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John Frieda Frizz Ease Moisture Barrier Firm Hold Spray, 12 Ounce

Creates a barrier to help seal out moisture and prevent frizzing even in high humidity climates. Firm-holding power supports even the hardest-to-handle- styles all day long. Quick-drying shine-boosting formula also contains sunscreen.

Key features

  • Quick-drying, firm-holding spray supports styles as it seals out moisture and helps prevent frizz, rain or shine
  • Firm-holding power supports even the hardest-to-handle styles, all day long
  • 24-hour humidity resistance for expert frizz-free hold, with UV filter
  • Item is HAZMAT, non-returnable

Honest reviews


Crispy and crunchy… hair, that is

I’ve never used hairspray before, but recently I decide to try it and see if it would help hold my curls in. I have naturally straight-ish hair with a little bit of a wave to it, but I’ve never been able to keep curls in for more than a few hours. So I bought a small travel size can of Frizz Ease at Walmart, gave my side bangs a bit of curl and sprayed. The curl froze and didn’t move for the next 12 hours.But seriously, my sisters all hate this hair spray, they say it makes my hair crispy, and I agree with them. The smell gives me headaches and I keep spraying myself in the eye with it. It doesn’t “mist” like other people say hairspray ought to do either. It holds VERY well, too well if you ask me. I am now on the lookout for a “pliable” hairspray that won’t make me feel like I just slathered glue all over my head. But if I ever need a super duper strong hair glue, you can be sure this will be at the top of my list. 🙂

Bonnie Mineola, IA


Good hairspray. Goes on nice, but a little goes a long way, so use sparingly or else it will crunch.

Eula Nineveh, IN

Has Some Holding Power, But Doesn’t Really Keep My Hair Looking Its Best

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Moisture Barrier Protector Hairspray is advertised as creating a barrier to help seal out moisture and prevent frizzing even in high humidity climates. It is a product of the John Frieda Corporation and is quite reasonably priced. Frieda was at one time a famous, award winning hairdresser who was inspired to found a self-named beauty products corporation. The corporation that bears his name has become a major player in the hair products world, after making a good reputation for itself in the areas of color enhancement and frizz prevention products.Well, we have long hot humid summers here in Wilmington, North Carolina, my home. And my hair is naturally curly with a tendency to frizz. So of course I’m always looking for products that will enhance my efforts in this line: frankly, am not as adept as I might be in dealing with hair. Have found, over the years, frustratingly enough that whereas a good hairdresser blowout that allows for my curls and waves may well look very pretty and last for up to a week, or even more, when I do my own hair, even with mousse or some kind of hair product, and leave it curly, it seldom lasts even overnight. And that’s now with the long overdue acquisition of silk pillowcases that do help my hair-dos last longer. So, in my latest efforts to figure this problem out, have bought several John Frieda products, including this one.The manufacturer states that this product offers a quick drying shine boosting formula that also contains sunscreen, plus firm holding power that supports even the hardest to handle styles all day long. I have followed the manufacturer’s instructions in using this product, and do find that this spray has a certain amount of holding power, but I was not really happy with its retention of my curls the way they look best, or the product’s prevention of frizz. For me, the hunt goes on for helpful products to keep my hair looking its best.

Jean Ogden, IA

great product

I like this hair spray. It smells good, holds well and last a long time. The cap doesn’t seem to get as closed up either like some other hairsprays do and then you have to clean it to get anything to come out of the nosel.

Roxanne Victoria, MS

Best of the best hairspray

I live in Houston and the humudity can be brutal at times. This hairspray keeps my hair in place and prevents the frizzies. I have loved every John Frieda product I have used. This hairspray is no exception … and the price is great.

Caryn Veedersburg, IN

Better than Salon Brands

I have hair like Monica on Friends when they went to Barbados and this hair spray is my little secret to happy hair. It is really does block humidity. I love it.

Kitty Scotts, NC


This stuff made my hair feel like straw. Not only while you are using it, but after you wash it out, it leaves your hair very dry. I threw it out.

Minnie Magnolia, AL

this is a great hairspray

I recommend this hairspray, it works really well, and I do notice less frizzy’s when I use it opposed to my other hairspray. it is a great product at a great price! it came before expected, packaged well, no problems with the seller, will buy from again….I do recommend this to everyone, I believe it is a great product at a great price, and works very well!

