this product w/ Silver Expressions Shampoo mixed 1/2 to 1/2 as a 2nd wash on my hair after a clarifying 1st wash & leave it in to soak until I’m ready to rinse & finish my shower. I am always getting compliments on how shiny & silver my hair looks. My grandaughters love to shower @ my house & use this product…it makes their hair shiney, too. An excellent product that actually works is well worth the price!

Lily Polk, PA

Nice for the price

I use this maybe once a week after I shampoo my hair; I try to leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it out. It makes my hair really soft and shiny once I dry it. The only down-side is that it also makes my hair rather greasy by the end of the day, so I don’t use it super frequently. Overall, good stuff.

Geri Polo, MO

Love this stuff

I honestly never review beauty products. Mainly because the whole "miracle product" thing has never applied to me. It’s all a big scam, in my opinion. Is this a miracle product? Maybe not, but it comes pretty damn close. I can tell a distinct difference in my hair when I use this. I wash my hair maybe 3 times a week and use this in the shower after I shampoo and condition. My hair is shinier, softer, and feels healthier. I know it’s just a temporary fix, but I think in the long term it will help my hair be healthier because it will tangle and break less. Just a theory, but I’ll continue to use it either way because it makes my hair look better.

Della Belgrade, MN

Not great for fine hair

This took the life out of my fine hair. It made it straighter as well, which I don’t like. Lasted 2 or 3 shampoos.If you have course hair or straighten your hair this might do the trick for you. However, you can get the same result from a heavy shampoo for color treated hair.

Mia Mandaree, ND

I really like this glaze

I’m African American and have used this product for about a year.Years ago my stylist wanted to use Sebastian’s on me, but never got the chance.I wanted something comparable but less expensive. I switched from Jazzing clear to this John Frieda product.You get more for your money, I think. I think it help retain moisture so I don’t frizz or revert as fast in-between washes.

Dionne Parsippany, NJ

So much Healthy SHINE

Never knew what Hair Glaze was until I came across reviews on Amazon. I really Love this Glaze the first time I used it I saw immediate results SHINE! Anyway there are two ways to use this one is on dry hair and one is Shampoo and Condition hair while in shower run glaze through hair cover hair evenly from Root to tip leave on 3 minutes or loner than rise and style I personally prefer the weekly treatment with dry,unwashed hair same thing apply from root to tip leave on 20 minutes than shampoo and condition I wear a shower cap when I do the once a week treatment kick back and read a book.I am amazed how much shine I had and no Frizz and super smooth hair .This bottle goes pretty fast when doing this with dry hair but I see better results however everyones hair is different.This is Ammonia,Dye and peroxide Free and will not change the color of your hair I was afraid of that my first use but that wasn’t the case.I am placing another order and hope Amazon always has this because I cant find this product any where.

Carmella Toledo, WA

A great product!

I used to go to a salon once a month to have my hair glazed. I am going gray pretty rapidly (I’m 52) and love the way my new hair looks. I’m growing it long. It’s not salt and pepper, but rather salt and sand (medium honey blonde naturally). I use Phyto Phytargent shampoo once a week (intensely blue/violet) and I mix John Frieda Volumizing and Sheer Blonde shampoos and conditioners for daily use. It is past my shoulders and the ends are still honey-colored but can appear brassy against the lighter grays up top. The blue shampoo helps, but the glazing did wonders. It makes an intense shine that does not add any color to your hair. The way the shine reflects light, my white/grays are glowing and the honey ends are softened, making the blend beautiful. And it does not contribute to “build up” on hair. But I was paying $35 a month to have my hair glazed and I found it needed to be done every 1-2 weeks. I found this product and decided to give it a try.There are two ways to use it. First, shampoo and condition as usual. Then add enough of this to wet hair to cover (I use a quarter-sized puddle) and apply through hair. I leave it on a couple of minutes then rinse. That is for daily use. I REALLY LIKE using the product this way. BUT I LOVE the results from using it the second way. Once a week, on dry hair, apply enough glaze to completely saturate the hair (I get five uses from one bottle doing it this way). Gently comb through. Allow to stay on your hair 20 minutes. Rinse it out, shampoo and condition as usual. You can choose which of the two methods like best, you can’t go wrong either way. But I find the once a week method gives me superior results and I like the way it looks even better than the salon treatment. It does not cause yellowing or dullness, just intense shine that will fade very gradually. I can technically stretch the treatment to once every two weeks if needed. This is for any color hair, but I love the way it works on my unintentional “ombre” hair.

Sheena Fort Thomas, AZ

Works great

I’m impressed with this product. I am 37, with brown and some grey hair, medium-length. I wanted something to make my hair shiny. This product’s effects were noticeable after the first use. Very soft, I’m very happy with the results. I have only done the 3-min leave-in wet treatment – you can also do a 20 min dry hair (once a week option). The product does have a perfumey smell – but I like it, and I’m fairly sensitive to strong odors. I would recommend this product.

