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John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Styling Spray, 3.5 Fluid Ounce

Frizz ease 3-day straight semi-permanent styling spray 3.5 fluid ounce creates visibly straighter hair for up to 3 days.

Key features

  • Proprietary blend of polymers with keratin protein wraps each strand, sealing in straight styles for up to 3 days. Keeps hair glossy, smooth, and swinging with body
  • Transform curly, frizzy hair into a straight, smooth style that lasts up to 3 days
  • Our revolutionary heat-activated formula wraps each strand to seal in longer-lasting straightness without weighing hair down

Honest reviews


Holy Cow, It Works!

I’d more or less given up on trying to straighten my hair. My hair is normally type 3 according to, which means they’re defined but still very soft (think Taylor Swift or Debra Messing). For some reason though, no products ever worked despite not having particularly stubborn hair. I think the problem with most other straightening products is they try to moisturize and reduce frizz, which merely leaves me with moist frizz.This stuff WORKED. I used probably 15 sprays on my towel-dried hair because I have a lot of it. Five minutes blow-drying with my brush attachment and it’s stick straight. I don’t even have to flat iron it! I’m flabbergasted. It has no smell and leaves your hair soft and not-greasy. No word yet on how long it lasts, this is the first day. I’ll update as soon as the three days are up. Things are looking good!EDIT: So a lot more than three days have passed, but whatever. After the first day my hair started to kink out again, but a quick run with a straightener fixed it. I’ve discovered that what this spray really does is make your hair very malleable without adding grease. I’ve started using the spray, drying my hair with a comb attachment, then rolling my hair up in pin curls (no heat, just bobby pins). After five minutes I let them down and my hair is wonderfully wavy and it lasts for days. I would suggest this product for anyone who’s hair won’t hold curls.

Darcy Monument Valley, UT

Does what it says…with some drawbacks.

This Product is OK. it does work, but at the same time it has two really big drawbacks.Positives: It does keep my hair straight for the three days and pretty silky (I have really curly hair that tends to frizz when its humid). It didn’t leave any sticky residue and I like that it had a heat protectant in the product. The bottle has a spray nozzel attached which I was happy about as I hate having to put gunk in my hands and then comb in through my hair with my fingers.Negatives: the directions have you spray on damp or wet hair (specifically said NOT dry hair) so having to straighten wet curly hair is really HARD it makes hair extremely fluffy and I feel like I’m giving my self a mess of split ends with the constant brushing. my usual routine is to wait for my hair to dry completly before attempting to straighten which took around 20-25mins. This way takes around a 45-65 minutes so it makes the whole process about a half-hour longer.

Janette Ambler, PA

Didn’t work for me

I have taken to my blog to complain about my frizzy hair many times and all the products that I have tried to tame it. From different shampoos, top of the line straighteners, gels, mousse, hair spray, etc, I have tried many, many products. My latest shot was given to John Frieda Frizz Ease 3-Day Straight Styling Spray. I had started to see the commercials on TV with the models with the gorgeous straight and shiny locks flouncing about, and then I saw the product for only $10 at my local Walgreens. Why not, right? So I bought it, eagerly went home and showered, then sprayed the product throughout my hair 15 times. The directions say to apply to damp or wet hair, with 7-15 sprays. My hair is always super frizzy, so I thought the 15 would really help. I also have long hair (halfway down my back) and it is very fine and thin, and the wavy kind of curly. Back to the spraying. Got the 15 sprays in, then blow-dried my hair, also according to the directions. After a thorough blow-dry came the straightening. I have an expensive Chi straightener, one that gets super hot super fast. When I got done straightening my hair looked….worse than it usually does! It was hard and clumpy and even though I had just showered, it looked oily and dirty. And was on frizz-overload. Fail.Take two. I assumed that using 15 sprays was too much. I tried again the following week. Shampoo, condition, rinse, spray (10 sprays this time), blow-dry, straighten. Results…same. Gross looking hair, even frizzier than when I did my normal routine of just using a straightening gel. Fail.Take three. This was going to be my final attempts with the spray. Tried only 7 sprays this time, thinking it was simply my fault for using too much product and that was causing my hair to look icky. But the results were once again the same. My hair looked even more frizzy (which I truly thought was impossible with the amount of frizz my hair showcases), it looked dirty, and it felt gross to touch.My results were not at all pleasant. This spray has been chucked to the back of my linen closet in disgust. I won’t lie- I have heard some good things about John Frieda, and really held out hope that this was going to work for me. I have read the other reviews on Amazon saying it worked like a charm and I am dumbfounded. Not sure if you need a certain hair type to achieve the results. I know this spray is supposed to turn your curls to straight, but also reduce the amount of frizz. While it may have helped straighten the kinks a little bit, they straightness didn’t last for three days, and there is no way I could keep me hair unwashed for that amount of time looking as dirty as it did. I will not be recommending this product, and my quest to tame the frizz continues.

