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Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion, 32 Ounce

Jergens ultra healing extra dry skin moisturizer tottle 32 ounce with vitamin 3 heals and softens.

Key features

  • Heals dryness at the source for visibly healthier skin. Made with a blend of C, E and B5, this fast-absorbing body lotion goes deep beneath skin’s surface to lock in moisture and heal dryness at the source, preventing its unwelcome return.
  • Penetrates through 5 layers of skin’s surface to start healing at the source
  • Helps heal extra dry skin – including heels, elbows and knees
  • Triples skin’s moisture content with continued use
  • Provides 24-hour relief

Honest reviews


smooth, moisturized skin!

I actually really like this lotion. It’s no frills, effective moisture. I have been using this lotion for years. I find it gives good moisture without feeling greasy or heavy. In the winter, I would move to a heavier cream but this is perfect for 3/4 of the year in a location with actual seasons. I docked one star because I have decided to focus on all natural skin care but the product performs great.

Tara Shenandoah, IA

I LOVE IT SO MUCH I WROTE THE COMPANY begging them not to change it! EVER!

No kidding! I wrote the company and asked them to never, ever change Jergens Ultra Healing. I LOVE IT so much that I used ALL CAPS in most of my title! I never do that!!!First, a little background…I am a lotion junkie. I have bought oodles of it over the years, based on scent, reviews, price, even container. Also, I have the driest skin ever in the winter due to our heat running. Then, I get sore areas on my shoulder blades and my thumbs start to crack a bit. If this sounds like you, you need to try Jergens Ultra Healing. I love this so much, I could marry it 😀 I always get the huge motherlode bottle seen here, with the pump. Then I get their smallest bottle and carry it in my purse. I also leave one at work. There’s the real rub (lol) because lots of the folks at work bring in lotion. (I work at a BBQ pit/restaurant.) Well, I am constantly filling my bottle and bringing it back to work, everyone loves it.This lotion lasts. I do rub it in and then often use a paper towel so I can run the register right away, but I think the fact that it lasts on your skin is a good thing. Also, this is my first winter where I have gone the entire season and not had that issue with my thumbs cracking because they are so dry and constantly being washed, doing laundry, dishes etc. I attribute this to Jergens, for sure. As for the dry area getting sore on my shoulder blades, it happened once this year, and I used Jergens and it was gone..GONE the same day.I love the scent. I love the big bottle with the pump. I love every single thing about it and you know what?? It’s so affordable! I have used that fancy line of fragranced lotions (you know the one, sweet pea and cotton etc) and if we are being honest, it may smell good but it doesn’t work as a lotion for dry skin. I have also gotten lots of lotions and samples of lotions that make all kinds of promises, including pharmacy lotions that cost a ton and promise real healing. Skip all of that. Get Jergens.As a side story, my father had really dry skin. It was a constant issue with him his entire life, year round. Well, I got him to try this and he loved it so much, he took my motherlode bottle home with him, then got a lotion applicator thing (who knew they had them??) so he could put it all over his back. LOL He brought it up a few times when I talked to him on the phone, how he wished he had found Jergens Ultra Healing a lot sooner.It’s the BEST and at this price point you can get the motherlode and few on back up! By the way, it lasts a long time in the bottle. I’ve seen no color change or consistency issues etc. All good, all the time. Not at all an overwhelming scent either.

Germaine Pekin, IN

So Moisturizing

This is definitely worth the money. During the winter time especially, since it is soo moisturizing! The bottle is also very big so it will last a long time!

Fanny Riverton, UT

smoothing, soothing

As a new user, I have nothing but praise for the effects and results of Jergens Ultra Healing lotto; it soaks in quickly and leaves no greasy film or residue. Though I strongly prefer smaller, more portable sizes that also give the user the satisfaction of finishing one and starting another, with the 32 ounce container, you even get a lot of lotion for a little price! I couldn’t identify the mild, pleasant scent, but it’s not the classic almond Jergens I loved long ago. Happily, this soothing, healing product comes in a wide variety of sizes and packagings.

