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Jergens Skin Firming Daily Toning Moisturizer, 16.8 Ounce

Jergens skin firming moisturizing lotion restores elasticity for a silky and smooth look. Daily toner moisturizer with natural extracts reduces the appearance of cellulite. Jergens skin firming daily toner moisturizer rules with a firm hand to tone and tighten the look of cellulite-prone skin. This body lotion instantly hydrates skin leaving it smooth, healthier-looking and supple.

Key features

  • Visibly reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Instantly hydrates skin
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite

Honest reviews


Very Pleased

I have been trying to “get my body back” after having my last child two years ago (had twins before that). After doing some research on the internet I decided to try a three step approach: working out, exfoliating and a firming lotion.I have seen some pretty dramatic results.Please remember that I am also working out and exfoliating, but I can feel this lotion “tighten” my skin after it is applied and I really feel that it is helping. It also smells great!My only complaint is that I wish it were a bit more moisturizing. I have SUPER dry skin and I usually have to apply a thicker moisturizer to my problem areas (knees, elbows, hands, etc). That probably wouldn’t be an issue for someone without dry skin.Now, you must understand that NO lotion is going to work miracles. If you have a lot of loose skin this product can help, but its not going to be the equivalent of plastic surgery! But I have been using it for about six months now and I do honestly think that it is making a difference in reducing the amount of loose skin that I have post-baby.

Tanisha Hillsboro, TN

Fine lotion, I don’t know about firming

The only way you can really firm your skin is to get your butt off the couch and exercise. No amount of firming lotion will change your skin in a dramatic way. It is a good moisurizer though.

Dana Mc Intire, IA

Best w/ Availability

I am using this for cellulite and skin firming, but there was a St. Ives cellulite body shield which worked better for me on my cellulite. This doesn’t work so well for me as that product did. So that’s one star knocked off. However, I’m in the midst of shrinking my waist and shedding some excess bulge here and there and this product is great for keeping my skin firm and taunt as my body shrinks. I use this all over: stomach, back (back fat), love handles, thighs, buttocks, knees, biceps, elbows, neck and breasts. Yes, I’m a woman and use this on my girls.I really recomend people buying this while they are losing weight because what most people don’t realize is that with weight gain the skin stretches, and after fat loss, it doesn’t shrink back to where it was before. You will have saggy skin. The older you are the worse this will be. And if you treat your skin after fat loss it will be harder to tone it back. So the best solution is to rub as you lose your weight.The reason why I recommend this product is because the brand is available in multiple stores. I have the biggest issue with this. Half my herb pills, facial cleansers and body wash has to be bought online because no store carries it. This product is carried by most stores. I can walk into any Walmart or Target and they have it!

Caryn Washington, CT

A better less expensive alternative

Compared to a lot of the expensive firming lotions this is a great alernative in case you happen to be in a pinch. I take this with me on trips to fill in. It smells refreshing and clean, it does even out the skin tone and firm. If you choose to use this all the time use twice a day and in abundance. Your skin will be soft and thankful.

Patricia O Brien, OR

good lotion

I like this lotion a lot. I do not know how much it actually firms my skin, but I like the smell, and I feel that it sufficiently moisturizes my skin.

Allyson Riverton, IA

Good buy

I don’t see any difference in my skin texcture after using the full bottle. Florida weather is pretty harsh on my skin. This mosuterizer did help with my dry skin patches. so yay!

Jocelyn Auburn, GA

Nothing special

The smell is pretty awful, the feel is pretty nice, the firmness with use is nothing for me. Won’t buy again.

Nancy Rio, WI

I like the smell

Smell is great, and love that it doesn’t stay humid or sticky like some. but I have been using it for months now, ad haven’t noticed a difference as other reviews claim. I will continue using it until I find something better.

Germaine Middletown, IA

Jergens Skin Firming

I love jergens in everything that they sale. Its very moisturizing. Nice and thick formula but not too thick. As far as firming, I’m sure if it does, but my skin feels awesome after applying it.

Tisha Springport, IN

Doing wonders on my stretchmarks.

