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Jessica Simpson Fancy Love Eau de Parfum Spray, 1.7 Ounce

Fancy Love by Jessica Simpson Eau De Parfum Spray 1.7 oz for Women The follow up to last year’s success from performer and actress Jessica Simpson, this is a floral oriental for women. Top notes of bergamot, peach blossom, Goji leaves, and pink champagne blend with an opulent floral heart; middle notes of lotus, peony, plumeria, jasmine and Turkish rose; base notes are deep and sensual enhanced by creamy amber, blond wood musk and patchouli.

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  • Size: 1.7 OZ

Honest reviews


Lovely…but too “musky”..

Before I bought this one, I had ordered a oil scented perfume (of a company who makes designer scents, but uses their secret “oils”.) and the smell was DIVINE!! Smelled eXACTLY like this…except the real perfume had too much of an “alcohal”/musky scent.I believe that whoever designed this perfume had a perfect plan in mind. However, when spraying it, it is a nice lovely peachy/creamy scent..BUT..then something goes slightly wrong…this musky alcohal scent just seems to over power it way too much.If only they would’ve not included that horrible musky overflow..such a pretty scent..but I find the oil perfume I have from this scent smells even better..too bad because I REALLY wanted to like it..and I do..but the musk just overpowers me for my taste.I LOVE her original Fancy–as I am a HUGE gourmand lover and LOVE anything that smells sweet and creamy. This one was so close..but they should’ve made it more “sweet” and less “musky”..:(

Bobbi Clifton, TX

Wonderfully Warm and Sumptuous

I love this perfume by Jessica Simpson. I do not know what the Fancy perfume smells like, but the new line of Fancy Love is absolutely amazing. There is a combination of ingredients which, when smelled, make you want to giggle and feel sexy and vibrant all at the same time. It is a very warm, romantic scent. I am sure each person will smell differently in it, but I absolutely adore this perfume. Even my fiance loves it! I apologize if this isn’t very articulate, I am not very good at explaining scents.

Ofelia Pembroke, ME

very nice scent

I am honestly not a Jessica Simpson fan, but I happened to pick up a tester of this perfume and absolutely loved it. It is soft and feminine, almost soapy, but with a slightly spicy kick. To me it’s like the perfect halfway point between wearing something ultra-girly and innocent like Love’s Baby Soft, and a very spicy sexy musk. My only complaint is that it doesn’t last all day on me, maybe 6-8 hours. I have the same issue with many perfumes so it’s not a huge drawback, and may not apply to other wearers. I’ve received quite a few compliments on this scent and my husband really likes it, too. The 3.4 oz bottle came in an unopened package, although the package for the 3.4 oz is a white-on-white damask design and does not have a picture of Jessica Simpson on it as shown here (this was actually a bonus for me, but might disappoint her fans). The bottle is large and prettier in person. I recommend this fragrance!

Noelle Reserve, LA


There’s nothing to not love about this perfume except perhaps I wished it projected more. But as an everyday scent, this is amazing. It’s so cuddly, smooth, and creamy, and will stay on your clothes forever (normally I do not spray scents on my clothes, but this works wonderfully on them, all the creamy notes just cling to the fabric and never leave! mmm) This is my new favorite perfume, and will be a staple in my collection for years to come.

Maryellen Aviston, IL

The reviews are correct!

This is the most delightful perfume. I had read the reviews about how wonderful it is. Finally decided to give it a try and ordered on Amazon. There is something about Fancy Love that is so different. I own several perfumes that are more expensive but find this is the only one I reach for everyday. It feels like a signature scent. There is something very soothing and pretty about it. I am even ignoring my Victor and Rolf Flowerbomb! Ordering a backup and don’t ever want to run out of this scent.

Roseann Aitkin, MN

Do not waste your money!!!

I bought it from llc but its not authentic. It does not smell like I smelled it in departmental store. Packaging was broken as well.

