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JEROME RUSSELL Punky Colour Hair Color Crème Red Wine 3.5 oz

Punky Colour is the original semi-permanent conditioning hair color. Get outrageous color on bleached or chemically-treated hair. Create a brilliant highlight effect on darker hair.

Key features

  • No peroxide required.Will give a highlighted effect when used on darker hair.These latest colors work outrageously on bleached or chemically-treated hair.Vegetable based conditioning cream, leaves hair vivid and smooth.The original, semi-permanent, intense hair coloring cream. 3.5 oz.

Honest reviews


Too Dark

i bought this punky color turqouise to go over my light magenta hair based on the premise red & blue make purple well i only left it on for 30 min tops no heat and it turned my hair jet blue black disappointed next time i will use manic panic

Deena Armour, SD

Not my favorite 🙁

My hair gets really on the brassy side after I bleach, this toner gave me a gorgeous color for about 2 days, then I washed it with my silver shampoo, and it literally washed out leaving my hair ugly and splotchy. Maybe it’s just my hair, but there’s better toner out there. I love Jerome Russell Punky color, and using the violet mixed with conditioner actually works better as a toner for me.

Mollie Rocklin, CA


Do not buy this. It made my hair pink. I put it in my hair waited the 35 minutes I wanted it to be really red. But when I washed it a lot of the color came out. My hair that I put the red at turned a pink shade really quickly. I have used the Violet color of this punky color line and it worked really great I liked it but this Poppy Red was more of a let down. It turned pink WAY to quickly. I was upset. Trying to get my money back. I will no longer be getting any more color hair dye from anywhere. My hair is starting to fall out because I had to bleach it to get the pink out of my hair. :((

Phyllis Creedmoor, NC

Nice color

Like many other people who play at-home hair-salon and that use these kinds of colors, I’ve used many brands and shades of dye. I have to say, this is one of the bests. The color has been in my hair for nearly a month now and it’s just now beginning to lighten, despite (one of the few cons I have with this product) the serious amount of running/bleeding it does, in the shower. As I said, that’s one of the few things I dislike: No matter how cold the water or how natural/colorsafe the shampoo, this stuff BLEEDS. My tub/walls are frequently splattered in pink and it takes a hardcore bleach-infused cleaner to get it off. However, I have this problem with other colors and other brands, so I can’t hold that against this color, too much. Manic Panic bleeds FAR worse but my ultimate favorite (unless this brand beats them out, over time) Special Effects, bleeds far less.With this color, I used a purple from the same brand on the underside of my hair, mixed the two colors in the middle, and then used the pink on top. I’ll include a picture, to show. Overall both colors are holding up well and very vibrantly, and I’ll probably look to this brand more in the future. I hope the other colors work as well!I’d like to note that this is more of a magenta pink than a HOT pink. Which I’m fine with, but it’s worth stating.Also, I applied the product over previously VERY faded red hair (to the point the bleached blond was coming through) and to about half an inch of regrowth (dark blond) and let it sit for three hours. (I leave bright stain-type dyes it FOREVER. It doesn’t do any damage, and makes the color brighter/last longer).

Chasity Roanoke, VA

removes yellow tone

I have long gray hair and this product helps remove yellowing. My hair now looks a beatiful silvery gray. which now, I get alot of compliments on my hair. I would definitely purchase again

Jessie Accord, NY


First off this color is by NO MEANS red at all…I first bleached my hair then used this color… It is a beautiful pink-pink color. For me its not so good because I work in healthcare but for anyone looking for a pretty pretty pink this is it! Someone had said that it rubs off on pillows and clothes ect… I have not found that at all. I didn’t have any problems with it running while I sweat either great product just wish I had picked a different color

Rosalia Meigs, GA

awesome color

I purchased this product for my teenage son. It arrived fast and in excellent condition. The product was easy to use. My son loved the color and had a great time getting creative with new looks.

Desiree Wever, IA

Very subtle..

Very subtle. Also similar to Manic Panic. Looks ok when it is newly on, then rinses out off putting pink color. In no rush to use it again. Doesn’t color gray very well, even salonist said so when cutting my hair.