Tamika Porters Sideling, PA

sticky, greasy, gross

I’ve used some other products in the John Frieda line and never had a bad experience. This product is the exception. It is simply awful. For years, I’ve been using KMS Flat OutKMS Flat Out Hot Pressed Spray 6.8 oz.and decided to try the cheaper John Frieda 3-Day Straight after I saw an ad for it. Thinking back on my previous positive John Frieda experiences, I thought I’d give it a try. I wish I hadn’t!You apply the product to wet hair and then blow dry. The product indicates that a flat iron can be used for maximum straightness. I blow dried my hair and the level of straight was laughable because it was not straight at all. I pulled out the flat iron and while it created a fairly flat effect, my hair wasn’t as flat as when I used the KMS product. The 3-Day Straight did do something my KMS product never does — leave me with a greasy, sticky style. While I wanted to wash my hair immediately, I decided to test its claimed longevity of three days. That was also laughable. I woke up the next day to greasy curls. While the product indicates a flat iron can be used on days two and three for touch ups, I did not see how my hair could be salvaged.This product is junk and I wish I would not have purchased it.

Whitney Browning, IL

Love this product for my fine hair

I have very fine, thin and wavy hair. It has a mind of its own most of the time. Most of the time I blow dry it straight but not without using this product first! this really makes it more silky and not greasy. It does tame most of the frizz but doesnt hold up if I go outside and its damp or misty or raining. I havent found any product that can do that for me. So I stick to this one as my favorite. I would totally recommend to anyone with my hair type to try it for sure!

Myrtle Naval Air Station/ Jrb, TX


I was hesitant to try this. I have spent hundreds of dollars trying to de-frizz and straighten my hair.I tried this multiple times.1) just straight iron2) just blow dry3) no straight iron or blowdry, just the sprayI didn’t try the blow dry and straight iron as the instructions stated because I don’t have time for that.The blow dry only worked the best. 3 days later, my hair was still straight and had less frizz without any other styling products.I was hoping it would work w/o blow dry or straight iron, but guess not.

Jill Ninety Six, SC

problem cowlick tamed

My hair is wavy, wiry and fine, so I have a lot of difficulty styling it. My secret weapon against a particularly troublesome cowlick is this 3-day Straight styling spray. I spritz the cowlick 2 or 3 times, then iron it out with my Conair 2-in-1 curling iron (it’s a curling iron/blow dryer combo). It tames the cowlick for far longer than the advertised 3 days. I highly recommend this product.Conair Hot Air Curling Combo, 1.5 Inch

Elva Roberts, MT


This is an amazing product. Now, I don’t really have curly hair at all – it’s mostly straight with a slight wave, but tends to get extremely frizzy. I sprayed this on damp hair, blow dried it straight and then straightened with my flat iron. I noticed that my hair became straighter easier – I didn’t have to pass the flat iron through my hair so many times. Most days, my hair has kinks in it by lunchtime, and the ends are all flipped out. That day, it stayed perfectly straight all day! I was so impressed. I didn’t expect it to last overnight, however. What usually happens is I put it in a ponytail and go to sleep, then wake up with waves EVERYWHERE, having to straighten it again (20 mins) or take a shower and then blowdry and straighten (45 mins). This time? Not a wave in sight. I didn’t even have to style my hair at all that day and that was so amazingly refreshing. I just brushed it, put some dry shampoo in the roots and left. I am so looking forward to having a ton of time in my mornings to make a smoothie or take my dog for a longer walk. The third day, my hair was really greasy (I usually wash my hair every day) but still amazingly straight!Overall, I am so so so satisfied with this product. It didn’t feel sticky or gross at all, and I didn’t get product buildup. If that happened to you then I would recommend spraying less in – you don’t need much.

Jocelyn Lake Linden, MI

Curly hair rejoice!

