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John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Daily Styling Spray 6.7oz

Transforms wilted waves & curls into sexy swerves, curves & spirals. Alcohol-free formula leaves hair super-silky, never crispy. Breakthrough curl perfecter transforms wilted waves and curls, just spray and scrunch for the curls of your dreams sexy, highly defined swirls and curls that are soft and silky. Innovative magnesium enriched formula penetrates hair to restore elasticity and spring, boosting and enhancing your natural curl pattern. Special conditioning and glossing agents help leave hair frizz free and glistening with healthy-looking shine. Non-greasy, non-sticky, and alcohol free formula.

Key features

  • Transforms wilted waves and curls into sexy swerves, curves and spirals
  • Alcohol-free formula leaves hair super-silky, never crispy
  • Breakthrough curl perfected transforms wilted waves and curls
  • Transforms wilted waves & curls into sexy swerves, curves and spirals
  • Non-greasy and non-sticky

Honest reviews


Makes hair dry, sticky, and does NOT eliminate friz nor help bring out curls

John Frieda sucks…but for some reason I decided to purchase this around 6 months ago in hopes it would work. It didn’t the first use, second use…or 50th use. This spray is sticky and leaves hair in horrible condition.Do NOT recommend this. I am sure this is made for straight-haired girls like most of his products. I have thick, wavy hair and this stuff sucks. I can curl my hair with my friggin finger better than with this product!

Maggie Free Union, VA

Curls curls curls!

I love having this on hand to use in the morning when I wake up and my waves/curls are FLAT. I spritz this in and scrunch it up and it’s good to go. Also I like to spray this in to roughen up my hair before I put a curling iron to it. Works really well for that too!

Adeline Westport, IN

Baby soft curls!

Love this spray! I’ve been using this spray for about a month now and I love the way my hair actually gets softer as is dries (instead of stiffer like with gels) and still holds the curls! I use it pretty much every day that I don’t straighten my hair. Works good for second day curls for those of us with hair that dries out too much if you wash it every day. My hair does tend to dry out if this is the ONLY product I use so I still use a leave in conditioner and a little serum after washing my hair (but my hair is naturally dry so that’s not surprising). Overall, I would reccomend this product, its the best one of it’s kind of I’ve found so far!

Claudine Barnes City, IA

John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Perfecting Spray did not do anything for my curls

* John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Perfecting Spray did not do anything for my curls* I will have to try something else that might work better* I liked the Beyond Zone or the Got2B Smooth Operator to make my curls soft and managable

Gertrude Glencliff, NH


I have confused hair that is naturally fine and curly/wavy. I’ve tried many over the counter products that all seemed to work the same. Because I have good curly hair days and bad, it takes me awhile to determine whether I like a product. Until I found this. I’ve used this product in combination with Loreal Everstyle Curl Creme and I’ve had great results for a week straight. Doesn’t sound like much, but that is huge! I use about 5 sprays for my fine hair and comb through with a wide tooth comb. Then I scrunch my hair with an old soft tshirt. After that, I apply my curl creme (sparingly, too much of anything is not a good thing with my hair!) and defuse on low/warm. I find that the less I pay attention to scrunching while defusing, the better off I am. Actually, sometimes I check my phone while blowdrying and it comes out even better weirdly enough! This product did not make my fine hair fall flat. In fact, I notice much more volume if I concentrate first on the top/sides of my head and save the bottom for last. It does make my hair slightly crunchy, but I wait until my hair is completely dry (since I don’t blow dry all the way with the diffuser) and I just scrunch out the crunch. The curls/waves stay. Sometimes I finish with a little hairspray….but otherwise, I love it! As a side note, I’ve tried the CVS knockoff as well and that works the same way…

Della Amesville, OH

Dream Curls

I’ll start out by saying that I have fine,dry, frizzy, slightly longer than shoulder length curly/wavy hair. I say curly and wavy because it can be extremely curly but also can be more relaxed in places. With the right product my hair can have an awesome messy bedhead look or a defined sleek curl or somewhere in between. If your like me, you have alot of bad hair days and products like this are the answer. Ever since I stopped being able to buy Loreal Pumping Curls spray in the stores I about gave up on sprays that promise to give life to and define your curls. While this one is not as good as my old favorite it comes quite close.The first thing I have to say is that while Dream Curls promises a non crunchy finish I have to strongly disagree. I’ve tried this product a few different ways and have not yet found one that leaves me with a full head of non crunchy curls. This may be due to how my hair works, so dont hold me to it, but in order for me to have almost frizz free, defined and gorgeous curls I have to put up with a bit of a crunch for the first day. The 2nd,3rd and sometimes 4th day results are what make this product a winner for me. Because of my hair type I hate washing my hair if I dont have to, so a hair product that doesnt leave alot of residue and keeps working till I break down and decide to wash it again is really important. On 2nd days I usually don’t have to do anything and I still have curls(which not many products can do) and by now, the crunchiness is gone which is another plus.To get the best results from Dream Curls, I wait to use this till I am ready to dry my hair(I dont use this when drying naturally because to me my curls do not look any different with it unless I use the diffuser). When my hair is wet I use the Frizz Ease serum(the one with the heat protectant) and Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Smoothing Cream. Before the Dream Curls I was using just the two with decent results just not as defined and springy. I have also tried using this spray on towel dried hair with no other products and combed through to distribute evenly (like the instructions state) but did not have very good results. I find just spraying evenly througout my hair and scrunching a bit before diffusing is the best method.

Debra Chatham, MA