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Jergens Soft Shimmer Skin Radiance Moisturizer 7.5 oz.

Glamorize as you moisturize. More than just a body hydrator, Jergens Soft Shimmer Skin Radiance Moisturizer softens skin tone variations with a touch of alluring iridescence. Infused with subtle light reflectors, it enhances your skin’s healthy vibrancy throughout the entire day, helping you look and feel your best. Used daily, it leaves skin silky smooth and comfortably moisturized. With continued use, it helps skin become more vibrant and healthy-looking with increased moisture content.

Key features

  • Enhances & Illuminates
  • Contains subtle light reflectors & essential moisturizers
  • Moisturize into glistening skin.
  • Made with pure silk and light reflectors, know to beautify and enhance skin’s appearance

Honest reviews


Red Carpet Ready

Can someone please tell me why you can no longer find this in stores?! This lotion is beautiful. I use it for special events, when I show a little leg, at the beach and basically anytime I show skin. You will looks red carpet ready every time you use this.Put it on your legs for a subtle gleam or on your chest for a “Come Hither,” look. I love the way my skin looks with this on. I feel like a shimmery goddess! Also has a very subtle tint to it so it does give you a bit of color which is perfect for my ivory skin. This does not look tacky, gaudy or garish. I promise you will not look like a glitter Barbie. I do, however, recommend washing your hands after applying or you will have very silly looking fairy dust palms.This is such a wonderful product my only wish is that they made this by the gallon with a pump because I use so much!

Amy Nazareth, TX

Jergens Soft Shimmer Skin Radiance Moisturizer

This is a great product! It softens and moisturizes skin, AND it leaves a shimmery glow too!! I think Jergen does not make this product any longer. What a pity!! However, you can still buy it on the Web. Note: It is NOT a self-tanning lotion.

Lori Lake, WV

Finally Found It!

I love to use this lotion to accentuate muscle tone and make myself look more toned during the summer months. So glad I found this on Amazon.

Alexandria Rockport, MA

My all time favorite lotion…by far!!!

I love this lotion! It has a great smell, and doesn’t leave that greasy feeling that some lotions do, but not watery like some other lotions can be, but I guess that depends on your skin and complexion. But it works great on me, and my daughter, mom, and sister. And it does have a glowing soft shimmer (as advertised lol), not so much of a "sparkly" or "glittery" look, looks great in the sun. It has a gold-like hue, but not like a self-tanner. I’d recommend this product to anyone! It’s hard to find, not sure if it’s discontinued? Anyway- 5 stars!

Tricia Hima, KY

Jergens Soft Shimmer Moisturizer

I bought this in a drug store once and was not able to find it again. I recently found it on Amazon. I use this in the summertime. It has tiny sparkles that give a sun-lit effect on legs and arms!

Adrienne Westport, NY