First of all don’t expect this to be an overnight miracle cream. It takes time to really see a difference with this moisturizer. For me personally it’s been great. I always lather up with it after a shower and here are some of the great things that this moisturizer has done for me:PROS:-Reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Although my stretch marks haven’t "disappeared" they are less noticeable since I’ve been using this lotion.-Tighter skin. Some great areas that I’ve seen major improvement on myself is under my jaw, on my upper arms, and on the backside of the upper parts of my legs. Skin is more tight and firmer now since I’ve been using this.-Super smooth skin. Wherever I put this my skin has become smooth.CONS:-Not really an abnormal con but like with most lotions you really have to wait for the lotion to dry completely before getting dressed as everything will stick to you if you don’t. It also can have a bit of a "greasy" feeling to it. I always have to wash my hands thoroughly after applying it to my skin.I recommend this to anyone that wants smooth tight skin. You will need to use this for at least a week to see any noticeable changes. Don’t stop using it as it keeps getting better and better, well at least it has for me. 🙂

Tammie Great Meadows, NJ

Pretty great for the price especially, will continue using.

I actually really like it. It seems to be helping. I use it on my stomach/torso/chest after a shower when the pores are still open and the skin is more malleable. Ive been using it a couple weeks and while nothing is going to be a miracle cure all, i can notice it helping tighten up the skin. I supplement with gelatin to help internally and use this along with palmers and a few other topical moisturizers to help keep my skin healthy and bounce back as i tone my skin and change my body composition. Don’t apply this then sit on the couch and expect to be 10 pounds lighter the next day, thats not what this is. If you keep a healthy diet, and put in the work this will help you along the way. I will keep using it and update if i feel anything changes for better or worse. But when i ordered it, i ordered with no expectations and after a few days I could see some improvement. As far as smell, it smells like typical lotion which I’m not a big fan of but its not a big negative. Texture, its very thick which might make it harder to apply than some but to me it also means it will be more effective than a thin greasy layer. Give it a shot, for the low price its worth a try.

Monica Wevertown, NY

Wonderful Product

Love this product. I use it just about every day and my skin is so soft. I finally got a pedicure this year and the worker was surprised when I told her I have not had one in a year and that I just use lotion. I just wish they sold them in bigger sizes.

Paige Richland, GA


I think it helps a little with firmness, however I don’t think it’s a very comfortable lotion if that makes sense. I never look forward to putting it on. Smells a little weird and feels weird on the skin.

Nikki Oakdale, NY

Very thick

It has a nice light smell, it doesn’t leave a greasy film on your skin. I believe it has firmed my skin in the last month since I”ve used it daily. It rubs in easily and is best after a bath. It’s a great moisturizer.

Marilyn Steen, MN


After two weeks of using this lotion and a cellulite body brush, I believe I can see (not see?) as many fat dimples on my back thighs and buttocks. The lotion is not greasy and has a great feel to it. I will continue to use it.

Roberta Ladoga, IN

Works ahhhhmazingly, if you need it for dry, lumpy leg syndrome (LLS)

I found a bottle of this in my good friend’s mom’s bathroom when I was 18 years old, and for some reason I have never forgotten standing there in front of the sink after a shower, attempting to decide if I was "old enough" to use it. I decided to try it, and wow I continue to be amazed. For over a decade now, I have been buying this lotion religiously. I would have figured they’d try a "new and improved" formula, ruining the product forever, but they haven’t. I was blessed with cellulite at an early age, yay for me. This stuff almost worked immediately, and I can tell you…it’s obvious when I’ve forgotten, or gotten too lazy, to apply after my shower or bath. My skin is soooo dry when I don’t use lotion, and looks about ten years older than I am after years of stupidly baking myself in the sun and in tanning beds as a teenager. When I DO use this lotion, my skin looks about fifteen years younger. You can’t even tell that I was probably knocking on skin cancer’s door at some point. Unfortunately for Mr. Jergens, after healing of a ferocious case of hormonal acne unrelated to lotions of any kind, I’ve fallen madly in love with just about everything St. Ives (St. Ives Timeless Skin is THE BEST face lotion I’ve ever owned, hands down…out of HUNDREDS; their Apricot Blemish Control Scrub immediately healed cyclic acne that was even resistant to Minocycline). I can’t imagine that I’d ever really stop buying the Jergens Skin Firming lotion, though. I’d also received quite a few compliments on the fragrance of this lotion…hugging someone and they say, "Oooh, you smell good" when I wasn’t even wearing perfume. It was the Jergens. 🙂 Great for cellulite, I can attest to that (too bad no one told my mother about Jergens – her pasty, lumpy legs are my worst nightmare realized…I was definitely not blessed with good genes in that dept.)…I don’t know of many other products that actually perform like they claim, but this one does for sure. If you’re having doubts, CAST THEM ASIDE!! IT PUTS THE LOTION ON ITS SKIN!!

Celina Organ, NM