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John Frieda Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Styling Crème 5 oz.

Thermaguard complex protects against damage. It gets straight up style that’s not weighted down. Smooth the way for straight style that looks fresh, not coated for up to 24 hours. This lightweight cream keeps strands protected, aligned and soft.

Key features

  • Smoothes, moisturizes and aligns strands for silky-straight styles that last up to 24 hours and protects against damage
  • With ThermaGuard® Complex
  • Contains Sweet almond oil and Milk Protein, formula smooths and conditions hair

Honest reviews


not “silky-straight”

I tried this smoothing creme during the summer because the package claims it will keep your hair “silky-straight for up to 24 hours.” Instead of getting silky or straight hair, it nearly doubled the drying time and my ends felt stiff. I thought maybe I had used too much of the creme so I gave it another try using half the amount. My results were the same. I’ve been disappointed with the few John Frieda styling products I’ve tried, and I don’t recommend this product.

Bridgette Westlake Village, CA

I really like it!

The first time I used this product I could definitely tell a difference. It made my hair more smooth and silky.I told my sisters about this product since I really like it!It’s pretty cheap too (around $5, little less – I found it on sale) so it’s not really expensive, which I like too!

Irene Mountlake Terrace, WA

A serious Straighten Cream!

It is pretty hard to find a good Straighten hair cream for a good price. I am use to put just a slight touch of this cream of my hair and they turn out to be great. I sue shampoo, balsam and cream all from the Frizz-Ease collection and my hair reacts just great to it. It is probably the best product so far I ever used.If you want to step up to semi-professional products just step up to John Freida, he knows what is doing. I was a Fructis user, but for 3/4 bucks more, Freida makes it worth, just give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!Thanks for reading!

Lucia Childs, MD

Best I have tried

My hair never stays straight, especially if there is any moisture in the air. This stuff isn’t perfect but it keeps my hair straighter and less frizzy than all of the other products I have tried.

Kristen Manchester, MA

Seriously good stuff

I love this product – along with the shampoo & conditioner. I have wiry hair and this product is a godsend for it. Highly recommend.

Faye Unionville, CT

Makes a Difference

My hair goes down to the middle of my back and is fairly straight. I bought this to make my hair soft and to have less friz, which it does just that. After the first use I could tell a difference. After continued use my hair feels softer than it ever has.For the ends of my hair I use a protien coconut oil and then use a drop of this for the rest. When I blow dry my hair it looks like I straightened it and is very smooth.

Beverly Corinth, MS


it works well, im not 100% frizz free, but it really does help especially with the straightening. i really know the difference.

Stephanie Ephrata, WA

It seems to work really well…

It sure seems to do its job!For what it’s worth, I have very, very fine hair but a metric crapton of it. Seriously, so much hair. And it does no cooperate normally. I’m using it with theBaByliss Pro BABP2800 Porcelain Ceramic 2000-Watt Dryer, Black(which I LOVE) and aCricket Technique Barrel Hair Brush, XX-large Round, 2 Inch.

Kathryn Odessa, DE

Love this product

I am a fan of John Frieda products. I have curly hair, but use this to straighten. I don’t have to use too much of it and it does not weigh my hair down. If I do use more than what is needed, it will dry and flake a little, but combs out. I have shoulder length curly hair and use about a dime size dollop of this in my wet hair before drying. My hair stays nice and straight until I wash again.

Renae Isabel, SD


Smells really familiar to something.. i dont remember. But when i tie my hair up into a bun, and let it down, there is an annoying and ugly bump. So i use this product to smooth it out. Works fine, but it seems to be lightening my hair

Teresa Vienna, OH

Heat Protection AND Straightening

I love that this has 2 benefits. Doesn’t have a strong scent, helps hair dry straight (I let my hair air dry), and helps save my hair from the straightening iron.

Bridgette Trampas, NM

The best for frizzy hair

I love this stuff! I have tried every smoothing product on the market and this one works better than the much more expensive ones. I just wish it came in a bigger container because I go through it pretty fast. A nickel or quarter sized dollop smoothed on to the temples and throughout my hair helps get rid of the curl and frizz and make my long hair more manageable. If you use too much it can be goopy or greasy.

Ruthie Amonate, VA

Salon Quality from the drugstore

When I go to the mall for my haircuts, the stylist recommended that I use the Redkin straigtening creme which was $18 dollars. I din’t want to keep on buying that so I found this at the drugstore for $5! It works just the same. My hair is naturally wavy but by using this out of the shower, I am able to get a straighter, smoother result for my hair. (Oh and a round brush helps!) I save over $10 dollars a month using this and can tell no difference from the Salon product.

Josie Sheppard Afb, TX