Tonia Cooksville, MD

Punky Plum

I got this brand because I did some review research which concluded that most people like it Vs. Manic Panic because it lasts longer and has more pigmentation. I haven’t dyed my hair a crazy color in a long time so I don’t remember how Manic Panic is, but this stuff did the trick and it smells pretty darn good for hair dye. I did not bleach my hair. My roots are like a brownish red and the rest fades to a very deep brown/black. When I dyed my hair with this, it subtlety tinted my dark hair and my roots turned to a deep magenta color (which fades to a lighter purple with each wash). I did want it to be more plum-blue like in the picture, but I’m sure it turned out more magenta because of my reddish roots. Well I’m hooked now since it actually took to my locks and I didn’t know if it would because I did not bleach. The look I wanted was subtle and I got it (washed my hair with dish soap first to strip it). Ordering some more on payday to add to my conditioner for touch ups in the shower. (make sure you cover your bathroom well, because it stains. My shower grout is purple, but fading.)

Erika Spencerport, NY

not pleased

Let me start off by saying that I have been dying my hair with semi-permanent hair dye for over a decade.I have used a wide range of colors and am aware that results vary by hair type and condition.I was very let down to see upon opening the dye that its actually navy blue and not ebony as labeled.The color is extremely off. I will add that I did go ahead and give it a chance, still the results were terrible.Ebony means black not dark blue. disappointed.

Lacey Roy, MT

Best blue you’ll ever get

I had my hair entirely purple and changed to turquoise after a bunch of people at work copied the purple. This colour lasts forever! Two months after initially dying it, I still had colour in and that was with me actually trying to get rid of it. Plus, when it fades, it’s not yellow or orange like most colours. It turns greenish then white. The initial colour is a very beautiful blue colour. The best thing is that this doesn’t cost that much either! I actually recommend this brand to everyone. Especially anyone wanting a really great turquoise or blue.

Lesley Lohn, TX

My absolute favorite purple hair dye

I’ve had my hair a multitude of different colors over the years, and my favorite was always this color. I was so sad when my local beauty supply chain stopped carrying this line (back when it was still in a squeeze tube). I’m so excited that it’s available relatively inexpensively online, as I’ve just recently gone back to purple (it was always my color :-P)

Margret Salisbury, PA

Awesome! 😀

I’m really happy with this, I loved the color and it has an awesome smell! It lasts around 5 washes getting greenish in time. The only annoying thing is that I cannot leave my hair wet cause my blouse or shirt gets blue at the contact with my hair, yes,predictable but really annoying :/

Kathi Gonzales, CA

It doesn’t last.

It tones down brassiness ok but only until the next shampoo. It doesn’t last. For the price it should be better.

Latanya Newburg, MD

Umm. Slight issue. lol

Well. I bleached my hair…and got ready to have amazing pink locks. But….after washing it out and drying…it was red. Blood red. Which was awesome. I loved it…if it hadnt been exactly the color I just bleached OUT of my hair. lol not sure what happened…I tried using the dye on a friend to see if it was just me…but no. Her hair came out a bright red color. Not the flamingo pink we had expected. The dye itself was thick and easy to apply. It covered very well but stained EVERYTHING…as I already knew from reading others reviews before I purchase. I might try a different color next time…

Lakisha Blythewood, SC

Beautiful color!

I’ve used a lot of Punky Colour dye, they’re all beautiful and last a bit but this one lasted 7 months before it even started to fade! It ends up fading to look like their Alpine Green color!

Kirsten Ashton, IA


i like the smell and the fact that it makes my hair soft and an amazing texture after using it. i used it on dyed black hair to make my hair have a blue black tint. so i dont really know the full results of it. i think it added a bit of a bluer tink to my black hair. deffently better then manic panic. i plan on growing roots and dying my roots blue so hopefully it works out.

Kendra Wilmington, NC

Such a beautiful blue

Love this color. Works best on pre-lightened hair. It looks great on pale yellow hair. Did not turn green. Definitely will use this color again.

