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John Frieda Frizz-Ease Extra Strength 6 Effects Serum, 1.69 Ounces

Frizz-ease extra strength serum instantly and dramatically transforms coarse, wiry, unruly frizz for ultra-sleek, purely polished, super-shiny results. It protects and prolongs the life of color treated hair. It has a high-potency blend of silicones infused with aloe and vitamin E which leaves dry, defiant hair extremely supple, easy to manage and healthy-looking. It contains sunscreen and repels humidity to help prevent weather-related frizz and blocks frizz all day.

Key features

  • Protects and prolongs the life of color treated hair
  • High-potency blend of silicones infused with aloe and vitamin E
  • Leaves dry, defiant hair extremely supple, easy to manage and healthy-looking
  • Repels humidity to help prevent weather-related frizz
  • Item is HAZMAT, non-returnable

Honest reviews


It works if you don’t mind heavy hair

I have been using a hair serum to smooth and condition my hair for some time. I finally used up my bottle so put out feelers for a new product. Unfortunately, most of the products recommended to me are not available at Wal-mart in the middle of the ngiht so I opted for John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum rather than the one other product, despite its higher price tag.I suffer with some frizz and fly-aways, especially because my hair is so fine. It can look pretty unkempt only a short time after I brush it so I wanted a product which would smooth it and not let it be quite so unruly. While Frizz Ease Extra Strength Serum does work, it’s rather heavy and leaves my hair feeling greasy.This serum is very comparable to Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum although I prefer the bottle because it looks sleeker (but it comes in a much smaller bottle). Frizz Ease Serum does a better job, in my opinion, but does not smell as nice. It does not smell unpleasant but it does smell a bit too much like perfume and chemicals to me.The bottle instructs to apply a dime sized amount to wet hair. Oddly enough, the official website says to use a quarter sized amount and I think this makes more sense. I like to apply the serum to my brush so my hands do not get greasy. Unfortunately, whether I am using my brush or my hands, the product does not apply evenly. The first area where I apply the product tends to get a thick coating and the rest of my hair sees much less. Of course, this is a problem with any serum.What I do not especially like is how greasy my hair feels. It does not necessarily look greasy but if I touch it with my hands or feel my hair brush my face, I can tell. My hair generally looks really sleek and shiny but it does not have a lot of movement because of the heavy serum which makes clumps of hair stick together. At one point, it even left clumpy residue like cheaper gels. Other people probably wouldn’t notice because I am the only one staring so intently at my hair, however.The problem is, that if I use less, it really doesn’t work all that well. Even having my hair greasy, I’d say only about 75% of my fly-aways and frizz is smoothed down. While this is a decent amount, especially in humid San Antonio, I was looking for something that worked a little better, especially from such a big name.I think what it most disappointing is how long the bottle lasts. I’ve only have it a few weeks and it is already about halfway gone. When I used the Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum, it was in a much larger bottle that literally lasted me years.Overall, Frizz Ease Extra Strength Hair Serum is a product which works with a few drawbacks and has a price tag that will quickly add up with how frequently you will have to replace the product. I will keep on in my search for the perfect frizz product.

Joann Minden, LA

I enjoy this product

I really enjoy using this product. I am African American and I used to straighten my hair with a relaxer. I used this after washing and conditioning and it helps keep the moisture in my hair. After using a blowdryer to straighten, it comes out soft and straight.Now I am natural and still use it on my curls. They are soft after adding it to my wet hair and it retains the curls and coils I have. Nice product!

Margret Oronoco, MN


I have very dry, frizzy hair normally, so I picked this up at Walmart on a whim. There is definitely less frizz when I use this serum, but my hair still isn’t completely tamed, and it still feels pretty dry. I’ve also noticed that my hair doesn’t have as much volume as it normally does. I use this right after getting out of the shower, and even though the bottle says to use one pump, I use 3. My hair isn’t very thick, but it does go down to about mid-back, and when I used one or two pumps I felt like I wasn’t getting enough product in my hair. However even with the three pumps, I don’t feel any residue. I also use it near my roots, even though the bottle says not to, because that’s where most of my frizziness is (right on the top of my head). I then let my hair air-dry and brush it after it’s dry. I think next time I’ll try towel-drying my hair a little before I use the product, and then brushing it to help distribute the serum.Overall I think this is a 3-star product: it helps with my frizz but doesn’t completely get rid of it, and my hair feels dry and flatter. It’s still gorgeous, obviously, but not as nice as when I’ve used other products.

Benita Wallingford, CT

Great value.

I’ve been using Frizz-Ease for 14 years, and love it. With my first bottle, I always used way too much – my hair was smooth but heavy and dirty/greasy looking. The bottle emptied fast. With a little practice, I got the hang of it.I have long, thick, wavy hair, and this is my #1 product. I section off my hair into 4 parts. I place a dime(ish)-sized amount of product in my palm and rub my hands together to coat them evenly, then distribute the serum through the section. Any product left in my hands gets rubbed into the ends.Using this product (or sometimes the yellow bottle if I’m going to flat-iron my hair), my hair is smooth as glass and soft as silk. I don’t get the wiry puffy blow-outs, I don’t have frizz, I don’t have dry ugly ends. This is not a one-stop product though – no serum is. I still use hairspray, pomade, etc., as needed. This just preps my hair for styling, making it look and feel healthier.Aside from my first year or so, when I was heavy-handed, I don’t experience build-up in my hair from using this product. I also use it on my daughter’s hair if I’m blowing it out. I give bottles away as gifts. I love this stuff, and recommend it to everyone.