Bettye Woodland Hills, CA

I’m a repeat customer!

I have a daughter with eczema and dry skin problem, especially during winter months. Every year we tried something new from the local stores and for years we used Cetaphil until recently discovering Jergens. Jergens is by far much cheaper than Cetaphil and works better than Aveeno, Lubiderm, Gold Bond, Vaseline, etc.It’s not that other products don’t work, Jergens just works better than all of them. The eczema is under control and the dry skin feels much better and stays calm much longer.It took us 12 years to eventually get to try Jergens, so take it from me and try this lotion next.Strongly recommended.

Tara Palmdale, FL

Good daily regiment lotion.

I was looking for a every day lotion after showers and read previous reviews so I decided to try this product. I like it very much and as I mentioned before I use it every day and one bottle lasts me about 2 months so it is worth the money. I love how my skin feels soft all day,it took about 2 weeks of daily use to get the results the bottle promises but my skin is very healthy now. I absolutely recommend this product because it does not burn damaged skin and has a light fragrance so I can wear my perfume and the 2 scents do not clash together.

Celia Lenora, KS

It helped repair my irritated, dry hands!

I’m an ER nurse, so daily I wash my hands a lot and use quite a bit of the drying hand sanitizer. In colder months my hands get extremely irritated, dry and cracked. I stumbled upon this lotion in the travel size and after using it for a day my hands miraculously started getting better. I went and bought a larger size of it and now use it regularly. I’m so impressed with this lotion I’ve started bringing it to work for everyone to use. We all think it’s the best lotion we’ve used. I tried some heavier lotions I thought would work, but they don’t even come close to the Jergens. I notice that it absorbs quickly, so I don’t have sticky or oily hands. The scent is very light and neutral. It’s affordable, so I don’t mind using it all over my legs also. I haven’t found a bad aspect to it.

Marcie Waterville, WA

Your skin will say “Thank you”.

I buy this for my kids at the high school where I teach and they really like this lotion. That is a great recommendation. Even kids who are not in my classroom come for some lotion. Great stuff and I will keep buying it.

Ma Livermore, CO

MUST BUY!!! Even helps with scars.

I LOVE THIS STUFF!!! My skin looks healthy and beautiful since using. Could not live without it! Not too greasy. Perfect formula!

Flora West Union, WV

Best body lotion – nongreasy!

Have used this for years, and just love it. Smells very nice, goes on smoothly, is non-greasy, and mosturizes my skin extremely well. Very healing.

Aurelia Double Springs, AL

Huge Bottle of Lotion

Jergens has been my standard lotion for a few years now. Its simple and nourishing. I didn’t want anything too strong with a lot of fragrance but still wanted a pleasant light scent. It’s light and easy to use on a daily basis.

Jeri Withee, WI

Always a nice produce

Jergens has been a great product for years, love this large amount at a low price. You won’t go wrong if you try it.

Stacy Halstead, KS

Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion, 32 Ounce

Jergens Ultra Healing Lotion, 32 Ounce, very satisfied with this item. It exactly what it said it would be. Love it!

Dorthy Mc Call Creek, MS


This is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used. It works all day long and feels amazing on my skin. I have eczema and I will continue to keep buying!

Alyssa Willard, OH

good product

First bottle of lotion I’ve bought in years. I usually use body oils but I live in New Orleans now and oil and summer do not go together out here. The lotion is very light and doesn’t leave any residue. It does not have a scent which is fine with me. Read the other post and it convinced me to by. I do not have dry skin but figured it wouldn’t hurt to use something that had healing properties.

Lourdes Walnut Grove, MN

Very happy!

I normally use Jergens original (cherry and almond) lotion and love it but decided to give this a try for the winter as the other reviewers said it was a bit more moisturing. They were right! It’s not greasy but it does provide a bit more moisture and that’s a great thing for the winter months in Indiana. Would definitely purchase this lotion again. It is moisturing without being greasy and has a nice clean scent that is not overwhelming.