Lolita Lookout, KY

Pick PLUM for purple hair

Other than bright shades of red in my younger years, this was my first time dying my hair any … unnatural color. I decided to go for a little pre-midlife crisis while I’m still young enough to get away with purple hair. I only applied the color to the bottom of my hair, which was already a bit lighter from being dyed previously. I didn’t bleach my hair, and the color still took pretty well (even on a portion that had not been previously color treated). So, with this I was impressed.While it came out a pretty color, it unfortunately appeared a purplish red (bright magenta) in sunlight. It’s pretty, just not the color I was hoping for. Indoors, however, it was definitely purple. As I didn’t lift my color before using this dye, I can’t complain too much. I was just happy it didn’t turn out blue. Trying to get more of a purple color, I tried “intense purple” by Kiss which turned my hair redder. I totally lost any hint of the purple coloring to my hair.After this current color fades some, I may be re-buying purple Punky Colour to try again.*Update* I won’t go into the long details of how I ended up with pink and orange hair thanks to a couple of purple dyes by Kiss, but I finally broke down and bleached my ends. This time I strand tested both Punky Colour Plum and Purple before applying. While Plum looks rather blue in the container, it came out a true purple. Even on bleached hair the Purple dye was still closer to magenta. But to be fair, I did not bleach my hair super light. Afraid of terrible damage, and the fact that keeping color in ultra light hair is a nightmare, I only took my color up to a dark blonde/light brown. This + Punky Color Plum solved my problem. Very pleased with the results!Even after a protein treatment, a couple of rounds of deep conditioner, shampooing twice, and wetting in the shower daily, my hair is still very purple. The only downside is the color bleeding onto everything! But, I won’t complain too much, as I’ve finally got the purple I’ve wanted for over a decade. :-p

Allyson Stanfield, AZ

yummy grape smell

I love this product, this is WAAAAAYYYY better than manic panic and color zone. and it smells like grape!!! My bf really enjoyed that being that he despises the smell of chemical. It left it more of a pink purple rather than the blue tint purple. It washes out very easily and every time it gets wet it smells like grape. It is not a dark purple so do not expect a plum color!

Allene Carrboro, NC

Hair dye/Allergic reaction

I’m not saying that this is a bad product, because it’s really not. I actually really like the color turn out, and it was very easy to use, and smells wonderful. Unfortunately, 1 in 10 people have an allergic skin reaction to this product, and I was one of those unlucky people. It only cause a small, barely noticeable rash. Not itchy, or bothersome. It looked like little purple freckles in clusters on my neck, and because I dyed the underside of my bangs, it was also on my eye lids. It seems to be going away now, after 2 days, so I am really not that disappointed. But this is just what happened to me. The allergic reaction could be better or worse for someone else. So my advice is to ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS do a strand test. With this product, do it somewhere it will touch your skin, so that you can see if you’ll have an allergic reaction or not. Wait it out the day, and then decide whether or not to use the product.Besides that, this product shipped in two days, and is very pretty. :]

Sylvia Slaterville Springs, NY

What are you, yellow?

I only have experience with the yellow, but it is fantastic! My sister and I have dark blonde hair and this stuff shows up pretty well when applied without bleaching first. Her streak looks more like a mustardy yellow and mine came out a bit brighter. Could be the differing hair chemical composition, could be that I left mine on for about an hour while she left hers on for half that. Not sure!I tried doing my whole head recently just to see how it would come out without bleaching again. My hair really pops in certain lighting, but overall, I don’t think anyone (like my coworkers and friends) notices the difference.The color leaked ever so slightly on my pillow, but I always wear black or brown after coloring and haven’t noticed leaks on my clothes.Smells delicious. Lasts forever. Good stuff.

