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Jergens Original Scent Moisturizer, Cherry-Almond, 10 Ounce

Jergens Original Scent Moisturizer transports you back in time as it transforms dry skin into captivatingly soft skin. Leaves skin embraceable silky and subtly fragranced. Jergens Moisturizer with the classic Cherry-Almond scent. Comforts and Nourishes.

Key features

  • Transforms dry skin into soft skin
  • Leaves skin embraceable silky
  • Comforts and nourishes

Honest reviews


As good as it was when i was a child

I love this 10 ounce size as I keep a bottle in each bathroom, by the computer, the laundry room and in my gym bag. I cherish the original scent as it brings back memories of my great great aunt and her kitchen in Teaneck, NJ. The lotion keeps my hands, cuticles, feet and rest of my body soft and is absorbed quickly so it is only a matter of seconds between applying Jergens to my hands and the time I can start typing again. My highest recommendation! – I love the scent which does disappear after a bit, but I also have a large pump bottle of unscented by the kitchen sink that my husband uses.Try it, the Amazon price is great and consider putting it on Subscribe and Save as I did.

Alyson Pollock, ID

You’ll love the scent

This is a very good moisturizer, perhaps not THE best one out there but the smell of this is just wonderful. It’s a light cherry-almond scent that is not overpowering but very light and sensual. It does not smell artificial and you won’t annoy anyone by using it. Your skin will be smooth but not slick as it is readily absorbed.

Coleen Samoa, CA

All you need!

It has all you need in a moisturizer. It softens, smooth and it smells really nice and clean. try it

Kristina Effingham, NH

All time FAVORITE lotion

This is the best lotion that I have ever used. I get really, REALLY dry skin sometimes and this is the only lotion that keeps my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I love the way it smells, the original cherry almond scent has a very pleasant smell. The bottle says "long lasting moisture’ and this is definitely true! With other lotions, I find myself having to apply it every half hour or hour because I can feel my skin getting dry. With Jergens, my skin stays soft and moisturized all day long. It’s also long lasting meaning I only need a couple pumps a day, this 32 ounce bottle is gonna last for a very long time. I love this lotion so much I keep one on my desk at work and one at home. I will never go back to using any other lotion. If you’re looking for long lasting moisture and a great smell, this is the lotion for you! Plus they have other scents if you’re not a fan of the original cherry almond, but I AM!!!

Molly Moxee, WA

Can’t Live Without It

I have super dry skin, so I keep several bottles of this around the house. It’s the only lotion I use because it’s not greasy, it leaves my skin soft, and it smells so nice.

Sophia Scheller, IL

a bit ok

The lotion moisturize well, but i am not a big fan of the smell, will buy a different one the next time, but other than that it is ok.

Kris Burket, IN

Still love the smell of this lotion.

Hard to believe that you can still find this lotion and that it still smells the same. I remember it from when I was a little girl and my mother used it and that was 70 years ago. It’s hard to find in stores but Amazon has the large bottles at a good price. I ordered both the Original Lotion and the Ultra Healing and I think the Original Lotion is just as moisturizing as the Ultra and I like the scent a lot better.

Caroline West Dover, VT

Lovely lotion but barely the original scent

I got so tired of trying to find a moisterizing lotion that worked when I put it on, was not so heavy that rubbing in then rubbing off was the only way it worked and had a nice scent. Jergens has been around for decades so I took the chance on maybe it was still the lightweight lotion I remembered. It is! I got the larger bottle and divided some of it into smaller bottles. One in my purse, at work, the bathroom, etc. Love the feel, love the texture. Not sticky.A plus for me was when I saw it was the original scent. The women in my family all used this lotion and I would be able to recognize the beautiful scent. DO NOT buy this lotion based on the descriptive “original scent.” It is not there. There is a slight scent, not cloying or overpowering but, it is not the original Jergen’s cherry/ almond. Oh well. I love the lotion. Wearing a memory would have been a plus.

Judy Hackleburg, AL

Childhood Memories

I love the Cherry-Almond scent of this lotion. It takes me right back to being eight years old, playing with Mommy’s powders and lotions. Oh, it is a good moisturizer, too – thick and generous but never greasy feeling.

Christina Belhaven, NC

Works great!

I had gotten a sample of this and gave it to my grandmother to use because she has very dry skin which tends to be extremely itchy. She had no more complaints afterwards and it smells great! 🙂

Lillian La Crosse, FL

Classic Jergens

This was a really good price for the quantity. My adult daughter had never smelled it before and loved the scent. I grew up with my aunts and grandmothers using this so it brings back lots of good memories. The lotion is very effective for dry skin and is quickly absorbed.

Ellen Parker, WA

Very effective and great smell.

Love the smell of those, and the help it provides to keep my body moist in the winter. Highly recommended.

Margot Pine Ridge, KY

Smells So Good

I love this lotion. I started using this a few years ago and at first my boyfriend at the time wasn’t so sure of the smell but now he likes it too. It’s not too strong of a smell and it faints after a short while. It’s not a greasy lotion but it moisturizes really well.

Jennie Ventura, IA