Queen Fort Mc Coy, FL

Mineral Oil

I have sensitive skin and am unable to use it without breaking out into allergies. I gave it to my husband to use as a foot cream instead.

Kathrine Island Heights, NJ

Consistently good product

I have sensitive skin and this in one product that has never bothered me. It has a nice consistency that is not runny, but neither is it thick or sticky. It goes on easy, keeps hands from chapping in winter. I use it on hands, elbows and legs throughout the year. Works every bit as good as more expensive products.

Tina Gloucester, MA

Excellent lotion, very good price.

I am thrilled to be able to purchase such a very good lotion at such a fair price. I’ve been paying more than twice as much for the same size bottle of a lotion that works not quite as well to moisturize. I wish this ultra healing lotion came in the original scent. But, honestly the original scent is a wonderful moisturizer too. I ordered the 2l oz bottle of the original scent and use it on my hands and arms as “extra” just when I’m moisturizing those areas. I’ve always loved Jergens lotion and I can purchase this from Amazon for less than I pay for the store brand lotion at a drug store. I use a lot of body lotion. And, no more dragging heavy bottles of lotion home from stores. This is just wonderful. I couldn’t be happier. Also, I’ve been reading reviews of the night repair lotion and the firming lotion. Since I’m 76 years old I do believe the “firming” ship has sailed. I’ve used body lotion all over at least once a day for at least 50 years so don’t feel that I need the extra strength of the night repair. Thanks to slathering on all that lotion for all those years, my skin is pretty nice for my age. So, I’ll stick with this Ultra Healing Lotion as it is doing a great job for me. Thanks Amazon.

Thelma Lookout, KY

moist skin

This is honestly the only lotion that remotely keeps my skin from getting dry, especially during the cold Chicago winters. I have strictly been using this product for about seven years now and will never change to anything else. The moisture is retained until I take a shower–even then, my skin feels smooth and hydrated.

Erin Assawoman, VA

Jergens Ultra Healing Rock

I bought this product because I suffer from extremely dry hands working with papers all day. Not only did this cream hydrate and moisturize my skin for hours at a time, but I noticed that after a year of use, my skin looks lighter, healthier and smoother. Of course I keep this cream at work and everytime I use the ladies room and wash my hands, I always rub this cream on both of my hands to retain moisture again.

Socorro Ogden, AR


A very nice product that is reasonably priced and very effective. I was getting this on my subscribe and save but amazon just took this product off this program. So now I will have to look for a substitute

Roseann Pierz, MN

Jergens forever

My mom used Jergens when I was a child and now I do – works great – love it as always.

Pam Girvin, TX

Good Budget Large size lotion

This is my daily use lotion. Not much of a lasting scent, not too watery, not to thick. It works just fine and moisturizes.

Dorothea Newberry, IN

jergens ultra healing lotion

I have very dry mature skin and I used this stuff on my face and it broke out. This cream absorbs into your skin and leaves it very dull and weird feeling. I returned it.

Lou Jolo, WV

Like it

Chose this rating because its a good product. I like the thickness of the lotion and the moisturizing effect. Do recommend.

Marsha Saint Marks, FL

Tried many different brands and this one I keep returning to!

Ultra Healing is my go-to lotion. I moisturize every night before going to bed as my hands get severely dry during the winter. Sometimes they get so bad they crack and bleed. I have tried lotions that are allegedly Dermatologist recommended and have found them to be greasy, but not Jergens! This is also the type of lotion I can apply throughout the day occasionally without the greasy feeling left behind. It soaks right in with just a little dab (if used daily and frequently. I used a quarter size at bedtime).I am very picky with lotions as I dislike applying them to begin with. Jergens makes this task a bit more pleasing as it soaks in and leaves no film or greasy feel.

Juliet Trimble, MO

Absorbs easily!

This lotion is great, it absorbs easily and quickly. My skin was very dry when I moved to a colder climate and this really helped. The fragrance isn’t strong so that’s a bonus too. I find the price on amazon really good especially when I S&S.

Miriam South Ozone Park, NY