Lucille Powers Lake, ND

citrus notes

The descriptions of sweet or powdery are not accurate. This is a citrusy fresh scent very similar to regular Burberry perfume, which i have owned previously & unfortunately I am not a fan of. It is long lasting and the masses love it. Perfect for day wear. I am unlike most. Therefore, if you usually go against the grain, get another scent.

Aline Luray, TN


I love this product! Has lasted me over a year now!Everywhere I go I have strangers asking me what perfume I’m wearing.I just love it, smells fantastic!

June Orrville, OH

My favorite perfume of all time

This is my absolute favorite perfume. Even over Michael Kors, Marc Jacobs and Issey Miyake. I did not buy this from Amazon. The bad reviews seem to be on the seller and not the frangrance. This last forever on me, my clothes and my room smells like it for days. Has almost a pineapple smell to me sometimes, but in a good way. The best celebrity perfume ever. Love love love this perfume. Can’t believe it is from Jessica Simpson, but she really nailed this one!

Dolores Union Church, MS

Fancy Love by JS is great

received a sample vile at Macy’s and went on amazon to see if I could get it cheaper and yep, I did. My 33 year old son even liked it and he is an extremely picky fragrance guy and will only use certain very expensive mens fragrances.

Young Rantoul, KS

SO beautiful

This is my favorite romantic scent, it’s just so beautiful. I was pleasantly surprised by Fancy Love, as Fancy is a very gourmand sweet headache inducing scent. Fancy love however is so creamy, floral, fruity romantic. Upon first spritz it smells like peaches and cream, and then the floral heart opens and it leaves your skin with a creamy floral slightly peachy scent that is just so beautiful and romantic. Everything from the bottle to the scent itself has a very wedding like feel.

Britney Seaforth, MN


If you like Fancy but it’s too sweet or strong, try this instead. I think it smells just like the original, only more subtle and less candy sweet. It’s really nice.

Josephine Hanover, IN


This is a beautiful, slightly sweet, clean floral. It smells expensive but is also subtle enough for daily wear. Mature, feminine, sort of an innocent smell. The first time I smelled this on a co-worker I had to asked her what kind of fancy soap she was using because it smelled so good but so clean that I didn’t think it was possible it could be perfume. The florals in this are soft and not overwhelming (I am very sensitive to floral notes and generally can’t wear heavy florals).

Kasey Cedar Brook, NJ

Five Stars

smell great ladies

Chelsey Ferron, UT

It’s smells so sweet!!!

Like the original fancy fragrance by Jessica Simpson, this fragrance too is absolutely beautiful. I love this fragrance. This is my everyday fragrance. I spray on the front and the back of my neck then on my clothes so it stays long. I bought on september 2012 and it’s on the verge of running out. I plan to purchase again once I run out. This has to be one of my signature scents along with the original fancy fragrance by Jessica Simpson.

Elaine Dilworth, MN

I did good….

I got this one for my wife around a month ago and I can’t get her to switch it up a bit with the others that used to be favs. Oh well I guess that means I did good?

Vonda Lancaster, TN

Love it

I was so surprised how good this fragrance smells. I am a perfume person, I own so many and am constantly trying new ones. I have bought many online without knowing what they smell like and a lot of the time I am disappointed but not with this one. Fancy Love smells so good, I just love it, it reminds me of an expensive perfume that my boyfriend bought me from Hermes, it is wonderful. It also stays on for quite a long time, very important, I have very expensive perfumes that only stay for 5-10 minutes. This one is a winner!!!

Martha Pocasset, MA

So unique and beautiful

I was a bit worried about purchasing this but figured why not? It is a good price and I figured if I did not like it, I could give it to a friend. Luckily, I love it. It is the most beautiful smell but in a weird way. I really don’t know how to describe it. After first, I didn’t know if I loved it or hated it so I waited and then used it again. The smell is so romantic, it reminds of a weekend getaways in login cabin where you just relax in front of a fire and drink wine. I know that sounds so odd especially when it comes to perfume but it is just so romantic. My husband even likes it which was a huge shock, but he said the same thing about it smelling romantic. There are few perfumes I wear that people compliment it and ask what I am wearing; this is one of the few. I got my hair done and the hair dresser kept sniffing and finally asked what I was wearing, when I told her she was actually really surprised. I was too because I did not think that Jessica Simpson would have created something like this and sell it for so inexpensive. I recommend this scent to those who really enjoy that warmer smells, if that makes sense. I would definitely purchase this again.

