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Joan Rivers Beauty Great Hair Day Fill in Powder- Brunette

Whether your roots are showing or your hair is thinning, this “won’tbudge, transferproof” matte hair powder by Joan Rivers Beauty (created specifically for her allday TV appearances) perfectly blends with your scalp, hiding thin patches and masking hair loss with ease.From Joan Rivers Beauty, Great Hair Day transfer proof fill in powder for thinning hair blends in with your hair color to give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair. The matte powder is formulated to stay on the scalp and eliminates the tell tale shiny spots of an exposed scalp. The specially designed brush, a true hairdresser’s tool, allows you to part your hair with one end and apply the powder with the other. Transforms hair from looking thin to thick, instantly.This transferproof fillin for thinning hair matches your color, blending in to give you the appearance of a fuller head of hair.Comes with a convenient on the go mirrored compact and customdesigned brush to separate, part and apply in one easy step.Features:Easy to apply Eliminates shiny spots from exposed scalp Developed to stay on the scalp.Includes:Great Hair Day fillin powder Brunette (.24 oz) Mirror compact 2 in 1 aplicator brush Eliminates shiny spots from exposed scalp Developed to stay on the scalp Easy to apply

Key features

  • Includes:Great Hair Day fill-in powder Brunette (.24 oz)
  • Mirror compact 2 in 1 aplicator brush
  • Eliminates shiny spots from exposed scalp
  • Developed to stay on the scalp
  • Easy to apply

Honest reviews


expensive shadow you can also use on your eyelids

Seriously. Joan discovered the use of eye shadow for her scalp, just like some people also use eye shadow for filling in sparse eyebrows. My suggestion is: find an inexpensive eye shadow at the store like I did to hide my scalp and gray hair between coloring. (I didn’t get the idea from Joan.)If you think it won’t work as well, go for what Joan offers but understand it’s just a pigmented powder you can find anywhere…even on Amazon.

Ella Wayne, ME

The salt and pepper color looks like cigarette ash

The brush and product looks nice but the color itself in ash is quite ugly. I dont like the way the salt and pepper looked on my gray hair color. I am not sure about the other colors. I ended up using the brush and just mixing some brown eyeshadow powder instead. It worked better. Not worth the cost in my opinion.

Emilie Birchwood, TN

Not perfect, but it’ll do….

I don’t love this product. But for my needs, it’s the best I’ve been able to find, and it does an adequate job.I have frontal thinning. As such, hair thickeners such as Toppik and Caboki are NOT recommended–they are basically powder fibers that you sprinkle on your head, and you wind up with a sharp change in color at the hairline–that classic “Dracula” hairline. Because Joan’s product is applied to the scalp, it acts to create a shadow effect in your hair. You have to have surrounding hair to hide the fact that you have dark smudges on your scalp…but if you do, it works reasonably well. I’ve asked my husband if he can tell I have the product in my hair, especially since my thinning is up front. I have a thin hairline, and the spots I fill are directly behind the hairline. Hubby says he cannot tell. If you stand up close to me and look closely, you WILL see the product. But most people will not be that close, and even up close, you have to be looking to spot it.The product takes time to put on. You cannot simply smear it onto your scalp the way you smear eye shadow on your lids–if you do, the world will know you’re wearing this stuff. You have to do a dab-dab-dab motion in order to keep it looking natural. Move a section of hair, dab dab dab, and move on to the next section. To cover the front of my scalp takes 5-7 minutes. If you’re particularly thin up front, it will take several efforts to become expert enough to make the stuff look like shadows instead of obvious black smudged in your hair.I have not had problems whatsoever with the product running from sweat during workouts, or getting caught in the rain, or swimming–and I’ve indeed done all of the above. However, running your hands through your hair or scratching your scalp WILL end with black on your fingers or fingernails. In fact, I’ve noticed that I have to clean my nails often–I get dirty blackness behind them every day.I tried Caboki in hopes that I could circumvent the downsides of this product. Caboki is similar to Toppik. At least for me, these types of hair thickeners are not an option. Besides being incredibly messy (you sprinkle it on you head, and so the powder winds up EVERYWHERE), it also is VERY obvious if the area you are covering is frontal. Those products will work much better for someone who has top or back balding, and has enough surrounding hair to hide it.I’m coming back now for my first refill of Joan’s product. It’s not perfect. But short of a transplant, it’s the best I’ve found yet for frontal thinning.

