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Jimmy Choo Flash Eau de Parfum Spray for Women

Jimmy Choo for Women Eau De Parfum Spray 3.3 Ounce/100 ml by Jimmy Choo

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this one is not for me

It smell ok strong smell i dont like it to me it smell like a older woman wood wear i guess just not fot me at all

Marva Beallsville, MD

Gorgeous fragrance

This is one of the best new perfumes I’ve encountered in years (and believe me, I try them all). Jummy Choo’s debut fragrance is very unique: floral but edgy, with notes of patchouli and something else (maybe amber? whatever it is, it’s fab). I also must comment on the packaging, as the bottle is gorgeous (and perhaps a rip-off of the Flowerbomb bottle? hmm…). Staying power of the fragrance is maybe slightly above average, but the beautiful scent makes this a must-buy. I highly recommend it.

Wendy Sayner, WI

Going manhunting with my new scent!

I got a sample of this and I immediately fell in love with the scent. I thought I would look for it online and found it way cheaper here than at the department stores. Reading through the reviews, I was a bit iffy because some people were saying what they got was EDT and not EDP, but luckily I was able to buy one that is sold by Amazon. My perfume came in an unopened/sealed box so I can’t ask for anything better. I would say select your seller and read the description carefully.

Brooke Millsboro, PA

Not genuine.

I think its different from what you get in stores. I did not like it at all. I used a whole bottle I baught at macy’s. I have not used this perfume at all. I wish I could return it.

Elba Mulkeytown, IL

One of my seasonal favorites!

This has become one of my favorites for fall and winter. Love the smell and it lasts about 8 hrs for me. I almost always receive compliments on it.

Winifred Worthington, MO

Great Smell

I love the smell of this perfume. I am in my mid-20’s and prefer scents that are light and slightly fruity (not to musky) and this is perfect. I find the scent to stay all day and be very refreshing. Plus, I love that the bottle is super cute and looks nice on my vanity with my other perfume bottles.

Chasity Redwood Estates, CA

Beautiful Modern Floral Scent! Love This Perfume!

This perfume smells so Goooooooood! I am so glad I decided to try this perfume. I love the smell, a nice soft modern floral scent. The scent seems to last a couple of hours, I would not say it last all day however. I will most likely purchase this in the future when this bottle is gone.

Debra Bolton, MS

Like This Scent

I like a spicy, woodsy scent and this is a good one. It’s not sweet or flowery. Its also not heavy which I like also. Glad I got it!

Cathy Kasigluk, AK

Love this frangrance, my new fav!

Not sure about the sellers on Amazon, they should probably be investigated if what people are saying as far as not being the same as their authentic Jimmy Choo Parfum. I actually love the smell of this product and its my fav now. However, after seeing the other reviews I will continue to buy it at a brick and mortar until Amazon makes sure the products being represented are in fact authentic.

Loraine Birch Tree, MO


mine came sealed in its original box smell great my husband loves it not that sweet of a smell definitely a required smell for some. i love mine though…

Nadia Leggett, TX

Whats not to love about Jimmy Choo

Its a beautiful scent. My hubby just loves it on me. I wear it as an every day scent. It makes me feel sexy and good about myself. I will definitely look into other scents and products by Jimmy Choo.

Bobbi New Augusta, MS

Not For Me

I wasn’t too impressed with this fragrance. It just didn’t do anything for me. It had no appeal and smells like something already on the market. Simply not for me.

Nancy Model, CO

Yummy scent

I have pretty bad allergies and this fragrance doesnt give me headaches. It’s strong enough to maybe last 3 or 4 hours, but not so strong that it seems like I’m breathing in fumes. It seems like fruity, patchouli with a hint of vanilla or caramel. I got the lotion too, which is costly but the scent lasts amazingly long with just the lotion alone. The purse spray is a diluted version, and doesn’t last 30 minutes (water is the second ingredient before fragrance, whereas on the full size water comes after.) I returned that to ulta because it was a total waste. I actually found a good seller on eBay selling the 2 ounce for thirty bucks so I really lucked out there. As always, buyer beware and diligently read seller reviews.

Robert Ashland, LA

Jimmy Choo Parfum

I initially ordered this for me, but really didn’t care for the scent and it made me sneeze, so I gave it to my daughter-in-law, and she loves it.

Mary Garrattsville, NY


The first burst is a sweet pear-patchouli fragrance, fairly strong. then it softens to a warm, toffee musk. It fades after four hours. Not long lived, but I like the fragrance, and was glad to get a reduced price.

Cathleen Courtland, KS

I fell in love…

This fragance is divine, hard lo describe….I have a few favorites,among others Juicy Couture by JC, Reaction by K. Cole and Selena Gomez fragance( a winner too!) but I have to set this one aside as the heavenly one, nothing to envy to Christian Dior or Prada ( I love those, my all time faves are Addict, Dune, the Poisons and Eau d’ Iris!) Like I said I fell in love again with Jimmy Choo…mmmmmm I even snif myself non stop when I wear it.

Nadia Keene, TX

Five Stars

I just love the scent a lot of complements ! Recommend it

Jillian Hume, NY