Let me start by saying this is my new favorite hair product. I have curly hair, which I don’t mind, but it’s so frizzy when I do try to wear it straight it doesn’t even look good. 15 sprays of this product later and I’m in love! Not only did it make my hair pin straight, it stayed smooth and lovely while I ran around downtown Seattle in the rain and humidity for (4 days now!) After wearing my hair up tight it does require a few touchups with a straightener on the ends, but hardly at all.My favorite thing about this product is that it doesn’t feel like there’s anything in my hair, most straightening products have left my hair feeling weighed down or greasy, this is the lightest weight, most effective product I have ever tried… and also the least expensive!5/5 would recommend to anyone wanting straight hair that isn’t greasy or frizzy.

Miriam Glenwood, IL

This product delivers!

At first I didn’t think any product could keep your hair smooth for this long, but this product works. You spray it on damp hair, blow dry and straight iron and your hair stays just right for days! No frizz or flyaways. No constant application of more heat to damage your hair. Just consistently nice hair.

Brenda Alberta, MN

May not totally straighten, but great heat protection

Smells great, makes my curly/frizzy hair quite smooth when I use it with a flat iron. I’m on my second bottle, no complaints. Nice product at a good price.

Angelique Rouses Point, NY

This Really Works

I bought this through Amazon after reading the reviews and I must say it works great. It is made to use while blowing dry and then using a heat styling tool like a curling or flat iron. It is meant to keep your hair straight once you get it there and it definitely works for me.Initially I would not say it is weightless but once my hair is done, the only sign I can tell that it is in my hair is actually how great my hair looks and how it stays that way. I exercise outside in the evenings and it still looks great. Usually my naturally curly hair frizzes and gets full and out of control but with this, it just looks great.Another thing I like about it is that it seems to protect from the heat which is great because I am trying to get my hair longer and have to go frequently to trim dry ends. With this my hair stays in great shape and due to the fact I am styling it less frequently, I know I can finally get some significant growth going on.Thanks John Frieda for this product. I love love love this stuff!!

Earnestine Belhaven, NC

OK, but not a miracle.

This product works OK. Your hair dries a little faster, but this is not the miracle we keep searching for.

Luisa North Powder, OR

Best straightener for fine hair

This product is amazing. It gives my fine, wavy hair a frizz-free straight style that lasts through a convertible ride.

Suzette Adamsburg, PA

straight hair

I do love the product, I believe it does make a difference in the way my hair comes out. I do use about 3-4 other products on my hair so it is hard to tell. I do think that this does make a difference in getting my hair straighter.

Imogene Gloucester, NC

Disappointed 2C – Don’t even try w/o iron

I am a 2C (see Using as directed, after the blow-dry, my hair looks & feels worse than ever – dry sticky straw, major frizz. The instructions say for “best results” a flat iron is recommended… for me, it is downright unacceptable without the flatiron step. After flat ironing, it looks OK – but not at all silky nor sleek – straight, but still dry looking. Once I spray in some silicones, it is quite nice and will hold up for three days, which is saying something in Houston humidity. I can definitely tell it is drying; I’ve had some success pre-treating with leave-in conditioner to offset the drying w/o decreasing straightening longevity. I’ll finish off the bottle, but not likely to buy again.

Lakisha Oakes, ND

Miracle Cure? Probably Not

So I was a little worried about this product hearing some of the reviews. I thought it would be sticky, thick, and make my hair feel gross. So when I received and tried it out, I decided to do the minimal squirting required, and follow the directions from there. After my hair was finished my ends were still frizzy but my hair was super soft. The next day, my hair was a little kinky, but not as wavy as it would have been normally. I tried it again, squirted every strand of hair, made sure there were absolutely no dry bits, and straightened in sections. My hair, which would normally feel fried after all that, felt great, not even a little bit sticky. My hair was pretty straight, and minimally frizzy. The next day, my hair was very kinky, but was pretty easy to straighten out. The third day, it had lost its straight and my hair started to feel like it was drying it. I feel like this is a good assistant to styling, but not the miracle cure for uncontrollable hair. So if your hair has a lot of problems to began with, this probably won’t be your answer.

