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John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo, 10 Ounce

This shampoo starts blocking frizz in the shower for easy styling. With our frizz-mending complex, it smoothes strands, hydrates to replenish vital moisture and restores hair’s natural defense against frizz. Leaves parched tresses silky, shiny and highly manageable.

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  • John Frieda Frizz Ease Dream Curls Shampoo, 10 Ounce

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What I learned from trying 5 different hydrating products

I was a classic too-manly-for-hair-care male until I recently resolved (out of either vanity or self-respect, or maybe both) to start attending more carefully to my health/appearance/grooming. Hair is, of course, at the front line of that battle, so I interrogated some professional hair people and did some Internet browsing and learned that hair care is only partly a matter of what products you use. Healthy hair is also the result of things like drinking water and eating right and avoiding excessive sun or heat. Hair is, in fact, the most reliable indicator of whether a person is healthy. (See the Wikipedia page on “hair care,” for starters.) And I learned that when it comes to hair products, I should look for ones that say “hydrating.” (This as opposed to “moisturizing,” which merely gives the appearance of hydration.) That’s because hydrated hair is pretty much what healthy hair
• is.
• I then spent a decent (if not ridiculous) amount of time browsing Amazon’s hydrating hair products and reading the reviews, and then I experimented with 5 different, relatively inexpensive products.The bottom line is that none of the 5 products are magical but I have noticed a mild to moderate improvement in shine, darkness, and thickness. (If you have recommendations for a near-magical product, I’m counting on you to let me know.) Given what I’ve seen from the different products, I will probably settle into a routine of using a small amount of the Frieda shampoo and conditioner daily, and then using an overnight treatment maybe once a month (but probably not the L’Oreal one).That doesn’t mean I recommend (or don’t) any of these products for you. Another thing I learned while researching hair is that we are all unique little flowers with very different filaments on our noggins that respond differently to different things. So rather than recommending a particular product, I recommend that you do some trials and see what works for you.Below is a detailed review of each product.
• John Frieda Frizz-Ease Shampoo (My rating: 4.3 stars) (Current price: $0.60/ounce) – It works noticeably better than my old shampoo (Aussie Smooth). With this shampoo, my hair stays wet after a shower about 40% longer and it retains a subtle moisture all day. After a shower, when I comb my wet hair, I can hardly even feel it because there is so little resistance against the comb. In other words, my hair becomes a weird combination of wet and airy. The shampoo seems to work best when I leave it in for a minute or two before rinsing. I only need to use about a nickel-sized amount (I have medium-to-shaggy hair). It has a scent that is a little too much like a household cleaning product, but it’s a faint smell and goes away after the shower.
• John Frieda Frizz-Ease Conditioner(3.8 stars) ($0.54/ounce) – If the shampoo does most of the moisturizing “work,” then the conditioner seems kind of like the sealant to lock it in and protect it all day, and to make your hair more “manageable.” This conditioner does that job well enough but I only use a little bit of it because it makes my hair a little too helmet-y for my liking. Maybe you like that from a conditioner–I don’t. I prefer that my hair move in the breeze. This conditioner would probably have a more desirable effect for people with long (at least shoulder-length) hair. As for the scent, I would describe it as “neutral.”
• L’Oreal EverStrong Conditioner(3.2 stars) ($0.66/ounce) – This seems to have the same effect as the Frieda conditioner, except that it makes my hair even slightly more helmet-y. Also, it has an initially-strong scent that faintly lingers in my hair all day, even when I only use a dime-sized amount. It’s a smell that I would describe as endurable but not pleasant.
• Paul Mitchell leave-in conditioner(3.0 stars) ($1.03/ounce) – My second-biggest complaint with this product is that it is sort of annoying to apply – after the shower, you have to dab a few blotches of it onto your damp hair and then brush it through. My biggest complaint is that it doesn’t seem to be doing anything beyond what the other conditioners do. It works well enough and makes my hair nice and dark and helmet-y but so do the other conditioners. Plus, I don’t think it’s doing much to make my hair healthier because you only apply it to the end of the hair and not to the scalp. That means it also requires a good amount of the blue gel to work it through all of your hair.
• L’Oreal EverStrong Overnight Treatment(2.5 stars) ($1.76/ounce) – I have only used it a few times but haven’t noticed anything magical. You apply it to dry hair at night, work it through the ends, and then sleep with your hair in a mildly goopy state. I didn’t check carefully, but I would be surprised if your hair doesn’t leave a mark on your pillowcase. And it takes a lot of goop, even for a guy with reasonably short hair like me. Maybe it would be worth it if it gave my hair a brilliant luster or thickness, but it doesn’t seem to do much at all, at least not above what the shampoo and conditioner are already doing. I am unlikely to get it again.—P.S. – Many of these same products are probably available at your local Wal-Mart (or whatever), and probably for a 10-25% lower price.P.P.S. – A couple years ago, I experimented with using no hair products at all… for months. I had read some caveman-y theories about how hair products damage our hair because they crowd out the natural moisturizing chemicals and blah blah. All I can say is that it didn’t work for me. It’s true that my hair during those months was surprisingly less nappy and gross than I expected, and it’s maybe even true that the artificial chemicals we put on our scalps have some serious, unwelcome consequences, but all I can say is that I much prefer how my hair looks and feels after it’s been shampooed, to the point that I’m willing to take whatever risks those chemicals may pose.

Marci Greenwich, UT

The right consistency

For dry hair and everyday quick use. All conditioners should have a bottom end opening like this so you don’t have to shake the bottle.

Claire Eupora, MS

Great Shampoo

I bought this in addition to some other hair care products so I can’t tell if this product in particular makes all the difference, but when I use it I have good hair days. It makes me hair feel smooth and silky.

Francine Mc Quady, KY

Nice aroma and does what it says

Smells nice and leaves my hair looking shiny and mostly frizz-free! I’ve tried other brands and John Freida types but always end up coming back to this one.

Helena Pineville, SC

Does the trick for my frizzy hair!

I have brittle, frizzy, processed, blonde hair that I blow dry and flat iron daily. So, yeah, I need shampoo with some serious moisturizing! This shampoo does the trick! My hair stays smooth and shiny (and frizz-free) when I use this product.

Lashonda Angola, IN


Frizz Ease Smooth Start Hydrating Shampoo For Extra Dry Hair by John Frieda, 10 Ounce is very good for my hair

Janelle Sonora, CA