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Jhirmack Silver Brightening Conditioner – 20 Oz

Jhirmack® For Healthy Beautiful Hair New Look! For Gray, Blonde, Bleached

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WARNING: DO NOT GET INTO EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I seriously had to think about how to rate this product and still do it justice. It stung my eyes and my eyes were irritated for hours afterwards. Plus, I noticed it really had dried out the skin on my face. Given the cons, the pros are that it is probably the best conditioner for silver hair that I have tried. I say that versus clairol shimmer lights and the shiny silver. I could not figure out why the stores do not carry this and perhaps the harshness to the eyes was the problem I have no idea.Overall, I do not think I will use this again.

Nicole Taconic, CT

Not the greatest!

The shampoo in this product is GREAT! This conditioner is not so great! My hair comes out too tangled! For the price I just can’t see purchasing this product again. I have not checked it for silicone (which is bad for your hair). I will look and see then, determine if I should buy again.

Gladys Summers, AR

good conditioner

I don’t know how well this conditioner works as far as removing brassiness since I always use it with the corresponding shampoo (which is great!). What I do know is that is that it is a great conditioner. It leaves my hair tangle free and soft without feeling greasy and weighted.

Michelle Stratford, OK

Watered Down

This particular product used to be a lot thicker. It is now watered-down. The conditioner doesn’t really condition that well anymore. However, the scent of this particular product is really nice. Had the product been a good conditioner I would have given it five stars. But being that it doesn’t work like it used to I have given it 2 stars because the scent is nice.

Marva Whitten, IA

Pretty good.

This is a nice conditioner and leaves your hair feeling very soft and smooth. It rinses out well. Will probably continue to buy it I the future.

Marva Danville, VT


I love my gray hair and don’t want it to be purple, blue, yellow nor any other color. This conditioner allows me to comb through my long gray hair without screaming in pain. It seems to do what a conditioner should do.

Jamie Mayesville, SC