Summer Freeburn, KY


please do not buy this it makes your hair smell bad plus it is a waste of money DO NOT BUY

Blanca Mineola, NY

VO5, without the grease. Calms and controls wild, frizzy hair.

As I got older, my hair has gone from curly to frizzy and wild hair.I have tried everything without any success. Expensive perms made my hair even worse.This is greaseless but calms your hair without matting.Combs and brushes slide right through my now knotless hair.Wonderful product that solves my frizzy horror.

Candice Mahwah, NJ

Very bad Long Term Choice

Frizz ease and No Frizz work really well to lump on your hair in a hurry and make it look better. But I have been using it long term for 4 months on my daughter’s hair and it is a nightmare. This stuff dries the hair out with its harsh chemicals. Then you use more and more, as it gets drier and drier.My daughter’s hair looks so frizzy, it’s pitiful. We are going to return to at least the no-chemical part of the curly girl method.Additionally, this stuff is flammable and not water soluble, a bunch was dumped on her hair things and they are ruined. I can’t get the oil out of them.

Shelia Graves Mill, VA

Frizz ease pleassssse

No way does this stop frizz well at least not on mine or my daughter’s hair. I even used it to blow dry my daughters hair and nothing I tried it on my wet curly hair and I was frizz city as usual. The best I can say is that it’s give you shine but I can get that from almost anywhere. So this will be my first and last frizz ease purchase.

Michell Aleppo, PA

Didn’t do much but made hair look like straw

The only thing going for this product is that it is inexpensive. Maybe it works well for hair that is slightly fizzy, but for thicker Mediterranean hair, it does nothing to help smooth out. Left my hair looking a little straw-like. Tried it several times with varying amounts, then ended up throwing it out.

Florine Eudora, MO

The Absolute Best!!!

I apply this while still in the shower. My hair feels so soft and silky the next day! A total keeper!!!!! Love it!

Marissa Beattyville, KY

LOVE it, use it every day and it does prevent frizz

I have been using this foryears on my straight, thin hair and it works really well. Especially if you dont have time to straighten, use a half a dime size and it will defrizz in an instant. IT also lasts so long, you hardly need any to make it work its magic.

Reyna Lone Tree, IA

I have kept coming back to this serum year after year!

I first used John Frieda Frizz-Ease serum in high school, when I was still trying to straighten my thick, curly hair. It was the only thing that made my hair soft. For several years after high school, I went curly and tried to do the no-shampoo, no-cone thing a laCurly Girl: The Handbook, but my hair never looked that great. Now I wear it curly all the time, never shampoo it, and use silicone-based products like this one without any problems. This extra-strength version of the serum is the rock of my hair-care regimen. I use six pumps of it every day (if that sounds like an outrageous amount, keep in mind that my hair is very thick and reaches my mid-back after curling up). My hair never feels heavy or greasy unless I use way too much. My hair is curlier, shinier, and more beautiful than ever since I started using this again, and I get compliments every day which is the best. 🙂

Iva South Fallsburg, NY

The best Serum!

I love this serum! I have used store to salon brands. This one beats them all! I use this product after straighten my hair twice a week. Its very easy to use, massages easily into hair, not oily and my hair feels so soft and light. Wish I found this brand sooner!

Lelia New Cambria, KS

Smoother hair

I have gone off and on using this to see if it actually makes a difference. It does 🙂 Can’t speak for the price but I will likely buy this again.

Kathy Ridgway, IL

Better than other products I’ve tried

So far, this is the best product I’ve found for my hair, but I’ve never found one that takes all the frizz out like I’d want. (I have pretty frizzy naturally curly hair.) So, I’ll continue searching, but in the meantime this works pretty well. It’s a little pricey for the tiny bottle, but it lasts quite a while.

Jeannette Persia, IA

Great Frizz Free

I love this frizz ease product, it works great with my naturally curly hair. It arrived very fast as well. I recommend this to all my friends.

Brittney Clinchfield, GA

Good product

I first used this product in 2006 after a friend of mine with armpit length afro hair suggested it to me. She would probably have 3c type hair. She would use it in combination with Redken Anti-snap. I do not know the details of what shampoo or conditioner she used.To blow dry, she used high heat with a paddle brush and then used a GHD flat iron. I prefer to allow my hair to air dry for about 5 mins after applying the leave ins. I then use low heat in combination with a detangling brush primarily when very wet. Once 50% dry, I use the paddle brush to smooth the hair down (in sections). Following this, I use my GHD or High Shine Remington Flat Iron (no higher than 190C) and do this process only once a week – 2 weeks. I’ve been looking for other alternative leave ins but so far have needed to use more than one (mixing Macademia Healing oil, Giovanni’s Frizz be gone and a heat protectant). I tried Aphogee’s Leave In Spray and Neutrogena Triple Silk Leave in and they did nothing for my head of hair. Quite frankly, I notice a difference when drinking more water (as a general rule and taking supplements. I would say drinking 2-3 L of water a day (under a gallon) is highly recommended.One supplement which is key for many women in growing their hair is Mineral Rich Liquid supplement with or without Aloe. Minimize your processed sugar/carb content and watch the difference in your hair.

