Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day Fill in Powder- Brunette

Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day Fill in Powder- Brunette Whether your roots are showing or your hair is thinning, this ‘won’t-budge, transfer-proof’ matte hair powder by Joan Rivers Beauty (created specifically for her all-day TV appearances) perfectly blends with your scalp, hiding thin patches and masking hair loss with ease. From Joan Rivers Beauty, Great Hair Day transfer proof fill in powder for thinning hair blends in with your hair color to give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair. The matte powder is formulated to stay on the scalp and eliminates the tell tale shiny spots of an exposed scalp. The specially designed brush, a true hairdresser’s tool, allows you to part your hair with one end and apply the powder with the other. Transforms hair from looking thin to thick, instantly. This transfer-proof fill-in for thinning hair matches your color, blending in to give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Comes with a convenient on the go mirrored compact and custom-designed brush to separate, part and apply in one easy step. Features: Easy to apply Eliminates shiny spots from exposed scalp Developed to stay on the scalp Includes: Great Hair Day fill-in powder- Brunette (.24 oz) Mirror compact 2 in 1 aplicator brush

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Miracle Hair Product

Among the things Mother never told me is the sad fact that, with menopause, my ‘assets’ would point south, my teeth would lose their white luster, and my hair would thin. They make push-up bras and teeth whiteners, but nothing–till now–has helped to hide my thinning hair and pink scalp.I would like to give Joan Rivers a big kiss for her Great Hair Day product. This is a brush-on powder that you apply to both your scalp and graying roots. It creates the illusion of shadow with a slightly darker hair color than your own. The long-handled, small brush applicator makes it easy to section and dry ‘paint’ on your own head. It does not rub off and will last from shampoo to shampoo.If you are a very light blond, use the light blond shade. For an ash or honey blond, the deeper blond color will be right for you. There are also shades for brunettes, redheads, and a salt and pepper for gray hair.There is also an accompanying brow powder to match your Great Hair Day hair color. It too, comes with a brush applicator. However, a brush with shorter, stiffer bristles would be more practical.I not only love this gem, but it’s an excellent value. I have used my Great Hair Day powder every few days for over a month now and am still on my first order. Will I order it again? Absolutely! Click here to order yours:

Mitzi La Fontaine, IN

I am completely THRILLED with this product!

Ladies, what are you waiting for? Get this fabulous product and it will change your life!! (And that is not an exaggeration!)How much time and money do you spend touching up your roots? As your natural haircolor develops touches of silver, it seems like you are chained to your hairdresser because the roots are more and more obvious. Also, with silver roots, there is an illusion that your hair is thinner than it really is!I heard about this product in an infomercial, and although I am a tremendous fan of Joan Rivers, I was still skeptical about spending the money on this item. I have frequently resorted to rubbing on brown eyeshadow on the more obvious sections, and it really had little effect.Joan Rivers’ Beauty Great Hair Day is beyond wonderful. Use the applicator brush with the product as directed, and the transformation is remarkable. My hair actually looked thicker, and it appeared as though my color was fresh from the salon. The best part is that you use such a small amount of it to get that great impact.Joan Rivers’ Beauty Great Hair Day is the most ingenious color product I have ever purchased — ever!THANK YOU, JOAN!

Sybil Redford, MI

Not perfect, but it works

I am a 32 year old caucasian female with EXCESSIVE hair thinning on the whole top of my head, as well as the sides. You can see my scalp really bad, which is just awful. I’ve tried vitamins, thyroid hormone, etc. and nothing is working to grow my hair back. When I first saw the infomercial for this, I first thought it looked like the person had a dirty scalp so I wasn’t interested. But after continued feeling awful about myself and people always staring at the top of my head, I decided to try it. Some reviews on QVC said to use a lighter color than you would think. I have light to medium golden brown hair, so I picked the dark blonde, which I think is a good fit. It is expensive so I do only put it on when I go to work. It does take awhile to put it on, the brush is crap – the brush sheds really bad. Lots of parting my hair and dab, dab, dab, part my hair, dab, dab, dab, etc. I can still see my scalp when I’m close to the mirror, but at a distance, it does look a lot better, so it makes me feel a lot better going to work. The downsides – it’s expensive, it takes a while to put it on with my amount of my hair thinning, by the end of the day – up close to the mirror it looks like I have a dirty scalp – I don’t know if it’s because I have oily hair, but you will see definite black pepper size specks on my scalp. When you itch your head, your fingernail will have black on it. So all in all, it’s not perfect, but I do like it because it makes me feel a hulluva lot better facing people at work. I do intend to try the eyeshadow like another reviewer mentioned to see how that works since it is cheaper. I just more than anything would rather my hair fill in though.

Selina Le Sueur, MN

Not good for very thinning hair

First off,I got the wrong color due to a computer glitch (not here on Amazon and I should have ordered from Amazon). I called to explain what took place and I was told “too late” but try it anyway. I did and if you have very thinning hair you look you terrible. I tried using a eye brow color (which I read is just as good as Great Hair Day). Neither works for very thin hair. It might work on some people who are just a little thin on top. I tried calling to get a return authorization number and address. It took me several minutes to get to a LIVE person. Their english had a heavy accent so I had to repeat everything they said to me SEVERAL times. You do not get your shipping and handling back which is a BIG ripoff and you are AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in their plan which is what I found out with the phone call. I will only order on Amazon because this a no hassle website! THANK YOU AMAZON!!

Loraine New Madison, OH

Very disappointed!

I really wish I could agree with so many of the other reviews floating around. The truth is, this product works awfully for me. It barely shows up/applies to my scalp – I have to apply-apply-apply to make ANY sort of small difference. After a couple hours, it starts wearing off and leaves my scalp looking dirty (think: gray scalp with dark-looking tiny “follicle-holes” – yikes!). Also, this DOES rub off on your fingers unlike it shows in the commercials. I really wish this worked, but it really didn’t for me. Very upsetting – especially for the price! Would not buy again.

Ernestine Groveland, CA

It is a great hair day!

I think that how you look at this product may have a lot to do with your hair type and outlook. I am a 57 year old African American that wears micro locks for almost 6 years now. I am thankful for this product! I have a different type hair so I do not have to wash my hair as often as other groups, so I do not have the problem of the product looking “dirty” on my scalp. After applying it to the edges of my hairline on my face, I lightly brush it in that direction . It does not come off on my hands if my scalp itches, I try to keep my scalp moisturized with conditioner. It does costs a little more that other hair powders, but I have tried some, and Joan’s is the best. So I do not mind paying the extra, it is worth it! I am just glad that I have an alternative to going out and feeling good about my appearance. I thank Joan for that !No, it is not perfect but it works for me!

Bertha Jonestown, MS