Doreen Copeville, TX

In love

Yum!! I wore this today for the first time. I bought from a retail store, not from amazon. I got 3 compliments today on how pretty I smelled. This is a very light fragrance, but noticeable. I found myself sniffing my arms all day. I love it so much that I found the body spray at kmart and I will keep that for a quick touch up. Good for all ages. Just delicious.

Lilly Lakeside, NE


I order this because a friend of mine had it on and when she left the office I can still smell it in the room. Now that I wear it everybody compliments me on it. I love it. Will order again.

Krista Arco, ID


I love this perfume smells so good!!!! Smelt it on a customer at work and have been loyal ever since! Must try!

Myrna Conley, GA

Love this perfume!

I am one of those who does not like change when it comes to perfume. I have owned the same scents for years. Pleasure, Clinique Happy, Clinique Happy Heart, and Cool Water are my favorites, but when I smelled this scent on my sister I loved it. I went to Belk’s within that week to purchase it, and have no regrets. I love this scent, and have received many compliments. It is absolutely my favorite, and I wear it just about everyday. Love it!!

Marietta Winchester, IN


I should have known by the price that it’s fake but I somehow trusted Amazon. This is definitely not the real thing. I compared the original and this one, it’s 100% fake. Does not smell nearly as good as the original and the scent fades quickly. Do yourself a favor and purchase from known retailers only.

Elisa Schneider, IN

A Crowd-pleasing Soft, Feminine Fragrance

I purchased this perfume based on rave reviews I read online without having smelled it in advance.If there was ever a safe blind buy for a perfume, this would be it. This is a very clean and inoffensive scent – slightly flowery, but not overly done, a bit powdery and musky, just the right amount of creamy sweetness, and warm and amber-y on the dry down. A reviewer on fragrantica described this perfume as a "fluffy, clean blanket" and to me that is absolutely spot on. Some people also detect a hint of vanilla, though I don’t get that.This feels like a very intimate and romantic scent – because of that I’ll be using this perfume for date night. In addition, it is perfect for those who are incredibly sensitive to smells (like my significant other is) because it is so light and inviting; you really have to get close to smell it.The reason this fragrance got 4 stars though is because part of the fragrance fanatic in me finds it a bit uninteresting because it IS such a crowd pleaser. My latest absolute favorite perfume is Thierry Mugler’s Womanity, a completely polarizing and unique scent that is unforgettable, but one that can be too intense to wear ever day, especially to the office.So if you’re looking for that one scent most people will enjoy, go for this perfume – I doubt anyone at your work will complain, unless you douse yourself in it or something. If you want your perfume to make a statement or make you stand out in a crowd though, I don’t think this perfume is the one for that.

Paulette Gilbert, MN


I bought this after smelling it in the store. It is a wonderful, light, and clean. it is rather a fancy scent too. after I bought it it was gone in 2 months. I love it that much. but with all perfumes I advise you go smell it first before you buy it.

Lorena Poneto, IN

Knock Off?

I can’t tell if this is a fake or not, as I haven’t smelled it at the store. I can say it doesn’t smell like peaches and cream to me, or any of the notes listed on some of the perfume web sites. It smells kinda cheap and has that phony burnt-popcorn aroma that a lot of cheap perfumes have. It also had no staying power (not that I’d want it to..) for an EDP. I dunno. The box was lovely, bottle was clearly real, and no signs of tampering. Could be real. I don’t like it, though 🙁

Louella Culleoka, TN



Alba Ambrose, ND


i own quite a few perfumes and i get the most compliments on this one… and you cant beat the price.. smells so pretty and delicate… my fave perfume for sure!

Gayla Poulan, GA