Elena Greenwood, CA


It smells sooooo good. I used it like 2 or 3 times only and I am mostly satisfied with it.

Veronica Commack, NY

Good product.

Works very nicely on thick wavy hair. I always had the problem with fizziness so this was a great find for me !This makes my hair look shiny and smooth ! No more frizz-ease ! 🙂

Sophie Folsomville, IN

Not the best and expensive!

Not the best product available, that I’ve found. I currently use got2B and it is a far better product and price for my hair (curly). This is very expensive for the amount of product you get in the bottle and I regret purchasing such a large quantity.

Joni San Elizario, TX

Love This

I love this product, I put about three pumps into my hair after showering. I have extremely curly hair that I struggled with when I was younger. I thought the only way I could fix my hair was to blow dry it straight and wear it like that or my only other option was to have it curly but keep it in a tight ponytail or else it would get frizzy and out of control. After awhile I was sick of straightening my hair day after day, it was time-consuming not to mention all the heat from the tools I was using were giving my hair a dry and fried look and feel.I was looking for something that would allow my to just have my hair be curly. SO when I first used this product I was able to just wash my curly hair rub the product through and let it dry curly and I LOVE it. This keeps my curls nice and curly there is no frizz and it keeps my hair silky and soft the next day and when I flat iron it.I took off one star for price because I think its a little much for what you get. I mean this is a very small tube that works off a pump you honestly don’t get that much for $8.00 and I run through these on the fast side although because of how thick my hair is I use a bit more than it says you have to in the directions.Also this is something I just am weird about I dont really like putting this on my hands and then finger combing it through my hair. I just dont like the “gel” texture…but once on the hair ts not sticky or hard or anything.So if your looking for something to tame your hair keep frizz out this is a great product.

Aurelia Pittsburg, CA

No Frizz and Nice Shine

I’ve been using this product for 10 years and it still does what it states. I tried numerous other products to tame the Frizz but John Frieda’s product beats them all. No heavy buildup of residue either.

Mavis Woxall, PA

Must have

My hair is so coarse and dry, but this product really makes my hair look so much better. I have been using this product forever. I have tried other more expensive brand serums but this one is the best so far.

Amy Red Cloud, NE

Bought as a gift.

My Mom has natural, extremely curly, thick hair that loves to frizz. I cut and style her hair most of the time and from dealing with it personally, freshly washed on a windy day she looks like she put her finger in an electric socket. I say it with love. I found this for her by accident. She has used regular frizz-ease for years and it works fairly well but this Extra Strength works so much better for her. She uses it ever time she washes her hair along with a leave in conditioner and the frizz is much, much better. Her curls stay intact longer and look better than they ever have. I use a little tiny bit on my own hair once in a while and it’s a bit to heavy for my own for the most part naturally straight hair. But for thick hair with frizz, perfection.

Tracy Norwich, OH

best anti-frizz product I’ve tried yet

I had previously been using the two-phase, lightweight frizz control serum from John Frieda, and I was pretty happy with it. But I ran out and couldn’t wait for more to ship, and the local store I shop at didn’t seem to have any in stock. They did have this, though, so I figured I would give it a try. And I like it even more than the lighter-weight product.I have waist-length color treated hair. I wear it straight. This product contains some silicones, which I have read are good for straight hair. Silicone-containing shampoos and conditioners have certainly helped me out, so perhaps there is some truth to what I’ve read. (I can’t speak for other hair types.) Because my hair is color-treated, it tends to be dry; frizz is what happens when dry hair absorbs moisture from the air and Georgia is certainly humid for much of the year. The silicones in this product coat the hair and keep it from absorbing moisture, which is supposed to reduce frizz. In my case, it definitely works.I pump about three pumps’ worth into my hand (I have a lot of hair), rub it between my hands, and apply to lightly towel-dried hair. I then run a detangling brush through my hair to more evenly distribute the product, and I let my hair air dry. I do have to use a lot of this stuff, but that’s to be expected with my hair length. My hair is now softer and shinier than ever, and actually stays flat and straight all day, and the frizz is gone. If your hair is color-treated or otherwise dry and you wear it straight, I highly recommend this product as an anti-frizz measure.Update 2/1/14: I’ve tried the new formula (with the silk protein) and the new dispenser. I still think the product is great, but I don’t like the new bottle. It’s hard to get product out without it running down the side, and it’s a bit top-heavy due to the design. However, I still love — and will continue to buy — this.

Madeleine Dale, TX

Good Stuff!

You can never go wrong with the classics! When used properly it works really well and takes care of frizz.

Jodie Petersburg, AK