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John Frieda Frizz Ease Heat Defeat Protective Styling Spray By JOHN FRIEDA, 6 Ounce

Works with heat tools. Conditions and strengthens for up to 24 hours. ThermaGuard complex protects against damage. Defend straight styles to the end. This protective spray straightens strands for up to 24 hours. This helps block humidity and rehydrates.

Key features

  • Protective styling spray works with heat tools to condition and straighten strands as it helps block humidity and rehydrate hair for ultra-safe styling
  • Helps seal hair and prevent breakage using ThermaGuard Complex.
  • Nourishes and protects hair against damage as it helps block humidity
  • With Jojoba oil and humectants, formula silkens strands and replenishes moisture
  • Keeps hair smooth and straight for up to 24 hours

Honest reviews


Liked it until I realized it might not work

I used to like this product – it was cheap and easy to find. However, every now and again after flat ironing my hair, I’d notice that my hair smelled like it was burnt and sometimes the smell would persist through a wash or two; it became a real issue. It took a few months, but I finally realized that this product doesn’t work as well as it says it does (or at least for me it didn’t). I stopped using it and switched to a higher quality (and much more expensive) heat protectant from Aveda about 6 months ago and I haven’t had the burning smell come back once yet.

Teresa Dartmouth, MA

One of my Favorites

This is one of my favorite John Frieda products. It really works and doesn’t make my hair greasy or feel funny. It smells really good too.

Jenna Saint Michael, MN

So so

I guess with these products it is just down to personal choice and product loyalty. This is no better or no worse than any other protective spray on the market. I do like the Freida products but am not sure I would buy it again. I am more apt to try some other product–always looking for that magic potion.

Priscilla Olean, NY

Great Product

John Frieda’s Frizz Ease line has some pretty amazing products it it, and this is one of my favorites. I love the product, and it arrived very fast as well!

Luz Tignall, GA

Decent styling spray

This spray does a decent job. I notice my hair does look a bit shinier if I use it before curling, and it helps my ends look less frazzled if I haven’t gotten a hair cut in a while. I don’t notice a huge difference, and I have to use it very sparingly and make sure it doesn’t come close to my roots or my hair looks greasy. It’s also great smelling.

Liza Darby, PA

Frizz Ease

Seems fine but definitely no radical and noticeable improvement. I am sure it helps but it is hard to tell.

Maura Fair Oaks, IN

Give up the Salon Brands!

This primer is the real deal! I use to use expensive salon brand primers. This outbeat them! Its great from the spray bottle to the great clean smell. I have straight thick hair thats frizz alot. This product worked wonders with my frizz. I would suggest the use of this product is after wash and before blow dry or straight iron. Don’t think it was design for dry hair. It does give the hair a wet feel so use before your drying process.

Tonya Beech Grove, AR

My Frizz didn’t get ease….

It didn’t do any wonders to my super frizzy hair… It’s like just any heat tamer spray.. Nothing special… I am not gonna order again…

Lakisha East Enterprise, IN

great product to keep on hand at all times

I really like using this, and I always take it with me if I travel! I can tell a difference if I use it than if I don’t, I do have a few other heat protection products, and I switch it up depending on what I am doing to my hair…I normally use this if the weather is bad-raining ect since it keeps the frizz down, which is a big plus, that is my main reason for using this product, and it does work GREAT for frizz!!!the item is as described, and works well. I take it when I travel so I have something with me since I don’t know what the weather will be where I am at… I always like to have it with me!I recommend this product to anybody, especially those that struggle with frizz!!!

Noelle Jefferson, MA


This product is absolutely amazing! After I shampoo and condition my hair with argan oil infused products i spray this on my damp hair and utilize my blow dryer with a paddle brush. This will literally snap my flat iron time in half and also help to keep my hair straight at the roots considering my hair is natural curly and I have not had a perm in 2 years.

Tami Fallbrook, CA

Great for your hair

LOVE this spray. Works wonders on your hair. Helps improve with each use. GOOD price too

Young Somerville, AL

Very Nice for Rainy Days

This product is very good at keeping the frizzies at bay during humid or rainy weather. It sells for a good price and protects hair from intense heat.

Cecelia Grand Blanc, MI

Five Stars

Perfect addition to the set

Miranda Ogunquit, ME

worked for me 🙂

This is the second time I have purchased this item and I have to say that it works really good for my hair. It takes the frizz right out of my hair when straightening, good product.

Janette Mount Holly, NC

This is great to save your hair.

I am so happy with this heat spray. The great news is it helps wet my hair a little when it dried too much before blow drying. I love that it did not make my hair feel sticky. I had no notice of it weighing my hair down it was so light and airy. When I finished blow drying my hair felt soft manageable and I love that my hair is protected. I love this product and wish I had found it sooner. Such a surprise.