Holly Arlington, WA

They were not kidding…

This stuff made my hair feel like plastic, it was beyond firm! If you’re looking for a very crunchy hair spray to make your hair super dense and stuck to itself like a single matted piece then look no further. The nozzle lets out too much spray at once making it impossible to just mist over your hair with a bit of spray to hold your style, which is what I was looking for. My hair looked very unnatural. Not for me.

Abigail Blauvelt, NY

Excellent product & price

Have used this product for years. Never sticky & I like the extra drying this product does to my hair as I am an oily/curly mophead. This ,also, helps my hair stay straight when it is humid outside.

Lizzie Fort Lupton, CO

Definately firm hold

I love this hairspray. My hair is very stubborn, never wants to stay in place, always having flyaways, etc. I spray a little of this hairspray and it holds all day long. It smells pretty good also.

Nadine North Chatham, MA

Not a fan

It has a decent hold but it leaves a residue that is sometimes visible on my hair which just makes me feel eh about it…I’ll use it for my daughter’s hair when she’s on stage but as for daily/everyday use, I don’t think so.

Wendi Camano Island, WA

Does what it says, but WOW really stiff and smell is overpowering

I cannot say that I would ever purchase this again. It does not come out in a fine mist at all and it is not possible to dispense just a small squirt. I was shocked at how much residue was on my counter top from over spray and how I had to literally let water sit on it a bit to get it up, and wonder how this is going to be washing out of hair, without leaving some behind and building up. So, if you are looking for dense, hard hold, this one is for you. I am sticking with Sebastian Shaper Plus.

Glenna Canyon Country, CA

Best hairspray on the market

I have tried many many hairsprays and I believe this is the best one. I don’t know how it compares to something you pay $$$$ for from a salon, etc., but in comparison to other drugstore, reasonably priced hairsprays, this stuff really holds. Yes, it does make it slightly stiff but I want it to stay in place so that’s ok with me. It washes out very easily too.

Ila Herman, MN

Works well, smells nice.

I bought this hairspray initially because it was inexpensive, but it actually came to be one of my favorite products! I am pretty picky with hairspray and I’ve tried higher and lower-end products that didn’t work as well as this stuff does. The smell is nice (a nice, light, and not overpowering scent), and it still holds my hair in place when I brush through it. I am not one of those people who can let hairspray sit in my hair and feel hard and unnatural – I have to brush through it! Luckily, this hairspray allows me to do that with ease. It doesn’t leave any hairspray residue on my hair and it doesn’t hurt to brush through it with a good amount of spray in it.The only reason I knocked off one star is because it’s called "Frizz Ease" and I don’t think my hair looks as smooth as it could. It’s not really noticeable to anyone else, but for my standards I prefer a little more polished of a look so I’m thinking of adding a finishing creme to my routine to combat that.

Vickie Hager City, WI

Not worth $10

I had high expectations for this hairspray, but it ended up to be extremely standard, filled up with too much alcohol (I can smell the amount of alcohol as I spray it on my hair). It also leaves my hair dry and withered instead of shiny and sleek.My hair is naturally wavy, frizzy, and fine in texture. This might work for other hair types, but didnt amaze me.Another downside is that the sprayer is a bit too strong, so I get too much product deposited on my hair, leaving it looking wet and saturated. I wish that the nozzle sprayed in a more fine mist that fell over the top of my hair.I must add that the holding power is medium to strong. I think that it would be great for short hairstyles.The moisture barrier claim confuses me. I don’t think that this hairspray is capable of blocking against humidity.To be honest, I have had better results with hairspray that cost $2.

Latoya Bailey, TX

Love it.

I’m still learning to self style my hair and this does do the job. Just make sure u don’t spray too much or else it would make ur hair look crunchy, I’ll probably update this review (if I can) once I learn to style perfectly.

Angel Goodwell, OK

GREAT spray for strong hold in humidity without stiffness

Living in Florida… humidity is often an issue for hair styles. This spray is perfect for this purpose. It has strong hold while not making your hair hard. It does not get "white" or flake as a general rule.The only time I saw that occur was when I had WAY TOO much on but it was for a Halloween costume and I got sprayed with a squirt gun in the face and head. So… that was to be expected.For Dally use and touch-ups throughout the day, it will work well without showing build up. I only use this spray in humid climates.

Ada Birnamwood, WI