Lois Mathews, LA


I cannot tell you how much this product has changed my life. I have always had thin hair and looks worse as I get older. This fills in the patch spots and makes my part look normal and not 2 inches wide. People have not noticed me wearing this unless I tell them and people who havent seen me since before I found this ask me how I fixed my hair! Even my hairdresser said it looks good. It stays on in the rain but washes out easily with shampoo or soap. I havent had any get on my clothes but sometimes I notice a tiny shadow of it on my pillow at night but it washes out and doesnt stain. The brunette is very dark, almost black so it should be used on black or very dark brown hair. Lighter brunettes should use the blonde color.

Jacqueline Fertile, IA

This is a wonderful find for my shiny head

I have hereditary thinning hair right on top of my head where my bangs are. I also have very dark brown hair which made my scalp look like a neon sign. My sister discovered this product and showed me & I immediately bought it for myself. It is so very easy to use. It brushes on just like eyeshadow and stays in place. I prespire alot and this powder does not run. It continues to cover until I wash my hair. I have used a few other products that I found at the drugstore and I threw them all away after one use and went right back to my Joan Rivers Great Hair Day fill in Powder. I have now bought/used 3 compacts. BTW, the brush is quality. I have not scene one bristle fall out and it is very soft. The long rat tail lets me part my hair for brushing an area and going to the next. Thanks Joan…… 😉

Carmen Ionia, NY


Fine, thin hair has been an embarrassment for me over the past few years. I would rate my hair thinness as moderate. I discovered GREAT HAIR DAY 3 or 4 years ago when I developed thyroid disease and some of its’ side effects and I no longer am embarrassed by my hair.GREAT HAIR DAY is very easy to use, it lasts quite a while for me but would depend on how much is needed individually, and it does not drip if your hair gets wet from either rain or a good work out. If you rub your scalp where you have applied GREAT HAIR DAY, it will come off on your fingers/hands, but how many times do you need to do that?? It is easily removed, however, when shampooed.The price is right for the amount of product, in my opinion. There are colors that will blend with almost every hair color.Personally, I love it and would recommend it to anyone who hair is thinning. I wouldn’t recommend it for bald spots that can’t be covered by hair.

Yolanda Vanndale, AR

Not as self-conscious as I use to be

Due to the medication I am taking and add in age factor my hair is very thin, mostly in front. I tried another product that you shake into your hair and I was allergic to it. I gave up but my hair is getting thinner. I stumbled across Joan Rivers Great Hair Day while doing research on various products. It does cover up the scalp that shows through the hair and it took time to learn how to properly apply it. I take the brush and swirl it around with the brush then tap the brush to take off the powder. When there is enough loose powder I gently dip the brush in making sure that both sides of the brush have a small amount on it. . Then when I use it on my scalp I use light brush strokes back and forth instead of dabbing it on. Yes, it does come off on your hands but I never had a problem with it running when I sweat and living in Florida it does get hot.I feel more confident and secure when I am out and about. I no longer see people looking at my scalp instead of me. People use to “talk” to my head and not me but not any more. Give it a try and take time to learn how to use use.

Leola Nunapitchuk, AK

Color matches, but crumbles off quickly

Two stars for this matching my hair color (very dark ash blonde-very light ash brown) perfectly. The look is very natural.Unfortunately, this makes a big mess even when I’m just sweeping the brush to pick up some color. It’s not like I’m grinding it in there or anything. I sweep it, stipple it on and I can feel a little of the grit getting into my eyes right away, and there is powder all over my vanity sink.A tiny bit does stay on. The look, as I said, is excellent, but so much doesn’t go on initially and/or doesn’t stay.

Octavia Conover, NC

great product

I have used Joan River fill in powder for years and it works well for me. Even my MD could not tell my hair was thin,

Janell Northpoint, PA