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Jet Black Henna Hair Dye 200 Grams

All natural henna hair dye 100 gram pouches. Triple sifted to give you the smoothest paste once mixed up. It comes packaged in an air tight bag inside a foil lined light impenetrable pouch for the longest shelf life. Ships and sold by Henna Hut, only. Be aware of imposters trying to sell Harvest Moon® look alike products. You will get 100 grams of Pure henna for step 1 and 100 grams of Indigo for step 2 to achieve the darkest jet black hair color. Works on any ethnic background! Including African American men and women!

Key features

  • Intense Jet Black; No chemicals, bleaches or PPD added
  • 100% natural henna and indigo hair dye
  • Does not go lighter than natural color
  • Leaves hair healthier, shinier, softer and stronger
  • 1 packet does mid-back length hair one application

Honest reviews


Love this!

I did the two step method recommended on the packages because it was my first time. The Henna turned my off-black hair a little lighter and all the gray hairs red. Then I put on the Indigo and my hair became jet black and so soft and beautiful. I can see some red highlights a little on the grays still and it looks awesome. I was so afraid it would be a horrible experience but even putting it on wasn’t bad. I put saran wrap around my head while I waited for the color to set in. I have tight curls that fall a little below my shoulder and my hair is a little past my bra strap when straight. My hair looks amazing and healthy.

Debora Wellfleet, NE

Great color!

I’ve always been one to dye my hair, and last summer I overdid it. I attempted a perm this spring and my hair was too damaged to take it. So now, my hair is in this terrible condition of frizz, dryness and breakage. I have been wanting to go darker but I couldn’t with chemical dyes anymore. My first try with henna failed (a bad brand). But then I searched for a better brand. I read great things about Henna Hut so why not? I bought some black henna so I received a packet of red henna as well as indigo. First off I will say the henna was SOOOO easy to apply. The texture was great and it was thick and worked really well. My roots were really hot red after that. However, the indigo was super messy. It reminded me of my last batch of henna: clumps that fell to the floor, on the counter, everywhere!! It was a mess and stained a few towels as well as my tub. Haha but anyways, the indigo actually stuck. I was so happy! It’s about 3 hours after washing it out as of now. My hair is super black! Hopefully, it won’t oxidate and fade. Keep from damaging your hair and go natural! 🙂

Cleo Whitefield, OK

Great Dye!!!!!!!!!!!

I bought this dye a few months ago and I just used it today. It did a great job, I normally dye my hair with a chemical dye but I decided to give the henna dye a chance after doing some research on natural dyes, this dye was great, it is a two step process and each process lasts about an hour, just do some house work and the time will go by fast. There is no chemical smell and my hair turned out perfect, it is jet black just like I wanted, I will definitely keep using this product.

Mary Fort Apache, AZ

Beautiful color

This is the first time I have used color on my natural 4b hair type. I did not want the chemical hair dye that damages your hair. I read upon the henna coloring and was impressed. It is a conditioner none the less. I tried it nand my color is beautiful. My hair is black and not just black ebony black and is very healthy. It brought life to my hair. Thnak you. Will purchase again!

Reyna Partridge, KS

Good experience

I have uses henna in the past when my hair was relaxed and it was horrible my hair was fried maybe it was all natural as the company stated it was. Well I decided to give this henna try I have natural hair not collar bone length a year later yea i know my hair grows out fast. But anyway in the beginning i was afraid of using this product because i really didn’t want to do something to my hair and mess it up but i didn’t research before and after i brought the product. After receiving this product i didn’t use it right away by the way I used the one for jet black hair i went on the actual website. I followed the instructions that came with the henna, i washed my hair the day before the application afterwards i let my hair air dry, there are two steps for the process i applied the first step which was for the natural red henna let it sit for an hour application process was not messy the rinsing part definitely was but after using the red henna. my hair was orange which i was not happy with but it wasn’t a big after rinsing out the red henna, i applied the indigo this is what will actually make your hair jet black the indigo was very grainy and had a very strong “too earthy” smell that gave me a headache i left that on for an hour as well rinsed out and my hair was completely jet black i LOVED it my hair feels stronger and well conditioned and the best part is that its permanent color my hair was not green or discolored i loved my results.Just avoid any hair products for the first 24 to 48 hours as this can make your hair turn purple. This product is great but i think its a bit on the pricey side for the amount of henna that you get.Remember to DEEP CONDITION you hair well prior to using this or your hair will feel like fried hay afterwards.

Leta Old Orchard Beach, ME