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John Frieda Frizz-Ease Expert Finish Polishing Serum, 1.69 Fluid Ounce

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Expert Finish Polishing Serum, 1.69 Fluid Ounce

Key features

  • Applied to dry hair, it finishes hair for a smooth, sleek look
  • Guards frizzy hair against the style ruining effects of frizz, flyaways and humidity

Honest reviews



I had REALLY bad frizzing with my eurasian hair. I used this bad boy twice, didnt have a problem again. Staple product from now on to control frizz. A little goes a long way. I barely used much when it was wet.

Maude Clairfield, TN

Great product

I wanted to try a new good serum which had thermal protection. This is a good serum that really does stop frizz even when I blow dry my curly hair. I have always had soft curly hair but they would get super frizzy when blow drying or if the humidity increased a bit. This really does work really well and has a nice mild scent that isn’t over-powering or cloying. Definitely worth a buy. However, be sure to use small amounts cause it does cause it can little build-up.

Lauren Clemons, NY


I started using the original serum 14 years ago and fell in love. I switched to this Thermal Protection formula a couple years ago because I was blow-drying and flat-ironing my hair on a regular basis. The John Frieda line has always impressed me, and this product was no different.This is not as thick or “powerful” as the extra-strength formula, so if you have very dry or coarse hair, you should try that one, and use something separate to protect from heat-styling. But for normal-dry hair, even processed (my hair is dyed), it’s just fine. I have long hair – usually 4-6 inches past my shoulders. I divide my hair into two sections, and squirt a little less than a quarter sized amount of serum in my palm for each section, working it through my hair (especially the ends). Then I do my hair. When I forget to use this before blowing out my hair, the difference is enormous – it’s puffy, frizzy, and tangles easily. With the serum, it’s smooth, glassy, and well-behaved. I often get compliments on my hair – from stylists!One thing to remember: the “dime-sized” amount the bottle says to use – that’s for men, I think. No way is that enough for thick or long hair. It took me a few tries to figure out how much I needed for my hair. But this is a great tool to have in your hair-styling arsenal.

Natasha Beulah, WY

great for summer time

I love this product in the summer time. It is hard for my hair to survive the summer without becoming a gigantic frizz-ball. And I haven’t found any product that tames the frizz better than this.I put a small amount, maybe quarter size, in my hands, rub them together, and then run my hands through my hair right after I get out of the shower. I also spray it with a leave-in conditioner before I comb. This serum isn’t really a conditioner, so I try to use both. If I only used the serum, I’d have a hard time combing through my wet hair.If you haven’t used this product or another silicone-based product before, I’d encourage you to also buy a clarifying shampoo and use it once a week or so. The silicone builds up on your hair, and so every now and then you need a clarifying shampoo to remove the build-up. If I don’t use one, my hair starts to get really flat and loses all shine. I have been using Pantene’s Ice Shine shampoo, and that works very well as a clarifying shampoo.

Erma Winfield, IA


Very Good quality

Nan Hudson, WY

There are better frizz-fighers

I have tried many products in the past two years to help with my dry damaged hair, and this is one of the products I tried that did very to little help my hair. The recommended amount on the bottle is no where near enough for long hair. Even when I use enough for adequate coverage, my hair is still dry and frizzy (especially on the ends) and not shiny at all. This does tend to build in undesired areas and leave a slight residue in my hair which makes it appear darker.Additionally-this product does not mix well with other products. I tried using this pureology (leave in conditioner), nexus split end mend, and pequi oil and this serum did not cover my hair when used over these products, and my hair did not absorb any of these products when I tried to use them over this Frizz-Ease UV.There are a few positive things I can say about this product-one is the UV and Thermal Protection. I haven’t had much luck with other thermal protection products-but I can feel the difference between my blow-dried hair when this product is used and it is not used. I am sometimes forced into the sun a lot and this does make my hair less dry and crunchy when applied before heading out. However-these effects are very small and very short lived.I would recommend this to some one who has straight not damaged hair, darker hair, and needs thermal protection but does not like to layer hair products.Hair type: wavy to curly, dry damaged ends, greasy roots (occasionally), lightened (blonde), long

Karen Silver Creek, GA

I use it every time I blowdry

I use this product just on the ends of my hair to protect from split ends. It works, I have no split ends and people always comment on how healthy my LONG hair looks. Just use VERY little, because it is an oil and could flatten your hair if too much gets on your brush.

Veronica Furman, AL

Fantastic product!

I tried this serum months ago, but after a few days it seemed too oily and heavy for my hair. So I quit and started using a Redken product… which was great at first, but quickly built up on my hair. Then I read a review by a woman with long hair like mine. She said the trick is this:After shampooing and using normal rinse-out conditioner or detangler, wrap your hair in a towel turban to remove as much moisture as possible. Remove towel, detangle hair with fingers then a brush (to avoid breakage). Then squirt a single pump of the serum into your palm, rub palms together, then lightly work it through the pony tail of your hair. Do NOT apply it to the top.Blow dry with a brush. The brush works the serum through all of your hair. After I blow dry with a brush, I use a flat iron. (I know, I don’t love to do all this work either.) The serum seems to protect my hair from as much flat iron damage as possible.Result: Silky, sexy long hair. I love this product, and don’t get results like this from anything else. Good luck!

Kimberly Warden, WA

Hair feels good

It’s hard to say if it’s really protecting my hair from the heat but I like the texture it gives to my hair. For the price it’s really worth trying it.

Marla New Richmond, WI


I use this everyday. It is light, and it makes your color darker and vibrant. In the middle of the day, a little bit revives your hair. Great product!!

Deidra Malta, ID