Polly Lindseyville, KY

Great for dried-out hair

Moving from Seattle to Los Angeles has wreaked havoc with my hair. I have straight, fine, blonde hair that easily dries out. This product helped me get my normal, healthy hair back. This is one of three inexpensive steps I use to make me feel like my hair is pretty again :)I also use:TIGI Bed Head Styleshots Epic Volume Shampoo, Aveeno Nourish Plus Moisturize ConditionerJohn Frieda Full Repair Perfect Ends Deep InfusionBiosilk Silk Therapy Serum

Leann Rutland, VT



Vicki Fouke, AR

Does not last long…

After using this for two months, the magic had worn off. It made my hair very dry. I was so sad. I’m not sure if it’s the shelf wear or depending on your hair type (I have wavy hair). But the effects didn’t last long.I would use this product when once a week and months had passed and it just dried out my hair. This is one of John Frieda’s products that I cannot trust anymore.

Ginger Kidder, MO

Not a big help for natural African American hair.

This doesn’t make my hair shine as much as has done for other reviewers. I stopped using it after a few months and only use leave-in conditioner and a hair serum

Kellie Walden, CO

I love it!

I found out about this product on YouTube so I decided to try it but I could only find it on It worked exactly as described in the video. Thank you.

Etta Plainfield, GA

Uber happy with this awesome product – TRANSFORMED my hair!

A few months ago, I got a ceramic perm and although the damage was minimal, my hair no longer had the lustre I’m used to having. Trying everything from masks to argan oil, nothing worked. I’ve been looking all over Singapore for a similar product to restore shine but it just doesn’t exist in this island nation.This product is not available for shipping to Singapore but a friend was traveling to Singapore from the USA so I purchased it for her to courier it me despite the negative reviews. No regrets here at all. I followed the daily use method but did not use it on my roots. After a blow dry, my hair was soft and bouncy as if I just stepped out of a salon. My hair dilemma solved!FYI… I have Asian hair but it is fine, color treated, and fairly straight.

Antionette Altus Afb, OK

Shiny Happy Tresses

It smells absolutely fantastic and works far better than expected. It sort of ‘locks in’ the fullness from the JF Luxurious Volume Shampoo & Conditioner while adding incredible gloss. And to think I almost didn’t buy this based on the mixed reviews…it’s now an integral part of my regular hair care routine.

Francisca Bulverde, TX

Used to like it

when I had heavily highlighted hair, this used to do wonders. Now that it is ombre with natural color 2/3rds down, it suddently does nothing to my natural hair! No shine, no smoothness, no nothing. I used to do the 20 minute treatment once a week, did one today after a very long break and nada, nothing, zero. Maybe I need a new bottle. That being said, this is the only “over the counter” glaze that will not lighten your hair. Avoid Clairol brand glaze, not even sure if they still make it or not, but I’ve done it once and it lightened my hair.

Concepcion Groveland, IL

No difference

Sadly i saw no difference in my hair. But on the negative side, after using it for few days i noticed it started to build up on my hair and made it look like i didnt wash it at all. I had to go get a special shampoo to get rid of this greasy look. Extra expense. Yeah, its going to the garbage!

Ana Espanola, NM

works on frizzy hair

Pros: Leaves my hair clean feeling and shiny. Tames my frizz. and no wierd perfume smell.Cons: The effect is cumulative and after the 3rd use, I found my hair was lank and felt heavy from product. the shine doesnt really last more than a couple of days.This doesnt work as nicely as I thought it would. But it does help with the frizzies. So maybe only use it once every 2 weeks…

Lashonda Melville, NY

John Frieda Liquid Shine Clear Hair Glaze, 6.5 Fluid Ounce

John Frieda Liquid Shine Clear Hair Glaze, 6.5 Fluid Ounce is an OUTstanding project. totally returned the shine to my lifeless hair. I use it after every shampoo, and it works with my other hair products wonderfully.

Mabel Spreckels, CA

EDIT: Not What I Expected

EDITED 8/31/2013: AFTER USING THIS PRODUCT A NUMBER OF TIMES, I DIDN’T NOTICE ANY SHINE OR GLOSS FROM IT. MY HAIR LOOKED THE SAME SO I WAS DISAPPOINTED. I ALSO HOPED IT MAY HELP SEAL MY COLOR BUT IT DIDN’T.I’ve used this product once, and my hair is very silky and manageable. I always let my hair air dry and it is usually on the fluffy side and knots easily. I went to sleep with a wet head after using this and my hair was silky straight, smooth and untangled in the morning. It looks very healthy and rich, and feels so silky.I’m looking forward to continued use as the shine is supposed to increase over time. I’m hoping that’s the case.

Eliza Tilden, NE

Good for hair without color.

Seems to add a nice shine to my hair but also may strip a bit of color if you color your hair to hide the gray. You use this in the shower after your conditioner. I think when it’s gone, I’ll stick to shine products that I use after fixing my hair.

Roberta Morrow, LA


I love this stuff is so cheap and works. Yes, it adds another step to your conditioning process but worth it when you see the results. Shiny hair.

Justina Caspar, CA