Noreen Richville, MN

No damage so far

I have fine, colour treated hair and while it is not curly, it gets fuzzy and looks like a halo of cotton candy when I wake up. I have recently trained my hair to being washed 2-3 times a week instead of every other day. Believe it or not, after you get over the initial greasy stage (can someone tell me how to use a dry shampoo effectively?) your hair is actually healthier and has more body. Took a few weeks of pony tails but now I am glad I did it.Anyway, back to Three Days Straight. I wash, condition, apply a leave in conditioner and a heat protector (the last step might be overkill) before applying this product. Since I don’t have much hair and it is very fine, straightening treatments make it completely flat so I sometimes apply a little mousse to the roots. While my hair is still wet, I spritz 7-8 sprays of Three Days Straight into may hair avoiding the roots (might not work as well for those with very curly hair.) I blow dry my hair quickly just to get it dry. While my ends get fuzzy if I don’t use a round brush, I have found that it ultimately makes no difference at all whether I make an effort to straighten it with the drier or not because in the end it is the straightening iron that does the real work. After my hair is completely dry, I quickly run an iron through it (again avoiding the roots) and it looks super sleek and smooth and is often pretty soft as well. Lately I’ve been wearing extensions for volume and even with sleek straight hair, if applied correctly, they don’t show. (I have used the Three Days Straight on my extensions but realise it is not really necessary.)Alcohol is one of the top ingredients so I try to use this only once a week although if I am going out a lot I may use it twice. I pile my hair up loosely on my head at night and may have to touch up ever so slightly with the iron the following morning if the kink is in the wrong place. Has worked well for me so far with no damage I can directly attribute to this product. It’s never felt sticky and is only greasy when it is already high time for another wash. Not sure if it is the best thing for your hair but makes a big a difference in my appearance. Will be using it until the next big thing comes out!

Randi Tonalea, AZ

I don’t recommend it for color treated hair

I have fine, curly, and very long hair. The top layers of my hair get frizzy specially in humid. And just like most of you, I’ve tried almost everything in the market. none worked so far.This one doesn’t do much for controlling the frizz and the worse part is it totally ripped the color off my hair after a couple of uses. I have highlights and I only use the product on my top layers and now there is a huge difference between my highlights on top layers and the rest of my hair. I don’t recommend this for color treated fine hair.

Jordan Gladbrook, IA

Really works ! Very surprised!

I have extremly frizzy curly hair. The kind that looks nice wet… until it dries and then i brush it and it turns into a dried up frizz ball. So I used to spend $200.00 on japanese straightening since i was 14… i am now 17 and i have just tried this product and i have the same results as the japanese straightening it’s that good! I didn’t even blowdry my hair I simply heated up my flat iron , and sprayed sections of my hair. Didn’t take me too long either. Anyone who has Curly frizzy hair should deffinitly give this a go!Update: (next day) my hair is still straight! all i had to do was brush it out 🙂

Tiffany West Swanzey, NH

One of my “staples” in my list of things I cannot live without.

Definitely does what it says, keeps my hair frizz free until I wash again! So glad I am able to buy this on Amazon!

Alexis Carson, ND

Perfect but not for very long

This product works like a charm if u have good curly hair. It worked for my friend. But for me it was pencil straight for just few hrs. There after it started curling up. 🙁 but this product is surely better than many products out there. Give it a shot..u might love it.

Tessa Rural Hall, NC


I have Indian, thick, curly frizzy hair. I have tried EVERYTHING out there product wise to keep my hair straight in the humidity and until this product came along NOTHING had worked. I put this product to the ultimate test when I was recently in Miami- I used my normal shampoo & conditioner then towel dried my hair and used about 8-10 sprays for my entire head (i have thick, long, mid back length hair) and then it took me about 10 min to blow dry my hair with a round brush and I could already see the difference- my hair was much straighter and much less frizzy. I then quickly ran a straighter over, and my hair was silky, straight amazing without being greasy. It still had a lot of volume and it stayed straight the whole day! This product has changed my hair- DEFINITELY A MUST if you have curly hair and live in a humid place. Great price too!!

Lorena Junedale, PA


Does the job, but I feel like dry out my hair.

Rhoda Vinemont, AL

Crazy about this Frizz-Ease

I simply love, love, love this product. I have long hair. It is to my waist, and this product does not dry out my hair. It keeps it shiny, and simply gorgeous-looking all day. I ran out one day, and used whatever else I had in my closet, and boy, did I regret it! I want to stock up, just in case they discontinue it–but I doubt that they will. I highly recommend this.

Annabelle The Plains, OH

Too much build up and hair losses body

This product did make my hair straighter, but seemed to do it by just weighting it down. The result was my hair lost much of it’s body and by the second day just looked and felt like it was covered with alot of product and needed to be washed (I used the mid level of the recommended amount). It is a good price point, but not worth the savings vs other products out there in the $20 range.

Sarah Valdosta, GA