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John Frieda Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioning Spray by John Frieda for Unisex Hair Spray, 8 Ounce

Nurture your hair and see it shine. Fortifying and conditioning formula instantly detangles and improves manageability while nourishing dry, damaged hair with an infusion of vitamins and nutrients. With a protective blend of vitamins A, E, C and green tea extract, it helps safeguard hair from damage caused by heat-styling and sun exposure. Formula with wheat protein and glycerin helps repair and revitalize. The result: silky-smooth hair with improved strength and a healthy, vibrant shine.

Key features

  • Frizz ease daily nourishment leave-in conditioning spray by John Frieda for unisex-8 ounce hair spray
  • Frizz Ease Daily Nourishment Leave-In Conditioning Spray by John Frieda for men
  • For strong hair resistant to breakage

Honest reviews


Doesn’t help on frizz

This product doesn’t help stop my frizzy hair at all but I gave it three stars because it smells amazing and does a great job at detangling my hair. I have long, thick hair that is hard to comb, even with conditioner, and this helps me comb my hair without ripping a bunch of knots out.

Nikki Ronda, NC


I like this product because it leaves the hair moist and soft. It is much more manageable and if you blow dry, the hair does not feel brittle and dry.

Sheena Kapolei, HI

can not go without

I have to use this to be able to brush through my coarse & wavy hair after showering. It absolutely changes the texture of my hair too. There have been a couple of times where I don’t feel like buying more so I run out, and then a couple of weeks later my hair feels dry and dead. Use it, you need it 🙂

Althea Cobalt, CT

smooth and silky hair

I reorder this product because it is the healthiest product I can use on my wavy hair. Some grey gets wirey but Frizz Ease makes all that go away for a week. I put a braid in my hair almost every day but at night when I take it out, my hair is still smooth and shiny without braid wave. I Love this product .I stock up on it afraid that one day I might not be able to get it. By the way ,my hair is as this as 3 woman and past my waist. This is a good product.

Bonita Arroyo Seco, NM


Works wonders on your hair. Leaving it better with each use.

Joanne Warwick, MD

Won’t ever buy another product

This does WONDERS for my frizzy hair! I love it! The "unisex" version is so much cheaper and exactly the same as the brand marketed toward women, which is frustratingly more expensive. I’m happy! I won’t switch unless I’m forced to!

Shelia Great Neck, NY

Not sure it does much for my hair

I love other John Frieda products, but this one I’m not sure does anything for my hair… I tried it for a week and didn’t think my hair look any better.

Kathryn Forest River, ND