Dawn Gladbrook, IA

spray function is great

I really like the way that the spray spreads out the liquid. Much easier to pump and disperses well, also protects against heat pretty well i think.

Merle Los Alamos, NM

Reviews are varied, but……….

I was looking for a leave-in product to use with my new ceramic hair straightening wand that would protect my hair, and I did read these reviews, but liked these three facts: 1) It’s John Frieda 2) The cost was terrific and 3) it helped curb the frizzies in humid weather! I just used it and I really like the very even spray this bottle delivers, it has little or no scent, and if it does, it is light; and wait for it…….IT LEAVES YOUR HAIR LIKE IT HAD TWICE THE VOLUME….no greasy feel like so many other leave-ins, and nice and straight, without looking thin and whispy as so many oily products do. I love this and will be ordering it from now on, forever. Again, another amazing product from Amazon: my shopping site for ‘everything’! PS: those of you who say it does not help very kinky, curly hair; understand, it takes a “relaxer” and a professional salon treatment to change the inherent nature of cultural hair. Don’t expect over the top changes; but for the average head of hair that needs help with humidity, volume and a straight style, this IS the product to purchase.

Susanne Carpenter, WY


product works really well. i have thick frizzy hair and takes forever to blow dry but with this it dries faster and looks so much better. def will buy again

Susie Petersburg, ND

Love it!!

I personally like it because it calms down the frizz while protecting my hair at the same time! I definitely recommend this product just as much as I recommend the rest the John Freida products.

Maricela Bourbon, MO

I just don’t know about this…

I have thinning naturally curly hair, with some hair extensions. I don’t know exactly what this product is supposed to do, but it leaves my hair looking greasy and weighted down. It is less frizzy, but at what cost? Maybe it just isn’t good for my hair type.

Ronda Hallam, NE

Great Product!

My daughter uses this product when she uses her curling iron and it has done a fabulous job of protecting her long hair from damage.

Jeanne Fort Klamath, OR

Hate it

It makes my hair crunchy and hard…terrible and did nothing to help with heat protection at all or to help to give volume. Just bad.

Diana Meadowbrook, WV

This works as it should.

I can now blow dry my hair using only a round brush as opposed to feel I have to use a hair iron to fix my "frizzies," and Lalso have noticed an improvement to the health of my hair when combined with the natural hair coloring I started using at about the same time.This is an important time saver for me as I have baby fine, thin hair that tends to kink and frizz. I’ve also noticed that while my hair still kinks to some extent when I get overheated while wearing my riding helmet, it no longer frizzes.While I’m happy with the results, I removed a star because of the long list of chemical additives. I still search for an organic product that works.

Lena Goodrich, ND

Works for me with flat iron as well! Really like it.

I make a habit of writing “Dry” or “Damp” with a Sharpie on my hair products so I don’t have to look for the directions each time I use a different product. I knew this one said damp, but I took a chance and used it on dry hair. Loved it!!! No matter what I use on wet hair before blow-drying, it’s just not enough. Plus, I’m impatient, and hate blow-drying my longish blonde hair till it’s smooth. I use this now before my InStyler or flatiron, and I’m getting great results. Much smoother, much less frizz as the day goes on. Looks even better when I use it again the second day. I still use a product that’s meant for damp hair before I blow-dry, then this after it’s dry. I spray each section immediately before using the styling tool. When I was much younger I had naturally straight, smooth hair. Through the years it’s gotten slightly drier (probably from styling tools) and slightly coarser (probably from age!) I just reordered this because I like it so much. I’m usually “on to the next new thing,” so that’s saying a lot. My hair is color-treated, and it leaves it shiny and not weighed down. I even spray a little extra on the ends.

Marissa Ash Grove, MO

Depends on the hair

I bought this because the product description said it would protect my hair from humidity. This product did not work for that, and it left this strange smell in my hair.

Ethel Scottsburg, IN


It’s a bit smaller than I expected but I does seem to be working on my hair. I gave it a four star because its kinda smaller than I expected

Faith Brewerton, NY

This is really good!

I love this spray because when I spray this to my hair, it doesn’t just go on one spot with a stream, it sprays it like a mist so it goes to other parts of my hair.It also goes in my hair pretty fast which is good because I could straighten/curl my hair much quicker.Def. recommended!

Myrna Stearns, KY

Perfect protectant

Great heat protectant! Definitely keeps my ends from being fried and my stylist has noticed a change as well so I know the product works.

Evangelina Flat Rock, IN

Great for those high temp irons

Using the high temp irons, I’m really worried about hair damage and this keeps my hair protected and in good condition. It sprays on easily and pleasant odor. A little works well.

Frieda Keeling, VA