Lela Paoli, CO


I’m just gonna say I dunno. I left it in for the recommended time of 40 minutes. I bleached my hair.. It’s been a week and it’s green. People say it looks cool, which is nice, but honestly I was hoping more for a blue and not so much green. Immediately I got told "oh your hair is green". I wanted blue, which is why I got blue.The color fades pretty quickly, which was unexpected. I had used manic panic SEVERAL times when I was younger and it had never faded so quickly. Actually, I had to get the color pulled out by a salonist and sitting in the chair for a few hours. This one.. not so much. It did smell good though. I was told for a while by my boyfriend that I smelled like the fruit bubblegum.Con:Fades quickly, very quickly, I’ve washed my hair three times.Pro:…its so light that I won’t need the color pulled out and I’ll be able to do it over with just a brown.*MOST* of us know, when dying your hair a weird color to lighten it first. This is esppecciallly true with this stuff. The bottom of my hair, which was a dark brown lightened to a.. slightly lighter brown. (I used Splat) The bottom of my hair looks like puke green. I don’t mind because it fades out but it is a puke green and if it were the whole thing I think I would cry. This is obvious though, so I can’t blame the product. But I thought I would include a warning for those out there who thought they would try to skip this part. My hair is a light golden brown in the center, and it also looks like puke green.

Dionne Gulnare, CO

Zero cons.

I love this dye. I wanted my hair purple for awhile, so I decided to give this dye a try & experimented with my own ideas. I wanted my hair to be like a barney color, & I ended up creating it myself. If you’re going to dye your hair blue or purple with these dyes, I reccomend getting the darkest dye possible, & mixing a ton of WHITE conditioner with a little bit of the color, till it gets to the color you desire. It saves you SOOO much dye. I bought 3 jars, the first time I dyed my hair & extensions with this dye I only used a half of one jar. When you have the mixture in your hair, leave it anywhere from 3 or more hours & rinse. When you do shower, never use shampoo. I use garnier frutics color sheild conditioner & nothing else on my hair. Also make sure you use cold water. I haven’t had to redye & my hair has been purple for about 4 months.

Jody Cataumet, MA

Very pretty pink!

Wanted something different to do with my hair. So i got pink! It was kind of hard to put in because i didn’t realize it didn’t have the right brush (I thought I did). I put streaks in randomly. I used foil for this. It looked great! It washed out in about a month! I also have plenty left over do it many more times!

Imelda Lone Rock, WI


Punky Colour is the best alternative veggie dye out there. I’ve been using it for over a decade and nothing else I have tried (and I have tried just about every brand in existence) has compared. It smells delicious, it’s thick, the colour is potent and rich and it is much more true to shade and tint shown in examples and far more consistent, in my opinion, with dyed hair results.My absolute favorite is a mixture of Punky Lagoon Blue with Punky Atlantic Blue. It creates a very vibrant and true blue shade.

Misty Westfield, IL

Love this dye, but shipping…

I’ve been a loyal user of this dye for a really long time now, I think I’ve ordered at least 6 of these in the past 6 months xD But this time around the shipping was incredibly slow (I STILL don’t have it) and I really needed it today so I could redye my hair before a concert I’m going to tonight. Sigh. I’m mostly disappointed because in the past I’ve received my orders within 4 days of placing them, and it’s been a week. Oh well. I’d recommend this product to anyone wanting perfectly purple hair, but if you need it fast, use another seller :/

Regina Lumber Bridge, NC

Punky Colour is the Best

I’ve used semi-permanent hair dye for 10+ years now, and this brand is the best. No semi-permanent dye lasts very long, but this lasts the longest. It will definitely make a mess wherever you use it – especially wherever you wash it out, however it is easy to use and dyes hair well.

Rosanna Colwell, IA

True to its color

I have long black hair and wanted to add some color to the ends for the spring. I bleached the end of my hair before hand and then applied this. If you have dark colored hair you have to bleach it. I’m giving this 3 stars because it only lasted for 4 washes, it started to look green instead of turquoise. I touched up this weekend and I have a bit more to do one more touch up.

Marci Anselmo, NE

Punky Colour Hair Cream

I love this. I bleached my hair before applying this cream to make sure the color was very bright. It was was easy to apply and rinse out. The color has also lasted fairly long for me. The only problem I can see people having with it is the color of the product is not what processes onto hair. It’s more of a magenta color than purple. I am familiar with this color so I knew what I was getting. I’ll definitely will be buying more.

Nora Blue Springs, MS